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The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is an American sitcom that stars Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, Sara Gilbert, Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik. The show surround with 5 characters: 2 roommate geniuses who work at the California Institute of Technology, experimental physicist Leonard Hofstadter and theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper; their neighbor...

Genre: Sitcom

Release Date: September 24, 2007 (US)

Status: Running

Network: CBS (Official Website)

Casts: Kunal Nayyar, Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Simon Helberg, Kaley Cuoco, Melissa Rauch, Mayim Bialik, Kevin Sussman, Laura Spencer, Sara Gilbert

Most recent episode: The Big Bang Theory Season 12 Episode 24 - The Stockholm Syndrome ( 5/16/2019 )

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Season Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1212x24: The Stockholm SyndromeMay-16-2019371 month
12x23: The Change ConstantMay-16-2019521 month
12x22: The Maternal ConclusionMay-09-2019531 month
12x21: The Plagiarism SchismMay-02-2019381 month
12x20: The Decision ReverberationApr-25-2019391 month
12x19: The Inspiration DeprivationApr-18-2019381 month
12x18: The Laureate AccumulationApr-04-2019321 month
12x17: The Conference ValuationMar-07-2019261 month
12x16: The D & D VortexFeb-21-2019291 month
12x15: The Donation OscillationFeb-07-2019311 month
12x14: The Meteorite ManifestationJan-31-2019271 month
12x13: The Confirmation PolarizationJan-17-2019261 month
12x12: The Propagation PropositionJan-10-2019311 month
12x11: The Paintball ScatteringJan-03-2019281 month
12x10: The VCR IlluminationDec-06-2018281 month
12x9: The Citation NegationNov-15-2018271 month
12x8: The Consummation DeviationNov-08-2018231 month
12x7: The Grant Allocation DerivationNov-01-2018231 month
12x6: The Imitation PerturbationOct-25-2018241 month
12x5: The Planetarium CollisionOct-18-2018221 month
12x4: The Tam TurbulenceOct-11-2018241 month
12x3: The Procreation CalculationOct-04-2018221 month
12x2: The Wedding Gift WormholeSep-27-2018221 month
12x1: The Conjugal ConfigurationSep-24-2018211 month
1111x24: The Bow Tie AsymmetryMay-10-2018352 weeks
11x23: The Sibling RealignmentMay-03-2018371 month
11x22: The Monetary InsufficiencyApr-26-2018371 month
11x21: The Comet PolarizationApr-19-2018391 month
11x20: The Reclusive PotentialApr-12-2018361 month
11x19: The Tenant DisassociationApr-05-2018341 month
11x18: The Gates ExcitationMar-29-2018461 month
11x17: The Athenaeum AllocationMar-08-2018321 month
11x16: The Neonatal NomenclatureMar-01-2018401 month
11x15: The Novelization CorrelationFeb-01-2018521 month
11x14: The Separation TriangulationJan-18-2018371 month
11x13: The Solo OscillationJan-11-2018401 month
11x12: The Matrimonial MetricJan-04-2018411 month
11x11: The Celebration ReverberationDec-14-2017431 month
11x10: The Confidence ErosionDec-07-2017353 months
11x9: The Bitcoin EntanglementNov-30-2017421 month
11x8: The Tesla RecoilNov-16-2017441 month
11x7: The Geology MethodologyNov-09-2017461 month
