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The X Factor (US)

The X Factor (US) is the US version of the British singing competition series with the same title. The judges for this show will be Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, L.A. Reid, Nicole Scherzinger and Cheryl Cole. The prize at stake for this competition is a recording contract with Syco Music in association with Sony Music Entertainment which would include cash payments totalling $5...

Genre: Reality Series

Release Date: September 21, 2011 (US)

Status: Ended

Network: FOX (IMDb)

Casts: Fifth Harmony, Sophie Simmons, Brian Bradley

Most recent episode: The X Factor (US) Season 3 Episode 26 - ( 12/19/2013 )

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Season Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
33x26: Dec-19-201306 years
3x25: Dec-18-201316 years
3x24: Dec-12-201326 years
3x23: Dec-11-201316 years
3x22: Dec-05-201306 years
3x21: Dec-04-201326 years
3x20: Nov-28-201316 years
3x19: Nov-27-201316 years
3x18: Nov-21-201316 years
3x17: Nov-20-201306 years
3x16: Nov-14-201336 years
3x15: Nov-13-201336 years
3x14: Nov-07-201306 years
3x13: Nov-06-201336 years
3x12: Oct-31-201316 years
3x11: Oct-29-201326 years
3x10: Oct-10-201316 years
3x9: Oct-09-201316 years
3x8: Oct-03-2013116 years
3x7: Oct-02-201326 years
3x6: Sep-26-201305 years
3x5: Sep-25-201326 years
3x4: Sep-19-201396 years
3x3: Sep-18-201386 years
3x2: Sep-12-201356 years
3x1: Sep-11-201396 years
22x27: Dec-20-201217 years
2x26: Dec-19-201227 years
2x25: Dec-31-196907 years
2x24: Dec-12-201217 years
2x23: Dec-06-201217 years
2x22: Dec-05-201227 years
2x21: Nov-29-201227 years
2x20: Nov-28-201227 years
2x19: Nov-22-201237 years
2x18: Nov-21-201217 years
2x17: Nov-15-201237 years
2x16: Nov-14-201227 years
2x15: Nov-08-201237 years
2x14: Nov-07-201237 years
2x13: Nov-01-201207 years
2x12: Oct-31-201237 years
2x11: Oct-17-201217 years
2x10: Oct-11-201217 years
2x9: Oct-10-201217 years
2x8: Oct-04-201217 years
2x7: Oct-03-201217 years
2x6: Sep-27-201217 years
2x5: Sep-26-201227 years
2x4: Sep-20-201237 years
2x3: Sep-19-201217 years
2x2: Sep-13-201237 years
2x1: Sep-12-201237 years
11x26: Dec-22-201108 years
1x25: Dec-21-201108 years
1x24: Dec-15-201108 years
1x23: Dec-14-201108 years
1x22: Dec-08-201108 years
1x21: Dec-07-201108 years
1x20: Dec-01-201108 years
1x19: Nov-30-201108 years
1x18: Nov-23-201108 years
1x17: Nov-22-201108 years
1x16: Nov-17-201108 years
1x15: Nov-16-201108 years
1x14: Nov-10-201108 years
1x13: Nov-09-201108 years
1x12: Nov-03-201108 years
1x11: Nov-02-201108 years
1x10: Oct-25-201108 years
1x9: Oct-18-201108 years
1x8: Oct-16-201108 years
1x7: Oct-12-201108 years
1x6: Oct-06-201108 years
1x5: Oct-05-201108 years
1x4: Sep-29-201108 years
1x3: Sep-28-201108 years
1x2: Sep-22-201108 years
1x1: Sep-21-201108 years
00x1: Feb-07-201104 years

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