Top Gear Season 0 Episode 20 - Top Ground Gear Force

Airdate: 2008-Mar-14

Episode summary:

The Top Gear team of James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond swap the steering wheel for the shovel as they embark on a Ground Force style makeover challenge as part of Sport Relief. The Top Gear team of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond decide, for Sport Relief to resurrect the show Ground Force, and provide a garden makeover to the garden of one of Britain's 'sporting legends', namely Sir Stephen Redgrave. Helping them are a team of Poles. As the team's only 'country bumpkin' Hammond is the team leader. However, his garden plan fails to impress Clarkson and May, who want to include a water feature and a shed, respectively. They are sent to a Wyevale Garden Centre to pick up supplies, returning with their desired equipment. Hammond uses a small digger to dig a trench, to be used to create a 'river of gravel.' Clarkson earlier revealed his unique method for pulling up weeds and cutting branches off trees using a shotgun. Hammond's digger topples over in the trench, so he returns with a much larger digger to pull it out, resulting in leaving numerous Caterpillar tracks marks all over the garden. Meanwhile, James and the Poles have completed the shed. Hammond's tree seat is completed. He brings in a 14 tone crane to hook the seat so he could slip it over the tree. Despite the machine getting stuck, the crane is long enough to hook onto the seat. Because he had not got the hang of the crane, he accidentally swished it sideways, destroying both the shed and the seat. Clarkson decides to remove a rockery by using a homemade bomb. During the explosion one wall of the shed James built is smashed. After this happens May steps out of the shed with a plank of wood, and asks what time the programme will air. After being informed it was going to air after the watershed, he exclaims 'you're a fu-'. At this point, the episode cuts to the next scene. Jeremy orders some cement to pave over the garden, but he orders too little, and only a small portion of the garden is covered. Hammond gets stuck in the cement, and Jeremy lifts him out. James' shed is destroyed for the third time when Jeremy erects some rugby posts (despite the fact that none of Sir Stephen Redgrave's family plays rugby). However, he and the Poles accidentally drop the posts. This lead to James angrily telling Clarkson to apologize while pointing the plank of wood at Clarkson. Hammond reveals his barbecue system, which uses a jet engine to rotate the meat and cook it. However, the blades rotate too fast and the fire from the engine sets James' newly-rebuilt shed on fire. They would have been able to extinguish the fire if May and Clarkson hadn't fought over the fire extinguisher. The team then received word that Sir Steve Redgrave was coming up the drive to the house. Redgrave is upset at the destruction of his garden, so the Poles run away. Eventually he comes around thanks to Jeremy talking to him privately. Jeremy then shows off his turbo-charged water feature, which blows the top off itself due to the water pressure and crashes into the greenhouse built by the Poles, breaking all the glass. Until then, the greenhouse was the only structure still intact.

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