Star Wars The Clone Wars

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is an animated television show set in the Star Wars galaxy. Stars for this animated series are Matt Lanter, James Arnold Taylor, Ashley Eckstein, Tom Kane, Dee Bradley Baker, Christopher Lee, Samuel L. Jackson and Anthony Daniels.

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Genre: Animated, Action, Science-Fiction

Release Date: October 3, 2008 (US)

Status: Running

Network: Cartoon Network (IMDb)

Casts: Tom Kane, Matt Wood, Nika Futterman, Kevin Michael Richardson, Nika Futterman, David Acord, Matt Lanter, Ian Abercrombie, Samuel L. Jackson, Ashley Eckstein, Ian Abercrombie, Anthony Daniels, James Arnold Taylor, Corey Burton, Tom Kenny, Dee Bradley Baker, Corey Burton, Seth Green, Dee Bradley Baker, Corey Burton, James Arnold Taylor, Dee Bradley Baker, Corey Burton, James Arnold Taylor, Tom Kane, Catherine Taber, James Arnold Taylor, Tom Kane, Matt Wood, Christopher Lee

Most recent episode: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 12 - Victory and Death ( 5/4/2020 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
712Victory and DeathMay-04-2020053 mins
11ShatteredMay-01-2020053 mins
10The Phantom ApprenticeApr-24-2020053 mins
9Old Friends Not ForgottenApr-17-2020053 mins
8Together AgainApr-10-2020053 mins
7Dangerous DebtApr-03-2020053 mins
6Deal No DealMar-27-2020053 mins
5Gone With a TraceMar-20-2020053 mins
4Unfinished BusinessMar-13-2020054 mins
3On the Wings of KeeradaksMar-06-2020054 mins
2A Distant EchoFeb-28-2020054 mins
1The Bad BatchFeb-21-2020054 mins
613SacrificeMar-07-2014054 mins
12DestinyMar-07-2014054 mins
11VoicesMar-07-201413 hours
10The Lost OneMar-07-201402 years
9The Disappeared: Pt. 2Mar-07-201402 years
8The Disappeared: Pt. 1Mar-07-201402 years
7Crisis at the HeartMar-07-201402 years
6The Rise of ClovisMar-07-201402 years
5An Old FriendMar-07-201423 hours
4OrdersFeb-15-201413 hours
3FugitiveFeb-15-201413 hours
2ConspiracyFeb-15-201402 years
1The UnknownFeb-15-201413 hours
520The Wrong JediMar-02-201323 hours
19To Catch a JediFeb-23-201322 years
18The Jedi Who Knew Too MuchFeb-16-201302 years
17SabotageFeb-09-201322 years
16The LawlessFeb-02-201353 hours
15Shades of ReasonJan-26-201322 years
14EminenceJan-19-201312 years
13Point of No ReturnJan-12-201333 hours
12Missing in ActionJan-05-201332 years
11A Sunny Day in the VoidDec-08-201232 years
10Secret WeaponsDec-01-201233 hours
9A Necessary BondNov-24-201212 years
8Bound for RescueNov-17-201223 hours
7A Test of StrengthNov-10-201212 years
6The GatheringNov-03-201223 hours
5Tipping PointsOct-27-201223 hours
4The Soft WarOct-20-201202 years
3Front RunnersOct-13-201223 hours
2A War on Two FrontsOct-06-201223 hours
1RevivalSep-29-201213 hours
422RevengeMar-16-201253 hours
21BrothersMar-09-201233 hours
20BountyMar-02-201242 years
19MassacreFeb-24-201282 years
18Crisis on NabooFeb-10-201232 years
17The BoxFeb-03-201213 hours
16Friends and EnemiesJan-27-201213 hours
15DeceptionJan-20-201202 years
14A Friend in NeedJan-13-201213 hours
13Escape from KadavoJan-06-201202 years
12Slaves of the RepublicDec-02-201113 hours
11KidnappedNov-25-201113 hours
10Carnage of KrellNov-18-201113 hours
9Plan of DissentNov-11-201102 years
8The GeneralNov-04-201113 hours
7Darkness on UmbaraOct-28-201113 hours
6Nomad DroidsOct-14-201102 years
5Mercy MissionOct-07-201113 hours
4Shadow WarriorSep-30-201113 hours
3PrisonersSep-23-201113 hours
2Gungan AttackSep-16-201102 years
1Water WarSep-16-2011054 mins
322Wookiee HuntApr-01-201113 hours
21Padawan LostApr-01-201102 years
20Citadel RescueMar-11-201113 hours
19Counter AttackMar-04-201102 years
18The CitadelFeb-18-201102 years
17Ghosts of MortisFeb-11-201102 years
16Altar of MortisFeb-04-201102 years
15OverlordsJan-28-201102 years
14Witches of the MistJan-21-201102 years
13MonsterJan-14-201102 years
12NightsistersJan-07-201113 hours
11Pursuit of Peace02 years
10Heroes on Both SidesNov-19-201002 years
9Hunt for ZiroNov-12-201013 hours
8Evil PlansNov-05-201402 years
7AssassinOct-22-201013 hours
6The AcademyOct-15-201013 hours
5CorruptionOct-08-201013 hours
4Sphere of InfluenceOct-01-201013 hours
3Supply LinesSep-24-201002 years
2ARC TroopersSep-17-201013 hours
1Clone CadetsSep-17-201002 years
222Lethal TrackdownApr-30-201002 years
21R2 Come HomeApr-30-201013 hours
20Death TrapApr-23-201002 years
19The Zillo Beast Strikes BackApr-16-201023 hours
18The Zillo BeastApr-09-201013 hours
17Bounty HuntersApr-02-201002 years
16Cat and MouseMar-26-201013 hours
15Senate MurdersMar-19-201013 hours
14Duchess of MandaloreFeb-12-201013 hours
13Voyage of TemptationFeb-05-201002 years
12The Mandalore PlotJan-29-201013 hours
11Lightsaber LostJan-22-201013 hours
10The DeserterJan-01-201013 hours
9Grievous IntrigueJan-01-201013 hours
8Brain InvadersDec-04-200913 hours
7Legacy of TerrorNov-20-200913 hours
6Weapons FactoryNov-13-200902 years
5Landing at Point RainNov-06-200913 hours
4Senate SpyOct-16-200913 hours
3Children of the ForceOct-09-200902 years
2Cargo of Doom01 year
1Holocron HeistOct-02-200902 years
[no episode title yet]Apr-30-201001 year
122Hostage CrisisMar-20-200913 hours
21Liberty of RylothMar-13-200902 years
20Innocents of RylothMar-06-200913 hours
19Storm Over RylothFeb-27-200913 hours
18Mystery of a Thousand MoonsFeb-20-200923 hours
17Blue Shadow VirusFeb-13-200913 hours
16Hidden EnemyFeb-06-200902 years
15TrespassJan-30-200902 years
14Defenders of PeaceJan-23-200913 hours
13Jedi CrashJan-16-200902 years
12The Gungan GeneralJan-09-200902 years
11Dooku Captured13 hours
10The Lair of General GrievousDec-12-200813 hours
9Cloak of DarknessDec-05-200802 years
8Bombad JediNov-21-200813 hours
7Duel of the DroidsNov-14-200802 years
6Downfall of a Droid13 hours
5RookiesOct-24-200813 hours
4Destroy MalevolenceOct-17-200813 hours
3Shadow MalevolenceOct-10-200823 hours
2Rising MalevolenceOct-03-200823 hours
1AmbushOct-03-200813 hours

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