Top Gear Season 5 Episode 3 - Dodge Viper

Airdate: 2004-Nov-07

Episode summary:

In a Chelsea-tracker-boys Top Gear, a Viper put tyre to road and wrote its name, while Jeremy took a Discovery up a decent-sized hill. Usually, 4x4 cars are found clogging up Chelsea and Kensington. It's a rare day that you see one on a bit of mud. A little-known theory is that there are two types: those that look like they could go off-road, such as the BMW X3, and those that can go off-road, such as the Land Rover Discovery. The Disco' was a car with a proud off-road heritage. So could the new one prove it isn't a waste of the 4x4 badge? The answer was yes. Jeremy took one up a hill in Scotland. And of course, this being Top Gear, it wasn't just any hill, but one that no car has ever been to the top of before. To our surprise, the Discovery took to the hills like a duck to water. It got to the pinnacle and, although it needed some burly men to give it a shin up from time to time, we were impressed. Joanna Lumley took the Liana out on our track to show what an absolutely fabulous driver she is. The old Dodge Viper was made out of bits that Dodge had left lying around, such as bin bags, bits of railway and lorries. The new Viper was different. For a start, it was given the snappy name the SRT-10. It featured exciting new automotive developments, including, but not limited to, 'windows', 'a place at the back to put stuff', and 'a roof'.

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