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Swamp People

Deep in the heart of Louisiana lies America’s largest swamp–a million miles of inhospitable bayous, marshes and wetlands where nature rules and humans struggle to tame it. Many of its inhabitants are the hardened descendants of French refugees who were forced out of Canada in the 18th century and settled in this harsh yet majestic environment. Today, these peop...

Genre: Reality

Release Date: August 22, 2010 (US)

Status: Running

Network: History Channel (History)


Most recent episode: Swamp People Season 11 Episode 4 - Mystery in the Bayou ( 2/13/2020 )

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Season Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1111x9: One Man ArmyMar-19-202004 hours
11x8: Episode 8Mar-12-202004 hours
11x7: Deadeye DriverMar-05-202004 hours
11x6: Friday the 13thFeb-27-202004 hours
11x5: Friday the 13thFeb-27-202002 weeks
11x4: Mystery in the BayouFeb-13-2020422 days
11x3: The ChampFeb-06-2020431 week
11x2: Return To Froggy BayouJan-30-2020111 week
11x1: Raging BullsJan-23-2020111 week
1010x16: CrocogatorMay-23-201902 weeks
10x15: Voodoo PythonMay-16-2019249 months
10x14: Tag Out Or Die TryingMay-09-2019339 months
10x13: Rolling with the PunchesMay-02-2019010 months
10x12: Legends of the SwampApr-18-2019010 months
10x11: Wild Wild SwampApr-11-2019010 months
10x10: Night TerrorsApr-04-2019310 months
10x9: Hungry for MoreMar-28-2019011 months
10x8: Raising The StakesMar-21-2019911 months
10x7: Cajun CycloneMar-14-2019911 months
10x6: Bringing the HeatMar-07-2019011 months
10x5: Cow KillersFeb-28-2019012 months
10x4: No Man's LandFeb-21-2019012 months
10x3: LeviathansFeb-14-2019012 months
10x2: Click ClickFeb-08-201901 year
10x1: Clear and Present DangerJan-31-201901 year
99x20: United We StandJun-07-2018132 years
9x19: Danger ZoneMay-31-2018102 years
9x18: Speed DemonsMay-24-2018112 years
9x17: Lock JawMay-17-2018102 years
9x16: Lone HunterMay-10-2018122 years
9x15: Swamp SavageMay-03-201872 years
9x14: Savage ShowdownApr-26-2018112 years
9x13: Poacher from HellApr-19-201872 years
9x12: Black Lagoon BattleApr-12-2018122 years
9x11: Comeback KingsApr-05-2018122 years
9x10: Cajun CombatMar-29-2018102 years
9x9: Swamp NinjaMar-22-2018122 years
9x8: Hotter Than HellMar-15-2018152 years
9x7: Texas Tag OutMar-08-201802 years
9x6: Texas 911Mar-01-201802 years
9x5: Hell Rains DownFeb-22-2018152 years
9x4: Hunting HoudiniFeb-15-2018102 years
9x3: Bruce's DilemmaFeb-08-2018162 years
9x2: Cajun CartelFeb-01-2018152 years
9x1: Never SurrenderFeb-01-2018132 years
88x16: Savage PursuitMay-18-201703 years
8x15: Monster in the DarkMay-18-201703 years
8x14: The Hunt EndsMay-11-201703 years
8x13: Racing SundownMay-04-201703 years
8x12: Time's Running OutApr-27-201703 years
8x11: Brutus the CannibalApr-20-201703 years
8x10: StrandedApr-13-201703 years
8x9: Busting ChopsApr-06-201703 years
8x8: Good Luck, Bad LuckMar-30-201723 years
