The Simpsons (1989)

The Simpsons is an animated series that centers with a satirical parody of a working class American lifestyle epitomized by its family of the same name, which consists of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. The series is set in the fictional town of Springfield and parodies American culture, society, TV and many aspects of the human condition. Voices that are featured on this animated show are Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Hank Azaria and Harry Shearer.

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Genre: Comedy, Animation

Release Date: December 17, 1989 (US)

Status: Running

Network: FOX (Official Website)

Casts: Yeardley Smith, Dan Castellaneta, Nancy Cartwright, Julie Kavner, Harry Shearer, Hank Azaria, Hank Azaria, Hank Azaria, Harry Shearer, Harry Shearer, Dan Castellaneta, Hank Azaria, Hank Azaria, Harry Shearer, Dan Castellaneta, Harry Shearer, Nancy Cartwright, Nancy Cartwright, Dan Castellaneta, Harry Shearer, Julie Kavner, Hank Azaria, Julie Kavner, Hank Azaria, Hank Azaria, Hank Azaria, Dan Castellaneta, Hank Azaria, Dan Castellaneta, Nancy Cartwright, Harry Shearer, Harry Shearer, Dan Castellaneta, Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Harry Shearer, Nancy Cartwright, Harry Shearer, Dan Castellaneta, Dan Castellaneta

Most recent episode: The Simpsons (1989) Season 34 Episode 9 - When Nelson Met Lisa ( 11/27/2022 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
349When Nelson Met LisaNov-27-2022612 days
8Step Brother from the Same PlanetNov-20-2022641 week
7From Beer to PaternityNov-13-2022581 week
6Treehouse of Horror XXXIIIOct-30-2022481 month
5Not ItOct-23-2022353 weeks
4The King of NiceOct-16-2022521 month
3Lisa the Boy ScoutOct-09-2022482 months
2One Angry LisaOct-02-2022702 months
1Habeas TortoiseSep-25-2022912 months
3322Poorhouse RockMay-22-2022336 months
21Meat Is MurderMay-15-2022237 months
20Marge the MeanieMay-08-2022247 months
19Girls Just Shauna Have FunMay-01-2022197 months
18My Octopus and a TeacherApr-24-2022227 months
17The Sound of Bleeding GumsApr-10-2022328 months
16Pretty Whittle LiarMar-27-2022188 months
15Bart the Cool KidMar-20-2022138 months
14You Won't Believe What This Episode is About - Act Three Will Shock You!Mar-13-202208 months
13Boyz N The HighlandsMar-06-202208 months
12Pixelated and AfraidFeb-27-202208 months
11The Longest MargeJan-02-202208 months
10A Made MaggieDec-19-202108 months
9Mothers and Other StrangersNov-28-202108 months
8Portrait of a Lackey on FireNov-21-202108 months
7A Serious Flanders (2)Nov-14-202108 months
6A Serious Flanders (1)Nov-07-202108 months
5Lisa's BellyOct-24-202108 months
4The Wayz We WereOct-17-202181 year
3Treehouse of Horror XXXIIOct-10-202121 year
2Bart's in JailOct-03-202141 year
1The Star of the BackstageSep-26-202141 year
3223TBAMay-23-202102 years
22The Last BarfighterMay-23-202102 years
21The Man from G.R.A.M.P.A.May-16-202132 years
20Mother and Child ReunionMay-09-202112 years
19Panic On The Streets Of SpringfieldApr-18-202112 years
18Burger KingsApr-11-202102 years
17Uncut FemmesMar-28-202102 years
16Manger ThingsMar-21-202112 years
15Do PizzaBots Dream of Electric Guitars?Mar-14-202102 years
14Yokel HeroMar-07-202102 years
13Wad GoalsFeb-28-202102 years
12Diary QueenFeb-21-202102 years
11The Dad-Feelings LimitedJan-03-202112 years
10A Springfield Summer Christmas for ChristmasDec-13-202012 years
9Sorry Not SorryDec-06-202012 years
8The Road To CincinnatiNov-29-202002 years
7Three Dreams DeniedNov-22-202002 years
6Podcast NewsNov-15-202002 years
5The 7 Beer ItchNov-08-202002 years
4Treehouse of Horror XXXINov-01-202012 years
3Now Museum, Now You Don'tOct-11-202012 years
2I, CarumbusOct-04-202002 years
1Undercover BurnsSep-27-202002 years
3122The Way of the DogMay-17-202002 years
21The Hateful Eight-Year-OldsMay-10-202002 years
20Warrin' Priests Part 2May-03-202002 years
19Warrin' PriestsApr-26-202002 years
18The Incredible Lightness of Being a BabyApr-19-202002 years
17Highway to WellMar-22-202012 years
16Better Off NedMar-15-202002 years
15ScreenlessMar-08-202002 years
14Bart the Bad GuyMar-01-202002 years
13FrinkcoinFeb-23-202002 years
12The Miseducation of Lisa SimpsonFeb-16-202002 years
11Hail to the TeethJan-05-202002 years
10Bobby, It's Cold OutsideDec-15-201902 years
9Todd, Todd, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?Dec-01-201902 years
8Thanksgiving of HorrorNov-24-201902 years
