Survivor is an American version of the Survivor reality television game show, itself derived from the Swedish television series Expedition Robinson originally created in 1997 by Charlie Parsons. As of today, there are total of 23 seasons running on CBS.

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Genre: Reality, Adventure

Release Date: May 31, 2000 (US)

Status: Running

Network: CBS (Official Website)

Casts: Jeff Probst

Most recent episode: Survivor Season 43 Episode 2 - Lovable Curmudgeon ( 9/28/2022 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
434Show No MercyOct-12-202202 weeks
3I'll Sign the Divorce PapersOct-05-202203 hours
2Lovable CurmudgeonSep-28-2022595 days
1LIVINSep-21-2022716 days
4213It Comes Down to ThisMay-25-2022354 months
12Caterpillar to a ButterflyMay-18-2022324 months
11Battle RoyaleMay-11-2022325 months
10Tell a Good Lie, Not a Stupid OneMay-04-2022275 months
9Game of ChickenApr-27-2022244 months
8You Better Be Wearing a SeatbeltApr-20-2022495 months
7The Devil You Do or the Devil You Don'tApr-13-202206 months
6You Can't Hide on SurvivorApr-13-2022426 months
5I'm Survivor RichApr-06-2022495 months
4Vibe of the TribeOct-20-2021295 months
3Go for the GustoMar-23-2022405 months
2Good and GuiltyMar-16-2022275 months
1Feels Like a RollercoasterMar-09-2022235 months
4113One Thing Left to Do... WinDec-15-202178 months
12Truth KamikazeDec-08-2021108 months
11Do or DieDec-01-2021168 months
10Baby With a Machine GunNov-24-2021178 months
9Who's Who in the ZooNov-17-2021118 months
8BetraydarNov-10-2021108 months
7There's Gonna Be BloodNov-03-202178 months
6Ready to Play Like a LionOct-27-202158 months
5The Strategist or the LoyalistOct-20-202168 months
4They Hate Me 'Cause They Ain't MeOct-13-202178 months
3My Million Dollar MistakeOct-06-2021138 months
2Juggling ChainsawsSep-29-2021108 months
1A New EraSep-22-2021108 months
4015Survivor Reunion SpecialMay-13-202002 years
14It All Boils Down to ThisMay-13-202018 months
13The Penultimate Step of the WarMay-06-202018 months
12Friendly FireApr-29-202028 months
11This Is ExtortionApr-22-202018 months
10The Full CircleApr-15-202018 months
9War is Not PrettyApr-08-202048 months
8This is Where the Battle BeginsApr-01-202018 months
7We're in the MajorsMar-25-202028 months
6Quick on the DrawMar-18-202028 months
5The Buddy System on SteroidsMar-11-202028 months
4I Like RevengeMar-04-202048 months
3Out for BloodFeb-26-202028 months
2It's Like a Survivor EconomyFeb-19-202038 months
1Greatest of the GreatsFeb-12-202038 months
3914Survivor: Island of the Idols ReunionDec-18-201938 months
13Mama, Look at Me NowDec-18-201918 months
12Just Go for ItDec-11-201928 months
11A Very Simple PlanDec-04-201928 months
10Bring on the BaconNov-27-201918 months
9Two for the Price of OneNov-20-201928 months
8We Made It to the Merge!Nov-13-201918 months
7I Was Born at Night, But Not Last NightNov-06-201948 months
6Suck It Up ButtercupOct-30-201918 months
5Don't Bite the Hand that Feeds YouOct-23-201918 months
4Plan ZOct-16-201928 months
3Honesty Would Be ChillOct-09-201928 months
2YOLO, Let's Play!Oct-02-201928 months
1I Vote You Out and That's ItSep-25-201938 months
3814Survivor: Edge of Extinction ReunionMay-15-2019210 months
13I See the Million DollarsMay-15-2019110 months
12Idol or BustMay-08-2019210 months
11AwkwardMay-01-2019010 months
10Fasten Your SeatbeltsApr-24-201928 months
9Blood of a BlindsideApr-17-201908 months
8Y'all Making Me CrazyApr-10-201948 months
7I'm the Puppet MasterApr-03-201908 months
6There's Always a TwistMar-27-201908 months
5It's Like the Worst Cocktail Party EverMar-20-201918 months
4I Need a Dance PartnerMar-13-201928 months
3Betrayals are Going to Get ExposedMar-06-201918 months
2One of Us Is Going to Win the WarFeb-27-201918 months
1It Smells Like SuccessFeb-20-201918 months
3715Survivor: David vs Goliath ReunionDec-19-201802 years
14Survivor: David vs Goliath ReunionDec-19-201801 year
13With Great Power Comes Great ResponsibilityDec-19-201801 year
