Penn & Teller: Fool Us

Fool Us challenges magicians to perform in front of Penn and Teller. If they can fool Penn and Teller, they win a five star trip to Las Vegas to perform as the opening act in Penn & Teller’s world famous show at the Rio Hotel & Casino. Well-known illusionists Penn and Teller throw down the gauntlet to aspiring magicians in the UK to perform their most mystifying trick – and fool Penn and Teller. Las Vegas legends Penn & Teller have no prior knowledge of either the performers or the planned trick. They sit in the audience just like everyone else, watching every move the guest magicians make. And, if any illusionist comes on and fools the professionals – they win a five star trip to Las Vegas to perform as the opening act in Penn & Teller’s world famous show at the Rio Hotel & Casino. Every magician will be performing for high stakes. Whether it’s a grand stage illusion or a tiny

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Genre: Game, Reality

Release Date: January 7, 2011

Status: Running

Network: The CW (Official Website)

Casts: Penn Jillette, Teller, Alyson Hannigan, Jonathan Ross

Most recent episode: Penn & Teller: Fool Us Season 8 Episode 18 - Not Found ( 1/29/2021 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
818TBAJan-29-2021510 months
3Happy Birthday!Oct-15-2021231 week
2TBAJan-15-2021165 days
1Penn & Teller Go For The JugglerJan-08-2021245 days
728Penn & Teller Double DownApr-16-2021224 months
27Magic R AppApr-09-2021235 days
26Teller's WonderlandApr-02-2021185 days
25Penn & TarotMar-26-2021195 days
24The Magic ToiletMar-19-2021204 months
23Turn That Frown Upside DownMar-12-2021234 months
22P&T Get The FingerMar-05-2021114 months
21Back To The FutureFeb-26-2021154 months
20Niagara FoolsFeb-19-202194 months
19Penn & Teller Go For A SpinFeb-05-2021104 months
18Teller Gets SmashedJan-29-202185 days
17Jedi Mind TricksJan-22-202144 months
16Teller Versus Penn: The RematchJan-15-202154 months
15Penn & Teller Go For The JugglerJan-08-202134 months
14Magic with a Property BrotherNov-16-2020104 months
13Jaws of DeathOct-26-202064 months
12Lord Of The RingOct-19-202054 months
11Say Hello To My Little Ball Pit TrollOct-12-202064 months
10Deep Fake PennOct-05-202034 months
9The Placebo EffectAug-31-202044 months
8Brad Sherwood's NutsAug-24-202034 months
7Penn's Stupid Rope TrickAug-17-202034 months
6P&t In 3d... GlassesAug-03-202024 months
5Watermelon SurgeryJul-20-202034 months
4Teller Talks!!!Jul-13-202024 months
3The Home GameJul-06-202034 months
2Teller Vs. PennJun-29-202024 months
1Third Time's A CharmJun-22-202054 months
613Virtual RealitySep-30-201904 months
12Magic is Bad for Your HealthSep-23-201904 months
11The Mind NoodlerSep-09-201924 months
10Magical MoxieAug-26-201904 months
9Magic MeatballsAug-19-201934 months
82nd Chance FoolersAug-05-201904 months
7Are You Better Magicians Than A 6th Grader?Jul-29-201914 months
6Duck! It's Alyson!Jul-22-201914 months
5Penn & Teller Hit the StreetsJul-15-201914 months
4Penn & Teller Cure the Common CodeJul-08-201914 months
3Penn & Teller Vs. InventorsJul-01-201924 months
2They're Baaack!Jun-24-201914 months
1David Copperfield vs. Penn & TellerJun-17-201934 months
513Let's Hear it for the KidsOct-01-201804 months
12Never Trust a MagicianSep-24-201804 months
11The Fool Us ZoneSep-03-201824 months
10Penn & Teller Keep You in SuspenseAug-27-201824 months
9Teller's Gambling ProblemAug-20-201804 months
8Here Lie Penn & TellerAug-13-201804 months
7Imagine (Magic) DragonsAug-06-201804 months
6Penn & Teller Against the WorldJul-30-201804 months
5Psych!!Jul-23-201814 months
