The Block AU

The Block is an Australian reality television show broadcast on the Nine Network. The show sees four couples compete against each other to renovate a home in an apartment block and sell it at auction for the highest price. “The Block” returns for 2011 in the new location of Melbourne. This year it’s five nights a week, hosted by reno veteran Scott Cam. Eight couples turn up to compete in a fierce elimination challenge that will see the final four move into this year’s Block – four dilapidated worker’s cottages.

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Genre: Reality, Game

Release Date: May 2003 (AU)

Status: Running

Network: Nine (AU) (Official Website)


Most recent episode: The Block AU Season 15 Episode 57 - Auction ( 11/10/2019 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1557AuctionNov-10-201932 years
56Open For InspectionsNov-06-201922 years
55Front Garden RevealNov-05-201932 years
54Episode 54Nov-04-201912 years
53Roof Terrace and Garage RevealNov-03-201952 years
52Episode 52Oct-30-201942 years
51Episode 51Oct-29-201932 years
50Episode 50Oct-28-201932 years
49Studio/Media and Hallways RevealOct-27-201942 years
48Episode 48Oct-23-201932 years
47Episode 47Oct-22-201932 years
46Episode 46Oct-21-201922 years
45Double Verandah RevealOct-20-201922 years
44Episode 44Oct-16-201942 years
43Episode 43Oct-15-201932 years
42Episode 42Oct-14-201932 years
41Studio RevealOct-13-201922 years
40Episode 40Oct-10-201922 years
39Episode 39Oct-09-201912 years
38Episode 38Oct-08-201932 years
37Courtyard RevealOct-07-201942 years
36Episode 36Oct-02-201922 years
35Episode 35Oct-01-201912 years
34Episode 34Sep-30-201912 years
33Living & Dining Room RevealSep-29-201922 years
32Episode 32Sep-25-201942 years
31Episode 31Sep-24-201932 years
30Episode 30Sep-23-201922 years
29Kitchen ReveallSep-22-201932 years
28Episode 28Sep-18-201932 years
27Episode 27Sep-17-201922 years
26Episode 26Sep-16-201922 years
25Ensuite RevealSep-15-201912 years
24Episode 24Sep-11-201922 years
23Episode 23Sep-10-201942 years
22Episode 22Sep-09-201962 years
212nd Guest Bedroom RevealSep-08-201932 years
20Episode 20Sep-04-201942 years
19Episode 19Sep-03-201922 years
18Episode 18Sep-02-201902 years
17TBASep-01-201912 years
16Episode 16Aug-28-201952 years
15Episode 15Aug-27-201932 years
14Episode 14Aug-26-201922 years
13Master Bedrooms & Walk in Wardrobes RevealAug-25-201942 years
12Episode 12Aug-21-201902 years
11Episode 11Aug-20-201932 years
10Episode 10Aug-19-201922 years
9Formal Living Room RevealAug-18-201922 years
8Episode 8Aug-14-201932 years
7Episode 7Aug-13-201942 years
6Episode 6Aug-12-201922 years
5Ensuite Bathroom RevealAug-11-201932 years
4Episode 4Aug-07-201922 years
3Episode 3Aug-06-201932 years
2Episode 2Aug-05-201932 years
1Welcome to The OsloAug-04-201942 years
1447AuctionOct-28-201803 years
46Open For InspectionsOct-22-201802 years
45Final Challenge Apartment Room RevealsOct-21-201803 years
44Final Challenge Apartment WeekOct-17-201803 years
43Final Challenge Apartment WeekOct-16-201803 years
42Final Challenge Apartment WeekOct-15-201803 years
41Challenge Apartment Week One RevealOct-14-201802 years
40Challenge Apartment Week OneOct-10-201802 years
39Challenge Apartment Week OneOct-09-201802 years
38Challenge Apartment Week OneOct-08-201802 years
37Terrace RevealOct-07-201802 years
36Volkswagen ChallengeOct-04-201802 years
35Terrace WeekOct-03-201802 years
34Terrace WeekOct-02-201802 years
33Guest Bed Room RevealOct-01-201802 years
32Guest Bed and Re-do Room WeekSep-26-201802 years
31Suncorp ChallengeSep-25-201802 years
30Guest Bed and Re-do Room WeekSep-24-201802 years
29Hallway, Laundry and Powder Room RevealSep-23-201802 years
28Hallway, Laundry and Powder Room WeekSep-19-201802 years
27Hallway, Laundry and Powder Room WeekSep-18-201802 years
26Hallway, Laundry and Powder Room WeekSep-17-201802 years
25Kitchen RevealSep-16-201802 years
24Kitchen WeekSep-12-201802 years
23Steel Sculpture ChallengeSep-11-201802 years
22Kitchen WeekSep-10-201802 years
21Living & Dining RevealSep-09-201802 years
20Ronald McDonald House ChallengeSep-05-201802 years
19Living & Dining WeekSep-04-201802 years
18Living & Dining WeekSep-03-201802 years
17Master Bedroom and Walk in Robe RevealSep-02-201802 years
16Master Bedroom and Walk in RobeAug-29-201802 years