11x6: The Proton RegenerationNov-02-2017351 month
11x5: The Collaboration ContaminationOct-23-2017311 month
11x4: The Explosion ImplosionOct-16-2017401 month
11x3: The Relaxation IntegrationOct-09-2017361 month
11x2: The Retraction ReactionOct-02-2017331 month
11x1: The Proposal ProposalSep-25-2017261 month
1010x24: The Long Distance DissonanceMay-11-2017221 month
10x23: The Gyroscopic CollapseMay-04-2017251 month
10x22: The Cognition RegenerationApr-27-2017351 month
10x21: The Separation AgitationApr-13-2017351 month
10x20: The Recollection DissipationApr-06-2017301 month
10x19: The Collaboration FluctuationMar-30-2017331 month
10x18: The Escape Hatch IdentificationMar-09-2017361 month
10x17: The Comic-Con ConundrumFeb-23-2017331 month
10x16: The Allowance EvaporationFeb-16-2017331 month
10x15: The Locomotion ReverberationFeb-09-2017351 month
10x14: The Emotion Detection AutomationFeb-02-2017291 month
10x13: The Romance RecalibrationJan-19-2017281 month
10x12: The Holiday SummationJan-05-2017293 months
10x11: The Birthday SynchronicityDec-15-2016241 month
10x10: The Property Division CollisionDec-01-2016321 month
10x9: The Geology ElevationNov-17-2016291 month
10x8: The Brain Bowl IncubationNov-10-2016281 month
10x7: The Veracity ElasticityNov-03-2016291 month
10x6: The Fetal Kick CatalystOct-27-2016271 month
10x5: The Hot Tub ContaminationOct-17-2016301 month
10x4: The Cohabitation ExperimentationOct-10-2016291 month
10x3: The Dependence TranscendenceOct-03-2016301 month
10x2: The Military MiniaturizationSep-26-2016271 month
10x1: The Conjugal ConjectureSep-19-2016281 month
99x24: The Convergence ConvergenceMay-12-2016281 month
9x23: The Line Substitution SolutionMay-05-2016261 month
9x22: The Fermentation BifurcationApr-28-2016251 month
9x21: The Viewing Party CombustionApr-21-2016251 month
9x20: The Big Bear PrecipitationApr-07-2016261 month
9x19: The Solder Excursion DiversionMar-31-2016241 month
9x18: The Application DeteriorationMar-10-2016241 month
9x17: The Celebration ExperimentationFeb-25-2016251 month
9x16: The Positive Negative ReactionFeb-18-2016261 month
9x15: The Valentino SubmergenceFeb-11-2016231 month
9x14: The Meemaw MaterializationFeb-04-2016231 month
9x13: The Empathy OptimizationJan-14-2016251 month
9x12: The Sales Call SublimationJan-07-2016251 month
9x11: The Opening Night ExcitationDec-17-2015251 month
9x10: The Earworm ReverberationDec-10-2015241 month
9x9: The Platonic PermutationNov-19-2015221 month
9x8: The Mystery Date ObservationNov-12-2015251 month
9x7: The Spock ResonanceNov-05-2015231 month
9x6: The Helium InsufficiencyOct-26-2015251 month
9x5: The Perspiration ImplementationOct-19-2015231 month
9x4: The 2003 ApproximationOct-12-2015231 month
9x3: The Bachelor Party CorrosionOct-05-2015231 month
9x2: The Separation OscillationSep-28-2015241 month
9x1: The Matrimonial MomentumSep-21-2015241 month
88x24: The Commitment DeterminationMay-07-2015311 month
8x23: The Maternal CombustionApr-30-2015321 month
8x22: The Graduation TransmissionApr-23-2015311 month
8x21: The Communication DeteriorationApr-16-2015321 month
8x20: The Fortification ImplementationApr-09-2015351 month
