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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is an American television series that follows survivors of a zombie apocalypse. The series is a gritty drama portrayal of Rick Grimes’ group, his family and other survivors as they find themselves always on the move in hope of finding a safe and secure home for themselves. The most watched horror-drama series today stars Andrew Lincoln as Rick G...

Genre: Horror, Action, Drama

Release Date: October 31, 2010 (US)

Status: Running

Network: AMC (Official Website, Watch The Walking Dead)

Casts: Andrew Lincoln, Chandler Riggs, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Danai Gurira, Melissa McBride, Laurie Holden, Emily Kinney, Sarah Wayne Callies, Sonequa Martin-Green, Alanna Masterson, Scott Wilson, Christian Serratos, Michael Cudlitz, Josh McDermitt, Jon Bernthal, David Morrissey, Jeffrey DeMunn, Seth Gilliam, Michael Rooker, Chad Coleman, Alexandra Breckenridge, Tovah Feldshuh, Lennie James, Ross Marquand, Lawrence Gilliard Jr, Austin Nichols, Andrew J. West

Most recent episode: The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 8 - The World Before ( 11/24/2019 )

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Season Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1010x11: Morning StarMar-08-202001 day
10x10: StalkerMar-01-202001 day
10x9: SqueezeFeb-23-2020012 mins
10x8: The World BeforeNov-24-2019403 months
10x7: Open Your EyesNov-17-2019553 months
10x6: BondsNov-10-2019433 months
10x5: What It Always IsNov-03-2019523 months
10x4: Silence the WhisperersOct-27-2019403 months
10x3: GhostsOct-20-2019443 months
10x2: We Are the End of the WorldOct-13-2019563 months
10x1: Lines We CrossOct-06-2019253 months
99x16: The StormMar-31-2019362 months
9x15: The Calm BeforeMar-24-2019312 months
9x14: ScarsMar-17-2019333 months
9x13: ChokepointMar-10-2019212 months
9x12: GuardiansMar-03-2019242 months
9x11: BountyFeb-24-2019242 months
9x10: OmegaFeb-17-2019322 months
9x9: AdaptationFeb-10-2019232 months
9x8: EvolutionNov-25-2018203 months
9x7: StradivariusNov-18-2018182 months
9x6: Who Are You Now?Nov-11-2018202 months
9x5: What Comes AfterNov-04-2018173 months
9x4: The ObligedOct-28-2018213 months
9x3: Warning SignsOct-21-2018172 months
9x2: The BridgeOct-14-2018162 months
9x1: A New BeginningOct-07-2018133 months
88x16: WrathApr-15-201892 months
8x15: WorthApr-08-201892 months
8x14: Still Gotta Mean SomethingApr-01-201892 months
8x13: Do Not Send Us AstrayMar-25-201892 months
8x12: The KeyMar-18-201892 months
8x11: Dead or Alive OrMar-11-201872 months
8x10: The Lost and the PlunderersMar-04-201872 months
8x9: HonorFeb-25-201882 months
8x8: How It's Gotta BeDec-10-201752 months
8x7: Time for AfterDec-03-201771 month
8x6: The King, the Widow, and RickNov-26-201762 months
8x5: The Big Scary UNov-19-201792 months
8x4: Some GuyNov-12-201762 months
8x3: MonstersNov-05-201762 months
8x2: The DamnedOct-29-201762 months
8x1: MercyOct-22-201782 months
77x16: The First Day of the Rest of Your LifeApr-02-2017212 months
7x15: Something They NeedMar-26-2017202 months
7x14: The Other SideMar-19-2017122 months
7x13: Bury Me HereMar-12-201772 months
7x12: Say YesMar-05-2017112 months
7x11: Hostiles and CalamitiesFeb-26-2017192 months
7x10: New Best FriendsFeb-19-2017152 months
7x9: Rock in the RoadFeb-12-2017242 months
7x8: Hearts Still BeatingDec-11-201681 month
7x7: Sing Me a SongDec-04-201671 month
7x6: SwearNov-27-201682 months
7x5: Go GettersNov-20-201672 months
7x4: ServiceNov-13-2016112 months
7x3: The CellNov-06-201692 months
7x2: The WellOct-30-201692 months
7x1: The Day Will Come When You Won't BeOct-23-201652 months
66x16: Last Day on EarthApr-03-201652 months
6x15: EastMar-27-201662 months
6x14: Twice as FarMar-20-201662 months
6x13: The Same BoatMar-13-201661 month
6x12: Not Tomorrow YetMar-06-201662 months
6x11: Knots UntieFeb-28-201662 months
6x10: The Next WorldFeb-21-201681 month
6x9: No Way OutFeb-14-201682 months
6x8: Start to FinishNov-29-201591 month
6x7: Heads UpNov-22-201581 month
6x6: Always AccountableNov-15-2015111 month
6x5: NowNov-08-2015111 month
6x4: Here's Not HereNov-01-2015112 months
6x3: Thank YouOct-25-201592 months
6x2: JSSOct-18-201592 months
