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The Great British Bake Off

Ten home bakers take part in a ‘bake off’, which will test every aspect of their baking skills as they battle it out to be crowned the Best Amateur Baker. Twelve of the country’s best amateur bakers take part in the second series of The Great British Bake Off, hosted by Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins. Over eight weeks their cake-baking, pastry, bread-making a...

Genre: Cooking, Food, Reality Series

Release Date: August 17, 2010 (US)

Status: Running

Network: BBC One (UK) (IMDb)

Casts: Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood, Mel Giedroyc, Sue Perkins

Most recent episode: The Great British Bake Off Season 10 Episode 10 - The Final ( 10/29/2019 )

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Season Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1010x10: The FinalOct-29-2019334 months
10x9: Patisserie Week - Semi-FinalOct-22-2019313 months
10x8: Pastry WeekOct-15-2019234 months
10x7: Festival WeekOct-08-2019354 months
10x6: Dessert WeekOct-01-2019424 months
10x5: The Roaring TwentiesSep-24-2019394 months
10x4: Dairy WeekSep-17-2019294 months
10x3: Bread WeekSep-10-2019264 months
10x2: Biscuit WeekSep-03-2019293 months
10x1: Cake WeekAug-27-2019264 months
99x10: FinalOct-30-2018164 months
9x9: Patisserie Week - Semi-FinalOct-23-2018124 months
9x8: Danish WeekOct-16-2018123 months
9x7: Vegan WeekOct-09-2018104 months
9x6: Pastry WeekOct-02-2018174 months
9x5: Spice WeekSep-25-201874 months
9x4: Dessert WeekSep-18-2018193 months
9x3: Bread WeekSep-11-2018164 months
9x2: Cake WeekSep-04-201884 months
9x1: Biscuit WeekAug-28-201894 months
88x10: The FinalOct-31-201784 months
8x9: Patisserie Week - Semi-FinalOct-24-201702 years
8x8: Forgotten Bakes WeekOct-17-201742 years
8x7: Italian WeekOct-10-201724 months
8x6: Pastry WeekOct-03-201702 years
8x5: Pudding WeekSep-26-201702 years
8x4: Caramel WeekSep-19-201732 years
8x3: Bread WeekSep-12-201702 years
8x2: Biscuit WeekSep-05-201732 years
8x1: Cake WeekAug-29-201732 years
77x12: 2016 Christmas Specials: Episode 2 of 2Dec-26-201603 years
7x11: Class of 2015Oct-27-201603 years
7x10: The FinalOct-26-201603 years
7x9: Patisserie WeekOct-19-201603 years
7x8: Tudor WeekOct-12-201603 years
7x7: Dessert WeekOct-05-201623 years
7x6: Botanical WeekSep-28-201623 years
7x5: Pastry WeekSep-21-201603 years
7x4: Batter WeekSep-14-201623 years
7x3: Bread WeekSep-07-201603 years
7x2: Biscuit WeekAug-31-201633 years
7x1: Cake WeekAug-24-201634 years
66x15: Christmas MasterclassDec-17-201503 years
6x14: Masterclass 4Oct-23-201504 years
6x13: Masterclass 3Oct-19-201504 years
6x12: Masterclass 2Oct-16-201504 years
6x11: Masterclass 1Oct-12-201504 years
6x10: The FinalOct-07-201504 years
6x9: ChocolateSep-30-201504 years
6x8: PatisserieSep-23-201504 years
6x7: VictorianSep-16-201504 years
6x6: PastrySep-09-201504 years
6x5: Alternative IngredientsSep-02-201504 years
6x4: DessertsAug-26-201504 years
6x3: BreadAug-19-201525 years
6x2: BiscuitsAug-12-201505 years
6x1: CakeAug-05-201505 years
55x16: Dec-16-201404 years
5x15: Oct-16-201404 years
5x14: Oct-12-201405 years
5x13: Oct-16-201425 years
5x12: Oct-10-201425 years
5x11: Oct-09-201405 years
5x10: The FinalOct-08-201425 years
5x9: Semi-Final - PatisserieOct-01-201454 months
5x8: Advanced DoughSep-24-201405 years
5x7: PastrySep-17-201435 years
5x6: European CakesSep-10-201425 years
5x5: Pies and TartsSep-03-201425 years
5x4: DessertsAug-27-201405 years
5x3: BreadAug-20-201436 years
5x2: BiscuitsAug-13-201416 years
5x1: CakeAug-06-201436 years
44x15: Dec-17-201306 years
4x14: Nov-01-201306 years
4x13: Oct-31-201306 years
4x12: Oct-30-201306 years
4x11: Oct-29-201326 years
