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Vanderpump Rules

“Vanderpump Rules” follows the passionate, volatile and hot-and-bothered-staff at Lisa Vanderpump’s West Hollywood mainstay SUR. Lisa balances her motherly instincts and shrewd business sense to keep control over this wild group of employees as they pursue their dreams and each other while working at her “Sexy, Unique Restaurant.” Often seen on ...

Genre: Reality, Drama

Release Date: January 7, 2013 (US)

Status: Running

Network: Bravo (Official Website)


Most recent episode: Vanderpump Rules Season 8 Episode 7 - It's Not About the Pastor ( 2/18/2020 )

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Season Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
88x9: Episode 9Mar-03-202003 days
8x8: Ex-Best Man, Ex-Best FriendFeb-25-2020012 hours
8x7: It's Not About the PastorFeb-18-2020417 hours
8x6: Your Pride's ShowingFeb-11-2020657 days
8x5: Grumpy Old MenFeb-04-2020692 weeks
8x4: Don't Do It, BrittanyJan-28-202042 weeks
8x3: Next Level Rage TextsJan-21-202082 weeks
8x2: Training daysJan-14-202082 weeks
8x1: There Goes The NeighborhoodJan-07-2020641 month
77x25: Summer House Meets Vanderpump Rules 312May-27-201902 months
7x24: Reunion (Part 3)May-20-2019613 months
7x23: Reunion (Part 2)May-13-2019633 months
7x22: Reunion (Part 1)May-06-2019533 months
7x21: Rules of EngagementApr-29-2019243 months
7x20: Brittany and the BeastApr-22-2019333 months
7x19: The Exorcism of Stassi SchroederApr-15-2019193 months
7x18: End of an EraApr-08-2019223 months
7x17: FOMO in MexicoApr-01-2019283 months
7x16: I Don't Like The Sound Of Your VoiceMar-25-2019263 months
7x15: Trouble in Lala-landMar-18-2019333 months
7x14: Tom vs. TomMar-11-2019263 months
7x13: Reptilian BrainMar-04-2019363 months
7x12: PJs on the PJFeb-25-2019353 months
7x11: Return of Crazy KristenFeb-18-2019353 months
7x10: So Vain in SolvangFeb-11-2019263 months
7x9: Tom and TommerFeb-04-2019213 months
7x8: A Housewarming DividedJan-28-2019293 months
7x7: Girls' Night InJan-21-2019193 months
7x6: Love Thy MotherJan-14-2019303 months
7x5: Ice QueensJan-07-2019243 months
7x4: Lisa's DilemmaDec-24-2018273 months
7x3: Either Him or MeDec-17-2018203 months
7x2: Hope and PrideDec-10-2018243 months
7x1: A Decent ProposalDec-03-2018233 months
66x25: Secrets RevealedMay-28-201873 months
6x24: Reunion, Part 3May-21-2018163 months
6x23: Reunion, Part 2May-14-201833 months
6x22: Reunion, Part 1May-07-2018143 months
6x21: Welcome To TomtomApr-30-2018153 months
6x20: Lost CauseApr-23-201893 months
6x19: Reiki Breaky HeartApr-16-2018113 months
6x18: Karma's A BitchApr-09-2018113 months
6x17: The Smoking GunApr-02-2018223 months
6x16: Sur Going SouthMar-26-2018173 months
6x15: Nothing Here for MeMar-19-201823 months
6x14: Watch Your BackMar-12-2018213 months
6x13: Vegas! Baby?Mar-05-201892 years
6x12: Wishful SinkingFeb-26-2018193 months
6x11: It's All HappeningFeb-19-201802 years
6x10: Screams and QueensFeb-12-2018223 months
6x9: Call Me JasonFeb-05-2018153 months
6x8: Best MatesJan-29-2018143 months
6x7: It's Not About The PastaJan-22-2018203 months
6x6: See You Next TuesdayJan-15-201863 months
6x5: Sex, Lies & AudiotapeJan-08-201823 months
6x4: Absinthe-mindedJan-01-2018243 months
6x3: Back in the SaddleDec-18-201763 months
6x2: UnfaithfulDec-11-2017193 months
6x1: MasqueradeDec-04-2017183 months
55x24: Reunion, Part 3Apr-17-201723 years
5x23: Reunion, Part 2Apr-10-201743 years
5x22: Reunion, Part 1Apr-03-201763 years
5x21: Introducing Mr. & Mrs. SchwartzMar-27-201763 years
5x20: Taco Tuesday, Wedding WednesdayMar-20-201753 years
5x19: Triple TroubleMar-13-201753 years
5x18: Regrets OnlyMar-06-201753 years
5x17: Drag BattleFeb-27-201793 years
5x16: Man Tears and BraziersFeb-20-201703 years
5x15: Beads, Beers and TearsFeb-13-2017103 years
5x14: Into The ClosetFeb-06-201763 years
5x13: AmbushJan-30-201733 years
5x12: Jax's RoastJan-23-201753 years
5x11: The D PicJan-16-201773 years
5x10: Summer House RulesJan-09-201723 years
5x9: The Talk of MontaukJan-02-201743 years
