Supernatural is a US drama-horror/supernatural television series that follows the life of the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean as they continue the life of hunting monsters and demons left by their father. Every episode features various horrifying creatures from different folklore and religious beliefs. From the story of Bloody Marry, swamp monsters, demonic possessions, purgatory, angels, the devil and more. Any horror character you can think of, this series amazingly tackle the story with focus on the relationship of the brothers with the other hunters.

The most recent season of the series features Dean as he was possessed by Michael and Sam tries to find him with the help of his friends, son of Lucifer, Bobby from another dimension and the fallen angel Castiel.
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Genre: Drama, Supernatural, Horror

Release Date: September 13, 2005 (US)

Status: Ended

Network: The CW (Official Website)

Casts: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Katie Cassidy, Lauren Cohan

Most recent episode: Supernatural Season 15 Episode 20 - Carry On ( 11/19/2020 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1520Carry OnNov-19-202071 day
19Inherit the EarthNov-12-202071 day
18DespairNov-05-202021 month
17UnityOct-29-202021 month
16Drag Me Away (From You)Oct-22-202021 month
15Gimme ShelterOct-15-202021 month
14Last HolidayMar-30-202021 month
13Destiny's ChildMar-23-202021 month
12Galaxy BrainMar-16-202031 month
11The GamblersJan-30-202021 month
10The Heroes' JourneyJan-23-202021 month
9The TrapJan-16-202021 month
8Our Father, Who Aren't in HeavenDec-12-201921 month
7Last CallDec-05-201931 month
6Golden TimeNov-21-201921 month
5Proverbs 17:3Nov-14-201921 month
4Atomic MonstersNov-07-201921 month
3The RuptureOct-24-201921 month
2Raising HellOct-17-201921 month
1Back and to the FutureOct-10-201931 month
1420MoriahApr-25-201917 months
19Jack in the BoxApr-18-201917 months
18AbsenceApr-11-201917 months
17Game NightApr-04-201917 months
16Don't Go in the WoodsMar-21-201917 months
15Peace of MindMar-14-201927 months
14OuroborosMar-07-201917 months
13LebanonFeb-07-201917 months
12Prophet and LossJan-31-201917 months
11Damaged GoodsJan-24-201917 months
10NihilismJan-17-201917 months
9The SpearDec-13-201817 months
8ByzantiumDec-06-201817 months
7Unhuman NatureNov-29-201817 months
6OptimismNov-15-201817 months
5Nightmare LogicNov-08-201817 months
4Mint ConditionNov-01-201817 months
3The ScarOct-25-201817 months
2Gods and MonstersOct-18-201817 months
1Stranger in a Strange LandOct-11-201817 months
1323Let the Good Times RollMay-17-201817 months
22ExodusMay-10-201817 months
21Beat the DevilMay-03-201817 months
20Unfinished BusinessApr-26-201817 months
19FuneraliaApr-19-201817 months
18Bring 'em Back AliveApr-12-201817 months
17The ThingApr-05-201817 months
16ScoobynaturalMar-29-201817 months
15A Most Holy ManMar-08-201817 months
14Good IntentionsMar-01-201817 months
13Devil's BargainFeb-08-201817 months
12Various & Sundry VillainsFeb-01-201817 months
11BreakdownJan-25-201827 months
10Wayward SistersJan-18-201827 months
9The Bad PlaceDec-07-201727 months
8The Scorpion and the FrogNov-30-201717 months
7War of the WorldsNov-23-201717 months
6TombstoneNov-16-201717 months
5Advanced ThanatologyNov-09-201717 months
4The Big EmptyNov-02-201717 months
3PatienceOct-26-201717 months
2The Rising SonOct-19-201717 months
1Lost and FoundOct-12-201717 months
1223All Along the WatchtowerMay-18-201717 months