4Here Comes the MagicJul-16-201824 months
3Penn & Teller Get LoopyJul-09-201824 months
2The RematchJul-02-201824 months
1Penn the Magic DragonJun-25-201824 months
413Hanging Out with Penn & TellerNov-30-201704 months
12Penn & Teller & DraculaSep-28-201704 months
11Penn Does the Heavy LiftingSep-25-201704 months
10Monkey BusinessSep-21-201704 months
9Penn & Teller are Full of Hot AirSep-14-201704 months
8I Dream of Genie TubeSep-07-201704 months
7A Big Round of Applause for AlysonAug-24-201702 years
6Something Fishy This Way ComesAug-17-201704 months
5Does This Trick Ring a Bell?Aug-10-201704 months
450/50 ChanceAug-03-201704 months
3Teller Flips a BirdJul-27-201704 months
2Penn, Teller and a Mind Reading ChickenJul-20-201702 years
1Penn & Teller Teach You a TrickJul-13-201704 months
313Can Penn & Teller Fool Penn & Teller?Sep-16-201602 years
12Penn & Teller Rip for Your PleasureSep-14-201602 years
11Penn & Teller Get TrappedSep-09-201604 months
10To Tea or Not to Tea?Sep-07-201604 months
9The Great EscapeSep-02-201604 months
8Here's Moxie!Aug-31-201604 months
7Juggle, Juggle, Penn's in TroubleAug-24-201624 months
6Penn & Teller Snake Their ChancesAug-17-201624 months
5You Dirty Rathead!Aug-10-201624 months
4Penn Plays with FireAug-03-201624 months
3Penn & Teller Have a BlastJul-27-201624 months
2Jesse Eisenberg Gets CardedJul-20-201624 months
1Won't Get Fooled Again... ?Jul-13-201624 months
213An Egg-cellent TrickOct-05-201502 years
12Penn & Teller Ring Someone's NeckSep-28-201502 years
11Teller Deflowers a ShadowSep-21-201504 months
10Where There's Smoke There's MagicSep-14-201502 years
9Star Spangled MagicAug-31-201504 months
8Teller Plays with a Full DeckAug-24-201504 months
7Penn's Favorite Card TrickAug-17-201504 months
6Now That's Bunny!Aug-10-201504 months
5Mission Impossi-BallAug-03-201504 months
4Knife of the PartyJul-27-201504 months
3Shoot to KillJul-20-201504 months
2The Invisi-Ball ThreadJul-13-201504 months
1Phone-y BusinessJul-06-201504 months
113Marry Me, BabyMar-28-201302 months
12Bursting the BubbleMar-28-201302 months
11Dinner, Bath, PuzzleMar-21-201302 months
10The Short Happy Life of Reba CadburyMar-21-201302 months
9Game TheoryMar-14-201302 months
8Water Tanks for the MemoriesAug-28-201104 months
7A Bellyful of NeedlesJul-30-201104 months
6The Magic of PolyesterJul-23-201114 months
5Penn Gets NailedJul-16-201104 months
4Teller is a BlockheadJul-09-201104 months
3Solid GoldfishJul-02-201104 months
2Stab a Card, Any CardJun-25-201114 months
1Teller Sucks... HeliumJun-18-201102 years
017TBAApr-01-201902 years
16April Fool Us DayApr-02-201802 years
15Inside Penn & Teller: Hanging Out With Penn & TellerOct-02-201702 years
14Inside Penn & Teller: Penn & Teller & DraculaSep-28-201702 years
13Inside Penn & Teller: Penn Does The Heavy LiftingSep-25-201702 years
12Inside Penn & Teller: Monkey BusinessSep-21-201702 years
11Inside Penn & Teller: Penn & Teller Are Full Of Hot AirSep-14-201702 years
10Inside Penn & Teller: I Dream of Genie TubeSep-07-201702 years
9Inside Penn & Teller: A Big Round of Applause for AlysonAug-24-201702 years
8Inside Penn & Teller: Something Fishy This Way ComesAug-17-201702 years
7Inside Penn & Teller: Does This Trick Ring A Bell?Aug-10-201702 years
6Inside Penn & Teller: 50/50 ChanceAug-03-201702 years
5Inside Penn & Teller: Teller Flips A BirdJul-27-201702 years
4Inside Penn & Teller: Penn & Teller and a Mind Reading ChickenJul-20-201702 years
3Inside Penn & Teller: Penn & Teller Teach You A TrickJul-13-201702 years
2Unaired - David Masters02 years
1Pilot: How to Saw a Woman in HalfJan-07-201102 years

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