8x19: The Skywalker IncursionApr-02-2015331 month
8x18: The Leftover ThermalizationMar-12-2015301 month
8x17: The Colonization ApplicationFeb-28-2015291 month
8x16: The Intimacy AccelerationFeb-26-2015341 month
8x15: The Comic Book Store RegenerationFeb-12-2015261 month
8x14: The Troll ManifestationFeb-05-2015281 month
8x13: The Anxiety OptimizationJan-15-2015291 month
8x12: The Space Probe DisintegrationJan-08-2015271 month
8x11: The Clean Room InfiltrationDec-11-2014261 month
8x10: The Champagne ReflectionNov-20-2014321 month
8x9: The Septum DeviationNov-13-2014301 month
8x8: The Prom EquivalencyNov-06-2014271 month
8x7: The Misinterpretation AgitationOct-30-2014261 month
8x6: The Expedition ApproximationOct-20-2014261 month
8x5: The Focus AttentuationOct-13-2014261 month
8x4: The Hook-Up ReverberationOct-06-2014301 month
8x3: The First Pitch InsufficiencySep-29-2014301 month
8x2: The Junior Professor SolutionSep-22-2014281 month
8x1: The Locomotion InterruptionSep-22-2014291 month
77x24: The Status Quo CombustionMay-15-2014251 month
7x23: The Gorilla DissolutionMay-08-2014271 month
7x22: The Proton TransmogrificationMay-01-2014261 month
7x21: The Anything Can Happen RecurrenceApr-24-2014271 month
7x20: The Relationship DiremptionApr-10-2014292 weeks
7x19: The Indecision AmalgamationApr-03-2014291 month
7x18: The Mommy ObservationMar-13-2014281 month
7x17: The Friendship TurbulenceMar-06-2014261 month
7x16: The Table PolarizationFeb-27-2014261 month
7x15: The Locomotive ManipulationFeb-06-2014251 month
7x14: The Convention ConundrumJan-30-2014261 month
7x13: The Occupation RecalibrationJan-09-2014261 month
7x12: The Hesitation RamificationJan-02-2014271 month
7x11: The Cooper ExtractionDec-12-2013261 month
7x10: The Discovery DissipationDec-05-2013261 month
7x9: The Thanksgiving DecouplingNov-21-2013271 month
7x8: The Itchy Brain SimulationNov-14-2013271 month
7x7: The Proton DisplacementNov-07-2013261 month
7x6: The Romance ResonanceOct-24-2013261 month
7x5: The Workplace ProximityOct-17-2013251 month
7x4: The Raiders MinimizationOct-10-2013251 month
7x3: The Scavenger VortexOct-03-2013251 month
7x2: The Deception VerificationSep-26-2013251 month
7x1: The Hofstadter InsufficiencySep-26-2013271 month
66x24: The Bon Voyage ReactionMay-16-2013273 months
6x23: The Love Spell PotentialMay-09-2013293 months
6x22: The Proton ResurgenceMay-02-2013303 months
6x21: The Closure AlternativeApr-25-2013293 months
6x20: The Tenure TurbulenceApr-04-2013293 months
6x19: The Closet ReconfigurationMar-14-2013323 months
6x18: The Contractual Obligation ImplementationMar-07-2013303 months
6x17: The Monster IsolationFeb-21-2013313 months
6x16: The Tangible Affection ProofFeb-14-2013293 months
6x15: The Spoiler Alert SegmentationFeb-07-2013303 months
6x14: The Cooper/Kripke InversionJan-31-2013303 months
6x13: The Bakersfield ExpeditionJan-10-2013303 months
6x12: The Egg Salad EquivalencyJan-03-2013333 months
6x11: The Santa SimulationDec-13-2012293 months
6x10: The Fish Guts DisplacementDec-06-2012283 months
6x9: The Parking Spot EscalationNov-29-2012323 months
6x8: The 43 PeculiarityNov-15-2012313 months
6x7: The Habitation ConfigurationNov-08-2012313 months