12Are You Feeling Lucky?Dec-12-201803 years
11So Smart They're DumbDec-05-201803 years
10Tribal Lines are BlurredNov-28-201801 year
9Breadth-First SearchNov-21-201803 years
8You Get What You GiveNov-14-201801 year
7There's Gonna Be Tears ShedNov-07-201818 months
6Aren't Brochachos Just Adorable?Oct-31-2018010 months
5Jackets and EggsOct-24-201808 months
4Time to Bring About the CharmpocalypseOct-17-201808 months
3I Am Goliath StrongOct-10-201818 months
2The Chicken Has Flown the CoopOct-03-201838 months
1Appearances are DeceivingSep-26-201838 months
3615Survivor: Ghost Island ReunionMay-23-201801 year
14It is Game Time KidsMay-23-201808 months
13Always Be MovingMay-16-201808 months
12A Giant Game of Bumper CarsMay-09-201808 months
11The Finish Line is in SightMay-02-201808 months
10It's Like the Perfect CrimeApr-25-201808 months
9The Sea Slug SluggerApr-18-201808 months
8Fear Keeps You SharpApr-11-201808 months
7Gotta Risk It for the BiscuitApr-04-201808 months
6Fate is the HomieMar-28-201808 months
5A Diamond in the RoughMar-21-201808 months
4Trust Your GutMar-14-201808 months
3Only Time Will TellMar-07-201808 months
2Can You Reverse the Curse? (2)Feb-28-201805 years
1Can You Reverse the Curse?Feb-28-201808 months
3515Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers ReunionDec-20-201703 years
14Million Dollar NightDec-20-201718 months
13The Survivor DevilDec-13-201708 months
12Not Going to Roll Over and DieDec-06-201708 months
11Buy One, Get One Free (2)Nov-29-201708 months
10Buy One, Get One Free (1)Nov-29-201708 months
9Fear of the UnknownNov-22-201708 months
8Playing with the DevilNov-15-201708 months
7Get to Gettin'Nov-08-201708 months
6This Is Why You Play SurvivorNov-01-201708 months
5The Past Will Eat You AliveOct-25-201708 months
4I Don't Like Having Snakes AroundOct-18-201708 months
3My Kisses Are Very PrivateOct-11-201708 months
2I'm a Wild BansheeOct-04-201708 months
1I'm Not Crazy, I'm ConfidentSep-27-201708 months
3413Survivor: Game Changers ReunionMay-24-201718 months
12No Good Deed Goes UnpunishedMay-24-201701 year
11Parting Is Such Sweet SorrowMay-17-201718 months
10It Is Not a High Without a LowMay-10-201708 months
9Reinventing How This Game Is PlayedMay-03-201718 months
8A Line Drawn in ConcreteApr-26-201718 months
7There's a New Sheriff In TownApr-19-201728 months
6What Happened on Exile, Stays on ExileApr-12-201718 months
5Vote Early, Vote OftenApr-05-201728 months
4Dirty DeedMar-29-201718 months
3The Tables Have TurnedMar-22-201718 months
2Survivor JackpotMar-15-201718 months
1The Stakes Have Been RaisedMar-08-201718 months
3315Survivor Season 33: Millennials vs. Gen X ReunionDec-14-201606 years
14Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X ReunionDec-14-201618 months
13I'm Going for a Million BucksDec-14-201618 months
12Slayed the Survivor DragonDec-07-201608 months
11About to Have a RumbleNov-30-201608 months
10Million Dollar GambleNov-23-201608 months
9Still Throwin' PunchesNov-16-201608 months
8I'm the KingpinNov-09-201618 months
7I Will Destroy YouNov-02-201608 months
6The Truth Works WellOct-26-201608 months
5Idol Search PartyOct-19-201608 months
4Who's the Sucker at the Table?Oct-12-201618 months
3Your Job is ReconOct-05-201618 months
2Love GogglesSep-28-201628 months
1May the Best Generation WinSep-21-201628 months
3215Survivor: Kaôh Rōng ReunionMay-18-201638 months
14Not Going Down Without a FightMay-18-201628 months
13With Me or Not With MeMay-11-201613 years
12Now's the Time to Start SchemingMay-04-201628 months
11It's a ‘Me' Game, Not a ‘We' GameApr-27-201608 months
10I'm Not Here to Make Good FriendsApr-20-201608 months
9It's Psychological WarfareApr-13-201638 months
8The Jocks vs the Pretty PeopleApr-06-201648 months
7It's Merge TimeMar-30-201608 months
6Play or Go HomeMar-23-201608 months
5The Devils We KnowMar-16-201608 months
4Signed, Sealed and DeliveredMar-09-201618 months
3The Circle of LifeMar-02-201618 months
2Kindergarten CampFeb-24-201608 months
1I'm a Mental GiantFeb-17-201608 months