7Livin La Pura VidaNov-17-201902 years
6Marge the LumberjillNov-10-201902 years
5Gorillas on the MastNov-03-201902 years
4Treehouse of Horror XXXOct-20-201902 years
3The Fat Blue LineOct-13-201902 years
2Go Big or Go HomerOct-06-201912 years
1The Winter of Our Monetized ContentSep-29-201912 years
3030The Incredible Lightness of Being a Baby03 years
23Crystal Blue-Haired PersuasionMay-12-201922 years
22Woo-Hoo DunnitMay-05-201922 years
21D'oh CanadaApr-28-201902 years
20I'm Just a Girl Who Can't Say D'ohApr-07-201912 years
19Girl's in the BandMar-31-201912 years
18Bart vs. Itchy & ScratchyMar-24-201922 years
17E My SportsMar-17-201912 years
16I Want You (She's So Heavy)Mar-10-201902 years
15101 MitigationsMar-03-201902 years
14The Clown Stays in the PictureFeb-17-201902 years
13I'm Dancing as Fat as I CanFeb-10-201902 years
12The Girl on the BusJan-13-201902 years
11Mad About the ToyJan-06-201902 years
10'Tis the 30th SeasonDec-09-201802 years
9Daddicus FinchDec-02-201802 years
8Krusty the ClownNov-25-201802 years
7Werking MomNov-18-201802 years
6From Russia Without LoveNov-11-201802 years
5Baby You Can't Drive My CarNov-04-201802 years
4Treehouse of Horror XXIXOct-21-201802 years
3My Way or the Highway to HeavenOct-14-201802 years
2Heartbreak HotelOct-07-201802 years
1Bart's Not DeadSep-30-201812 years
2921Flanders' LadderMay-20-201802 years
20Throw Grampa from the DaneMay-13-201802 years
19Left BehindMay-06-201802 years
18Forgive and RegretApr-29-201802 years
17Lisa Gets the BluesApr-22-201803 years
16King LeerApr-15-201802 years
15No Good Read Goes UnpunishedApr-08-201803 years
14Fears of a ClownApr-01-201803 years
133 Scenes Plus a Tag from a MarriageMar-25-201802 years
12Homer is Where the Art Isn'tMar-18-201802 years
11Frink Gets TestyJan-14-201802 years
10Haw-Haw LandJan-07-201802 years
9Gone BoyDec-10-201702 years
8Mr. Lisa's OpusDec-03-201703 years
7Singin' in the LaneNov-19-201702 years
6The Old Blue Mayor She Ain't What She Used to BeNov-12-201702 years
5Grampy Can Ya Hear MeNov-05-201702 years
4Treehouse of Horror XXVIIIOct-22-201702 years
3Whistler's FatherOct-15-201702 years
2Springfield SplendorOct-08-201702 years
1The SerfsonsOct-01-201702 years
2822DogtownMay-21-201702 years
21Moho HouseMay-07-201702 years
20Looking for Mr. GoodbartApr-30-201702 years
19Caper ChaseApr-02-201703 years
18A Father's WatchMar-19-201703 years
1722 for 30Mar-12-201703 years
16Kamp KrustierMar-05-201702 years
15The Cad and the HatFeb-19-201702 years
14FatzcarraldoFeb-12-201702 years
13The Great Phatsby, Part TwoJan-15-201703 years
12The Great Phatsby, Part OneJan-15-201703 years
11Pork & BurnsJan-08-201703 years
10The Nightmare After KrustmasDec-11-201623 years
9The Last Traction HeroDec-04-201623 years
8Dad BehaviorNov-20-201602 years
7Havana Wild WeekendNov-13-201603 years
6There Will Be BudsNov-06-201602 years
5Trust But ClarifyOct-23-201602 years
4Treehouse of Horror XXVIIOct-16-201602 years
3The TownOct-09-201602 years
2Friends and FamilyOct-02-201602 years
1Monty Burns' Fleeing CircusSep-25-201602 years
2722Orange is the New YellowMay-22-201602 years
21SimprovisedMay-15-201602 years
20To Courier with LoveMay-08-201602 years
19Fland CanyonApr-24-201602 years
18How Lisa Got Her Marge BackApr-10-201613 years
17The Burns CageApr-03-201602 years
16The Marge-ian ChroniclesMar-13-201602 years
15Lisa the VeterinarianMar-06-201602 years
14Gal of Constant SorrowFeb-21-201602 years
13Love is in the N2-O2-Ar-CO2-Ne-He-CH4Feb-14-201603 years
12Much Apu About SomethingJan-17-201602 years
11Teenage Mutant Milk-caused HurdlesJan-10-201602 years
10The Girl CodeJan-03-201603 years
9BarthoodDec-13-201502 years
8Paths of GloryDec-06-201503 years
7Lisa with an 'S'Nov-22-201502 years
6Friend with BenefitNov-08-201503 years
5Treehouse of Horror XXVIOct-25-201502 years
4Halloween of HorrorOct-18-201502 years
3PufflessOct-11-201502 years
2Cue DetectiveOct-04-201502 years
1Every Man's DreamSep-27-201502 years
2622Mathlete's FeatMay-17-2015183 years
21Bull-EMay-10-2015193 years
20Let's Go Fly a CootMay-03-201593 years
19The Kids Are All FightApr-26-2015123 years
18Peeping MomApr-19-2015213 years
17Waiting for DuffmanMar-15-2015173 years
16Sky PoliceMar-08-2015163 years
15The Princess GuideMar-01-201503 years
14My Fare LadyFeb-15-2015173 years
13Walking Big & TallFeb-08-2015172 years
12The Musk Who Fell to EarthJan-25-201532 years
11Bart's New FriendJan-11-201572 years
10The Man Who Came to Be DinnerJan-04-201542 years