6x6: The Extract ObliterationNov-01-2012303 months
6x5: The Holographic ExcitationOct-25-2012323 months
6x4: The Re-Entry MinimizationOct-18-2012323 months
6x3: The Higgs Boson ObservationOct-11-2012333 months
6x2: The Decoupling FluctuationOct-04-2012323 months
6x1: The Date Night VariableSep-27-2012313 months
55x24: The Countdown ReflectionMay-10-2012293 months
5x23: The Launch AccelerationMay-03-2012263 months
5x22: The Stag ConvergenceApr-26-2012283 months
5x21: The Hawking ExcitationApr-05-2012283 months
5x20: The Transporter MalfunctionMar-29-2012293 months
5x19: The Weekend VortexMar-08-2012293 months
5x18: The Werewolf TransformationFeb-23-2012343 months
5x17: The Rothman DisintegrationFeb-16-2012333 months
5x16: The Vacation SolutionFeb-09-2012313 months
5x15: The Friendship ContractionFeb-02-2012273 months
5x14: The Beta Test InitiationJan-26-2012283 months
5x13: The Recombination HypothesisJan-19-2012273 months
5x12: The Shiny Trinket ManeuverJan-12-2012313 months
5x11: The Speckerman RecurrenceDec-08-2011293 months
5x10: The Flaming Spittoon AcquisitionNov-17-2011283 months
5x9: The Ornithophobia DiffusionNov-10-2011273 months
5x8: The Isolation PermutationNov-03-2011273 months
5x7: The Good Guy FluctuationOct-27-2011283 months
5x6: The Rhinitis RevelationOct-20-2011283 months
5x5: The Russian Rocket ReactionOct-13-2011283 months
5x4: The Wiggly Finger CatalystOct-06-2011293 months
5x3: The Pulled Groin ExtrapolationSep-29-2011293 months
5x2: The Infestation HypothesisSep-22-2011273 months
5x1: The Skank Reflex AnalysisSep-22-2011293 months
44x24: The Roommate TransmogrificationMay-19-2011253 months
4x23: The Engagement ReactionMay-12-2011263 months
4x22: The Wildebeest ImplementationMay-05-2011263 months
4x21: The Agreement DissectionApr-28-2011273 months
4x20: The Herb Garden GerminationApr-07-2011263 months
4x19: The Zarnecki IncursionMar-31-2011273 months
4x18: The Prestidigitation ApproximationMar-10-2011273 months
4x17: The Toast DerivationFeb-24-2011273 months
4x16: The Cohabitation FormulationFeb-17-2011272 weeks
4x15: The Benefactor FactorFeb-10-2011312 weeks
4x14: The Thespian CatalystFeb-03-2011282 weeks
4x13: The Love Car DisplacementJan-20-2011282 weeks
4x12: The Bus Pants UtilizationJan-06-2011312 weeks
4x11: The Justice League RecombinationDec-16-2010292 weeks
4x10: The Alien Parasite HypothesisDec-09-2010292 weeks
4x9: The Boyfriend ComplexityNov-18-2010302 weeks
4x8: The 21-Second ExcitationNov-11-2010312 weeks
4x7: The Apology InsufficiencyNov-04-2010282 weeks
4x6: The Irish Pub FormulationOct-28-2010292 weeks
4x5: The Desperation EmanationOct-21-2010302 weeks
4x4: The Hot Troll DeviationOct-14-2010292 weeks
4x3: The Zazzy SubstitutionOct-07-2010292 weeks
4x2: The Cruciferous Vegetable AmplificationSep-30-2010312 weeks
4x1: The Robotic ManipulationSep-23-2010292 weeks
33x23: The Lunar ExcitationMay-24-2010262 weeks
3x22: The Staircase ImplementationMay-17-2010262 weeks
3x21: The Plimpton StimulationMay-10-2010242 weeks
3x20: The Spaghetti CatalystMay-03-2010252 weeks
3x19: The Wheaton RecurrenceApr-12-2010242 weeks
3x18: The Pants AlternativeMar-22-2010252 weeks