15Caravan ChallengeAug-28-201802 years
14Master Bedroom and Walk in RobeAug-27-201802 years
13Master Ensuite RevealAug-26-201802 years
12Master EnsuiteAug-22-201802 years
11Kids Undercover ChallengeAug-21-201802 years
10Master EnsuiteAug-20-201802 years
9Guest Bedroom RevealsAug-19-201802 years
8Guest Bedroom WeekAug-15-201802 years
7Style to Sell ChallengeAug-14-201802 years
6Guest Bedroom WeekAug-13-201802 years
5Bathroom RevealsAug-12-201802 years
4Bathroom WeekAug-08-201802 years
3Bathroom WeekAug-07-201802 years
248-Hour ChallengeAug-06-201802 years
1Welcome to The Gatwick!Aug-05-201802 years
1352AuctionsOct-29-201702 years
51The Teams at Home and Public Open for InspectionsOct-24-201702 years
50The Best of The Block - Pimp My Pad BlockOct-23-201702 years
49Front Garden JudgingOct-22-201702 years
48Front Garden ContinuesOct-18-201702 years
47Front Garden Continues and Teams Work on Their Defects ListOct-17-201702 years
46Front Garden CommencesOct-16-201702 years
45Studio and Garage JudgingOct-15-201702 years
44Studios and Garages continue and Final Walk AroundOct-11-201702 years
43Studios and Garages ContinueOct-10-201702 years
42Studio and Garage Week CommencesOct-09-201702 years
41Backyards JudgingOct-08-201702 years
40Backyards and Scott and Shelley Walk AroundsOct-05-201702 years
39Backyards ContinueOct-04-201702 years
38Backyard Week CommencesOct-03-201702 years
37Guest Bedroom JudgingOct-02-201702 years
36Guest Bedroom ContinuesSep-27-201702 years
35Guest Bedroom and ChallengeSep-26-201702 years
34Guest Bedroom CommencesSep-25-201702 years
33Hall and Laundry JudgingSep-24-201702 years
32Hall, Laundry and Challenge ContinuesSep-20-201702 years
31Hall, Laundry and ChallengeSep-19-201702 years
30Hall and Laundry CommenceSep-18-201702 years
29Kitchen JudgingSep-17-201702 years
28Kitchens and Challenge continuesSep-13-201702 years
27Kitchens and ChallengeSep-12-201702 years
26Kitchens CommenceSep-11-201702 years
25Master Suite JudgingSep-10-201702 years
24Master Suite ContinuesSep-06-201702 years
23Master Suite and ChallengeSep-05-201702 years
22Master Suite CommencesSep-04-201702 years
21Living and Dining JudgingSep-03-201702 years
20Living and Dining and ChallengeAug-30-201702 years
19Living and Dining ContinuesAug-29-201702 years
18Living and Dining CommencesAug-28-201702 years
17Anything But a Bedroom JudgingAug-27-201702 years
16Anything But a Bedroom and ChallengeAug-23-201702 years
15Anything But a Bedroom ContinuesAug-22-201702 years
14Anything But a Bedroom BeginsAug-21-201702 years
13Kids Bedroom JudgingAug-20-201702 years
12Kids Bedroom and Walk AroundsAug-16-201702 years
11Kids Bedroom Continues and ChallengeAug-15-201702 years
10Kids Bedroom BeginsAug-14-201702 years
9Guest Bedroom JudgingAug-13-201702 years
8Guest Bedroom Takes its TollAug-09-201702 years
7Guest Bedroom ContinuesAug-08-201702 years
6Guest Bedroom BeginsAug-07-201702 years
5Bathroom RevealsAug-06-201702 years
4Bathroom Week (2)Aug-02-201702 years
3Bathroom Week (1)Aug-01-201702 years
248-Hour Challenge (2)Jul-31-201702 years
148-Hour Challenge (1)Jul-30-201702 years
1246Grand Final Auctions & Winner AnnouncedNov-13-201602 years
45Party TimeNov-08-201602 years
44Final Challenge Rooms RevealedNov-07-201602 years
43Birthday BashNov-02-201602 years
42Budget Blues and Budget WinsNov-01-201602 years
41Final Week BeginsOct-31-201602 years
40Challenge Apartment Rooms RevealedOct-30-201602 years
39Challenge Episode Takes ShapeOct-26-201602 years
38Renovating Roller CoasterOct-25-201602 years
37The Final Challenge BeginsOct-24-201602 years
36Terraces RevealedOct-23-201602 years
35Brendan Fevola Cooking ChallengeOct-19-201602 years
34Budget BluesOct-18-201602 years
33Terrace and Redo RoomsOct-17-201602 years
32Kitchens RevealedOct-16-201602 years
31Kitchen Week ChaosOct-12-201602 years
30Challenge DayOct-11-201602 years
29Kitchen Week BeginsOct-10-201602 years
28Hallways, Laundries and Powder Rooms RevealedOct-09-201602 years
27Mid Week MayhemOct-06-201602 years
26Tassie Road Trip ChallengeOct-05-201602 years
25Hallway, Laundry and Powder RoomsOct-04-201602 years
24Master Bedrooms RevealedOct-03-201602 years
23Budget BluesSep-28-201602 years
22Bubbles ChallengeSep-27-201602 years
21Master Bedroom Week BeginsSep-26-201602 years