9I Won't Be Home for ChristmasDec-07-201402 years
8CovercraftNov-23-2014118 years
7Blazed and ConfusedNov-16-2014102 years
6SimpsoramaNov-09-201412 years
5Opposites A-frackNov-02-201412 years
4Treehouse of Horror XXVOct-19-201432 years
3Super Franchise MeOct-12-201422 years
2The Wreck of the RelationshipOct-05-201422 years
1Clown in the DumpsSep-28-201418 years
2522The Yellow Badge of CowardgeMay-18-201402 years
21Pay PalMay-11-201402 years
20Brick Like MeMay-04-201402 years
19What to Expect When Bart's ExpectingApr-27-201409 years
18Days of Future FutureApr-13-201412 years
17Luca$Apr-06-201412 years
16You Don't Have to Live Like a RefereeMar-30-201402 years
15The War of ArtMar-23-201402 years
14The Winter of His ContentMar-16-201402 years
13The Man Who Grew Too MuchMar-09-201402 years
12DiggsMar-09-201402 years
11Specs and the CityJan-26-201402 years
10Married to the BlobJan-12-201412 years
9Steal This EpisodeJan-05-201402 years
8White Christmas BluesDec-15-201302 years
7Yellow SubterfugeDec-08-201302 years
6The Kid is All RightNov-24-201302 years
5Labor PainsNov-17-201302 years
4YOLONov-10-201302 years
3Four Regrettings and a FuneralNov-03-201312 years
2Treehouse of Horror XXIVOct-06-201302 years
1HomerlandSep-29-201322 years
2422Dangers on a TrainMay-19-201302 years
21The Saga of CarlMay-19-201302 years
20The Fabulous Faker BoyMay-12-201302 years
19Whiskey BusinessMay-05-201302 years
18Pulpit FrictionApr-28-201312 years
17What Animated Women WantApr-14-201302 years
16Dark Knight CourtMar-17-201322 years
15Black-eyed, PleaseMar-10-201312 years
14Gorgeous GrampaMar-03-201322 years
13Hardly Kirk-IngFeb-17-201332 years
12Love is a Many-Splintered ThingFeb-10-201312 years
11The Changing of the GuardianJan-27-201342 years
10A Test Before TryingJan-13-201342 years
9Homer Goes to Prep SchoolJan-06-2013410 years
8To Cur with LoveDec-16-201212 years
7The Day the Earth Stood CoolDec-09-201212 years
6A Tree Grows in SpringfieldNov-25-201222 years
5Penny-WiseguysNov-18-2012110 years
4Gone Abie GoneNov-11-201222 years
3Adventures in Baby-GettingNov-04-201212 years
2Treehouse of Horror XXIIIOct-07-201212 years
1Moonshine RiverSep-30-201202 years
2322Lisa Goes GagaMay-20-201249 years
21Ned 'n' Edna's BlendMay-13-201219 years
20The Spy Who Learned MeMay-06-201212 years
19A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do AgainApr-29-201232 years
18Beware My Cheating BartApr-15-201232 years
17Them, RobotMar-18-201272 years
16How I Wet Your MotherMar-11-2012511 years
15Exit Through the Kwik-E-MartMar-04-2012311 years
14At Long Last LeaveFeb-19-201232 years
13The Daughter Also RisesFeb-12-201232 years
12Moe Goes from Rags to RichesJan-29-201202 years
11The D'oh-cial NetworkJan-15-201202 years
10Politically Inept, with Homer SimpsonJan-08-2012011 years
9Holidays of Future PassedDec-11-2011011 years
8The Ten-Per-Cent SolutionDec-04-2011011 years
7The Man in the Blue Flannel PantsNov-27-2011011 years
6The Book JobNov-20-2011011 years
5The Food WifeNov-13-201102 years
4Replaceable YouNov-06-201102 years
3Treehouse of Horror XXIIOct-30-2011011 years
2Bart Stops to Smell the RooseveltsOct-02-201102 years
1The Falcon and the D'ohmanSep-25-201102 years
2222The Ned-Liest CatchMay-22-201102 years
21500 KeysMay-15-201102 years
20Homer ScissorhandsMay-08-201102 years
19The Real Housewives of Fat TonyMay-01-201102 years
18The Great SimpsinaApr-10-201102 years
17Love is a Many Strangled ThingMar-27-201102 years
16A Midsummer's Nice DreamMar-13-201102 years
15The Scorpion's TaleMar-06-201102 years
14Angry Dad: The MovieFeb-20-201102 years
13The Blue and the GrayFeb-13-201102 years
12Homer the FatherJan-23-201102 years
11Flaming MoeJan-16-201102 years
10Moms I'd Like to ForgetJan-09-201102 years
9Donnie FatsoDec-12-201002 years
8The Fight Before ChristmasDec-05-201009 years
7How Munched is That Birdie in the WindowNov-28-201002 years
6The Fool MontyNov-21-201002 years
5Lisa Simpson, This Isn't Your LifeNov-14-201002 years
4Treehouse of Horror XXINov-07-201002 years
3Money BartOct-10-201002 years
2Loan-a-LisaOct-03-201002 years
1Elementary School MusicalSep-26-201002 years
2123Judge Me TenderMay-23-201002 years
22The Bob Next DoorMay-16-201009 years
21Moe Letter BluesMay-09-201009 years
20To Surveil with LoveMay-02-201002 years
19The Squirt and the WhaleApr-25-201002 years
18Chief of HeartsApr-18-201002 years
17American History X-cellentApr-11-201002 years
16The Greatest Story Ever Doh'dMar-28-201002 years