5x8: No ShowDec-26-201643 years
5x7: The Sociopath TestDec-19-201623 years
5x6: PrideDec-12-201643 years
5x5: Cold FeetDec-05-201623 years
5x4: Thirsty GirlsNov-28-201623 years
5x3: Call It Like I See ItNov-21-201643 years
5x2: What Went DownNov-14-201643 years
5x1: Summer BodiesNov-07-201643 years
44x24: Secrets RevealedApr-07-201614 years
4x23: Reunion Part 3Apr-04-201621 year
4x22: Reunion Part 2Mar-28-201601 year
4x21: Reunion Part 1Mar-21-201611 year
4x20: Push Comes to ShoveMar-14-201611 year
4x19: Just the T.I.P.Mar-07-201641 year
4x18: Too Little, Too LateFeb-29-201631 year
4x17: Beach, PleaseFeb-22-201611 year
4x16: Bitch GhostFeb-15-201611 year
4x15: Pucker & PoutFeb-08-201624 years
4x14: Sex, Lies and Stassi's VideotapeFeb-01-201634 years
4x13: The Bitch is BackJan-25-201644 years
4x12: Leis, Liquor and LiesJan-18-201634 years
4x11: Fully EngagedJan-11-201641 year
4x10: No Strings AttachedJan-04-201604 years
4x9: What Happened in VegasDec-28-201534 years
4x8: Dirty ThirtyDec-21-201504 years
4x7: Spit TakeDec-14-201504 years
4x6: Love BitesDec-07-201521 year
4x5: Cock of the WalkNov-30-201534 years
4x4: Happily Never AfterNov-23-201524 years
4x3: Pretty Little LiesNov-16-201514 years
4x2: New BloodNov-09-201524 years
4x1: Playtime's OverNov-02-201534 years
4x0: Season 1 UncensoredMar-16-201603 years
33x21: Secrets RevealedMar-23-201521 year
3x20: Reunion Part 2Mar-16-201551 year
3x19: Reunion Part 1Mar-09-201501 year
3x18: DethronedMar-02-201521 year
3x17: Jax CracksFeb-23-201521 year
3x16: Ring on a StringFeb-16-201521 year
3x15: For Better or WorseFeb-09-201501 year
3x14: Judgement DayFeb-02-201511 year
3x13: Miami VicesJan-26-201551 year
3x12: A Stand Against StassiJan-19-201561 year
3x11: Tears Over MiamiJan-12-201564 years
3x10: Bachelorette Beach PartyJan-05-201514 years
3x9: What Happens in San Diego...Dec-29-201441 year
3x8: Mind the JaxDec-22-201451 year
3x7: New Girl, Old GrudgesDec-15-2014121 year
3x6: Kiss and TellDec-08-201461 year
3x5: In the DoghouseDec-01-201441 year
3x4: Jax "Nose" BestNov-24-201461 year
3x3: Grand Opening and ClosureNov-17-201401 year
3x2: All Fired UpNov-10-201401 year
3x1: InstafightNov-03-201431 year
22x17: Secrets RevealedFeb-24-201421 year
2x16: Reunion Part 2Feb-17-201411 year
2x15: Reunion Part 1Feb-10-201421 year
2x14: I LiedFeb-03-201411 year
2x13: Bitch SlapJan-27-201401 year
2x12: Til Death Do Us PartJan-20-201401 year
2x11: The UltimatumJan-13-201411 year
2x10: SUR of the BorderJan-06-201421 year
2x9: Rich People Annoy MeDec-30-201311 year
2x8: Sherlock StassiDec-23-201301 year
2x7: AddictedDec-16-201321 year
2x6: Lisa's AngelsDec-09-201321 year
2x5: SurlesqueDec-02-201311 year
2x4: RumorsNov-25-201311 year
2x3: Only the LonelyNov-18-201311 year
2x2: BrandedNov-11-201323 months
2x1: Tooth or ConsequencesNov-04-201353 months
11x10: The Lost FootageMar-11-2013010 months
1x9: ReunionMar-04-2013210 months
1x8: Last CallFeb-25-2013110 months
1x7: In Love with Someone ElseFeb-18-2013010 months
1x6: Caught with Your Trousers DownFeb-11-2013010 months
1x5: I'm Not a Ghetto BitchFeb-04-2013110 months
1x4: Vegas with a VengeanceJan-28-2013010 months
1x3: You Don't Know JaxJan-21-2013310 months
1x2: This is a Break-UpJan-14-2013210 months
1x1: Welcome to SurJan-07-201373 months
00x16: The Cast of The Night Before Meets Vanderpump Rules01 year
0x15: How They Got HereNov-27-201701 year
0x14: Season Four Uncensored01 year
0x13: Season One UncensoredMar-16-201603 years
0x12: After Show #12Mar-14-201603 years
0x11: After Show #11Mar-07-201603 years
0x10: After Show #10Feb-29-201603 years
0x9: After Show #9Feb-22-201603 years
0x8: After Show #8Dec-21-201503 years
0x7: After Show #7Dec-14-201503 years
0x6: After Show #6Dec-07-201503 years
0x5: After Show #5Nov-30-201503 years
0x4: After Show #4Nov-23-201503 years
0x3: After Show #3Nov-20-201503 years
0x2: After Show #2Nov-13-201503 years
0x1: After Show #1Nov-06-201503 years
0x0: The Cast of The Night Before Meets Vanderpump Rules03 years

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