20Living and Dining Rooms RevealedSep-25-201602 years
19Mid Week BluesSep-21-201602 years
18$10,000 ChallengeSep-20-201602 years
17Living and Dining Week BeginsSep-19-201602 years
162nd Guest Bedrooms RevealedSep-18-201612 years
15Flooring DisasterSep-14-201602 years
14Restoration and Repurposing ChallengeSep-13-201602 years
132nd Guest Bedroom WeekSep-12-201602 years
12Main Bathrooms RevealedSep-11-201602 years
11The Roof Top Garden ChallengeSep-07-201602 years
10Main Bathrooms ContinueSep-06-201602 years
9The Art of Art DecoSep-05-201602 years
81st Guest Bedrooms RevealedSep-04-201602 years
7Budget BlowoutsAug-31-201602 years
61st Guest Bedrooms ContinueAug-30-201602 years
5Demolition and DesignAug-29-201602 years
4Master Bathrooms RevealedAug-28-201602 years
3Battle of the Master BathroomsAug-23-201602 years
2The Vault is OpenedAug-22-201602 years
1The Biggest Block BeginsAug-21-201602 years
1147Blocktagon Auction DayNov-25-201502 years
46Open For InspectionNov-24-201502 years
45Final Rooms RevealedNov-23-201502 years
44Team Work Proves DifficultNov-22-201502 years
43Go Karting and Paint PartyingNov-18-201502 years
42The Final Rooms BeginNov-17-201502 years
41Challenge Apartment RevealNov-16-201502 years
40Surprise Not to MissNov-11-201502 years
39Battle Of The BuildersNov-10-201502 years
38One Apartment Five CouplesNov-09-201502 years
37Terraces And Re-Do Rooms RevealedNov-08-201502 years
36Budget Woes and Break-UpsNov-04-201502 years
35Terraces and Re-do RoomsNov-03-201502 years
34Terraces and TantrumsNov-02-201502 years
33Dining Room and Foyer RevealNov-01-201502 years
32Budget Highs and LowsOct-28-201502 years
31$10,000 ChallengeOct-27-201502 years
30Dining Room and Foyer Week BeginsOct-26-201502 years
29Kitchens CompletedOct-25-201502 years
28Supermarket Rush ChallengeOct-21-201502 years
27Suzi and Vonni Lag BehindOct-20-201502 years
26 Kitchen Week BeginsOct-19-201502 years
25Living Room RevealOct-18-201502 years
24Challenge DayOct-14-201502 years
23Budget Blues and BonusesOct-13-201502 years
22Scotty's Shock AnnouncementOct-12-201502 years
21Triple Room Reveal Oct-11-201502 years
20Coffee Challenge With Colin and JustinOct-08-201502 years
19Blocktagon BluesOct-07-201502 years
18Triple Room RenoOct-06-201502 years
17Bedroom and Ensuite RevealOct-05-201502 years
16Shelley And Scotty's Mid Week VisitSep-30-201502 years
15Budget Blow OutsSep-29-201502 years
14Neale And Darren Host BrunchSep-28-201502 years
13Master Bedrooms RevealedSep-27-201502 years
12Designer Bed Head ChallengeSep-23-201502 years
11Life Lessons On A Building SiteSep-22-201502 years
10Master Bedroom Week BeginsSep-21-201502 years
9Guest Bedrooms & Ensuite RevealSep-20-201502 years
8Who Said It Was Tacky?Sep-16-201502 years
7Game Plays On The BlockSep-15-201502 years
6Bedroom BeginsSep-14-201502 years
5Master Ensuite Room RevealSep-13-201502 years
4The Truth Comes OutSep-09-201502 years
3Bathroom Ideas A PlentySep-08-201502 years
10103Final Rooms RevealedNov-23-201502 years
102Team Work Proves DifficultNov-22-201502 years
101Go Karting and Paint PartyingNov-18-201502 years
100The Final Rooms BeginNov-17-201502 years
99Challenge Apartment RevealNov-16-201502 years
98Surprise Not to MissNov-11-201502 years
97Battle of the BuildersNov-10-201502 years
96One Apartment Five CouplesNov-09-201502 years
95Terraces and Redo RevealedNov-08-201502 years
94Budget Woes and Break-upsNov-04-201502 years
93Terraces and Re-do RoomsNov-03-201502 years
92Terraces and TantrumsNov-02-201502 years
91Dining Rooms and Foyers RevealedNov-01-201502 years
90Budget Highs and LowsOct-28-201502 years
89$10,000 ChallengeOct-27-201502 years
88Dining Room and Foyer Week BeginsOct-26-201502 years
87Kitchens CompletedOct-25-201502 years
86Supermarket Rush ChallengeOct-21-201502 years
85Suzi & Vonni Lag BehindOct-20-201502 years
84Kitchen Week BeginsOct-19-201502 years
83Living Room RevealOct-18-201502 years
82Challenge DayOct-14-201502 years
81Budget Blues and BonusesOct-13-201502 years
80Scotty's Shock AnnouncementOct-12-201502 years
79Triple Room RevealOct-11-201502 years
78Coffee Challenge With Colin and JustinOct-08-201502 years
77Blocktagon BluesOct-07-201502 years
76Triple Room RenoOct-06-201502 years
75Bedroom and Ensuite RevealOct-05-201502 years
74Shelley and Scotty's Mid Week VisitSep-30-201502 years