15Stealing First BaseMar-21-201002 years
14Postcards from the WedgeMar-14-201002 years
13The Color YellowFeb-21-201002 years
12Boy Meets CurlFeb-14-201002 years
11Million Dollar MaybeJan-31-201002 years
10Once Upon a Time in SpringfieldJan-10-201002 years
9Thursdays with AbieJan-03-201002 years
8O Brother, Where Bart Thou?Dec-13-200902 years
7Rednecks and BroomsticksNov-29-200902 years
6Pranks and GreensNov-22-200902 years
5The Devil Wears NadaNov-15-200902 years
4Treehouse of Horror XXOct-18-200902 years
3The Great Wife HopeOct-11-200902 years
2Bart Gets a 'Z'Oct-04-200902 years
1Homer the WhopperSep-27-200902 years
2021Coming to HomericaMay-17-200902 years
20Four Great Women and a ManicureMay-10-200902 years
19Waverly Hills, 9021-D'OhMay-03-200902 years
18Father Knows WorstApr-26-200902 years
17The Good, the Sad and the DruglyApr-19-200902 years
16Eeny Teeny Maya MoeApr-05-200902 years
15Wedding for DisasterMar-29-200902 years
14In the Name of the GrandfatherMar-22-200902 years
13Gone Maggie GoneMar-15-200902 years
12No Loan Again, NaturallyMar-08-200902 years
11How the Test Was WonMar-01-200902 years
10Take My Life, PleaseFeb-15-200902 years
9Lisa the Drama QueenJan-25-200902 years
8The Burns and the BeesDec-07-200802 years
7Mypods and BoomsticksNov-30-200802 years
6Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross WordsNov-16-200802 years
5Dangerous CurvesNov-09-200802 years
4Treehouse of Horror XIXNov-02-200802 years
3Double, Double, Boy in TroubleOct-19-200802 years
2Lost VerizonOct-05-200802 years
1Sex, Pies and Idiot ScrapesSep-28-200802 years
1920All About LisaMay-18-200802 years
19Mona Leaves-aMay-11-200802 years
18Any Given SundanceMay-04-200802 years
17Apocalypse CowApr-27-200802 years
16Papa Don't LeechApr-13-200809 years
15Smoke on the DaughterMar-30-200802 years
14Dial 'N' for NerderMar-09-200802 years
13The DebartedMar-02-200809 years
12Love, Springfieldian StyleFeb-17-200802 years
11That 90's ShowJan-27-200809 years
10E Pluribus WiggumJan-06-200802 years
9Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson MindDec-16-200702 years
8Funeral for a FiendNov-25-200702 years
7Husbands and KnivesNov-18-200702 years
6Little Orphan MillieNov-11-200702 years
5Treehouse of Horror XVIIINov-04-200702 years
4I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird SingsOct-14-200702 years
3Midnight TowboyOct-07-200709 years
2Homer of SevilleSep-30-200709 years
1He Loves to Fly and He D'ohsSep-23-200702 years
1822You Kent Always Say What You WantMay-20-200702 years
2124 MinutesMay-20-200702 years
20Stop or My Dog Will ShootMay-13-200702 years
19Crook and LadderMay-06-200702 years
18The Boys of BummerApr-29-200702 years
17Marge GamerApr-22-200709 years
16HomerazziMar-25-200702 years
15Rome-old and Juli-ehMar-11-200702 years
14Yokel ChordsMar-04-200709 years
13Springfield UpFeb-18-200702 years
12Little Big GirlFeb-11-200702 years
11Revenge is a Dish Best Served Three TimesJan-28-200709 years
10The Wife AquaticJan-07-200702 years
9Kill Gil (Parts I & II)Dec-17-200609 years
8The Haw-Hawed CoupleDec-10-200609 years
7Ice Cream of Margie (With the Light Blue Hair)Nov-26-200609 years
6Moe 'N' a LisaNov-19-200609 years
5GI (Annoyed Grunt)Nov-12-200609 years
4Treehouse of Horror XVIINov-05-200609 years
3Please Homer, Don't Hammer 'emSep-24-200609 years
2Jazzy and the PussycatsSep-17-200609 years
1The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her HomerSep-10-200609 years
1722Marge and Homer Turn a Couple PlayMay-21-200609 years
21The Monkey SuitMay-14-200609 years
20Regarding MargieMay-07-200609 years
19Girls Just Want to Have SumsApr-30-200609 years
18The Wettest Stories Ever ToldApr-23-200602 years
17Kiss Kiss Bang BangaloreApr-09-200602 years
16Million Dollar AbieApr-02-200602 years
15Homer Simpson, This is Your WifeMar-26-200602 years
14Bart Has Two MommiesMar-19-200602 years
13The Seemingly Never-Ending StoryMar-12-200602 years
12My Fair LaddyFeb-26-200602 years
11We're on the Road to D'oh-whereJan-29-200602 years
10Homer's Paternity CootJan-08-200602 years
9Simpsons Christmas StoriesDec-18-200502 years
8The Italian BobDec-11-200502 years
7The Last of the Red Hat MamasNov-27-200502 years
6See Homer RunNov-20-200502 years
5Marge's Son PoisoningNov-13-200502 years
4Treehouse of Horror XVINov-06-200509 years
3Millhouse Of Sand And FogSep-25-200502 years
2The Girl Who Slept Too LittleSep-18-200502 years
1Bonfire of the ManateesSep-11-200502 years
