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Wilfred (US) Season 1 Episode 1 -

Airdate: 2011-Jun-23

Episode summary:

Watch Wilfred (US) season 1 episode 1 featuring Elijah Wood as Ryan who sees a neighbor's dog named Wilfred as an Australian man in a dog suit while other people just see it as just an ordinary dog. The comedy/sitcom TV series premieres June 23, 2011 on FX and aside from Elijah Wood he is with Jason Gann and Fiona Gubelmann. The pilot episode of the US version of Wilfred is entitled as "Happiness" and directed by Randall Einhorn. In the pilot episode of the series, Ryan attempted suicide through different means which includes taking pills with a bottle of mouthwash, on the night before he starts with his new job. He even failed to fall asleep though and it is because of his neighbor Spencer's noisy motorcycle. The show also introduced Ryan's sister, Kristen, who is a gynecological nurse who get Ryan a new job at her hospital and keeps trying to encourage him to go into his new job. This is also the episode where Ryan first met the dog Wilfred which was dropped by Jenna to watch it for her. This is where all it begins. He saw Wilfred differently. Ryan sees him as an Australian man wearing a fur suit like a dog who keeps on nagging him all through out the day about his acquiescence to others. Ryan and Wilfred break into Spencer's house, steal the man's marijuana plants, and defecate in his boots. Kristen drops by to complain after Ryan does not show up for his first day, revealing that his anxiety medicine was actually a placebo of sugar-pills. Ryan then tells his potential boss to shove his job while Wilfred places Ryan's wallet under Spencer's broken window. Watch Wilfred season 1 episode 1 online replay to see the full details of what will happen to Ryan and his relationship to Wilfred.

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