3115Survivor: Second Chance ReunionDec-16-201508 months
14Lie, Cheat and StealDec-16-201508 months
13Villains Have More FunDec-09-201518 months
12Tiny Little Shanks to the HeartDec-02-201528 months
11My Wheels Are SpinningNov-25-201507 years
10Like Selling Your Soul to the DevilNov-25-201518 months
9Witches CovenNov-18-201518 months
8You Call, We'll HaulNov-11-201518 months
7Play to WinNov-04-201508 months
6Bunking with the DevilOct-28-201528 months
5A Snake in the GrassOct-21-201518 months
4What's the Beef?Oct-14-201518 months
3We Got a RatOct-07-201508 months
2Survivor MacGyverSep-30-201508 months
1Second ChanceSep-23-201508 months
3015Survivor: Worlds Apart ReunionMay-20-201538 months
14It's a Fickle, Fickle GameMay-20-201508 months
13My Word is My BondMay-13-201508 months
12Holding on for Dear LifeMay-06-201508 months
11Survivor Russian RouletteApr-29-201518 months
10Bring the PopcornApr-22-201518 months
9Livin' on the EdgeApr-15-2015168 months
8Keep It RealApr-08-2015148 months
7The Line Will Be Drawn TonightApr-01-2015148 months
6Odd Woman OutMar-25-2015188 months
5We're Finally Playing Some SurvivorMar-18-201544 years
4Winner Winner, Chicken DinnerMar-18-201518 months
3Crazy is as Crazy DoesMar-11-2015328 months
2It Will Be My RevengeMar-04-201508 months
1It's Survivor WarfareFeb-25-201508 months
2915[no episode title yet]Dec-17-201407 years
14Survivor: San Juan del Sur ReunionDec-17-201418 months
13This is My TimeDec-17-201473 years
12Let's Make a MoveDec-10-201408 months
11Kind of Like Cream Cheese; Still Holdin' OnDec-03-201403 years
10This is Where We Build TrustNov-26-2014128 months
9Gettin' to Crunch TimeNov-19-201408 months
8Wrinkle in the PlanNov-12-201408 months
7Million Dollar DecisionNov-05-201438 months
6Make Some Magic HappenOct-29-201448 months
5Blood is BloodOct-22-201438 months
4We're a Hot MessOct-15-201438 months
3Actions vs. AccusationsOct-08-201418 years
2Method to This MadnessOct-01-201418 years
1Suck it Up and SurviveSep-24-201448 months
2814Survivor: Cagayan ReunionMay-21-201438 months
13It's Do or DieMay-21-201438 months
12Straw That Broke the Camel's BackMay-14-201418 months
11Havoc to WreakMay-07-201428 months
10Chaos is My FriendApr-30-201408 months
9Sitting in My Spy ShackApr-23-201418 months
8Bag of TricksApr-16-201408 months
7Mad Treasure HuntApr-09-201428 months
6Head of the SnakeApr-02-201418 months
5We Found Our ZombiesMar-26-201418 months
4Odd One OutMar-19-201408 months
3Our Time to ShineMar-12-201438 months
2Cops-R-UsMar-05-201418 months
1Hot Girl with a GrudgeFeb-26-201428 months
2715Survivor: Blood vs. Water ReunionDec-15-201318 months
14It's My NightDec-15-201308 months
13Out on a LimbDec-11-201328 months
12Rustle FeathersDec-04-201328 months
11Gloves Come OffNov-27-201318 months
10Big Bad WolfNov-20-201318 months
9My Brother's KeeperNov-13-201318 months
8Skin of My TeethNov-06-201328 months
7Swoop in for the KillOct-30-201308 months
6One-Man Wrecking BallOct-23-201338 months
5The Dead Can Still TalkOct-16-201318 months
4One Armed Dude and Three MomsOct-09-201318 months
3Opening Pandora's BoxOct-02-201318 months
2Rule in ChaosSep-25-201328 months
1Blood is Thicker than AnythingSep-18-201328 months
2615Survivor: Caramoan ReunionMay-12-201318 months
14Last PushMay-12-201318 months
13Don't Say Anything About My MomMay-08-201308 months
12The Beginning of the EndMay-01-201318 months
11Come Over to the Dark SideApr-24-201338 months
10Zipping Over the Cuckoo's NestApr-17-201308 months
9Cut Off the Head of the SnakeApr-10-201328 months
8Blindside TimeApr-03-201308 months
7Tubby LunchboxMar-27-201308 months
6Operation Thunder DomeMar-20-201318 months
5Persona Non GrataMar-13-201328 months
4Kill or be KilledMar-06-201328 months
3There's Gonna be Hell to PayFeb-27-201338 months
2Honey BadgerFeb-20-201328 months
1-She Annoys Me GreatlyFeb-13-201338 months
2515Survivor: Philippines ReunionDec-16-201218 months
14Million Dollar QuestionDec-16-201228 months
13Gouge My Eyes OutDec-12-201228 months
