Restaurant: Impossible

Turning around a failing restaurant is a daunting challenge under the best of circumstances. Attempting to do it in just two days with only $10,000 may be impossible, but that’s exactly what Chef Robert Irvine sets out to do in his new Food Network show, Restaurant Impossible. Robert will use a little MacGyver and a lot of muscle to rescue these desperate places from complete collapse. Can one man, in two days, with $10,000, turn the tide of a failing restaurant and give hope to the owners and their employees? Find out as Robert Irvine takes on Restaurant: Impossible.

Genre: Cooking, Food, Reality Series

Release Date: January 19, 2011 (US)

Status: Running

Network: Food Network (Food Network, IMDb)

Casts: George Galati, Krista Watterworth, Lee Lucier, Lynn Kegan, Taniya Nayak, Tom Bury, Robert Irvine, Cheryl Torrenueva

Most recent episode: Restaurant: Impossible Season 19 Episode 4 - Subs and Pubs ( 6/10/2021 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
195Restoring a ReputationJun-17-2021014 hours
4Subs and PubsJun-10-2021331 day
3Two Stops In TennesseeJun-03-2021201 week
2R.E.S.P.E.C.T.May-28-202137 days
1The Sinking AnchorMay-20-202102 weeks
1814TBAApr-22-202102 months
13Colorado Couple in CrisisApr-15-202102 months
12Nancy Foots the BillApr-08-2021122 months
11Destination, Hawk SpringsApr-01-202182 months
10House of CardsMar-25-2021122 months
9Friends in NeedMar-18-2021132 months
8Listless in LouisianaMar-11-202193 days
7Saving An American DreamFeb-18-202192 months
6Taking Ownership In VegasFeb-11-2021113 days
5Community Hub In ChaosFeb-04-2021113 days
4Bogged Down In BuffaloJan-28-202173 days
3Colorado Couple In CrisisJan-21-202193 days
2Destination, Hawk SpringsJan-14-202193 days
1Moving On in MontanaJan-07-202103 days
178TBAAug-27-2020010 months
7TBAJun-25-2020012 months
6TBAJun-18-2020512 months
5The Ginger Monkey Is Going UnderJun-11-2020113 days
4Back On Track In GlendoraJun-04-2020123 days
3Revisited: Helping One of Our OwnMay-28-202042 months
2Fixing A Family In HoustonMay-21-202052 months
1Saving a Pastor's PassionMay-14-202082 months
1617TBAMay-28-202001 year
16TBAMay-21-202001 year
15TBAMay-07-202001 year
14TBAApr-30-202001 year
13Saving a Pastor's PassionMar-19-202001 year
12Greek TragedyMar-12-202007 months
11Lost in the BayouMar-05-202032 months
10Chattanooga BluesFeb-27-202042 months
9Cajun Seafood CrisisFeb-20-202042 months
8Beloved Restaurant on the RocksFeb-13-202032 months
7Saving a Piece of HistoryFeb-06-202022 months
6Out with the Old, In with the NewJan-30-202001 year
5New Roles, New ResultsJan-23-202032 months
4Old Habits Die HardJan-16-202001 year
3Help Is On the WayJan-09-202042 months
2Cleaning Up in MississippiJan-02-202001 year
1Dumplings in DelawareDec-26-201901 year
158A Daughter Finds Her GrooveSep-07-201932 months
7Lakefront DisasterAug-31-201932 months
6Saving a Family's LegacyAug-24-201902 years
5Dull Diner DilemmaAug-17-201952 months
4A Single Dad Sparks His PassionAug-10-201912 years
3Caribbean CatastropheAug-03-201942 months
2A Family Restaurant at WarJul-27-201922 years
1Hard Times at Josephine'sJul-20-201912 years
145TBAMay-18-201901 year
4Filomena's Italian Kitchen and Market02 years
3Mom Finds Her MojoApr-27-201952 months
2Fight at Filomena'sApr-27-201932 months
1TBAApr-20-201902 years
0[no episode title yet]01 year
138Ambush: Third Ambush Is The CharmMay-04-201601 year
7Ambush: Cray, CrayApr-27-201601 year
6Ambush: Exercise SurpriseApr-20-201601 year
5Ambush: Out of ControlApr-13-201601 year
4Ambush: In Robert We TrustMar-30-201601 year
3Ambush: A Taxing SituationMar-23-201601 year