8x7: Pressure's OnMar-23-201703 years
8x6: Big Boy McCoyMar-16-2017011 months
8x5: Landry vs. LandryMar-09-201703 years
8x4: Vampire GatorMar-02-201703 years
8x3: BreakdownFeb-23-201703 years
8x2: Fresh BloodFeb-16-201723 years
8x1: The Hunt BeginsFeb-16-201723 years
77x13: End of the LineMay-02-201642 years
7x12: Home StretchApr-25-201632 years
7x11: Big ClawApr-18-201632 years
7x10: Cannibal CountryApr-11-201632 years
7x9: Better Late Than NeverApr-04-201614 years
7x8: Gamblin' ManMar-28-201602 years
7x7: Sweet RevengeMar-21-201604 years
7x6: The Party's OverMar-14-201604 years
7x5: Monster MenMar-07-201602 years
7x4: Home TurfFeb-29-201604 years
7x3: All Hands on DeckFeb-22-201604 years
7x2: The Code of the SwampFeb-15-201604 years
7x1: High Water HellFeb-08-201604 years
66x20: Now or NeverJul-13-201505 years
6x19: Of Gods & OttersJul-06-201525 years
6x18: Here Gator GatorJun-29-201515 years
6x17: Gator Boo-FayJun-22-2015211 months
6x16: The PhantomMay-18-201522 years
6x15: The Three KingsMay-11-201532 years
6x14: Bait & SwitchMay-04-201525 years
6x13: Royal ReunionApr-27-201522 years
6x12: Bounty or BustApr-20-201542 years
6x11: Blood MoonApr-13-201512 years
6x10: Crooked JawApr-06-201522 years
6x9: Outlaw & DisorderMar-30-201522 years
6x8: BadlandsMar-23-201522 years
6x7: BullettproofMar-16-201522 years
6x6: Gator SlayerMar-09-201522 years
6x5: Pirate of the BayouMar-02-201505 years
6x4: Feast or FawnFeb-23-201502 years
6x3: Twister TroubleFeb-16-201502 years
6x2: Gator GridlockFeb-09-201545 years
6x1: Bounty on the BayouFeb-02-201565 years
55x77: Apr-14-201406 years
5x76: Mar-31-201436 years
5x75: Mar-24-201406 years
5x22: Big Head Bites ItOct-20-201405 years
5x21: Lethal EncountersJul-07-201446 years
5x20: Day of ReckoningJun-30-201446 years
5x19: MetalheadJun-23-201406 years
5x18: Unbreakable BondsJun-16-201406 years
5x17: Captain InvincibleJun-09-201406 years
5x16: Beasts or BustJun-02-201406 years
5x15: Swamp AmbushMay-19-201436 years
5x14: Blood BrothersMay-12-201416 years
5x13: Outer LimitsMay-06-201406 years
5x12: Way of the SwampApr-28-201406 years
5x11: Beast of the LakeApr-21-201426 years
5x10: Rumble in the SwampApr-14-201406 years
5x9: HexedMar-31-201406 years
5x8: Gator Ghost TownMar-24-201406 years
5x7: Devil at the DoorMar-17-201426 years
5x6: HookedMar-10-201426 years
5x5: The Albino AssassinMar-03-201426 years
5x4: GravediggerFeb-24-201426 years
5x3: Gator JackedFeb-17-201426 years
5x2: Aerial AssaultFeb-10-201426 years
5x1: Once BittenFeb-03-201416 years
44x23: Nov-26-201316 years
4x22: No TomorrowJul-18-201347 years
4x21: Deadly DivideJul-11-201317 years
4x20: The ReaperJun-27-201317 years
4x19: Beast of the EastJun-20-201317 years
4x18: Blood Runs DeepJun-13-201327 years
4x17: Down Goes the KingJun-06-201327 years
4x16: SabotagedMay-30-201337 years
4x15: Lightning StrikesMay-23-201317 years
4x14: Deadly DuoMay-16-201336 years
4x13: Young BloodMay-09-201337 years
4x12: DevouredMay-02-201306 years