22Who We AreMay-18-201717 months
21There's Something About MaryMay-11-201717 months
20Twigs & Twine & Tasha BanesMay-04-201717 months
19The FutureApr-27-201717 months
18The Memory RemainsApr-13-201717 months
17The British InvasionApr-06-201717 months
16Ladies Drink FreeMar-30-201717 months
15Somewhere Between Heaven and HellMar-09-201727 months
14The RaidMar-02-201727 months
13Family FeudFeb-23-201727 months
12Stuck in the Middle (With You)Feb-16-201727 months
11Regarding DeanFeb-09-201727 months
10Lily Sunder Has Some RegretsFeb-02-201717 months
9First BloodJan-26-201717 months
8LOTUSDec-08-201637 months
7Rock Never DiesDec-01-201647 months
6Celebrating the Life of Asa FoxNov-17-201617 months
5The One You've Been Waiting ForNov-10-201617 months
4American NightmareNov-03-201627 months
3The FoundryOct-27-201617 months
2Mamma MiaOct-20-201617 months
1Keep Calm and Carry OnOct-13-201617 months
1123Alpha and OmegaMay-25-201627 months
22We Happy FewMay-18-201627 months
21All in the FamilyMay-11-201617 months
20Don't Call Me ShurleyMay-04-201637 months
19The ChittersApr-27-201617 months
18Hell's AngelApr-06-201627 months
17Red MeatMar-30-201617 months
16Safe HouseMar-23-201617 months
15Beyond the MatFeb-24-201617 months
14The VesselFeb-17-201617 months
13Love HurtsFeb-10-201617 months
12Don't You Forget About MeFeb-03-201617 months
11Into the MysticJan-27-201617 months
10The Devil in the DetailsJan-20-201617 months
9O Brother Where Art Thou?Dec-09-201517 months
8Just My ImaginationDec-02-201517 months
7PlushNov-18-201517 months
6Our Little WorldNov-11-201517 months
5Thin LizzieNov-04-201517 months
4BabyOct-28-201517 months
3The Bad SeedOct-21-201517 months
2Form and VoidOct-14-201517 months
1Out of the Darkness, Into the FireOct-07-201517 months
1023Brother's KeeperMay-20-201562 weeks
22The PrisonerMay-13-201562 weeks
21Dark DynastyMay-06-201562 weeks
20Angel HeartApr-29-201572 weeks
19The Werther ProjectApr-22-201532 weeks
18Book of the DamnedApr-14-201562 weeks
17Inside ManApr-08-201552 weeks
16Paint It BlackMar-25-201582 weeks
15The Things They CarriedMar-18-201552 weeks
14The Executioner's SongFeb-17-201572 weeks
13Halt & Catch FireFeb-10-201552 weeks
12About a BoyFeb-03-201572 weeks
11There's No Place Like HomeJan-27-201542 weeks
10The Hunter GamesJan-20-201542 weeks
9The Things We Left BehindDec-09-201452 weeks
8Hibbing 911Dec-02-201442 weeks
7Girls, Girls, GirlsNov-25-201472 weeks
6Ask JeevesNov-18-201472 weeks
5Fan FictionNov-11-201462 weeks
4Paper MoonOct-28-201442 weeks
3Soul SurvivorOct-21-201442 weeks
2ReichenbachOct-14-201462 weeks
1BlackOct-07-201442 weeks
923Do You Believe in Miracles?May-20-201432 weeks
22Stairway to HeavenMay-13-201432 weeks
21King of the DamnedMay-06-201432 weeks
20BloodlinesApr-29-201432 weeks
19Alex Annie Alexis AnnApr-22-201432 weeks
18Meta FictionApr-15-201432 weeks
17Mother's Little HelperMar-25-201432 weeks
16Blade RunnersMar-18-201432 weeks
15#thinmanMar-04-201432 weeks
14CaptivesFeb-25-201432 weeks
13The PurgeFeb-04-201432 weeks
12Sharp TeethJan-28-201432 weeks
11First BornJan-21-201432 weeks
10Road TripJan-14-201432 weeks
9Holy TerrorDec-03-201332 weeks
8Rock and a Hard PlaceNov-26-201332 weeks
7Bad BoysNov-19-201332 weeks
6Heaven Can't WaitNov-12-201332 weeks
5Dog Dean AfternoonNov-05-201332 weeks
4Slumber PartyOct-29-201332 weeks
3I'm No AngelOct-22-201332 weeks
2Devil May CareOct-15-201332 weeks
1I Think I'm Gonna Like It HereOct-08-201332 weeks
823SacrificeMay-15-201342 weeks