2Ambush: Beneath the SurfaceMar-16-201601 year
1Ambush: Faded StarMar-09-201601 year
128[no episode title yet]Dec-17-201501 year
7[no episode title yet]Dec-10-201501 year
6[no episode title yet]Dec-03-201501 year
5[no episode title yet]Nov-19-201501 year
4[no episode title yet]Nov-12-201501 year
3[no episode title yet]Nov-05-201501 year
2[no episode title yet]Oct-29-201522 months
1[no episode title yet]Oct-22-201501 year
118[no episode title yet]May-13-201501 year
7[no episode title yet]May-06-201501 year
6[no episode title yet]Apr-29-201501 year
5[no episode title yet]Apr-22-201501 year
4[no episode title yet]Apr-08-201501 year
3[no episode title yet]Apr-08-201501 year
2[no episode title yet]Apr-01-201501 year
1[no episode title yet]Mar-18-201501 year
107[no episode title yet]Feb-18-201501 year
6[no episode title yet]Feb-11-201501 year
5[no episode title yet]Feb-04-201501 year
4[no episode title yet]Jan-28-201501 year
3[no episode title yet]Jan-14-201501 year
2[no episode title yet]Dec-15-201401 year
1[no episode title yet]Nov-24-201401 year
913[no episode title yet]Dec-31-196901 year
12[no episode title yet]Oct-13-201401 year
11[no episode title yet]Oct-06-201401 year
10[no episode title yet]Sep-24-201401 year
9[no episode title yet]Sep-17-201401 year
8[no episode title yet]Sep-10-201401 year
7[no episode title yet]Sep-03-201401 year
6[no episode title yet]Aug-27-201401 year
5[no episode title yet]Aug-20-201401 year
4[no episode title yet]Aug-13-201401 year
3[no episode title yet]Aug-06-201401 year
2[no episode title yet]Jul-30-201401 year
1[no episode title yet]Jul-23-201401 year
813[no episode title yet]Jun-11-201411 year
12[no episode title yet]Jun-04-201411 year
11[no episode title yet]May-28-201411 year
10[no episode title yet]May-21-201411 year
9[no episode title yet]May-07-201401 year
8[no episode title yet]Apr-30-201401 year
7[no episode title yet]Apr-23-201401 year
6[no episode title yet]Apr-09-201401 year
5[no episode title yet]Apr-02-201401 year
4[no episode title yet]Mar-26-201401 year
3[no episode title yet]Mar-19-201401 year
2[no episode title yet]Mar-12-201401 year
1[no episode title yet]Mar-05-201401 year
714[no episode title yet]01 year
13[no episode title yet]Feb-05-201401 year
12[no episode title yet]Jan-29-201422 months
11[no episode title yet]Jan-15-201422 months
10Monkey BusinessJan-15-201422 months
9Clueless in the CountryJan-01-201422 months
8[no episode title yet]Dec-18-201322 months
7[no episode title yet]Dec-04-201322 months
6[no episode title yet]Nov-27-201322 months
5[no episode title yet]Nov-20-201322 months
4[no episode title yet]Nov-13-201322 months
3[no episode title yet]Nov-06-201322 months
2[no episode title yet]Oct-30-201322 months
1[no episode title yet]Oct-23-201322 months
622[no episode title yet]Dec-18-201301 year
21[no episode title yet]Dec-11-201301 year
20[no episode title yet]Dec-04-201301 year
19[no episode title yet]Nov-27-201301 year
18[no episode title yet]Nov-20-201301 year
17[no episode title yet]Nov-13-201301 year
16[no episode title yet]Nov-06-201301 year
15[no episode title yet]Oct-30-201301 year
14[no episode title yet]Oct-23-201301 year
13Pie in the SkyAug-25-201322 months
12Good Food, Bad VicesJul-28-201332 months
11Barely EdibleJul-21-201322 months
10Kalico KrazinessJul-14-201311 year
9It's All Greek to MeJun-23-201322 months
8Sink or SwimJun-16-201322 months
7Lost in the WoodsJun-09-201322 months
6In the PitsMay-26-201322 months
5Muskrat MayhemMay-19-201322 months
4Drowning in DebtMay-12-201322 months
3Creepy in ClearwaterApr-28-201322 months
2Father Knows WorstApr-21-201322 months
1Something's FishyApr-14-201301 year
514[no episode title yet]Apr-17-201301 year