73Budget Blow OutsSep-29-201502 years
72Neale and Darren Host BrunchSep-28-201502 years
71Master Bedrooms RevealedSep-27-201502 years
70Designer Bed Head ChallengeSep-23-201502 years
69Life Lessons on a Building SiteSep-22-201502 years
68Master Bedroom Week BeginsSep-21-201502 years
67Guest Bedrooms & Ensuite RevealSep-20-201502 years
66Who Said It Was Tacky?Sep-16-201502 years
65Game Plays on The BlockSep-15-201502 years
64Bedroom BeginsSep-14-201502 years
63Master Ensuite Room RevealSep-13-201502 years
62The Truth Comes OutSep-09-201502 years
61Bathroom Ideas a PlentySep-08-201502 years
60Who Gets the Penthouse?Sep-07-201502 years
59Let's Begin!Sep-06-201502 years
58The AuctionApr-29-201502 years
57The Last ChanceApr-28-201502 years
56The Final ChallengeApr-27-201502 years
55Terraces RevealedApr-26-201502 years
54The Budget BlowoutApr-22-201502 years
53Terraces Take ShapeApr-21-201502 years
52Terrace Week BeginsApr-20-201502 years
51Staircase JudgingApr-19-201502 years
50Kitchen Capers ChallengeApr-15-201502 years
49Triple Threat RadioApr-14-201502 years
48Study and StairsApr-13-201502 years
47Kitchens RevealedApr-12-201502 years
46Challenge DayApr-07-201502 years
45Kitchen Week ContinuesApr-06-201502 years
44Kitchen Week BeginsApr-05-201502 years
43The Block Triple Threat SpecialApr-04-201502 years
42Master Bedroom RevealMar-30-201502 years
41The Block Open House 7: Ensuites ReviewMar-25-201502 years
40The Wine AuditMar-25-201502 years
39Style to Sell ChallengeMar-24-201502 years
38Master Bedrooms BeginMar-23-201502 years
37Ensuites RevealedMar-22-201502 years
36The Block Open House 6: Living & Dining ReviewMar-19-201502 years
35Ensuite Week ContinuesMar-18-201502 years
34Face Value ChallengeMar-17-201502 years
33Shaynna Mentors DeaMar-16-201502 years
32Living and Dining Rooms RevealedMar-15-201502 years
31The Block Open House 5: Powder Room, Laundry and Cellar ReviewMar-12-201502 years
30Living and Dining Rooms Take ShapeMar-12-201502 years
29Model Tenants ChallengeMar-11-201502 years
28Buyers JuryMar-10-201502 years
27Powder Room, Laundry and Cellar RevealMar-09-201502 years
26The Block Open House 4: Bedroom 2 ReviewMar-07-201502 years
25Three Room RealityMar-04-201502 years
24Make A Wish ChallengeMar-03-201502 years
16The Block UnlockedFeb-19-201502 years
15Bathroom Week ContinuesFeb-18-201502 years
14The Rug Rat ChallengeFeb-17-201502 years
13Bathroom Week BeginsFeb-16-201502 years
12Bedrooms are RevealedFeb-15-201502 years
11The Block Open HouseFeb-12-201502 years
10Demolition and DesignFeb-11-201502 years
9Let the Renovating BeginFeb-10-201502 years
8The Triple Threat ArrivesFeb-09-201502 years
7Meet Our New Blockheads!Feb-05-201502 years
6Bathrooms in 72 hours!Feb-04-201502 years
5The Final Elimination Round BeginsFeb-03-201502 years
4Who's the Next to Go?Feb-02-201502 years
3Elimination Challenge TwoFeb-01-201502 years
2Elimination Number OneJan-28-201502 years
1Welcome to The Block!Jan-27-201502 years
9123The Block's Matt and Kim to the RescueDec-21-201402 years
122The AuctionOct-12-201402 years
121The Block UnlockedOct-10-201402 years
120Episode 59Oct-09-201402 years
119Episode 58Oct-08-201402 years
118Episode 57Oct-07-201402 years
117Apartment 6 RevealedOct-06-201402 years
100Living and Dining Room RevealedSep-14-201402 years
99The Block AuditSep-11-201402 years
98Australian Made ChallengeSep-10-201402 years
97Living and Dining on a BudgetSep-09-201402 years
96The Jury VotesSep-08-201402 years
95Kitchen RevealSep-07-201402 years
94AuditSep-03-201402 years
93Kitchens ContinueSep-03-201402 years
92Block Pop Up ShopSep-02-201402 years
91The Buyers VoteSep-01-201402 years
90The Block UnlockedAug-29-201402 years
89Staircases and LaundriesAug-27-201402 years
88The Best Challenge EverAug-27-201402 years
87Pop Up Shop is RevealedAug-26-201402 years
86The Block Jury VotesAug-25-201402 years
85Master Bedrooms RevealedAug-24-201402 years
84Block UnlockedAug-21-201402 years
83In TroubleAug-20-201402 years
82Taking ShapeAug-20-201402 years
81Take Down the WallsAug-19-201402 years
80Jury With a DifferenceAug-18-201402 years
79Bedroom and Study Room RevealAug-17-201402 years
78Block UnlockedAug-16-201402 years
77Pop Up Shop PoliticsAug-13-201402 years
76Pop Up Shop ChallengeAug-13-201402 years