22Clip ShowMay-08-201342 weeks
21The Great EscapistMay-01-201342 weeks
20Pac-Man FeverApr-24-201342 weeks
19Taxi DriverApr-03-201342 weeks
18Freaks and GeeksMar-27-201342 weeks
17Goodbye StrangerMar-20-201342 weeks
16Remember the TitansFeb-27-201342 weeks
15Man's Best Friend with BenefitsFeb-20-201342 weeks
14Trial and ErrorFeb-13-201352 weeks
13Everybody Hates HitlerFeb-06-201342 weeks
12As Time Goes ByJan-30-201352 weeks
11LARP and the Real GirlJan-23-201352 weeks
10Torn and FrayedJan-16-201342 weeks
9Citizen FangDec-05-201242 weeks
8Hunteri HeroiciNov-28-201242 weeks
7A Little Slice of KevinNov-14-201242 weeks
6Southern ComfortNov-07-201242 weeks
5Blood BrotherOct-31-201242 weeks
4BittenOct-24-201242 weeks
3HeartacheOct-17-201242 weeks
2What's Up, Tiger Mommy?Oct-10-201282 weeks
1We Need to Talk About KevinOct-03-201242 weeks
723Survival of the FittestMay-18-201262 weeks
22There Will Be BloodMay-11-201262 weeks
21Reading is FundamentalMay-04-201242 weeks
20The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons TattooApr-27-201272 weeks
19Of Grave ImportanceApr-20-201262 weeks
18Party On, GarthMar-30-201242 weeks
17The Born-Again IdentityMar-23-2012102 weeks
16Out with the OldMar-16-2012112 weeks
15Repo ManFeb-17-201272 weeks
14Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical MenagerieFeb-10-201272 weeks
13The Slice GirlsFeb-03-201242 weeks
12Time After TimeJan-13-201252 weeks
11Adventures in BabysittingJan-06-201252 weeks
10Death's DoorDec-02-201152 weeks
9How to Win Friends and Influence MonstersNov-18-201142 weeks
8Season 7, Time for a Wedding!Nov-11-201142 weeks
7The MentalistsNov-04-201142 weeks
6Slash FictionOct-28-201142 weeks
5Shut Up, Dr. PhilOct-21-201142 weeks
4Defending Your LifeOct-14-201142 weeks
3The Girl Next DoorOct-07-201142 weeks
2Hello, Cruel WorldSep-30-201142 weeks
1Meet the New BossSep-23-201142 weeks
622The Man Who Knew Too MuchMay-20-201142 weeks
21Let It BleedMay-20-201142 weeks
20The Man Who Would Be KingMay-06-201142 weeks
19Mommy DearestApr-29-201142 weeks
18FrontierlandApr-22-201142 weeks
17My Heart Will Go OnApr-15-201142 weeks
16And Then There Were NoneMar-04-201142 weeks
15The French MistakeFeb-25-201142 weeks
14Mannequin 3: The ReckoningFeb-18-201142 weeks
13UnforgivenFeb-11-201142 weeks
12Like a VirginFeb-04-201142 weeks
11Appointment in SamarraDec-10-201042 weeks
10Caged HeatDec-03-201042 weeks
9Clap Your Hands If You BelieveNov-19-201042 weeks
8All Dogs Go to HeavenNov-12-201042 weeks
7Family MattersNov-05-201042 weeks
6You Can't Handle the TruthOct-29-201042 weeks
5Live Free or Twi-hardOct-22-201042 weeks
4Weekend at Bobby'sOct-15-201042 weeks
3The Third ManOct-08-201042 weeks
2Two and a Half MenOct-01-201042 weeks
1Exile on Main St.Sep-24-201042 weeks
522Swan SongMay-13-201072 weeks
21Two Minutes to MidnightMay-06-201042 weeks
20The Devil You KnowApr-29-201052 weeks
19Hammer of the GodsApr-22-201042 weeks
18Point of No ReturnApr-15-201052 weeks
1799 ProblemsApr-08-201042 weeks
16Dark Side of the MoonApr-01-201042 weeks
15Dead Men Don't Wear PlaidMar-25-201042 weeks
14My Bloody ValentineFeb-11-201042 weeks
13The Song Remains the SameFeb-04-201052 weeks
12:Swap MeatJan-28-201072 weeks
11Sam, InterruptedJan-21-201042 weeks
10Abandon All Hope...Nov-19-200932 weeks
9The Real GhostbustersNov-12-200932 weeks
8Changing ChannelsNov-05-200962 weeks
7The Curious Case of Dean WinchesterOct-29-200932 weeks
6I Believe the Children are Our FutureOct-15-200942 weeks
5Fallen IdolsOct-08-200932 weeks