12Shot Into SmithereensDec-05-201248 months
11Hell Hath Frozen OverNov-28-201228 months
10Whiners are WienersNov-21-201218 months
9Little Miss PerfectNov-14-201228 months
8Dead Man WalkingNov-07-201228 months
7Not the Only Actor on this IslandOct-31-201218 months
6Down and DirtyOct-24-201228 months
5Got My Swag BackOct-17-201248 months
4Create a Little ChaosOct-10-201238 months
3This Isn't a We GameOct-03-201238 months
2Don't Be Blinded By the HeadlightsSep-26-201238 months
1Survivor Smacked Me in the ChopsSep-19-201238 months
2415Survivor: One World ReunionMay-13-201218 months
14Perception is Not Always RealityMay-13-201208 months
13It's Human NatureMay-09-201228 months
12It's Gonna be ChaosMay-02-201248 months
11Never Say DieApr-25-201228 months
10I'm No DummyApr-18-201218 months
9Go Out with a BangApr-11-201218 months
8Just Annihilate ThemApr-04-201218 months
7The Beauty in a MergeMar-28-201218 months
6Thanks for the SouvenirMar-21-201228 months
5A Bunch of IdiotsMar-14-201228 months
4Bum-PuzzledMar-07-201228 months
3One World is Out the WindowFeb-29-201278 months
2Total DysfunctionFeb-22-201258 months
1Two Tribes, One Camp, No RulesFeb-15-201248 months
2316Survivor: South Pacific ReunionDec-18-201118 months
15Loyalties Will Be BrokenDec-18-201108 months
14Then There Were FiveDec-14-201118 months
13Ticking Time BombDec-07-201118 months
12Cult LikeNov-30-201118 months
11A Closer Look - Recap of the season so far & previously unseen footageNov-23-201108 months
10Running the ShowNov-16-201118 months
9Cut ThroatNov-09-201118 months
8Double AgentNov-02-201118 months
7Trojan HorseOct-26-201118 months
6Free AgentOct-19-201118 months
5Taste the VictoryOct-12-201118 months
4SurvivalismOct-05-201108 months
3Reap What You SowSep-28-201118 months
2He Has DemonsSep-21-201118 months
1I Need RedemptionSep-14-201108 months
2215Survivor: Redemption Island ReunionMay-15-201118 months
14Seems Like a No-BrainerMay-15-201109 years
13Too Close for ComfortMay-11-201108 months
12You Mangled My NetsMay-04-201109 years
11A Mystery PackageApr-27-201118 months
10Rice WarsApr-20-201118 months
9The Buddy SystemApr-13-201128 months
8This Game Respects Big MovesApr-06-201109 years
7It Don't Take a Smart OneMar-30-201118 months
6Their Red-Headed StepchildMar-23-201118 months
5We Hate Our TribeMar-16-201109 years
4Don't You Work for Me?Mar-09-201118 months
3Keep Hope AliveMar-02-201118 months
2You Own My VoteFeb-23-201118 months
1You're Looking at the New Leader of Our TribeFeb-16-201128 months
2116Survivor: Nicaragua ReunionDec-19-201018 months
15What About Me?Dec-19-201004 years
14This is Going to HurtDec-15-201004 years
13Not Sure Where I StandDec-08-201018 months
12You Started, You're FinishingDec-01-201004 years
11We Did It GuysNov-24-201018 months
10Stuck in the MiddleNov-17-201018 months
9Running the CampNov-10-201018 months
8Company Will Be Arriving SoonNov-03-201008 months
7What Goes Around, Comes AroundOct-27-201004 years
6Worst Case ScenarioOct-20-201009 years
5Turf WarsOct-13-201018 months
4Pulling the TriggerOct-06-201009 years
3Glitter in Their EyesSep-29-201009 years
2Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us AllSep-22-201008 months
1Young at HeartSep-15-201018 months
2015Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains ReunionMay-16-201018 months
14Anything Could HappenMay-16-201004 years
13Loose Lips Sink ShipsMay-13-201008 months
12A Sinking ShipMay-06-201004 years
11Jumping ShipApr-29-201004 years
10Going Down in FlamesApr-22-201008 months
9Survivor HistoryApr-15-201008 months
8ExpectationsApr-08-201009 years
7I'm Not a Good VillainApr-01-201018 months
6Banana EtiquetteMar-24-201018 months
5Knights of the Round TableMar-11-201018 months
4Tonight, We Make Our MoveMar-04-201004 years
3That Girl is Like a VirusFeb-25-201008 months
2It's Getting the Best of MeFeb-18-201018 months
1Slay Everyone, Trust No OneFeb-11-201004 years
1916Survivor: Samoa ReunionDec-20-200918 months
15This Game Ain't OverDec-20-200904 years