4x11: Ride or DieApr-25-201317 years
4x10: CursedApr-18-201327 years
4x9: Breaking PointApr-11-201317 years
4x8: No SurrenderApr-04-201306 years
4x7: Deadly ChillMar-28-201327 years
4x6: Waging WarMar-21-201327 years
4x5: Blood LinesMar-14-201307 years
4x4: Bad MojoMar-07-201347 years
4x3: Floating DeadFeb-28-201327 years
4x2: Texas Hold 'emFeb-21-201317 years
4x1: Swamp InvadersFeb-14-201337 years
33x22: EndgameJul-12-201218 years
3x21: Fight to the FinishJul-05-201218 years
3x20: Man DownJun-28-201218 years
3x19: King of the SwampJun-21-201208 years
3x18: Cold-BloodedJun-14-201208 years
3x17: Never Say DieJun-07-201206 years
3x16: Big Gators, Big DollarsMay-31-201218 years
3x15: Turf WarMay-24-201208 years
3x14: Voodoo BayouMay-17-201208 years
3x13: ScorchedMay-10-201208 years
3x12: Secret WeaponsMay-03-201208 years
3x11: Under SiegeApr-26-201208 years
3x10: Gates of HellApr-19-201208 years
3x9: ReboundApr-12-201228 years
3x8: Rising WatersApr-05-201208 years
3x7: Something Wicked This Way ComesMar-29-201218 years
3x6: Treebreaker 2Mar-15-201208 years
3x5: AvengedMar-08-201208 years
3x4: Monster MarshMar-01-201212 years
3x3: Divide to ConquerFeb-23-201228 years
3x2: No Guts, No GatorFeb-16-201218 years
3x1: Gator Gold RushFeb-09-201208 years
22x16: Swamp ShowdownJul-21-201102 years
2x15: 2 Days to Tag OutJul-14-201102 years
2x14: Two Captains, One FamilyJul-07-201102 years
2x13: House DividedJun-30-201102 years
2x12: Rising PressureJun-23-201102 years
2x11: Beat the ClockJun-16-201106 years
2x10: It's PersonalJun-09-201102 years
2x9: Full Moon FeverMay-26-201102 years
2x8: Rising SonsMay-19-201102 years
2x7: Deadly SkiesMay-12-201102 years
2x6: Dark WatersMay-05-201102 years
2x5: Hot PursuitApr-28-201102 years
2x4: First MatesApr-21-201102 years
2x3: Shooting WildApr-14-201102 years
2x2: Hunter or Hunted?Apr-07-201132 years
2x1: Gator GauntletMar-31-201102 years
11x10: The Last BattleOct-31-201002 years
1x9: Final CountdownOct-24-201002 years
1x8: Gator VoodooOct-17-201002 years
1x7: Swamp WarsOct-10-201002 years
1x6: Family FeudsSep-26-201006 years
1x5: Force of NatureSep-19-201006 years
1x4: Cannibal GatorSep-12-201006 years
1x3: Troy's GambleSep-05-201006 years
1x2: Houdini's Last EscapeAug-29-201006 years
1x1: Big Head Bites ItAug-22-201006 years
00x14: Ten Most Legendary MonstersFeb-01-201802 years
0x13: Ten Most Dangerous MomentsFeb-16-201702 years
0x12: After The Hunt: Family Froggin'02 years
0x11: After The Hunt: Bruce Rolls a Fatty02 years
0x10: After The Hunt: Bruce's Big Discovery02 years
0x9: After The Hunt: Daddy Deer-est02 years
0x8: After The Hunt: Father & Son02 years
0x7: Swamp ChristmasDec-08-201402 years
0x6: Gator ReconFeb-03-201402 years
0x5: Ten Deadliest HuntsJan-27-201402 years
0x4: Swampsgiving 2Nov-26-201302 years
0x3: Season 2 DVD Extras02 years
0x2: SwampsgivingNov-17-201102 years
0x1: Season 1 DVD Extras02 years

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