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Mark and Donnie Wahlberg are getting a taste of reality. The brothers have signed on to star in an unscripted series for A&E Network that will center around their family-owned Hingham, Mass.-based restaurant, Wahlburgers. (A second location is planned to open in Toronto early next year.) The series, titled Wahlburgers, will give viewers a behind-the-scenes look into the ...

Genre: Reality Series, Cooking

Release Date: January 22, 2014 (US)

Status: Running

Network: A&E (Official Website)

Casts: Donnie Wahlberg, Mark Wahlberg, Paul Wahlberg

Most recent episode: Wahlburgers Season 10 Episode 11 - Wahlburgers Comes Home ( 7/31/2019 )

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Season Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1010x11: Wahlburgers Comes HomeJul-31-2019563 months
10x10: Sweating The Big StuffJul-31-2019553 months
10x9: Wahlburgers Award Show Clips ShowJul-31-2019473 months
10x8: Wahlburgers Home... Away From Home (Part 2)Jul-24-2019393 months
10x7: Wahlburgers Home ... Away From Home (Part 1)Jul-17-2019403 months
10x6: Wahl'king Down Memory Lane?Jul-10-2019283 months
10x5: Next-Gen WahlbergsJun-19-2019203 months
10x4: A Tale Of Two Sin CitiesJun-05-2019413 months
10x3: Be a Good SportMay-29-2019223 months
10x2: On The RoadMay-22-2019363 months
10x1: What It Do In Des MoinesMay-15-2019363 months
99x9: To Protect & Serve Good FoodAug-08-201853 months
9x8: Wahl of AmericaAug-08-201822 years
9x7: Wahl'king Down Memory Lane?Aug-01-201873 months
9x6: Pittsburger Meets WahlburgerJul-25-201883 months
9x5: Reeling in the Big FishJul-18-201883 months
9x4: Wahlburgers Are Virtually EverywhereJul-11-201863 months
9x3: Paul The Pitch ManJun-27-2018143 months
9x2: OFD: Originally from DorchesterJun-20-201893 months
9x1: Meat in the MiddleJun-13-201883 months
88x14: Deliver Us From AlmaSep-20-201702 years
8x13: Wahl In A Day's WorkSep-20-201702 years
8x12: Alma's Gone Fishin'Sep-13-201712 years
8x11: Jen And JuiceSep-13-201722 years
8x10: Nice Day For A Wahl WeddingSep-06-201722 years
8x9: Has-brosAug-30-201703 years
8x8: Music City MayhemAug-30-201713 years
8x7: Magic MarkSep-06-201743 years
8x6: Wahl Around the WorldAug-23-201743 years
8x5: Where's the Beef?Aug-23-201723 years
8x4: Weiner Takes AllAug-16-201703 years
8x3: Getting Rich in VegasAug-16-201703 years
8x2: Fry Me to the MoonAug-09-201743 years
8x1: Houston, We Have a Paul-BlemAug-09-201743 years
77x10: ThanxmasJan-04-201723 years
7x9: Rick-RolledJan-04-201733 years
7x8: If the Horseshoe FitsDec-28-201633 years
7x7: Bend It Like WahlbergDec-21-201603 years
7x6: WahlformersDec-14-201643 years
7x5: Great Scotland!Dec-07-201643 years
7x4: Take Me Out to the Paul GameNov-30-201633 years
7x3: Wahl in the FamilyNov-23-201603 years
7x2: Go Midwest Young MenNov-16-201603 years
7x1: Vr the WorldNov-16-201603 years
66x8: WahlbowlAug-24-201604 years
6x7: Donnie DraperAug-17-201604 years
6x6: When Mark Met RheaAug-10-201614 years
6x5: Mark's Ha-bachiAug-03-201614 years
6x4: Dorchester DazeJul-27-201614 years
6x3: Five Card StudsJul-20-201604 years
6x2: No Ifs, Ands or PuttsJul-13-201614 years
6x1: Paul-iticsJul-06-201604 years
55x8: The Fenway Way BackApr-06-201624 years
5x7: Hamburgers and HorsepowerMar-30-201604 years
5x6: Nurse AlmaMar-30-201604 years
5x5: Wahl Always Have ParisMar-23-201604 years
5x4: Bahston Gahden PahtayMar-23-201604 years
5x3: Brooklyn Bound BurgersMar-16-201604 years
5x2: Family & FaithMar-16-201604 years
5x1: Directing DramaMar-09-201604 years
44x8: Matchmaker MarkSep-02-201514 years
4x7: New Kids on the BoardwalkAug-26-201504 years
4x6: Not Your Routine PoutineAug-19-201515 years
4x5: Drama Meets DramaAug-12-201515 years
4x4: Good Vi-Bro-TionsAug-05-201515 years
4x3: Krafting a Patriot BurgerJul-29-201515 years
4x2: Do the HustleJul-22-201505 years
4x1: License to GrillJul-15-201505 years
4x0: 02 years
33x9: Grand Opening, Eh?Mar-04-201573 months
3x8: Bowling for BurgersFeb-25-201505 years
3x7: On Your Mark...Ted Set...Home!Feb-18-201505 years
3x6: Wahl of FameFeb-11-201505 years
3x5: A Re-Mark-able FeastFeb-04-201523 months
3x4: Viva Paul VegasJan-28-201565 years
3x3: Should I Stay Orr Should I Go?Jan-21-201505 years
3x2: The Weight Is OverJan-14-201565 years
3x1: Wedding Bliss & Big Papi HitsJan-07-201583 months
22x9: Trading PlacesOct-08-201435 years
2x8: Something's FishyOct-01-201435 years
2x7: Guarding AlmaSep-24-201435 years
2x6: A Cut AboveSep-17-201405 years
2x5: Meat the PressSep-10-201425 years
2x4: An American Wahlberg in LondonSep-03-201445 years
2x3: Pranks for the MemoriesAug-27-201415 years
2x2: The Great Wahlberg of ChinaAug-20-201426 years
2x1: Here's the DrillAug-13-201443 months
11x10: 4th of July SpecialJun-29-201403 years
1x9: The Real EntourageMar-19-201413 years
1x8: PaulidayMar-12-201443 years
1x7: The Funky BunchMar-12-201423 years
1x6: Eating GreenMar-05-201423 years
1x5: Prized PossessionsFeb-26-201423 years
1x4: Sibling RivalryFeb-19-201433 years
1x3: Baby Knows BestFeb-05-201423 years
1x2: 5 O'Clock Is DinnertimeJan-29-201423 years
1x1: Who's Your Favorite?Jan-22-201423 years
1x0: 02 years
00x1: 4th of July SpecialJun-29-201402 years

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