Ultimate Spider-man

Ultimate Spider-man is an animated series that follows the adventures of high school student Peter Parker as he deals with his newfound powers as Spider-man, and teams up with other popular Marvel superheroes.

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Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure

Release Date: April 1, 2012 (US)

Status: Ended

Network: Disney XD (Official Website)

Casts: Travis Willingham, Fred Tatasciore, Adrian Pasdar, Caitlyn Taylor Love, Tom Kenny, Clark Gregg, Tara Strong, Chi McBride, Steven Weber, Troy Baker, J.K. Simmons, David Boat, Misty Lee, Rob Paulsen, Steve Blum, Drake Bell, Logan Miller, Greg Cipes, Stan Lee, Ogie Banks, Matt Lanter

Most recent episode: Ultimate Spider-man Season 4 Episode 26 - Graduation Day - Part 2 ( 1/7/2017 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
426Graduation Day - Part 2Jan-07-201702 years
25Graduation Day - Part 1Jan-07-201702 years
24The Moon Knight Before ChristmasDec-17-201602 years
23Spider Slayers: Part 3Oct-22-201602 years
22Spider Slayers: Part 2Oct-15-201602 years
21Spider Slayers: Part 1Oct-08-201602 years
20Strange Little HalloweenOct-01-201602 years
19Return to the Spider-Verse (4)Sep-17-201602 years
18Return to the Spider-Verse (3)Sep-10-201602 years
17Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 2Sep-03-201622 years
16Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 1Aug-27-201622 years
15Symbiote Saga (3)Jul-17-201602 years
14Symbiote Saga (2)Jul-10-201612 years
13Symbiote Saga (1)Jul-03-201602 years
12Agent WebJun-26-201612 years
11The New Sinister Six (2)Jun-19-201612 years
10The New Sinister Six (1)Jun-12-201602 years
9Force of NatureApr-10-201602 years
8Anti-VenomApr-03-201602 years
7BeachedMar-27-201602 years
6Double Agent VenomMar-20-201602 years
5LizardsMar-13-201602 years
4Iron VultureMar-06-201602 years
3Miles From HomeFeb-28-201602 years
2Hydra Attacks (2)Feb-21-201602 years
1[no episode title yet]Nov-30-201502 years
326[no episode title yet]May-31-201502 years
25[no episode title yet]May-31-201502 years
24[no episode title yet]May-31-201502 years
23[no episode title yet]May-31-201502 years
22[no episode title yet]May-26-201502 years
21Contest Of Champions (2)Oct-10-201502 years
20[no episode title yet]May-26-201502 years
19[no episode title yet]May-19-201502 years
18[no episode title yet]May-12-201502 years
17[no episode title yet]Dec-03-201402 years
16[no episode title yet]Dec-31-196902 years
15[no episode title yet]Dec-31-196902 years
14[no episode title yet]Dec-31-196912 years
13[no episode title yet]Oct-19-201412 years
12[no episode title yet]Oct-19-201402 years
11[no episode title yet]Oct-19-201412 years
10[no episode title yet]Oct-14-201412 years
9[no episode title yet]Oct-10-201422 years
8[no episode title yet]Oct-07-201412 years
7[no episode title yet]Sep-30-201412 years
6[no episode title yet]Sep-21-201412 years
5[no episode title yet]Sep-14-201412 years
4[no episode title yet]Sep-07-201402 years
3[no episode title yet]Aug-31-201402 years
2[no episode title yet]Aug-31-201402 years
1[no episode title yet]Jul-06-201402 years
226[no episode title yet]Nov-10-201312 years
25[no episode title yet]Nov-10-201302 years
24[no episode title yet]Nov-03-201332 years
23[no episode title yet]Oct-27-201302 years
22[no episode title yet]Oct-20-201312 years
21[no episode title yet]Oct-05-201302 years
20[no episode title yet]Sep-29-201302 years
19[no episode title yet]Jul-28-201312 years
18[no episode title yet]Jul-21-201302 years
17[no episode title yet]Jul-14-201322 years
16[no episode title yet]Jul-07-201312 years
15[no episode title yet]Jul-04-201302 years
14[no episode title yet]Jun-23-201302 years
13[no episode title yet]Jun-16-201302 years
12[no episode title yet]Jun-09-201302 years
11[no episode title yet]Jun-09-201302 years
10[no episode title yet]Apr-14-201302 years
9[no episode title yet]Apr-07-201312 years
8[no episode title yet]Mar-31-201302 years
7[no episode title yet]Mar-24-201302 years
6[no episode title yet]Feb-17-201312 years
5[no episode title yet]Feb-10-201302 years
4[no episode title yet]Feb-03-201302 years
3[no episode title yet]Jan-27-201312 years
2[no episode title yet]Jan-21-201312 years
1[no episode title yet]Jan-21-201302 years
126[no episode title yet]Oct-28-201202 years
25[no episode title yet]Oct-28-201202 years
24[no episode title yet]Oct-14-201202 years
23[no episode title yet]Oct-07-201202 years
22[no episode title yet]Sep-30-201202 years
21[no episode title yet]Sep-23-201212 years
20[no episode title yet]Sep-16-201212 years
19[no episode title yet]Sep-09-201212 years
18[no episode title yet]Aug-19-201202 years
17[no episode title yet]Aug-05-201222 years
16[no episode title yet]Jul-29-201212 years
15[no episode title yet]Jul-22-201202 years
14[no episode title yet]Jul-15-201202 years
13[no episode title yet]Jul-08-201202 years
12[no episode title yet]Jul-01-201212 years
11[no episode title yet]Jun-24-201212 years
10[no episode title yet]Jun-17-201202 years
9[no episode title yet]May-20-201202 years
8[no episode title yet]May-13-201202 years
7[no episode title yet]May-06-201202 years
6[no episode title yet]Apr-29-201202 years
5[no episode title yet]Apr-22-201202 years
4[no episode title yet]Apr-15-201222 years
3[no episode title yet]Apr-08-201212 years
2[no episode title yet]Apr-01-201212 years
1[no episode title yet]Apr-01-201212 years

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