75Secret Rooms and Building DelaysAug-12-201402 years
74The Jury VotesAug-11-201402 years
73Main Bathroom RevealAug-10-201402 years
72Block UnlockedAug-09-201402 years
71Problem After ProblemAug-07-201402 years
70Challenge Day - Love Thy NeighbourAug-06-201402 years
69Safety FirstAug-05-201402 years
68Scotty's Game ChangerAug-04-201402 years
67Guest Bedrooms RevealedAug-03-201402 years
66Block UnlockedJul-31-201402 years
65Building DelaysJul-30-201402 years
64Settle the ScoreJul-29-201402 years
63First Room BeginsJul-28-201402 years
62Welcome to The Block!Dec-21-201402 years
61Season 8 Finale: The Block AuctionOct-12-201412 years
60Open for InspectionsOct-10-201412 years
59The Final JudgmentOct-09-201402 years
58The InteriorsOct-08-201402 years
57The Block UnlockedOct-07-201402 years
56Two House Challenge ContinuesOct-06-201402 years
55The First PointsOct-03-201412 years
54Bedroom BlitzOct-02-201412 years
53Terrace Winner RevealedOct-01-201412 years
52Terrace Room RevealSep-30-201422 years
51Fans v Faves UnlockedSep-29-201402 years
50The Last DaySep-28-201412 years
49Beach Volleyball TournamentSep-27-201412 years
48The Heat Is OnSep-25-201412 years
47Time to Finish The BlockSep-24-201412 years
46Master Bed & Ensuite Room RevealSep-23-201402 years
45Fans v Faves UnlockedSep-22-201402 years
44Silly Pranks and Short TempersSep-21-201402 years
43Lighthouse Foundation ChallengeSep-18-201402 years
42Comedy NightSep-17-201402 years
41Winners Aren't Always GrinnersSep-16-201402 years
40Living & Dining Room RevealSep-15-201402 years
39Fans v Faves UnlockedSep-14-201402 years
38The Block's Best Kept SecretSep-11-201402 years
37Phil and Amity ReturnSep-10-201402 years
36The Block Under AttackSep-09-201402 years
35The Ground FloorSep-08-201402 years
34Kitchen Room RevealSep-07-201402 years
33Fans v Faves UnlockedSep-03-201402 years
32The Heart of the HomeSep-03-201402 years
31Shelley's Wallpaper ChallengeSep-02-201402 years
30Budget BluesSep-01-201402 years
29Kitchen Week BeginsAug-29-201402 years
28Main Bathroom Room RevealAug-27-201402 years
27Second Bedroom / Pool Area UnlockedAug-27-201402 years
26Keith in the MiddleAug-26-201402 years
25A Block Wedding & The Hotel Art ChallengeAug-25-201402 years
24Pool RevealAug-24-201402 years
23The Forgotten PoolAug-21-201402 years
22Bedroom Two Room RevealAug-20-201402 years
21Fans v Faves UnlockedAug-20-201402 years
20Wall WarsAug-19-201402 years
19The Mark Tuckey ChallengeAug-18-201402 years
18The Morning AfterAug-17-201402 years
17Darren Palmer Master ClassAug-16-201402 years
16Guest Bathroom Room RevealAug-13-201402 years
15Fans v Faves UnlockedAug-13-201402 years
14Sleepy Steve and ChantelleAug-12-201402 years
13Square Metre House ChallengeAug-11-201407 years
12Bathroom DisastersAug-10-201407 years
11Triple Room WeekAug-09-201402 years
10Guest Bedroom Room RevealAug-07-201407 years
9Fans v Faves UnlockedAug-06-201407 years
8Scott and Shelley Walk Around The BlockAug-05-201407 years
7Challenge: Christopher BootsAug-04-201407 years
6Super LukeAug-03-201407 years
5Move In, Camp OutJul-31-201407 years
4Apartment ChallengeJul-30-201407 years
3Fans Meet FavesJul-29-201407 years
2Elimination (2)Jul-28-201407 years
1Elimination (1)Jul-27-201407 years
861[no episode title yet]Apr-09-201408 years
60[no episode title yet]Apr-08-201408 years
59[no episode title yet]Apr-07-201407 years
58[no episode title yet]Apr-06-201418 years
57[no episode title yet]Apr-05-201408 years
56[no episode title yet]Apr-03-201408 years
55[no episode title yet]Apr-02-201408 years
54[no episode title yet]Apr-01-201408 years
53[no episode title yet]Mar-31-201408 years
52[no episode title yet]Mar-30-201408 years
51[no episode title yet]Mar-29-201408 years
50[no episode title yet]Mar-27-201407 years
49[no episode title yet]Mar-26-201408 years
48[no episode title yet]Mar-25-201407 years
47[no episode title yet]Mar-24-201408 years
46[no episode title yet]Mar-23-201408 years
45[no episode title yet]Mar-22-201408 years
44[no episode title yet]Mar-20-201408 years
43[no episode title yet]Mar-19-201408 years
42[no episode title yet]Mar-18-201408 years
41[no episode title yet]Mar-17-201408 years
40[no episode title yet]Mar-16-201408 years
39[no episode title yet]Mar-15-201407 years
38[no episode title yet]Mar-13-201408 years