13Sweet Tea's Restaurant and CateringMar-24-201322 months
12Soup to Nuts DinerMar-17-201322 months
11Caseyville CafeMar-13-201322 months
10Maniaci's Italian BistroMar-10-201322 months
9Dinner Bell RestaurantFeb-27-201332 months
8Nanny Goats Cafe and Feed BinFeb-20-201322 months
7Sapori D'ItaliaJan-23-201322 months
6Windseeker RestaurantJan-16-201322 months
5Whiskey Creek SteakhouseJan-02-201332 months
4Rising Sun BistroDec-19-201222 months
3Bronk's Bar and GrillDec-05-201222 months
2Rohrer's TavernNov-28-201232 months
1Poco's on the BoulevardNov-21-201222 months
413[no episode title yet]Oct-17-201222 months
12[no episode title yet]Oct-10-201222 months
11[no episode title yet]Oct-03-201222 months
10[no episode title yet]Sep-26-201222 months
9[no episode title yet]Sep-19-201222 months
8[no episode title yet]Sep-12-201222 months
7[no episode title yet]Sep-05-201222 months
6[no episode title yet]Aug-29-201222 months
5[no episode title yet]Aug-08-201222 months
4[no episode title yet]Aug-01-201222 months
3[no episode title yet]Jul-25-201222 months
2[no episode title yet]Jul-18-201222 months
1[no episode title yet]Jul-11-201221 year
313[no episode title yet]Jun-13-201201 year
12[no episode title yet]May-30-201201 year
11[no episode title yet]May-23-201201 year
10[no episode title yet]May-16-201232 months
9[no episode title yet]May-09-201222 months
8[no episode title yet]May-02-201222 months
7[no episode title yet]Apr-25-201222 months
6[no episode title yet]Mar-14-201222 months
5[no episode title yet]Mar-07-201222 months
4[no episode title yet]Feb-29-201232 months
3[no episode title yet]Feb-22-201222 months
2[no episode title yet]Feb-15-201222 months
1[no episode title yet]Feb-08-201222 months
218[no episode title yet]Jan-11-201201 year
17[no episode title yet]Jan-04-201201 year
16[no episode title yet]Dec-07-201101 year
15[no episode title yet]Nov-23-201101 year
14[no episode title yet]Nov-16-201101 year
13[no episode title yet]Nov-09-201101 year
12[no episode title yet]Nov-02-201101 year
11[no episode title yet]Sep-28-201101 year
10[no episode title yet]Sep-21-201122 months
9[no episode title yet]Sep-14-201122 months
8[no episode title yet]Sep-07-201122 months
7[no episode title yet]Aug-31-201122 months
6[no episode title yet]Aug-24-201122 months
5[no episode title yet]Aug-03-201122 months
4[no episode title yet]Jul-27-201122 months
3[no episode title yet]Jul-20-201122 months
2[no episode title yet]Jul-13-201122 months
1[no episode title yet]Jul-06-201122 months
17Flood TideMar-02-201122 months
6Secret GardenFeb-23-201122 months
5Meglio'sFeb-16-201122 months
4Salt Works IIFeb-09-201122 months
3Rascal's BBQ and Crab HouseFeb-02-201122 months
2Mainelli'sJan-26-201101 year
1Villari'sJan-19-201122 months
021TBASep-07-201901 year
20TBAAug-31-201901 year
19TBAAug-24-201901 year
18TBAAug-17-201901 year
17TBAAug-10-201901 year
16TBAAug-03-201901 year
15TBAJul-27-201901 year
14Revisited: Owner Tries to Do It AllJul-20-201901 year
13Most Extreme MakeoversApr-27-201901 year
12 Best Ambushes EverApr-06-201601 year
11Holiday: Impossible 4 - City KidsDec-10-201501 year
10Top 10 TurnaroundsJan-21-201501 year
9Fitness: ImpossibleJan-07-201501 year
8Biggest BlowupsDec-29-201401 year
7Holiday: Impossible 3 - Double H RanchDec-08-201401 year
6Worst of the WorstOct-27-201401 year
5Gross, Grosser, GrossestOct-20-201401 year
4Holiday: Impossible 2 - Hurricane SandyDec-08-201301 year
3Holiday: Impossible - Boys and Girls ClubDec-09-201201 year
2Wedding: Impossible Meet the IrvinesAug-18-201201 year
1Behind the ImpossibleAug-22-201201 year

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