14Two Brains Are Better than OneDec-17-200908 months
13Damage ControlDec-10-200908 months
12Off with Their Heads!Dec-03-200908 months
11The First 27 DaysNov-26-200904 years
10The Day of ReckoningNov-19-200908 months
9Tastes Like ChickenNov-12-200918 months
8All Hell Breaks LooseNov-05-200908 months
7Houdini MagicOct-29-200909 years
6This Is the Man TestOct-22-200909 years
5Walking on Thin IceOct-15-200909 years
4Hungry for a WinOct-08-200908 months
3It's Called a Russell SeedOct-01-200909 years
2Taking Candy from a BabySep-24-200918 months
1The Puppet MasterSep-17-200918 months
1815Survivor: Tocantins ReunionMay-17-200908 months
14I Trust You But I Trust Me MoreMay-17-200938 months
13The Martyr ApproachMay-14-200908 months
12The Ultimate SacrificeMay-07-200908 months
11They Both Went BananasApr-30-200908 months
10It's Funny When People CryApr-23-200908 months
9The Biggest Fraud in the GameApr-16-200908 months
8The Dragon SlayerApr-09-200918 months
7One of Those 'Coach Moments'Apr-02-200948 months
6The First Fifteen DaysMar-25-200908 months
5You're Going to Want that ToothMar-12-200938 months
4The Strongest Man AliveMar-05-200908 months
3Mama Said There'd Be Days Like ThisFeb-26-200948 months
2The Poison Apple Needs to GoFeb-19-200918 months
1Let's Get Rid of the Weak Players Before We Even StartFeb-12-200948 months
1714Survivor: Gabon ReunionDec-14-200804 years
13Say Goodbye to GabonDec-14-200804 years
12The Good Guys Should Win in the EndDec-11-200804 years
11The Good Things in Life Aren't EasyDec-04-200818 months
10I Was Put on the Planet for This ShowNov-27-200818 months
9Nothing Tastes Better than Five Hundred DollarsNov-20-200818 months
8The Brains Behind EverythingNov-13-200804 years
7The Apple in the Garden of EdenNov-06-200804 years
6It All Depends on the Pin-Up GirlOct-30-200818 months
5He's a Snake, But He's My SnakeOct-23-200818 months
4This Camp is CursedOct-16-200818 months
3It Was Like Christmas Morning!Oct-09-200818 months
2She Obviously is Post-Op!Oct-02-200809 years
1Want to See the Elephant Dung?Sep-25-200818 months
1615Survivor: Micronesia ReunionMay-11-200808 months
14Stir the PotMay-11-200838 months
13If it Smells Like a Rat, Give it CheeseMay-08-200838 months
12I'm Gonna Fix Her!May-01-200808 months
11I'm Ruthless...and Have a Smile on My FaceApr-24-200808 months
10I Promise...Apr-17-200838 months
9I'm in Such a Hot PickleApr-10-200808 months
8A Lost Puppy DogApr-03-200808 months
7Like a Wide-Eyed Kid in the Candy StoreMar-19-200808 months
6It Hit Everyone Pretty Hard!Mar-13-200808 months
5He's a Ball of Goo!Mar-06-200808 months
4That's Baked, Barbecued and Fried!Feb-28-200808 months
3I Should Be Carried on the Chariot-Type Thing!Feb-21-200808 months
2The Sounds of Jungle LoveFeb-14-200808 months
1You Guys Are Dumber than You LookFeb-07-200838 months
1515Survivor: China ReunionDec-16-200709 years
14A Slippery Little SuckerDec-16-200709 years
13Hello, I'm Still a Person!Dec-13-200709 years
12Going for the OscarDec-06-200709 years
11Ready to Bite the AppleNov-29-200709 years
10It's Been Real and It's Been FunNov-22-200709 years
9Just Don't Eat the AppleNov-15-200709 years
8High School Friend ContestNov-08-200709 years
7I'm Not as Dumb as I LookNov-01-200709 years
6That's Love, Baby! It Makes You Strong!Oct-25-200709 years
5Love Is in the AirOct-18-200709 years
4Ride the Workhorse Till the Tail Falls OffOct-11-200709 years
3I Lost Two Hands and Possibly a Shoulder!Oct-04-200709 years
2My Mom Is Going to Kill Me!Sep-27-200709 years
1A Chicken's a Little Bit SmarterSep-20-200709 years
1415Survivor: Fiji ReunionMay-13-200709 years
14You've Got a Puzzled LookMay-13-200709 years
13I Wanna See If I Can Make a DealMay-10-200709 years
12A Smile, Velvet Gloves and a Dagger in My PocketMay-03-200709 years
11Blackmail or BetrayalApr-26-200709 years
10It's a Turtle?!Apr-19-200709 years
9Are We Gonna Live on Exile Island?!Apr-12-200709 years
8So You Think You Can Meke?Apr-05-200709 years
7An Evil ThoughtMar-29-200709 years
