The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette is the female version of The Bachelor, where an eligible bachelorette must find true love among a group of guys, one rose at a time.

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Genre: Reality

Release Date: January 8, 2003 (US)

Status: Running

Network: ABC (IMDb)

Most recent episode: The Bachelorette Season 19 Episode 12 - Week 11 Part 2 ( 9/20/2022 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1912Week 11 Part 2Sep-20-2022361 week
11Week 11 Part 1Sep-13-2022262 weeks
10Week 10Sep-06-2022324 weeks
9Week 8Sep-05-2022294 weeks
8Week 8/The Men Tell AllAug-29-2022301 month
7Week 7Aug-22-2022561 month
6Week 6Aug-15-2022482 months
5Week 5Aug-08-2022382 months
4Week 4Aug-01-2022102 months
3Week 3Jul-25-2022642 months
2Week 2Jul-18-202203 months
1Week 1: Season PremiereJul-11-202212 months
1810Week 10Aug-09-202172 months
9Week 9Dec-14-2021102 months
8The Men Tell AllDec-06-2021112 months
7Week 7Nov-30-2021162 months
6Week 6Nov-23-2021172 months
5Week 5Nov-16-2021132 months
4Week 4Nov-09-2021152 months
3Week 3Nov-02-2021112 months
2Week 2Oct-26-2021122 months
1Week 1: Season PremiereOct-19-2021192 months
1710Week 10Aug-09-202158 months
9Week 9Aug-02-2021128 months
8The Men Tell AllJul-26-202142 months
7Week 7Jul-19-202148 months
6Week 6Jul-12-202132 months
5Week 5Jul-05-202142 months
4Week 4Jun-28-202142 months
3Week 3Jun-21-202142 months
2Week 2Jun-14-202152 months
1Week 1: Season PremiereJun-07-202162 months
1613Week 12: Season Finale, Part 2Dec-22-202038 months
12Week 12: Season Finale, Part 1Dec-21-202038 months
11Week 11Dec-15-202048 months
10Week 10/The Men Tell AllDec-14-202008 months
9Week 9Dec-08-202018 months
8Week 8Dec-01-202028 months
7Week 7Nov-24-202058 months
6Week 6Nov-17-202088 months
5Week 5Nov-10-202028 months
4Week 4Nov-05-202068 months
3Week 3Oct-27-202018 months
2Week 2Oct-20-202028 months
1Week 1: Season PremiereOct-13-202038 months
1513Week 11: Season Finale, Part 2Jul-30-201948 months
12Week 11: Season Finale, Part 1Jul-29-201958 months
11The Men Tell AllJul-22-201928 months
10Week 9: Overnight DatesJul-15-201948 months
9Week 8: Hometown DatesJul-08-201928 months
8Week 7: AmsterdamJul-01-201918 months
7Week 6: Riga, LatviaJun-24-201948 months
6The Journey So FarJun-17-201938 months
5Week 5: ScotlandJun-11-201928 months
4Week 4: Newport, Rhode IslandJun-03-201948 months
3Week 3May-27-201938 months
2Week 2May-20-201938 months
1Week 1: Season PremiereMay-13-201938 months
1411The Three-Hour Live FinaleAug-06-201818 months
10The Men Tell AllJul-30-201818 months
9Week 9: Overnight Dates (Thailand)Jul-23-201818 months
8Week 8: Hometown DatesJul-16-201818 months
7Week 7: BahamasJul-09-201808 months
6Week 6: Richmond, VirginiaJul-02-201808 months
5Week 5: Las Vegas, NevadaJun-25-201808 months
4Week 4: Park City, UtahJun-18-201808 months
3Week 3Jun-11-201808 months
2Week 2Jun-04-201818 months
1Week 1: Season PremiereMay-28-201808 months
1312[no episode title yet]Aug-07-201702 years
11The Bachelorette: The Three-Hour Live FinaleAug-07-201708 months
10The Men Tell AllJul-31-201718 months
9Week 8: SpainJul-24-201708 months
8Week 7: Hometown DatesJul-17-201708 months
7Week 6: SwitzerlandJul-10-201718 months
6Week 5: Part 2Jun-27-201718 months
5Week 5: Part 1Jun-26-201708 months
4Week 4: Hilton Head IslandJun-19-201718 months
3Week 3: Ellen DeGeneres & MoreJun-05-201718 months
2Week 2: Celebrity GuestsMay-29-201718 months
1Week 1: Season PremiereMay-22-201708 months
0[no episode title yet]02 years
1212After the Final RoseAug-01-201628 months
11The Final RoseAug-01-201628 months
10The Men Tell AllJul-26-201628 months
9Week 8: ThailandJul-25-201618 months
8Week 7: Hometown DatesJul-18-201628 months
7Week 6: Argentina CountrysideJul-11-201628 months
6Week 5: Buenos AiresJun-27-201618 months
5Week 4: UruguayJun-20-201618 months
4Week 3 (2): PennsylvaniaJun-07-201608 months
3Week 3 (1): Sex TalkJun-06-201618 months
2Week 2: ESPN's BachelorNationMay-30-201618 months
1Week 1: Season PremiereMay-23-201608 months