1621Father, Son and Holy Guest-StarMay-15-200502 years
20Home Away from HomerMay-15-200502 years
19Thank God It's DoomsdayMay-08-200502 years
18A Star is TornMay-08-200502 years
17The Heartbroke KidMay-01-200502 years
16Don't Fear the RooferMay-01-200502 years
15Future-DramaApr-17-200502 years
14The Seven-Beer SnitchApr-03-200502 years
13Mobile HomerMar-20-200502 years
12Goo Goo Gai PanMar-13-200502 years
11On a Clear Day I Can't See My SisterMar-06-200502 years
10There's Something About MarryingFeb-20-200502 years
9Pranksta RapFeb-13-200502 years
8Homer and Ned's Hail Mary PassFeb-06-200502 years
7Mommie BeerestJan-30-200502 years
6Midnight RxJan-16-200502 years
5Fat Man and Little BoyDec-12-200402 years
4She Used to Be My GirlDec-05-200409 years
3Sleeping with the EnemyNov-21-200402 years
2All's Fair in Oven WarNov-14-200402 years
1Treehouse of Horror XVNov-07-200402 years
1522Fraudcast NewsMay-23-200402 years
21Bart-Mangled BannerMay-16-200402 years
20The Way We Weren'tMay-09-200409 years
19Simple SimpsonMay-02-200409 years
18Catch 'Em If You CanApr-25-200402 years
17My Big Fat Geek WeddingApr-18-200402 years
16Wandering JuvieMar-28-200402 years
15Co-Dependent's DayMar-21-200409 years
14The Ziff Who Came to DinnerMar-14-200402 years
13Smart & SmarterFeb-22-200402 years
12Milhouse Doesn't Live Here AnymoreFeb-15-200402 years
11Margical History TourFeb-08-200402 years
10Diatribe of a Mad HousewifeJan-25-200409 years
9I, (Annoyed Grunt)-BotJan-11-200402 years
8Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens, and GaysJan-04-200402 years
7'Tis the Fifteenth SeasonDec-14-200302 years
6Today I Am a KlownDec-07-200309 years
5The Fat and the FurriestNov-30-200302 years
4The Regina MonologuesNov-23-200302 years
3The President Wore PearlsNov-16-200302 years
2My Mother the CarjackerNov-09-200302 years
1Treehouse of Horror XIVNov-02-200302 years
1422Moe Baby BluesMay-18-200309 years
21The Bart of WarMay-18-200302 years
20Brake My Wife, PleaseMay-11-200309 years
19Old Yeller-BellyMay-04-200309 years
18Dude, Where's My Ranch?Apr-27-200309 years
17Three Gays of the CondoApr-13-200309 years
16'Scuse Me While I Miss the SkyMar-30-200309 years
15C. E. D'ohMar-16-200309 years
14Mr. Spritz Goes to WashingtonMar-09-200309 years
13A Star is Born AgainMar-02-200302 years
12I'm Spelling As Fast As I CanFeb-16-200302 years
11Barting OverFeb-16-200302 years
10Pray AnythingFeb-09-200309 years
9The Strong Arms of the MaFeb-02-200302 years
8The Dad Who Knew Too LittleJan-12-200302 years
7Special Edna (a.k.a. Love and Marking)Jan-05-200309 years
6The Great Louse DetectiveDec-15-200202 years
5Helter ShelterDec-01-200202 years
4Large MargeNov-24-200209 years
3Bart vs. Lisa vs. 3rd GradeNov-17-200202 years
2How I Spent My Strummer VacationNov-10-200202 years
1Treehouse of Horror XIIINov-03-200202 years
1322Papa's Got a Brand New BadgeMay-22-200202 years
21Frying GameMay-19-200202 years
20Little Girl in the Big TenMay-12-200202 years
19The Sweetest ApuMay-05-200202 years
18I Am Furious YellowApr-28-200202 years
17Gump RoastApr-21-200202 years
16Weekend at BurnsiesApr-07-200209 years
15Blame It on LisaMar-31-200202 years
14Tales from the Public DomainMar-17-200209 years
13The Old Man and the KeyMar-10-200202 years
12The Lastest Gun in the WestFeb-24-200209 years
11The Bart Wants What It WantsFeb-17-200202 years
10Half-Decent ProposalFeb-10-200202 years
9Jaws Wired ShutJan-27-200202 years
8Sweets and Sour MargeJan-20-200202 years
7Brawl in the FamilyJan-06-200202 years
6She of Little FaithDec-16-200109 years
5The Blunder YearsDec-09-200109 years
4Hunka Hunka Burns in LoveDec-02-200109 years
3Homer the MoeNov-18-200109 years
2The Parent RapNov-11-200109 years
1Treehouse of Horror XIINov-06-200109 years
1221Simpsons Tall TalesMay-20-200109 years
20Children of a Lesser ClodMay-13-200109 years
19I'm Goin' to Praise LandMay-06-200109 years
18Trilogy of ErrorApr-29-200109 years
17Simpsons SafariApr-01-200109 years
16Bye Bye NerdyMar-11-200109 years
15Hungry Hungry HomerMar-04-200109 years
14New Kids on the BlecchFeb-25-200109 years
13Day of the JackanapesFeb-18-200109 years
12Tennis the MenaceFeb-11-200109 years
11Worst Episode EverFeb-04-200109 years
10PokeymomJan-14-200109 years
9HOMRJan-07-200109 years
8Skinner's Sense of SnowDec-17-200009 years
7The Great Money CaperDec-10-200009 years
6The Computer Wore Menace ShoesDec-03-200009 years
5Homer vs. DignityNov-26-200009 years
4Lisa the TreehuggerNov-19-200009 years