6I've Got Strength Now to Carry the FlagMar-21-200709 years
5Love Many, Trust Few, Do Wrong to NoneMar-08-200709 years
4Let's Just Call Jeff on the Jeff PhoneMar-01-200709 years
3This Isn't Survival ... It's ThrivalFeb-22-200709 years
2Snakes Are Misunderstood ... We Have an Understanding NowFeb-15-200709 years
1Something Cruel Is About to Happen...Real SoonFeb-08-200709 years
1316Survivor: Cook Islands ReunionDec-17-200604 years
15This Tribe Will Self-Destruct In 5, 4, 3…Dec-17-200609 years
14I Have the Advantage for OnceDec-14-200609 years
13Arranging a HitDec-07-200609 years
12You're a RatNov-30-200609 years
11Why Would You Trust Me?Nov-23-200609 years
10People That You Like Want to See You SufferNov-16-200609 years
9MutinyNov-09-200609 years
8Why Aren't You Swimming?Nov-02-200609 years
7A Closer LookOct-26-200609 years
6Plan VoodooOct-19-200609 years
5Don't Cry Over Spilled OctopusOct-12-200609 years
4Ruling the RoostOct-05-200609 years
3Flirting and FrustrationSep-28-200609 years
2Dire Straights and Dead WeightSep-21-200609 years
1I Can Forgive Her, But I Don't Have to Because She Screwed with My ChickensSep-14-200609 years
1216Survivor: Panama ReunionMay-14-200609 years
15The Final ShowdownMay-14-200609 years
14Call the Whambulence!May-11-200609 years
13BamboozledMay-04-200609 years
12Perilous ScrambleApr-27-200609 years
11Medical EmergencyApr-20-200609 years
10Fight for Your Life or EatApr-13-200604 years
9The Power of the IdolApr-06-200609 years
8An Emerging PlanMar-30-200609 years
7A Closer LookMar-15-200609 years
6Salvation and DesertionMar-09-200609 years
5For Cod's SakeMar-02-200609 years
4Starvation and LunacyFeb-23-200609 years
3Crazy Fights, Snake DinnersFeb-16-200609 years
2BreakdownFeb-09-200609 years
1The First ExileFeb-02-200609 years
1115Survivor: Guatemala ReunionDec-11-200509 years
14Thunder Storms & SacrificeDec-11-200509 years
13Big Win, Big Decision? Big Mistake?Dec-08-200509 years
12A Price for ImmunityDec-01-200509 years
11Everything is PersonalNov-24-200509 years
10Eating and Sleeping with the EnemyNov-17-200509 years
9Secrets and Lies and an Idol SurpriseNov-10-200509 years
8The Hidden Immunity IdolNov-03-200509 years
7Surprise Enemy VisitOct-27-200509 years
6Big Ball, Big Mouth, Big TroubleOct-20-200509 years
5Crocs, Cowboys and City SlickersOct-13-200509 years
4To Betray or Not to BetrayOct-06-200509 years
3The Brave May Not Live Long, but the Cautious Don't Live at AllSep-29-200509 years
2Man DownSep-22-200509 years
1Big Trek, Big Trouble, Big SurpriseSep-15-200509 years
1015Survivor: Palau ReunionMay-15-200504 years
14The Ultimate ShockMay-15-200509 years
13It Could All BackfireMay-12-200509 years
12We'll Make You PayMay-05-200509 years
11I'll Show You How Threatening I AmApr-28-200509 years
10Exile IslandApr-21-200509 years
9I Will Not Give UpApr-14-200509 years
8Neanderthal ManApr-07-200509 years
7The Great White Shark HunterMar-31-200509 years
6Jellyfish 'n ChipsMar-23-200509 years
5The Best and Worst Reward EverMar-16-200509 years
4Sumo at SeaMar-10-200509 years
3Dangerous Creatures and Horrible SetbacksMar-03-200509 years
2Love Is in the Air, Rats Are EverywhereFeb-24-200509 years
1This Has Never Happened Before!Feb-17-200509 years
915Survivor: Vanuatu ReunionDec-12-200408 months
14Spirits and the Final FourDec-12-200408 months
13Eruptions of Volcanic Magnitude!Dec-09-200408 months
12Now Who's in Charge Here?!Dec-02-200408 months
11Surprise and...Surprise Again!Nov-25-200408 months
10Culture Shock and Violent StormsNov-18-200408 months
9Gender Wars... and It's Getting Ugly!Nov-11-200438 months
8Now the Battle Really BeginsNov-04-200408 months
7Anger, Threats, Tears And CoffeeOct-28-200408 months
6Hog TiedOct-21-200438 months
5Earthquakes and Shake Ups!Oct-14-200438 months
4Now That's a RewardOct-07-200438 months
3Double Tribal, Double TroubleSep-30-200408 months
2Burly Girls, Bowheads, Young Studs and the Old BunchSep-23-200408 months
1They Came at Us with SpearsSep-16-200438 months
818[no episode title yet]May-13-200407 years