1114[no episode title yet]02 years
13After the Final RoseJul-27-201502 years
12The Final RoseJul-27-201508 months
11The Men Tell AllJul-20-201508 months
10Week 10Jul-13-201508 months
9Week 9Jul-06-201528 months
8Week 8Jun-29-201528 months
7Week 7Jun-22-201508 months
6Week 6Jun-15-201508 months
5Week 5Jun-08-201508 months
4Week 4Jun-01-201508 months
3Week 3May-25-201508 months
2Week 2May-19-201588 months
1Week 1May-18-201508 months
1013After the Final RoseJul-28-201402 years
12The Final RoseJul-28-201402 years
11The Men Tell AllJul-21-201402 years
10Week 9Jul-14-201402 years
9Week 8Jul-07-201402 years
8Week 7Jun-30-201408 months
7Week 6Jun-23-201408 months
6Week 5Jun-16-201408 months
5The Journey So FarJun-09-201402 years
4Week 4Jun-02-201404 years
3Week 3Jun-01-201418 months
2Week 2May-26-201418 months
1Week 1May-19-201408 months
912After the Final RoseAug-05-201309 years
11Finale: Part 2Aug-05-201304 years
10Finale: Part 1Jul-29-201304 years
9The Men Tell AllJul-22-201319 years
8Week 8Jul-15-201314 years
7Week 7Jul-08-201314 years
6Week 6Jul-01-201304 years
5Week 5Jun-24-201314 years
4Week 4Jun-17-201304 years
3Week 3Jun-10-201304 years
2Week 2Jun-03-201304 years
1Week 1May-27-201304 years
813[no episode title yet]Dec-16-2012110 years
12After The Final RoseJul-22-201218 months
11The Final RoseJul-22-201258 months
10The Men Tell AllJul-16-201238 months
9Week 9Jul-09-2012210 years
8Week 8Jul-02-2012110 years
7Week 7Jun-25-2012110 years
6Week 6Jun-18-2012010 years
5Week 5Jun-11-2012210 years
4Week 4Jun-04-2012110 years
3Week 3May-28-2012010 years
2Week 2May-21-2012010 years
1Week 1May-14-2012210 years
712After the Final RoseAug-01-2011011 years
11The Final RoseAug-01-2011011 years
10The Men Tell AllJul-31-2011011 years
9Week 9Jul-25-201104 years
8Week 8Jul-18-201104 years
7Week 7Jul-11-201104 years
6Week 6Jun-27-201104 years
5Week 5Jun-20-201104 years
4Week 4Jun-13-201104 years
3Week 3Jun-06-201104 years
2Week 2May-30-201104 years
1Week 1May-23-201104 years
612After The Final RoseAug-02-201002 years
11The Final RoseAug-02-201002 years
10The Men Tell AllJul-26-201002 years
9Week 9Jul-19-201002 years
8Week 8Jul-12-201002 years
7Week 7Jul-05-201002 years
6Week 6Jun-28-201002 years
5Week 5Jun-21-201002 years
4Week 4Jun-14-201002 years
3Week 3Jun-07-201002 years
2Week 2May-31-201002 years
1Week 1May-24-201028 months
512After the Final RoseJul-28-200902 years
11Week 10Jul-27-200903 years
10The Men Tell AllJul-20-200903 years
9Week 9Jul-13-200903 years
8Week 8Jul-06-200903 years
7Week 7Jun-29-200903 years
6Week 6Jun-22-200903 years
5Week 5Jun-15-200903 years
4Week 4Jun-08-200902 years
3Week 3Jun-01-200902 years
2Week 2May-25-200903 years
1Week 1May-18-200902 years
410After the Final RoseJul-07-200802 years
9The Final RoseJul-07-200802 years
8The Men Tell AllJun-30-200802 years
7Week 7Jun-30-200802 years
6Week 6Jun-23-200802 years
5Week 5Jun-16-200802 years
4Week 4Jun-09-200802 years
3Week 3Jun-02-200802 years
2Week 2May-26-200802 years
1Week 1May-19-200802 years
39After The Final RoseFeb-28-200502 years
8Week 7Feb-28-200502 years
7The Men Tell AllFeb-21-200502 years
6Week 6Feb-14-200502 years
5Week 5Feb-07-200502 years
4Week 4Jan-31-200502 years
3Week 3Jan-24-200502 years
2Week 2Jan-17-200502 years
1Week 1Jan-10-200502 years
29After the Final RoseFeb-26-200402 years
8Week 7Feb-25-200404 years
7The Men Tell AllFeb-19-200404 years
6Week 6Feb-18-200404 years
5Week 5Feb-11-200404 years
4Week 4Feb-04-200404 years
3Week 3Jan-28-200404 years
2Week 2Jan-21-200404 years
1Week 1Jan-14-200404 years
110The Wedding: Part 3Dec-10-200303 years
9The Wedding: Part 2Dec-03-200303 years
8The Wedding: Part 1Nov-26-200303 years
7Week 6Feb-19-200303 years
6The Men Tell AllFeb-12-200303 years
5Week 5Feb-05-200303 years
4Week 4Jan-29-200303 years
3Week 3Jan-22-200303 years
2Week 2Jan-15-200305 years
1Week 1Jan-08-200303 years
04Bachelorette Reunion02 years
3The Journey So FarJun-09-201402 years
2Ashley and JP's WeddingDec-16-201202 years
120/20 Stories Behind The RoseJul-26-201002 years

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