6x1: First Time AgainOct-11-2015112 months
55x16: ConquerMar-29-2015123 months
5x15: TryMar-22-2015113 months
5x14: SpendMar-15-2015123 months
5x13: ForgetMar-08-2015133 months
5x12: RememberMar-01-2015111 month
5x11: The DistanceFeb-22-2015132 months
5x10: ThemFeb-15-2015122 months
5x9: What Happened and What's Going OnFeb-08-2015122 months
5x8: CodaNov-30-2014121 month
5x7: CrossedNov-23-2014113 months
5x6: ConsumedNov-16-2014141 month
5x5: Self HelpNov-09-2014102 months
5x4: SlabtownNov-02-2014113 months
5x3: Four Walls and a RoofOct-26-2014102 months
5x2: StrangersOct-19-2014113 months
5x1: No SanctuaryOct-12-2014112 months
44x16: AMar-30-2014123 months
4x15: UsMar-23-2014131 month
4x14: The GroveMar-16-2014122 months
4x13: AloneMar-09-2014112 months
4x12: StillMar-02-2014111 month
4x11: ClaimedFeb-23-2014113 months
4x10: InmatesFeb-16-2014113 months
4x9: AfterFeb-09-2014111 month
4x8: Too Far GoneDec-01-2013111 month
4x7: Dead WeightNov-24-2013112 months
4x6: Live BaitNov-17-2013112 months
4x5: InternmentNov-10-2013113 months
4x4: IndifferenceNov-03-2013103 months
4x3: IsolationOct-27-2013112 months
4x2: InfectedOct-20-2013101 month
4x1: 30 Days Without an AccidentOct-13-2013101 month
33x16: Welcome to the TombsMar-31-2013121 month
3x15: This Sorrowful LifeMar-24-2013113 months
3x14: PreyMar-17-2013112 months
3x13: Arrow on the DoorpostMar-10-2013111 month
3x12: ClearMar-03-2013111 month
3x11: I Ain't a JudasFeb-24-2013111 month
3x10: HomeFeb-17-201391 month
3x9: The Suicide KingFeb-10-2013112 months
3x8: Made to SufferDec-02-201294 months
3x7: When the Dead Come KnockingNov-25-201294 months
3x6: HoundedNov-18-2012114 months
3x5: Say the WordNov-11-201284 months
3x4: Killer WithinNov-04-201292 months
3x3: Walk with MeOct-28-201284 months
3x2: SickOct-21-201284 months
3x1: SeedOct-14-201284 months
22x13: Beside the Dying FireMar-18-2012114 months
2x12: Better AngelsMar-11-2012184 months
2x11: Judge, Jury, ExecutionerMar-04-2012154 months
2x10: 18 Miles OutFeb-26-2012154 months
2x9: TriggerfingerFeb-19-2012154 months
2x8: NebraskaFeb-12-2012114 months
2x7: Pretty Much Dead AlreadyNov-27-2011144 months
2x6: SecretsNov-20-2011134 months
2x5: ChupacabraNov-13-2011163 months
2x4: Cherokee RoseNov-06-201194 months
2x3: Save the Last OneOct-30-2011124 months
2x2: BloodlettingOct-23-2011144 months
2x1: What Lies AheadOct-16-2011134 months
2x00: 06 years
11x6: TS-19Dec-05-2010104 months
1x5: WildfireNov-28-2010124 months
1x4: VatosNov-21-2010114 months
1x3: Tell It to the FrogsNov-14-201074 months
1x2: GutsNov-07-2010104 months
1x1: Days Gone ByeOct-31-2010124 months
00x50: Wrapping Up Season 8Sep-30-201801 year
0x49: Season 9 Preview Special01 year
0x48: Red Machete: We Find OurselvesApr-09-201801 year
0x47: Red Machete: GoneMar-20-201801 year
0x46: Red Machete: What We BecomeFeb-25-201801 year
0x45: Red Machete: Made to SufferDec-10-201701 year
0x44: Red Machete: SorrowfulNov-19-201701 year
0x43: Red Machete: Behind UsOct-22-201701 year
0x42: The Walking Dead: RetrospectiveSep-16-201702 years
0x41: The Journey So Far (2017)Oct-21-201702 years
0x40: Walker WorldOct-20-201712 years
0x39: Behind The Dead (100 Episodes Special)Oct-19-201702 years
0x38: The Journey So FarOct-16-201603 years
0x37: A Look at Season 6Jul-24-201603 years
0x36: Jul-15-201404 years
0x35: Jul-08-201404 years
0x34: Oct-01-201304 years
0x33: Oct-01-201304 years
0x32: Oct-01-201304 years
0x31: Oct-01-201204 years
0x30: Oct-01-201204 years
0x29: Oct-01-201204 years
0x28: Oct-01-201204 years
0x27: Mar-18-201204 years
0x26: Inside The Walking Dead: Better AngelsMar-11-201203 years
0x25: Mar-04-201204 years
0x24: Feb-26-201204 years
0x23: Feb-19-201204 years
0x22: Feb-12-201104 years
0x21: Nov-27-201104 years
0x20: Nov-20-201104 years
0x19: Nov-13-201104 years
0x18: Nov-06-201104 years
0x17: Oct-30-201104 years
0x16: Oct-23-201104 years
0x15: Oct-16-201104 years
0x14: Dec-05-201004 years
0x13: Nov-28-201004 years
0x12: Nov-21-201004 years
0x11: Nov-14-201004 years
0x10: Nov-07-201004 years
0x9: Oct-31-201004 years
0x8: Oct-03-201104 years
0x7: Oct-03-201104 years
0x6: Oct-03-201104 years
0x5: Oct-03-201104 years
0x4: Oct-03-201104 years
0x3: Oct-03-201104 years
0x2: Oct-11-201004 years
0x1: Oct-11-201004 years

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