4x10: The FinalOct-22-201316 years
4x9: French WeekOct-15-201316 years
4x8: Unconventional Flours and Unusual DessertsOct-08-201326 years
4x7: PastryOct-01-201316 years
4x6: Sweet DoughSep-24-201354 months
4x5: Biscuits and TraybakesSep-17-201344 months
4x4: Pies and TartsSep-10-201334 months
4x3: DessertsSep-03-201326 years
4x2: BreadAug-27-201317 years
4x1: CakeAug-20-201334 months
33x14: Mar-26-201306 years
3x13: Dec-18-201206 years
3x12: Oct-23-201207 years
3x11: Oct-22-201207 years
3x10: The FinalOct-16-201207 years
3x9: PatisserieOct-09-201207 years
3x8: BiscuitsOct-02-201207 years
3x7: Sweet DoughSep-25-201207 years
3x6: PuddingsSep-18-201207 years
3x5: PiesSep-11-201207 years
3x4: DessertsSep-04-201208 years
3x3: TartsAug-28-201217 years
3x2: BreadAug-21-201228 years
3x1: CakesAug-14-201208 years
22x11: Oct-20-201106 years
2x10: Oct-13-201106 years
2x9: Oct-06-201106 years
2x8: Final - Street PartyOct-04-201124 months
2x7: Semi-FinalSep-27-201106 years
2x6: DessertsSep-20-201124 months
2x5: PiesSep-13-201124 months
2x4: BiscuitsSep-06-201124 months
2x3: BreadAug-30-201124 months
2x2: PastriesAug-23-201106 years
2x1: CakeAug-16-201106 years
11x6: Tea PartySep-21-201024 months
1x5: PastrySep-14-201024 months
1x4: PuddingsSep-07-201024 months
1x3: BreadAug-31-201024 months
1x2: BiscuitsAug-24-201003 years
1x1: CakeAug-17-201024 months
00x53: The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 2019 Episode 5Apr-02-201906 months
0x52: The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 2019 Episode 4Mar-26-201906 months
0x51: The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 2019 Episode 3Mar-19-201906 months
0x50: The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 2019 Episode 2Mar-12-201906 months
0x49: TBAMar-05-2019012 months
0x48: TBAJan-01-201901 year
0x47: TBAAug-28-201801 year
0x46: The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 5Apr-03-201801 year
0x45: The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 4Mar-27-201801 year
0x44: The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 3Mar-20-201801 year
0x43: The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 2Mar-13-201801 year
0x42: The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 1Mar-06-201801 year
0x41: Class of 2014Oct-04-201501 year
0x40: The Great Festive Bake OffJan-01-201801 year
0x39: The Great Christmas Bake OffDec-25-201701 year
0x38: 2016 Christmas Special 2Dec-26-201601 year
0x37: 2016 Christmas Special 1Dec-25-201601 year
0x36: The Great Sport Relief Bake Off Episode 4Feb-24-201601 year
0x35: The Great Sport Relief Bake Off Episode 3Feb-17-201601 year
0x34: The Great Sport Relief Bake Off Episode 2Feb-03-201601 year
0x33: The Great Sport Relief Bake Off Episode 1Jan-27-201601 year
0x32: Season 6 - Christmas MasterclassDec-17-201501 year
0x31: Season 6 - Masterclass 4Oct-23-201501 year
0x30: Season 6 - Masterclass 3Oct-19-201501 year
0x29: Season 6 - Masterclass 2Oct-16-201501 year
0x28: Season 6 - Masterclass 1Oct-12-201501 year
0x27: Mar-13-201504 years
0x26: Mar-04-201504 years
0x25: Feb-25-201504 years
0x24: Feb-18-201504 years
0x23: Feb-11-201504 years
0x22: Dec-16-201404 years
0x21: Apr-20-201104 years
0x20: Jan-16-201404 years
0x19: Jan-15-201404 years
0x18: Jan-14-201404 years
0x17: Jan-13-201404 years
0x16: Dec-17-201304 years
0x15: Mar-26-201304 years
0x14: Jan-24-201304 years
0x13: Jan-23-201304 years
0x12: Jan-22-201304 years
0x11: Jan-21-201304 years
0x10: Dec-18-201204 years
0x9: Jan-13-201204 years
0x8: Jan-12-201204 years
0x7: Jan-11-201204 years
0x6: Jan-10-201204 years
0x5: Sep-14-201004 years
0x4: Sep-07-201004 years
0x3: Aug-31-201004 years
0x2: Aug-24-201004 years
0x1: Aug-17-201004 years

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