37[no episode title yet]Mar-12-201407 years
36[no episode title yet]Mar-11-201407 years
35[no episode title yet]Mar-10-201407 years
34[no episode title yet]Mar-09-201408 years
33[no episode title yet]Mar-08-201408 years
32[no episode title yet]Mar-05-201408 years
31[no episode title yet]Mar-04-201408 years
30[no episode title yet]Mar-04-201408 years
29[no episode title yet]Mar-03-201408 years
28[no episode title yet]Mar-02-201408 years
27[no episode title yet]Feb-27-201408 years
26[no episode title yet]Feb-27-201408 years
25[no episode title yet]Feb-26-201408 years
24[no episode title yet]Feb-25-201408 years
23[no episode title yet]Feb-24-201408 years
22[no episode title yet]Feb-23-201408 years
21[no episode title yet]Feb-20-201408 years
20[no episode title yet]Feb-20-201408 years
19[no episode title yet]Feb-19-201407 years
18[no episode title yet]Feb-18-201407 years
17[no episode title yet]Feb-17-201408 years
16[no episode title yet]Feb-16-201408 years
8,15[no episode title yet]Feb-13-201408 years
14[no episode title yet]Feb-13-201408 years
813[no episode title yet]Feb-12-201407 years
12[no episode title yet]Feb-11-201407 years
11[no episode title yet]Feb-10-201407 years
10[no episode title yet]Feb-09-201408 years
9[no episode title yet]Feb-06-201408 years
8[no episode title yet]Feb-06-201408 years
7[no episode title yet]Feb-05-201408 years
6[no episode title yet]Feb-04-201408 years
5[no episode title yet]Feb-03-201408 years
4[no episode title yet]Feb-02-201408 years
3[no episode title yet]Jan-30-201407 years
2[no episode title yet]Jan-28-201407 years
1[no episode title yet]Jan-27-201407 years
768[no episode title yet]Aug-04-201308 years
67Season 7 FinaleJul-28-201308 years
66The Block UnlockedJul-25-201318 years
65The Final Scores are InJul-25-201318 years
64Johno Goes Sky HighJul-24-201318 years
63Keith the Problem Solver ForemanJul-23-201318 years
62The Final Week BeginsJul-22-201318 years
61Game Changing PrizesJul-21-201318 years
60The Block UnlockedJul-18-201318 years
59Keith's Soft SideJul-18-201318 years
58Real Estate ChallengeJul-17-201308 years
57Fighting With the ForemanJul-16-201318 years
56Back to RenovatingJul-15-201318 years
55Family TimeJul-14-201308 years
54The Block UnlockedJul-11-201308 years
53Matt, the ForemanJul-11-201308 years
52Reality Rooftop and Entrance Foyer UpdateJul-10-201318 years
51Reality Rooftop and Entrance FoyerJul-09-201318 years
50Team Work TogetherJul-08-201318 years
49Terrace and Re-Do Room RevealJul-07-201308 years
48The Block UnlockedJul-04-201308 years
47TerracesJul-04-201308 years
46Reality Hump DayJul-03-201308 years
45Myer Window ChallengeJul-02-201308 years
44The Last Room of the Apartment: The Terrace BeginsJul-01-201308 years
43Room Reveal - Foyer and LaundryJun-30-201308 years
42The Block UnlockedJun-28-201308 years
41Foyers and LaundriesJun-27-201308 years
40The Blockinator Break OutJun-26-201308 years
39Challenge Day - Billy Cart BanditsJun-25-201308 years
38Living and Dining Room Winner AnnouncedJun-24-201308 years
37Room RevealJun-23-201308 years
36The Block UnlockedJun-20-201308 years
35Living and Dining RoomsJun-20-201308 years
34Living RoomsJun-19-201308 years
33The Halfway MarkJun-18-201308 years
32Living and Dining Room Demolition BeginsJun-17-201308 years
31Kitchen RevealJun-16-201308 years
30The Block UnlockedJun-13-201308 years
29Kitchen Week ControversyJun-13-201308 years
28The Candle Scandal ContinuesJun-12-201308 years
27Challenges and CheatsJun-11-201308 years
26Open for InspectionsJun-10-201308 years
25Guest Bedroom and Ensuite Room RevealJun-09-201308 years
24The Block UnlockedJun-06-201308 years
23Baby Brain Challenge and Madi vs MattJun-06-201308 years
22The Return of Number 3Jun-05-201308 years
21Bedhead Bedlam BeginsJun-04-201309 years
20Return to The BlockJun-03-201309 years
19Master Bedroom and Dressing Room RevealJun-02-201309 years
18The Block UnlockedMay-30-201309 years
17Master Bedroom and Dressing RoomMay-30-201309 years
16Shelley ChallengeMay-29-201309 years
15A BirthdayMay-28-201309 years
14Teams Team UpMay-27-201309 years
13His and Hers Ensuites Room RevealMay-26-201309 years
12The Block UnlockedMay-23-201307 years
11Paint Roller WarsMay-23-201309 years
10Tough Mudder ChallengeMay-22-201309 years
9Leaks, Lies and Secret WeaponsMay-21-201309 years
8Steam RoomsMay-20-201309 years