4The EndOct-01-200932 weeks
3Free to Be You and MeSep-24-200932 weeks
2Good God, Y'all!Sep-17-200932 weeks
1Sympathy for the DevilSep-10-200942 weeks
422Lucifer RisingMay-14-200952 weeks
21When the Levee BreaksMay-07-200942 weeks
20The RaptureApr-30-200942 weeks
19Jump the SharkApr-23-200972 weeks
18The Monster at the End of This BookApr-02-200952 weeks
17It's a Terrible LifeMar-26-200942 weeks
16On the Head of a PinMar-19-200942 weeks
15Death Takes a HolidayMar-12-200952 weeks
14Sex and ViolenceFeb-05-200972 weeks
13After School SpecialJan-29-200942 weeks
12Criss Angel is a DouchebagJan-22-200922 years
11Family RemainsJan-15-200922 years
10Heaven and HellNov-20-200852 weeks
9I Know What You Did Last SummerNov-13-200842 weeks
8Wishful ThinkingNov-06-200832 weeks
7It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam WinchesterOct-30-200852 weeks
6Yellow FeverOct-23-200852 weeks
5Monster MovieOct-16-200852 weeks
4MetamorphosisOct-09-200852 weeks
3In the BeginningOct-02-200852 weeks
2Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean WinchesterSep-25-200862 weeks
1Lazarus RisingSep-18-200852 weeks
316No Rest for the WickedMay-15-200872 weeks
15Time is on My SideMay-08-200842 weeks
14Long Distance CallMay-01-200842 weeks
13GhostfacersApr-24-200852 weeks
12Jus in BelloFeb-21-200852 weeks
11Mystery SpotFeb-14-200842 weeks
10Dream a Little Dream of MeFeb-07-200842 weeks
9Malleus MaleficarumJan-31-200842 weeks
8A Very Supernatural ChristmasDec-13-200742 weeks
7Fresh BloodNov-15-200742 weeks
6Red Sky at MorningNov-08-200752 weeks
5Bedtime StoriesNov-01-200742 weeks
4Sin CityOct-25-200752 weeks
3Bad Day at Black RockOct-18-200742 weeks
2The Kids Are AlrightOct-11-200752 weeks
1The Magnificent SevenOct-04-200752 weeks
222All Hell Breaks Loose (2)May-17-200742 weeks
21All Hell Breaks Loose (1)May-10-200742 weeks
20What Is and What Should Never BeMay-03-200742 weeks
19Folsom Prison BluesApr-26-200742 weeks
18Hollywood BabylonApr-19-200742 weeks
17HeartMar-22-200742 weeks
16RoadkillMar-15-200742 weeks
15Tall TalesFeb-15-200742 weeks
14Born Under a Bad SignFeb-08-200732 weeks
13Houses of the HolyFeb-01-200732 weeks
12NightshifterJan-25-200732 weeks
11PlaythingsJan-18-200742 weeks
10HuntedJan-11-200742 weeks
9CroatoanDec-07-200642 weeks
8Crossroad BluesNov-16-200642 weeks
7The Usual SuspectsNov-09-200642 weeks
6No ExitNov-02-200642 weeks
5Simon SaidOct-26-200642 weeks
4Children Shouldn't Play with Dead ThingsOct-19-200642 weeks
3BloodlustOct-12-200642 weeks
2Everybody Loves a ClownOct-05-200642 weeks
1In My Time of DyingSep-28-200632 weeks
122Devil's TrapMay-04-200632 weeks
21SalvationApr-27-200632 weeks
20Dead Man's BloodApr-20-200632 weeks
19ProvenanceApr-13-200632 weeks
18Something WickedApr-06-200632 weeks
17Hell HouseMar-30-200632 weeks
16ShadowFeb-28-200632 weeks
15The BendersFeb-14-200632 weeks
14NightmareFeb-07-200632 weeks
13Route 666Jan-31-200632 weeks
12FaithJan-17-200632 weeks
11ScarecrowJan-10-200632 weeks
10AsylumNov-22-200532 weeks
9HomeNov-15-200532 weeks
8BugsNov-08-200532 weeks
7Hook ManOct-25-200532 weeks
6SkinOct-18-200532 weeks
5Bloody MaryOct-11-200532 weeks
4Phantom TravelerOct-04-200532 weeks
3Dead in the WaterSep-27-200532 weeks
2WendigoSep-20-200532 weeks
1PilotSep-13-200552 weeks
0[no episode title yet]Dec-31-196902 years
03[no episode title yet]Jul-12-201502 years
2[no episode title yet]Oct-06-201402 years
1[no episode title yet]02 years

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