17Survivor: All-Stars ReunionMay-09-200438 months
16The All-Stars FinaleMay-09-200408 months
15The InstigatorMay-06-200408 months
14A Chapera SurpriseApr-29-200408 months
13Stupid People. Stupid, Stupid PeopleApr-22-200408 months
12A Thoughtful Gesture or a Deceptive Plan?Apr-15-200408 months
11Anger, Tears and ChaosApr-08-200408 months
10Mad Scramble and Broken HeartsApr-01-200438 months
9A Closer Look (a.k.a. All-Star Redux)Mar-24-200408 months
8Pick a TribemateMar-17-200438 months
7Sorry...I Blew ItMar-11-200408 months
6OutragedMar-04-200438 months
5I've Been Bamboozled!Feb-26-200408 months
4Wipe Out!Feb-19-200408 months
3Shark AttackFeb-12-200408 months
2Panicked, Desperate, Thirsty as HellFeb-05-200438 months
1They're Back!Feb-01-200438 months
715Survivor: Pearl Islands ReunionDec-14-200308 months
14Flames and EnduranceDec-14-200308 months
13MutinyDec-11-200308 months
12Would You Be My Brutus Today?Dec-04-200308 months
11The Great LieNov-26-200308 months
10Swimming with SharksNov-20-200308 months
9Shocking! Simply Shocking!Nov-13-200308 months
8What the...? (2)Nov-06-200338 months
7What the...? (1) - 100th EpisodeOct-30-200308 months
6Me and My SnakeOct-23-200338 months
5Everyone's HeroOct-16-200308 months
4Pick a Castaway ... Any CastawayOct-09-200308 months
3United We Stand, Divided We... ?Oct-02-200338 months
2To Quit or Not to QuitSep-25-200308 months
1Beg, Barter, StealSep-18-200338 months
615Survivor: The Amazon ReunionMay-11-200338 months
14...And Then There Were FourMay-11-200338 months
13The Amazon Heats UpMay-08-200338 months
12Sour GrapesMay-01-200338 months
11Q and AApr-24-200338 months
10Amazon ReduxApr-17-200308 months
9The ChainApr-10-200308 months
8Sleeping with the EnemyApr-03-200338 months
7Girls Gone WilderMar-26-200338 months
6More than Meats the EyeMar-19-200308 months
5Pick-up SticksMar-13-200308 months
4TrappedMar-06-200338 months
3Girl PowerFeb-27-200308 months
2StormsFeb-20-200308 months
1Boys vs. GirlsFeb-13-200338 months
515Survivor: Thailand - The ReunionDec-19-200208 months
14Slip Through Your FingersDec-19-200208 months
13The Tides Are TurningDec-12-200208 months
12A Big Surprise...and AnotherDec-05-200208 months
11A Closer LookNov-27-200208 months
10While the Cats Are AwayNov-21-200208 months
9Desperate MeasuresNov-14-200208 months
8Sleeping with the EnemyNov-07-200208 months
7AssumptionsOct-31-200208 months
6The Power of OneOct-24-200208 months
5The Ocean's SurpriseOct-17-200208 months
4Gender BenderOct-10-200208 months
3Family ValuesOct-03-200238 months
2The Great DivideSep-26-200238 months
1The Importance of Being EldestSep-19-200238 months
415Survivor: Marquesas ReunionMay-19-200208 months
14The Sole SurvivorMay-19-200208 months
13A Tale of Two CitiesMay-16-200208 months
12Marquesan VacationMay-09-200208 months
11The PrincessMay-02-200208 months
10Two Peas in a PodApr-25-200208 months
9Look Closer: The First 24 DaysApr-24-200208 months
8Jury's OutApr-18-200208 months
7True LiesApr-11-200238 months
6The UnderdogsApr-04-200208 months
5The End of InnocenceMar-28-200208 months
4The Winds TwistMar-20-200208 months
3No Pain, No GainMar-13-200208 months
2Nacho MommaMar-07-200238 months
1Back to the BeachFeb-28-200238 months
317[no episode title yet]Jan-17-200209 years
16[no episode title yet]Jan-10-200209 years
15Survivor: Africa ReunionJan-10-200209 years
14The Final Four: No RegretsJan-10-200208 months
13Truth Be ToldJan-03-200208 months
12The Big AdventureDec-27-200108 months
11We Are FamilyDec-20-200108 months
10Dinner, Movie and a BetrayalDec-13-200108 months
9Smoking Out the SnakeDec-06-200138 months
8The First 21 Days (a.k.a. Look Closer)Nov-29-200108 months
7Will There Be a Feast Tonight?Nov-22-200138 months
6I'd Never Do It to YouNov-15-200138 months
5The TwistNov-08-200108 months
4The Young and UntrustedNov-01-200108 months
3The Gods Are AngryOct-25-200108 months
2Who's Zooming Whom?Oct-18-200138 months
1Question of TrustOct-11-200108 months
217[no episode title yet]May-10-200109 years
