Smallville Season 10 Episode 16 -

Airdate: 2011-Mar-04

Episode summary:

Scion is the title of the newest Smallville season 10 episode 16 which is scheduled to air on March 4, 2011 Friday at 8pm E.T.. Conner Kent aka Super Boy of the Super-man universe will be introduced here as Lionel Luthor teaches him how to preserve the "Luthor empire" where Tess - the illegitimate child of Lionel, face off with him for control of LuthorCorp. The Lex Luthor clone, Conner is played by Lucas Grabeel. The following clip and trailer of Smallville S10E16 shows Conner in the shadow looking at Lionel while confronting the abducted Lois with a gun on her head. The question that fans are asking is if will he embrace the dark side introduced by his bio-father or his other side which he got from Super-man's blood. [youtube 560 349] [youtube 560 349] What can you say about this upcoming episode? Well it really shows some promising scene that will surely entice more of the Smallville fans. If in case you miss this on TV, then check the replay of Smallville season 10 episode 16 here.

About Smallville series:

Smallville is a US television series that surrounds the story of the life of Clark Kent also known as Superman during his high school life in Small...Show more >

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