3Insane Clown PoppyNov-12-200009 years
2A Tale of Two SpringfieldsNov-05-200009 years
1Treehouse of Horror XINov-01-200009 years
1122Behind the LaughterMay-21-200009 years
21It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad MargeMay-14-200009 years
20Last Tap Dance in SpringfieldMay-07-200009 years
19Kill the Alligator and RunApr-30-200009 years
18Days of Wine and D'OhsesApr-09-200009 years
17Bart to the FutureMar-19-200009 years
16PygmoelianFeb-27-200009 years
15Missionary ImpossibleFeb-20-200009 years
14Alone Again Natura-DiddilyFeb-13-200009 years
13Saddlesore GalacticaFeb-06-200009 years
12The Mansion FamilyJan-23-200009 years
11Faith OffJan-16-200009 years
10Little Big MomJan-09-200009 years
9Grift of the MagiDec-19-199909 years
8Take My Wife, SleazeNov-28-199909 years
7Eight MisbehavinNov-21-199909 years
6Hello Gutter, Hello FadderNov-14-199909 years
5E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt)Nov-07-199909 years
4Treehouse of Horror XOct-31-199909 years
3Guess Who's Coming to Criticize DinnerOct-24-199909 years
2Brother's Little HelperOct-03-199909 years
1Beyond BlunderdomeSep-26-199909 years
102330 Minutes Over TokyoMay-16-199902 years
22They Saved Lisa's BrainMay-09-199902 years
21Monty Can't Buy Me LoveMay-02-199902 years
20The Old Man and the "C" StudentApr-25-199902 years
19Mom and Pop ArtApr-11-199902 years
18Simpsons Bible StoriesApr-04-199902 years
17Maximum HomerdriveMar-28-199902 years
16Make Room for LisaFeb-28-199902 years
15Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers"Feb-21-199902 years
14I'm with CupidFeb-14-199902 years
13Homer to the MaxFeb-07-199902 years
12Sunday, Cruddy SundayJan-31-199902 years
11Wild Barts Can't Be BrokenJan-17-199902 years
10Viva Ned FlandersJan-10-199902 years
9Mayored to the MobDec-20-199802 years
8Homer Simpson in: "Kidney Trouble"Dec-06-199802 years
7Lisa Gets an "A"Nov-22-199802 years
6D'Oh-in' in the WindNov-15-199802 years
5When You Dish Upon a StarNov-08-199802 years
4Treehouse of Horror IXOct-25-199802 years
3Bart the MotherSep-27-199802 years
2The Wizard of Evergreen TerraceSep-20-199802 years
1Lard of the DanceAug-23-199802 years
925Natural Born KissersMay-17-199802 years
24Lost Our LisaMay-10-199802 years
23King of the HillMay-03-199802 years
22Trash of the TitansApr-26-199802 years
21Girly EditionApr-19-199802 years
20The Trouble with TrillionsApr-05-199802 years
19Simpson TideMar-29-199802 years
18This Little WiggyMar-22-199802 years
17Lisa the SimpsonMar-08-199802 years
16Dumbbell IndemnityMar-01-199802 years
15The Last Temptation of KrustyFeb-22-199802 years
14Das BusFeb-15-199802 years
13The Joy of SectFeb-08-199802 years
12Bart CarnyJan-11-199802 years
11All Singing, All DancingJan-04-199802 years
10Miracle on Evergreen TerraceDec-21-199702 years
9Realty BitesDec-07-199702 years
8Lisa the SkepticNov-23-199702 years
7The Two Mrs. NahasapeemapetilonsNov-16-199702 years
6Bart StarNov-09-199702 years
5The Cartridge FamilyNov-02-199709 years
4Treehouse of Horror VIIIOct-26-199702 years
3Lisa's SaxOct-19-199702 years
2The Principal and the PauperSep-28-199702 years
1The City of New York vs. Homer SimpsonSep-21-199702 years
825The Secret War of Lisa SimpsonMay-18-199702 years
24The Simpsons Spin-Off ShowcaseMay-11-199702 years
23Homer's EnemyMay-04-199702 years
22In Marge We TrustApr-27-199702 years
21The Old Man and LisaApr-20-199702 years
20The Canine MutinyApr-13-199702 years
19Grade School ConfidentialApr-06-199702 years
18Homer vs. the Eighteenth AmendmentMar-16-199702 years
17My Sister, My SitterMar-02-199702 years
16Brother from Another SeriesFeb-23-199702 years
15Homer's PhobiaFeb-16-199702 years
14The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie ShowFeb-09-199702 years
13Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala (Annoyed Grunt) ciousFeb-07-199702 years
12Mountain of MadnessFeb-02-199702 years
11The Twisted World of Marge SimpsonJan-19-199702 years
10The Springfield FilesJan-12-199702 years
9El Viaje de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)Jan-05-199702 years
8Hurricane NeddyDec-29-199602 years
7Lisa's Date with DensityDec-15-199602 years
6A Milhouse DividedDec-01-199602 years
5Bart After DarkNov-24-199602 years
4Burns, Baby BurnsNov-17-199602 years
3The Homer They FallNov-10-199602 years
2You Only Move TwiceNov-03-199602 years
1Treehouse of Horror VIIOct-27-199602 years
725Summer of 4 ft. 2May-19-199602 years
24HomerpaloozaMay-19-199602 years