16Survivor: The Australian Outback ReunionMay-03-200108 months
15The Most DeservingMay-03-200108 months
14The Final FourApr-26-200108 months
13Enough is EnoughApr-19-200138 months
12No Longer Just a GameApr-12-200108 months
11Let's Make a DealApr-05-200108 months
10Honeymoon or Not?Mar-29-200108 months
9The First 24 Days: A Closer LookMar-21-200108 months
8Friends?Mar-14-200108 months
7The MergeMar-08-200108 months
6Trial by FireMar-01-200108 months
5The Gloves Come OffFeb-22-200138 months
4The Killing FieldsFeb-15-200138 months
3Trust No OneFeb-08-200138 months
2SuspicionFeb-01-200138 months
1StrandedJan-28-200147 months
114Survivor: Borneo ReunionAug-23-200008 months
13The Final FourAug-23-200008 months
12Death of an AllianceAug-16-200008 months
11Long Hard DaysAug-09-200008 months
10Crack in the AllianceAug-08-200008 months
9Old and New BondsJul-26-200038 months
8Thy Name is DuplicityJul-19-200008 months
7The MergerJul-12-200038 months
6Udder RevengeJul-05-200008 months
5Pulling Your Own WeightJun-28-200038 months
4Too Little Too Late?Jun-21-200038 months
3Quest for FoodJun-14-200038 months
2The Generation GapJun-07-200028 months
1The MarooningMay-31-200048 months
064Edge Of Extinction: PonderosaMay-15-201902 years
63David vs. Goliath: Ponderosa #10Dec-19-201802 years
62TBADec-19-201802 years
61TBADec-19-201802 years
60TBADec-12-201802 years
59TBADec-05-201802 years
58TBADec-05-201802 years
57TBANov-28-201802 years
56David vs. Goliath: Ponderosa #3Nov-21-201802 years
55TBANov-14-201802 years
54Ghost Island: Ponderosa #10May-24-201802 years
53Ghost Island: Ponderosa #9May-24-201802 years
52Ghost Island: Ponderosa #8May-24-201802 years
51Ghost Island: Ponderosa #7May-17-201802 years
50Ghost Island: Ponderosa #6May-10-201802 years
49Ghost Island: Ponderosa #5May-03-201802 years
48Ghost Island: Ponderosa #4May-03-201802 years
47Ghost Island: Ponderosa #3Apr-26-201802 years
46Ghost Island: Ponderosa #2Apr-19-201802 years
45Ghost Island: Ponderosa #1Apr-12-201802 years
44Survivor: Inside the PhenomenonJan-09-200102 years
43[no episode title yet]Sep-08-201407 years
42[no episode title yet]Feb-12-201407 years
41[no episode title yet]Sep-04-201307 years
40[no episode title yet]Jan-30-201307 years
39[no episode title yet]Sep-11-201207 years
38[no episode title yet]Jan-29-201207 years
37[no episode title yet]Sep-04-201107 years
36[no episode title yet]May-16-201107 years
35[no episode title yet]Jan-28-201107 years
34[no episode title yet]Dec-20-201007 years
33[no episode title yet]Sep-12-201007 years
32[no episode title yet]May-17-201007 years
31[no episode title yet]Feb-04-201007 years
30[no episode title yet]Jan-31-201007 years
29[no episode title yet]Dec-21-200907 years
28Survivor: Samoa PreviewSep-08-200902 years
27[no episode title yet]May-31-200907 years
26[no episode title yet]May-18-200907 years
25[no episode title yet]Feb-01-200907 years
24[no episode title yet]Dec-15-200807 years
23[no episode title yet]Sep-09-200807 years
22[no episode title yet]May-12-200807 years
21[no episode title yet]Jan-27-200807 years
20[no episode title yet]Dec-17-200707 years
19[no episode title yet]Sep-12-200707 years
18[no episode title yet]May-14-200707 years
17[no episode title yet]Jan-28-200707 years
16[no episode title yet]Dec-18-200607 years
15[no episode title yet]Sep-03-200607 years
14[no episode title yet]May-15-200607 years
13[no episode title yet]Jan-22-200607 years
12[no episode title yet]Dec-12-200507 years
11Rob and Amber Get MarriedMay-24-200502 years
10[no episode title yet]May-24-200507 years
9[no episode title yet]May-16-200507 years
8[no episode title yet]Feb-06-200507 years
7[no episode title yet]Dec-13-200407 years
6[no episode title yet]Oct-10-200407 years
5[no episode title yet]May-10-200407 years
4[no episode title yet]May-19-200207 years
3[no episode title yet]Jan-17-200207 years
2[no episode title yet]Oct-04-200107 years
1[no episode title yet]May-10-200107 years

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