Mark and Donnie Wahlberg are getting a taste of reality. The brothers have signed on to star in an unscripted series for A&E Network that will center around their family-owned Hingham, Mass.-based restaurant, Wahlburgers. (A second location is planned to open in Toronto early next year.) The series, titled Wahlburgers, will give viewers a behind-the-scenes look into the family as well as their restaurant. The show finds Mark and Donnie heading back to their Boston hometown to join forces with their professed “most talented sibling,” Paul, who serves as executive chief. The hamburger restaurant also serves as a hangout for their friends and family, including the real Johnny “Drama” (Alves) and their mother, Alma, along with other members of the Wahlberg’s “original entourage,” including Henry “Nacho” Laun and Billy Leonard.

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Genre: Reality Series, Cooking

Release Date: January 22, 2014 (US)

Status: Running

Network: A&E (Official Website)

Casts: Donnie Wahlberg, Mark Wahlberg, Paul Wahlberg

Most recent episode: Wahlburgers Season 10 Episode 11 - Wahlburgers Comes Home ( 7/31/2019 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1011Wahlburgers Comes HomeJul-31-201922 years
10Sweating The Big StuffJul-31-201912 years
9Wahlburgers Award Show Clips ShowJul-31-201912 years
8Wahlburgers Home... Away From Home (Part 2)Jul-24-201902 years
7Wahlburgers Home ... Away From Home (Part 1)Jul-17-201926 months
6Wahl'king Down Memory Lane?Jul-10-201926 months
5Next-Gen WahlbergsJun-19-201912 years
4A Tale Of Two Sin CitiesJun-05-201912 years
3Be a Good SportMay-29-201902 years
2On The RoadMay-22-201912 years
1What It Do In Des MoinesMay-15-201912 years
99To Protect & Serve Good FoodAug-08-201802 years
8Wahl of AmericaAug-08-201801 year
7Wahl'king Down Memory Lane?Aug-01-201802 years
6Pittsburger Meets WahlburgerJul-25-201822 years
5Reeling in the Big FishJul-18-201812 years
4Wahlburgers Are Virtually EverywhereJul-11-201802 years
3Paul The Pitch ManJun-27-201832 years
2OFD: Originally from DorchesterJun-20-201802 years
1Meat in the MiddleJun-13-201802 years
814Deliver Us From AlmaSep-20-201701 year
13Wahl In A Day's WorkSep-20-201701 year
12Alma's Gone Fishin'Sep-13-201701 year
11Jen And JuiceSep-13-201701 year
10Nice Day For A Wahl WeddingSep-06-201706 months
9Magic MarkSep-06-201706 months
8Music City MayhemAug-30-201701 year
7Magic MarkSep-06-201701 year
6Wahl Around the WorldAug-23-201701 year
5Where's the Beef?Aug-23-201701 year
4Weiner Takes AllAug-16-201701 year
3Getting Rich in VegasAug-16-201701 year
2Fry Me to the MoonAug-09-201701 year
1Houston, We Have a Paul-BlemAug-09-201701 year
710ThanxmasJan-04-201701 year
9Rick-RolledJan-04-201701 year
8If the Horseshoe FitsDec-28-201601 year
7Bend It Like WahlbergDec-21-201601 year
6WahlformersDec-14-201601 year
5Great Scotland!Dec-07-201601 year
4Take Me Out to the Paul GameNov-30-201601 year
3Wahl in the FamilyNov-23-201601 year
2Go Midwest Young MenNov-16-201601 year
1Vr the WorldNov-16-201601 year
68WahlbowlAug-24-201601 year
7Donnie DraperAug-17-201601 year
6When Mark Met RheaAug-10-201601 year
5Mark's Ha-bachiAug-03-201601 year
4Dorchester DazeJul-27-201601 year
3Five Card StudsJul-20-201601 year
2No Ifs, Ands or PuttsJul-13-201601 year
1Paul-iticsJul-06-201601 year
58The Fenway Way BackApr-06-201601 year
7Hamburgers and HorsepowerMar-30-201601 year
6Nurse AlmaMar-30-201601 year
5Wahl Always Have ParisMar-23-201601 year
4Bahston Gahden PahtayMar-23-201601 year
3Brooklyn Bound BurgersMar-16-201601 year
2Family & FaithMar-16-201601 year
1Directing DramaMar-09-201601 year
48Matchmaker MarkSep-02-201501 year
7New Kids on the BoardwalkAug-26-201501 year
6Not Your Routine PoutineAug-19-201501 year
5Drama Meets DramaAug-12-201501 year
4Good Vi-Bro-TionsAug-05-201501 year
3Krafting a Patriot BurgerJul-29-201501 year
2Do the HustleJul-22-201501 year
1License to GrillJul-15-201501 year
0[no episode title yet]01 year
39Grand Opening, Eh?Mar-04-201552 years
8Bowling for BurgersFeb-25-201501 year
7On Your Mark...Ted Set...Home!Feb-18-201501 year
6Wahl of FameFeb-11-201501 year
5A Re-Mark-able FeastFeb-04-201502 years
4Viva Paul VegasJan-28-201561 year
3Should I Stay Orr Should I Go?Jan-21-201501 year
2The Weight Is OverJan-14-201551 year
1Wedding Bliss & Big Papi HitsJan-07-201562 years
29Trading PlacesOct-08-201421 year
8Something's FishyOct-01-201421 year
7Guarding AlmaSep-24-201421 year
6A Cut AboveSep-17-201401 year
5Meat the PressSep-10-201411 year
4An American Wahlberg in LondonSep-03-201421 year
3Pranks for the MemoriesAug-27-201411 year
2The Great Wahlberg of ChinaAug-20-201411 year
1Here's the DrillAug-13-201422 years
1104th of July SpecialJun-29-201401 year
9The Real EntourageMar-19-201401 year
8PaulidayMar-12-201401 year
7The Funky BunchMar-12-201401 year
6Eating GreenMar-05-201401 year
5Prized PossessionsFeb-26-201401 year
4Sibling RivalryFeb-19-201401 year
3Baby Knows BestFeb-05-201401 year
25 O'Clock Is DinnertimeJan-29-201401 year
1Who's Your Favorite?Jan-22-201401 year
0[no episode title yet]01 year
014th of July SpecialJun-29-201401 year

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