Top Gear Season 3 Episode 5 - The Hilux Won't Die

Airdate: 2003-Nov-23

Episode summary:

On stylish Top Gear, Jeremy drove a Toyota Hilux in the hope of disproving the manufacturer's claims about its indestructibility. We looked at the new Mazda that doesn't have any pistons or pillars. James put the Fiat Panda under the motoring microscope. The styling of the Mazda RX8's a little unusual. It looks a tiny bit like everyone in the world made a suggestion about styling and Mazda used them all. On one car. That aside though, Jeremy was very happy with this little coupé. It had all of the benefits of a sports car, and most of the good bits of a saloon without the tedium. The Fiat Panda made a comeback to Britain's roads and Jeremy loved it! The Italians have managed to design a cheap and reliable family car. All things considered, this was predicted a big hit for Fiat. Simon Cowell went on the Top Gear track and managed to get a top lap time of 1.47, beating everyone who had gone before him! We put a Toyota pick-up truck through its paces. The Hilux is sold worldwide as an indestructible car. We crashed our Hilux into bits of Bristol and trees. We parked it in the sea and then we drove it through a shed and dropped a caravan on it. Did we manage to kill the Hilux? No we did not, which makes us think that maybe, just maybe, it might actually be indestructible.

About Top Gear series:

Top Gear is a British TV series about motor vehicles, primarily cars. It is hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May, Jason Dawe and T...Show more >

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