23Much Apu About NothingMay-05-199602 years
22Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish"Apr-28-199602 years
2122 Short Films About SpringfieldApr-14-199602 years
20Bart on the RoadMar-31-199602 years
19A Fish Called SelmaMar-24-199602 years
18The Day the Violence DiedMar-17-199602 years
17Homer the SmithersFeb-25-199602 years
16Lisa the IconoclastFeb-18-199602 years
15Bart the FinkFeb-11-199602 years
14Scenes from the Class Struggle in SpringfieldFeb-04-199602 years
13Two Bad NeighborsJan-14-199602 years
12Team HomerJan-07-199602 years
11Marge Be Not ProudDec-17-199502 years
10The Simpsons 138th Episode SpectacularDec-03-199502 years
9Sideshow Bob's Last GleamingNov-26-199502 years
8Mother SimpsonNov-19-199502 years
7King-Size HomerNov-05-199502 years
6Treehouse of Horror VIOct-29-199502 years
5Lisa the VegetarianOct-15-199502 years
4Bart Sells His SoulOct-08-199502 years
3Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-DoodilyOct-01-199502 years
2Radioactive ManSep-24-199502 years
1Who Shot Mr. Burns? (2)Sep-17-199502 years
625Who Shot Mr. Burns? (1)May-21-199502 years
24Lemon of TroyMay-14-199502 years
23The Springfield ConnectionMay-07-199502 years
22Round SpringfieldApr-30-199502 years
21The PTA DisbandsApr-16-199502 years
20Two Dozen and One GreyhoundsApr-09-199502 years
19Lisa's WeddingMar-19-199502 years
18A Star is BurnsMar-05-199502 years
17Homer vs. Patty and SelmaFeb-26-199502 years
16Bart vs. AustraliaFeb-19-199502 years
15Homie the ClownFeb-12-199502 years
14Bart's CometFeb-05-199502 years
13And Maggie Makes ThreeJan-22-199502 years
12Homer the GreatJan-08-199502 years
11Fear of FlyingDec-18-199402 years
10Grandpa vs. Sexual InadequacyDec-04-199402 years
9Homer BadmanNov-27-199402 years
8Lisa on IceNov-13-199402 years
7Bart's GirlfriendNov-06-199402 years
6Treehouse of Horror VOct-30-199402 years
5Sideshow Bob RobertsOct-09-199402 years
4Itchy & Scratchy LandOct-02-199402 years
3Another Simpsons Clip ShowSep-25-199402 years
2Lisa's RivalSep-11-199409 years
1Bart of DarknessSep-04-199402 years
522Secrets of a Successful MarriageMay-19-199409 years
21Lady Bouvier's LoverMay-12-199409 years
20The Boy Who Knew Too MuchMay-05-199409 years
19Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss SongApr-28-199409 years
18Burns' HeirApr-14-199409 years
17Bart Gets an ElephantMar-31-199409 years
16Homer Loves FlandersMar-17-199409 years
15Deep Space HomerFeb-24-199409 years
14Lisa vs. Malibu StacyFeb-17-199409 years
13Homer and ApuFeb-10-199409 years
12Bart Gets FamousFeb-03-199409 years
11Homer the VigilanteJan-06-199409 years
10$pringfield (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)Dec-16-199309 years
9The Last Temptation of HomerDec-09-199309 years
8Boy-Scoutz 'n the HoodNov-18-199309 years
7Bart's Inner ChildNov-11-199309 years
6Marge on the LamNov-04-199309 years
5Treehouse of Horror IVOct-28-199302 years
4RosebudOct-21-199302 years
3Homer Goes to CollegeOct-14-199302 years
2Cape FeareOct-07-199302 years
1Homer's Barbershop QuartetSep-30-199302 years
422Krusty Gets KancelledMay-13-199302 years
21Marge in ChainsMay-06-199302 years
20Whacking DayApr-29-199302 years
19The FrontApr-15-199302 years
18So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip ShowApr-01-199302 years
17Last Exit to SpringfieldMar-11-199302 years
16DufflessFeb-18-199302 years
15I Love LisaFeb-11-199302 years
14Brother from the Same PlanetFeb-04-199302 years
13Selma's ChoiceJan-21-199302 years
12Marge vs. the MonorailJan-14-199302 years
11Homer's Triple BypassDec-17-199202 years
10Lisa's First WordDec-03-199202 years
9Mr. PlowNov-19-199202 years
8The New Kid on the BlockNov-12-199202 years
7Marge Gets a JobNov-05-199202 years
6Itchy & Scratchy: The MovieNov-03-199202 years
5Treehouse of Horror IIIOct-29-199202 years
4Lisa the Beauty QueenOct-15-199202 years
3Homer the HereticOct-08-199202 years
2A Streetcar Named MargeOct-01-199202 years
1Kamp KrustySep-24-199202 years
324Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?Aug-27-199202 years
23Bart's Friend Falls in LoveMay-07-199202 years
22The Otto ShowApr-23-199202 years
21Black WidowerApr-09-199202 years
20Colonel HomerMar-26-199202 years
19Dog of DeathMar-12-199202 years
18Separate VocationsFeb-27-199202 years
17Homer at the BatFeb-20-199202 years
16Bart the LoverFeb-13-199202 years
15Homer AloneFeb-06-199202 years
14Lisa the GreekJan-23-199202 years
13Radio BartJan-09-199202 years