3x17: The Precious FragmentationMar-08-2010262 weeks
3x16: The Excelsior AcquisitionMar-01-2010252 weeks
3x15: The Large Hadron CollisionFeb-08-2010262 weeks
3x14: The Einstein ApproximationFeb-01-2010262 weeks
3x13: The Bozeman ReactionJan-18-2010252 weeks
3x12: The Psychic VortexJan-11-2010252 weeks
3x11: The Maternal CongruenceDec-14-2009252 weeks
3x10: The Gorilla ExperimentDec-07-2009272 weeks
3x9: The Vengeance FormulationNov-23-2009302 weeks
3x8: The Adhesive Duck DeficiencyNov-16-2009242 weeks
3x7: The Guitarist AmplificationNov-09-2009272 weeks
3x6: The Cornhusker VortexNov-02-2009272 weeks
3x5: The Creepy Candy Coating CorollaryOct-19-2009262 weeks
3x4: The Pirate SolutionOct-12-2009282 weeks
3x3: The Gothowitz DeviationOct-05-2009272 weeks
3x2: The Jiminy ConjectureSep-28-2009282 weeks
3x1: The Electric Can Opener FluctuationSep-21-2009282 weeks
22x23: The Monopolar ExpeditionMay-11-2009252 weeks
2x22: The Classified Materials TurbulenceMay-04-2009252 weeks
2x21: The Vegas RenormalizationApr-27-2009262 weeks
2x20: The Hofstadter IsotopeApr-13-2009252 weeks
2x19: The Dead Hooker JuxtapositionMar-30-2009252 weeks
2x18: The Work Song NanoclusterMar-16-2009262 weeks
2x17: The Terminator DecouplingMar-09-2009272 weeks
2x16: The Cushion SaturationMar-02-2009242 weeks
2x15: The Maternal CapacitanceFeb-09-2009242 weeks
2x14: The Financial PermeabilityFeb-02-2009262 weeks
2x13: The Friendship AlgorithmJan-19-2009272 weeks
2x12: The Killer Robot InstabilityJan-12-2009272 weeks
2x11: The Bath Item Gift HypothesisDec-15-2008262 weeks
2x10: The Vartabedian ConundrumDec-08-2008282 weeks
2x9: The White Asparagus TriangulationNov-24-2008272 weeks
2x8: The Lizard-Spock ExpansionNov-17-2008272 weeks
2x7: The Panty PiƱata PolarizationNov-10-2008262 weeks
2x6: The Cooper-Nowitzki TheoremNov-03-2008272 weeks
2x5: The Euclid AlternativeOct-20-2008272 weeks
2x4: The Griffin EquivalencyOct-13-2008272 weeks
2x3: The Barbarian SublimationOct-06-2008272 weeks
2x2: The Codpiece TopologySep-29-2008272 weeks
2x1: The Bad Fish ParadigmSep-22-2008272 weeks
11x17: The Tangerine FactorMay-19-2008282 weeks
1x16: The Peanut ReactionMay-12-2008272 weeks
1x15: The Pork Chop IndeterminacyMay-05-2008282 weeks
1x14: The Nerdvana AnnihilationApr-28-2008282 weeks
1x13: The Bat Jar ConjectureApr-21-2008282 weeks
1x12: The Jerusalem DualityApr-14-2008292 weeks
1x11: The Pancake Batter AnomalyMar-31-2008282 weeks
1x10: The Loobenfeld DecayMar-24-2008282 weeks
1x9: The Cooper-Hofstadter PolarizationMar-17-2008282 weeks
1x8: The Grasshopper ExperimentNov-12-2007282 weeks
1x7: The Dumpling ParadoxNov-05-2007292 weeks
1x6: The Middle-Earth ParadigmOct-29-2007272 weeks
1x5: The Hamburger PostulateOct-22-2007292 weeks
1x4: The Luminous Fish EffectOct-15-2007292 weeks
1x3: The Fuzzy Boots CorollaryOct-08-2007282 weeks
1x2: The Big Bran HypothesisOct-01-2007302 weeks
1x1: PilotSep-24-2007292 weeks
00x6: TBAMay-16-201909 months
0x5: Comic-Con 2016 Writers PanelAug-18-201601 year
0x4: Comic Con 2015 Writers PanelJul-10-201501 year
0x3: Apr-05-201204 years
0x2: Apr-05-201204 years
0x1: 51 month

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