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True Blood Season 4 Episode 1 -

Airdate: 2011-Jun-26

Episode summary:

If you're into a little bit of everything in every bite, then you

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6 responses to “True Blood Season 4 Episode 1 – She’s Not There”

  1. erin mcdanel says:

    I really love True Blood, I am not even a vampire person but this show is amazing.

  2. Telepisodes says:

    Sunday is coming and you can surely watch True Blood season 4 episode 1 online here so watch out True Blood fanatics!

  3. tammy says:

    Who on earth wrote this review? What an embarassment. Not only do you not know proper English, you sentences do not even make sense! I hope no one paid you to write this slop! True Blood is an amazing show- you will be hooked the first time you watch it!

    • Telepisodes says:

      @tammy, I asked someone to review it for me. :) :) You can write your own and I will try to feature it here if you want… just leave the review via the comment below. Anyway, thanks for the feedback.

      • Mark says:

        Here’s the review….not that I’m expecting it to show up there :)

        Sookie is in what seems to be a fairy type land. She runs into Barry the bellhop from Texas. They are offered light fruit and it looks like everyone is too into the fruit. Barry takes a bite and she is hesitant. She looks around and finds her Grandfather. He is confused, because he thinks he’s only been gone for a couple of hours but really it has been twenty years. He had just seen her last week based on his time. She tells him about her grandmother passing and her parents, too. She tells him that it is just her and Jason now. He cannot wrap his head around the fact that it has been 20 years. She tries to speak to him telepathically, because she notices things are turning dark. She thinks that it is a trap and they need to leave. Everyone can hear it, though.
        A woman comes out of nowhere. Her name is Mab and she is the one who sent for her. She says that the only trap is the other world. Sookie does not want the light fruit and smashes it. Mab tells her that their lineage is in peril. A vampire came to the other side, because he drank Sookie’s blood. She tells her that it won’t happen again. Mab says that the fae have sewn too many seeds with humans and now it is time to harvest. They try to force her to eat the fruit and she takes all of her power to get the woman away from her.

        Sookie has somehow taken down some sort of cloak that makes the fairy world look beautiful and magical. The fairies all look ugly and decrepit. Everyone starts to run. Sookie and Earl get chased, but Mab’s brother who on the side of light saves them and they jump off a cliff and end up falling to the ground of Bon Tempe. Her Grandfather was not supposed to come with her, because he ate the fruit. He ends up passing away on the grave of his lost family members.

        Eric and Bill are awakened by the scent of Sookie being back on Earth. Sookie goes to her house and finds several people cleaning it. One man tells her that he will call the cops if she does not leave. She tells him to, so that she can know what is going on. The police show up and it turns out to be Jason. He is shocked to find Sookie there. She asks him when he became a cop and he tells her that she has been gone a long time. She is shocked to find out that she has been gone for almost thirteen months, when she was gone for ten minutes according to her.

        Their Grandfather had left his watch to give to Jason. Jason does not know what to think about her story, but he knows that she cannot tell people what actually happened. Jason tells her that he had to sell the house, because they all really thought that she was gone due to how long she was missing. They thought that a vampire may have killed her. She shows him the watch to prove what happened. She tells him that she saw their grandfather. Time stands still there and no one knows it, Sookie tells him.

        Bill races to Sookie as soon as the sun goes down. He is in shock and wants to embrace her. He tells her that he has not felt her precence for over a year. Eric shows up and tells her that he had faith she was alive when everyone else gave up on her. Bill demands Eric to leave and he listens. Andy shows up and tells her to come to the station when she’s up to it. She tells him that she wasn’t kidnapped. He is angry and Bill says that she was working for him on vampire business. Andy has a V problem now, which is why he is so enraged easily.

        Lafayette is taken to a coven meeting by Jesus. They are doing a circle and the lead witch channels Eddie, the vampire that he exchanged sexual favors for vampire blood. “He” gives him a rose through her. They also do a circle to bring back the woman’s dead parrot. The parrot comes back for a few seconds, but dies again anyway.

        Arlene comes home to find Mikey, her and Rene’s baby, sitting in a circle of decapitated barbie dolls. Terry says that he could not have done it, because he has only been in there for two minutes. Arlene panics over this and does not feel like this is right. She is very paranoid that the baby was born evil.

        In New Orleans, Tara is part of a female fight club. She goes by Toni now. She iss living her new life as a lesbian.

        Hoyt and Jessica still live together. They are fighting like a married couple. He just wishes that she could cook for him, but she feels like going to the piggly wiggly is like going to the morgue for him. They end the argument laughing, though. Sookie and Jason are spending time together. He is really happy to have her back. He doesn’t want it to end.

        The vampires are trying to win back the public. They are filming a piece about it being safe for everyone to come to the bar. They will not eat them. Bill is also having a press conference elsewhere at a center for a ribbon cutting.

        Tara is talking to the woman she just fought and she turns out to be her girlfriend. A drunk passerby wants to pay them to watch, because they are making out. They handle it and walk away. Her girlfriend’s name is Naomi. Sookie sees everyone at Merlott’s. Lafayette tells her that Tara moved. She sends posts cards, but he doesn’t know where she is. Sam is angry with her. He tells her that a lot has happened and changed. He tells her that she starts part time.

        Jesus goes to see Lafayette. Lafayette is really uncomfortable by the coven situation. Andy comes to shake Lafayette for V. Jason stops him from interrogating for no reason. He tells Lafayette not to mention what happened. Voyt’s mother has Sam’s brother living with her. He seems nice and cleaned up. He and Sam have some back and forth passive aggression. Lafayette texts Tara to tell her that Sookie is back. She decides not to go back.

        Jessica and Hoyt are at Fangtasia and it seems like she is being tempted. Pam comes in to tell her that the bathroom is only for humans. She wonders if she needs to explain why. She asks her about hitting on someone else. She thinks it’s ridiculous to be monogamous. Sam has a group of shape shifters friends now. He talks to them about how awful it felt to shoot his brother. They go for a run and all turn into beautiful horses.

        Jason brings food to the compound where all of Crystal’s family lives. They end up locking him in an icebox. Bill is now the vampire king. One of the coven members comes to him and speaks to him about what they did with the parrot. Sookie is naked after a shower and Eric shows up. It turns out that he owns the house. He bought it because he believed that she was still alive and he thinks that he’d own her if he owned the house. He wants to be with her. He tells her that she is his and drops his fangs.

  4. raylynn13 says:

    how the hell am i supose to get this to work? I have clicked every button someone please help me figure this thing out

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