7Room RevealMay-19-201309 years
6The Block UnlockedMay-16-201309 years
5Shelley's First ChallengeMay-16-201309 years
4Reality Sets InMay-15-201309 years
3Room RevealMay-14-201309 years
2First ChallengeMay-13-201309 years
1Meeting the TeamsMay-12-201307 years
639Season 6 FinaleMar-20-201309 years
38Exterior RevealMar-19-201309 years
37Exterior Renovations ContinueMar-18-201309 years
36Living Room RevealMar-17-201309 years
35The Block UnlockedMar-15-201309 years
34Phil's RevengeMar-14-201309 years
33Bondi Sculpture ChallengeMar-13-201309 years
32Dan Strips for CharityMar-12-201309 years
31War on The BlockMar-11-201319 years
30Kitchen RevealMar-10-201309 years
29The Block UnlockedMar-08-201309 years
28Dan UnchainedMar-07-201309 years
27New Arrival on The BlockMar-06-201309 years
26Kitchen Renovations ContinueMar-05-201309 years
25Someone Leaves The BlockMar-04-201319 years
24Triple Room RevealMar-03-201319 years
23The Block UnlockedMar-01-201309 years
22Brad and Lara ReturnFeb-28-201309 years
21The 2nd Safe OpensFeb-28-201309 years
20Go-Karting ChallengeFeb-27-201309 years
19Triple Room Week ContinuesFeb-26-201309 years
18Triple Room Week BeginsFeb-25-201309 years
17Bathroom RevealFeb-24-201309 years
16The Block UnlockedFeb-22-201309 years
15Dani Takes ChargeFeb-22-201309 years
14Hell Week ContinuesFeb-21-201309 years
13The Belle Bathroom ChallengeFeb-20-201309 years
12The Block Olympian ChallengeFeb-19-201309 years
11Bathroom Renovations BeginsFeb-18-201309 years
10Bedroom 2 RevealFeb-17-201307 years
9The Block UnlockedFeb-15-201309 years
8Scott & Shelley Walk Around The BlockFeb-14-201309 years
7Restoration Nation ChallengeFeb-13-201309 years
6Bedroom 2 Renovations ContinueFeb-12-201309 years
5Bedroom 2 Renovations BeginFeb-11-201309 years
4Bedroom 1 RevealFeb-10-201309 years
3The Safe OpensFeb-07-201309 years
2Charity Make-over ChallengeFeb-05-201309 years
1Move into The BlockFeb-04-201309 years
567Season 5 FinaleJul-01-201209 years
66The Block UnlockedJun-29-201209 years
65Day 65Jun-28-201209 years
64Day 64Jun-27-201209 years
63Day 63Jun-26-201209 years
62Shelly Craft's ChallengeJun-25-201209 years
61Room RevealJun-24-201209 years
60The Block UnlockedJun-22-201209 years
59Day 59Jun-21-201209 years
58Scotty's Workshop ChallengeJun-20-201209 years
57Day 57Jun-19-201209 years
56Shelley Craft ChallengeJun-18-201209 years
55Room RevealJun-17-201209 years
54The Block UnlockedJun-15-201209 years
53Day 53Jun-14-201219 years
52Scotty's Workshop ChallengeJun-13-201219 years
51Day 51Jun-12-201219 years
50Shelley Craft ChallengeJun-11-201219 years
49Room RevealJun-10-201219 years
48The Block UnlockedJun-08-201219 years
47Day 47Jun-07-201219 years
46Scotty's Workshop ChallengeJun-06-201219 years
45Day 45Jun-05-2012010 years
44Shelley Craft ChallengeJun-04-2012010 years
43Room RevealJun-03-201208 years
42The Block UnlockedJun-01-2012010 years
41Day 41May-31-2012010 years
40Scotty's Workshop ChallengeMay-30-2012010 years
39Day 39May-29-2012010 years
38Shelley Craft ChallengeMay-28-2012010 years
37Room RevealMay-27-2012010 years
36The Block UnlockedMay-25-2012010 years
35Day 35May-24-2012010 years
34Scotty's Workshop ChallengeMay-23-2012010 years
33Day 33May-22-2012010 years
32Shelley Craft ChallengeMay-21-2012010 years
31Day 31May-20-2012010 years
30The Block UnlockedMay-18-2012010 years
29Day 29May-17-2012010 years
28Scotty's Workshop ChallengeMay-16-2012010 years
27Day 27May-15-2012010 years
26Shelley Craft ChallengeMay-14-2012010 years
25Room RevealMay-13-2012010 years
24The Block UnlockedMay-11-2012010 years
23Day 23May-10-2012010 years
22Day 22May-09-2012010 years
21Day 21May-08-2012010 years
20Day 20May-07-2012010 years
19Room RevealMay-06-2012010 years
18The Block UnlockedMay-04-2012010 years
17Scott & Shelly Walk Around The BlockMay-03-2012010 years
16Scotty's Workshop ChallengeMay-02-2012010 years
15Two-Room Week ContinuesMay-01-2012010 years
14Gold Rush ChallengeApr-30-2012010 years
13Room RevealApr-29-2012010 years
12The Block UnlockedApr-27-2012010 years
11Scott and Shelley Walk Around The BlockApr-27-2012010 years
10Scott's Workshop ChallengeApr-26-2012010 years
9Room 1 Renovations ContinueApr-25-2012010 years
8Shelly Craft's ChallengeApr-24-2012010 years
7Move into The BlockApr-23-2012010 years
