Top Gear Season 3 Episode 4 - The Lambos

Airdate: 2003-Nov-16

Episode summary:

On Top Gear's Lamborghini special, James took a Lamborghini Countach for a spin, Jeremy tested the far more sensible Gallardo, and Richard looked at the car that started it all, the Miura. Richard drove the Miura, a car that was started as a pet project by a couple of guys at Lamborghini and which went on to become the template for all supercars. The Miura may have been the start of something beautiful, but it wasn't perfect. But as the first true supercar, it didn't have to be. The Lamborghini Countach was the motoring icon of a generation. But James found that you should never meet your heroes. The Countach may look that part as a supercar, but it's a bloody mess to drive. You can't reverse it, you can't park it, it's hot, hard to manoeuvre, and you'd never be able to use it to do anything except whiz up a motorway. It was then Jeremy's turn to put the new Lamborghini Gallardo through its paces. Firstly, Jeremy found that the Germans had drained a bit of the fun out of the Lamborghini. For a start, it's a little too well behaved. The good news though, is it still handles like an angry wasp. Plus, if you get it in yellow, it looks like one too. Our star in a reasonably priced car was Rich Hall. He sang us a song, and made it around the track in an entertaining 1.54.

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