12I Married MargeDec-26-199102 years
11Burns Verkaufen der KraftwerkDec-05-199102 years
10Flaming Moe'sNov-21-199102 years
9Saturdays of ThunderNov-14-199102 years
8Lisa's PonyNov-07-199102 years
7Treehouse of Horror IIOct-31-199102 years
6Like Father Like ClownOct-24-199102 years
5Homer DefinedOct-17-199102 years
4Bart the MurdererOct-10-199102 years
3When Flanders FailedOct-03-199102 years
2Mr. Lisa Goes to WashingtonSep-26-199102 years
1Stark Raving DadSep-19-199102 years
222Blood FeudJul-11-199102 years
21Three Men and a Comic BookMay-09-199102 years
20The War of the SimpsonsMay-02-199102 years
19Lisa's SubstituteApr-25-199102 years
18Brush with GreatnessApr-11-199102 years
17Old MoneyMar-28-199102 years
16Bart's Dog Gets an FMar-07-199102 years
15Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?Feb-21-199102 years
14Principal CharmingFeb-14-199102 years
13Homer vs. Lisa and the Eighth CommandmentFeb-07-199102 years
12The Way We WasJan-31-199102 years
11One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue FishJan-24-199102 years
10Bart Gets Hit by a CarJan-10-199102 years
9Itchy & Scratchy & MargeDec-20-199002 years
8Bart the DaredevilDec-06-199002 years
7Bart vs. ThanksgivingNov-22-199002 years
6Dead Putting SocietyNov-15-199002 years
5Dancin' HomerNov-08-199002 years
4Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every FishNov-01-199002 years
3Treehouse of HorrorOct-25-199002 years
2Simpson and DelilahOct-18-199002 years
1Bart Gets an FOct-11-199002 years
113Some Enchanted EveningMay-13-199015 months
12Krusty Gets BustedApr-29-199015 months
11The Crepes of WrathApr-15-199015 months
10Homer's Night OutMar-25-199015 months
9Life on the Fast LaneMar-18-199015 months
8The Telltale HeadFeb-25-199015 months
7The Call of the SimpsonsFeb-18-199015 months
6Moaning LisaFeb-11-199015 months
5Bart the GeneralFeb-04-199015 months
4There's No Disgrace Like HomeJan-28-199015 months
3Homer's OdysseyJan-21-199015 months
2Bart the GeniusJan-14-199015 months
1Simpsons Roasting on an Open FireDec-17-198915 months
062Springfield of Dreams: The Legend of Homer SimpsonOct-22-201703 years
61The Longest DaycareMar-17-201303 years
60Celebrity FriendsJan-13-201003 years
59Mischief & MayhemJan-12-201003 years
58Access All AreasJan-11-201003 years
57The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special: in 3-D! On Ice!Jan-10-201003 years
56A Culture Show SpecialJul-25-200703 years
55The world according to the simpsons03 years
53The Simpsons' Christmas MessageDec-25-200803 years
52Making Of03 years
51The Wiggum Files03 years
50The Simpsons MovieJul-27-200703 years
49Springfield's Most WantedSep-17-199503 years
48TV SimpsonsMay-14-198903 years
47Maggie in Peril (The Thrilling Conclusion)May-07-198903 years
46Maggie in Peril (Chapter One)Apr-30-198903 years
45Family TherapyApr-23-198903 years
44Bart of the JungleApr-16-198903 years
43Bart's NightmareMar-26-198903 years
42BathtimeMar-19-198903 years
41Echo CanyonMar-12-198903 years
40ShopliftingFeb-26-198903 years
39Home HypnotismFeb-19-198903 years
38Scary MovieFeb-12-198903 years
37Bart's Little FantasyFeb-05-198903 years
36Bart the HeroJan-29-198903 years
35The Krusty the Clown ShowJan-15-198903 years
34Simpsons ChristmasDec-18-198803 years
33Punching BagNov-27-198803 years
32The Bart Simpson ShowNov-20-198803 years
31Shell GameNov-13-198803 years
30Shut Up, SimpsonsNov-06-198803 years
29Zoo StoryMay-08-198803 years
28The Art MuseumMay-01-198803 years
27The Money JarMar-20-198803 years
26Bart's HiccupsMar-13-198803 years
25Family PortraitMar-06-198803 years
24The AquariumFeb-28-198803 years
23ClosetedFeb-21-198803 years
22The PagansFeb-14-198803 years
21SkateboardingFeb-07-198803 years
20Gone Fishin' (Sort of)Jan-24-198803 years
19Grampa and the KidsJan-10-198803 years
18Scary StoriesDec-20-198703 years
17The Perfect CrimeDec-13-198703 years
16World War IIINov-22-198703 years
15Bart's HaircutNov-15-198703 years
14Space PatrolNov-08-198703 years
13Bart and Homer's DinnerNov-01-198703 years
12House of CardsOct-25-198703 years
11FootballOct-18-198703 years
10Maggie's BrainOct-11-198703 years
9The FuneralOct-04-198703 years
8Making FacesSep-22-198703 years
7Dinner TimeJul-12-198703 years
6Burping ContestJun-28-198703 years
5The PacifierJun-21-198703 years
4Babysitting MaggieMay-31-198703 years
3Jumping BartMay-10-198703 years
2Watching TVMay-03-198703 years
1Good NightApr-19-198703 years

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