6The Block UnlockedApr-20-2012010 years
5House Decider ChallengeApr-20-2012010 years
4Elimination Night (4)Apr-19-2012010 years
3Elimination Night (3)Apr-18-2012010 years
2Elimination Night (2)Apr-17-2012010 years
1Elimination Night (1)Apr-16-2012110 years
452The Block Unlocked 7Aug-28-201102 years
51Season 4 FinaleAug-21-201107 years
50The Block Unlocked (6)Aug-19-201107 years
49Auction Order Challenge (2)Aug-18-201107 years
48Auction Order Challenge (1)Aug-17-201107 years
47Where are They Now?Aug-16-201107 years
46Final Room Delivery ResultsAug-15-201107 years
45Room Delivery Night (7)Aug-14-201107 years
44The Block Unlocked (5)Aug-12-201107 years
43Scotty's Workshop Challenge (7)Aug-11-201107 years
42Day 52Aug-10-201107 years
41Day 51Aug-09-201107 years
40Shelley Craft Challenge (7)Aug-08-201107 years
39Room Delivery Night (6)Aug-07-201107 years
38The Block Unlocked (4)Aug-05-201107 years
37Scotty's Workshop Challenge (6)Aug-04-201107 years
36Day 45Aug-03-201107 years
35Day 44Aug-02-201107 years
34Shelley Craft Challenge (6)Aug-01-201107 years
33Room Delivery Night (5)Jul-31-201107 years
32The Block Unlocked (3)Jul-29-201107 years
31Scotty's Workshop Challenge (5)Jul-28-201107 years
30Day 38Jul-27-201107 years
29Day 37Jul-26-201107 years
28Shelley Craft Challenge (5)Jul-25-201107 years
27Room Delivery Night (4)Jul-24-201107 years
26The Block Unlocked (2)Jul-22-201107 years
25Scotty's Workshop Challenge (4)Jul-21-201107 years
24Day 31Jul-20-201107 years
23Day 30Jul-19-201107 years
22Shelley Craft Challenge (4)Jul-18-201107 years
21Room Delivery Night (3)Jul-17-201107 years
20The Block Unlocked (1)Jul-15-201107 years
19Scotty's Workshop Challenge (3)Jul-14-201107 years
18Day 24Jul-13-201107 years
17Shelley Craft Challenge (3)Jul-12-201107 years
16Room Delivery Night (2)Jul-11-201107 years
15Scotty and Shelley's Progress Report (2)Jul-08-201107 years
14Scotty's Workshop Challenge (2)Jul-07-201107 years
13Day 17Jul-06-201107 years
12Shelley Craft Challenge (2)Jul-05-201107 years
11Room Delivery Night (1)Jul-04-201107 years
10Scotty and Shelley's Progress Report (1)Jul-01-201107 years
9Scotty's Workshop Challenge (1)Jun-30-201107 years
8Day 10Jun-29-201107 years
7Shelley Craft Challenge (1)Jun-28-201107 years
6Moving in to The BlockJun-27-201107 years
5The Key ChallengeJun-24-201107 years
4Elimination Night (4)Jun-23-201107 years
3Elimination Night (3)Jun-22-201107 years
2Elimination Night (2)Jun-21-201107 years
1Elimination Night (1)Jun-20-201107 years
39The FinalNov-24-201007 years
8Kitchen and DiningNov-10-201007 years
7LivingNov-03-201007 years
6Bathroom and LaundryOct-27-201007 years
5Master BedroomOct-20-201007 years
4The EnsuiteOct-13-201007 years
3Guest BedroomOct-06-201007 years
2First BedroomSep-29-201007 years
1Welcome to The Block 2010!Sep-22-201007 years
226Season 2 FinaleJul-25-200407 years
25Episode 25Nov-30-200307 years
24Episode 24Nov-30-200307 years
23Episode 23Nov-30-200307 years
22Episode 22Nov-30-200307 years
21Episode 21Nov-30-200307 years
20Episode 20Nov-30-200307 years
19Episode 19Nov-30-200307 years
18Episode 18Nov-30-200307 years
17Episode 17Nov-30-200307 years
16Episode 16Nov-30-200307 years
15Episode 15Nov-30-200307 years
14Episode 14Nov-30-200307 years
13Episode 13Nov-30-200307 years
12Episode 12Nov-30-200307 years
11Episode 11Nov-30-200307 years
10Episode 10Nov-30-200307 years
9Episode 9Nov-30-200307 years
8Episode 8Nov-30-200307 years
7Episode 7Nov-30-200307 years
6Episode 6Nov-30-200307 years
5Episode 5Nov-30-200307 years
4Episode 4Nov-30-200307 years
3Episode 3Nov-30-200307 years
2Episode 2Nov-30-200307 years
1Episode 1Apr-18-200407 years
115Reno Rumble (Part 3)02 years
14Episode 14 - Moving Out02 years
13Episode 13 - Tears, Tantrums & Triumphs02 years
12Season 1 FinaleAug-17-200304 years
11Episode 11Aug-10-200304 years
10Episode 10Aug-03-200304 years
9Episode 9Jul-27-200304 years
8Episode 8Jul-20-200304 years
7Episode 7Jul-13-200304 years
6Episode 6Jul-06-200304 years
5Episode 5Jun-29-200304 years
4Episode 4Jun-22-200304 years
3Episode 3Jun-15-200304 years
2Episode 2Jun-08-200304 years
1Episode 1Jun-01-200304 years
03Domestic Blitz: The Block to the Rescue 2013Aug-03-201302 years
2Domestic Blitz SpecialJul-08-201202 years
1Tears, Tantrums & Triumphs02 years

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