Pawn Stars

Long before banks, ATMS and check-cashing services, there were pawn shops. Pawning was the leading form of consumer credit in the United States until the 1950s, and pawn shops are still helping everyday people make ends meet. Pawn Stars takes you inside the colorful world of the pawn business. At the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop on the outskirts of Las Vegas, three generations of the Harrison family–grandfather Richard, son Rick and grandson Corey–jointly run the family business, and there’s clashing and camaraderie every step of the way. The three men use their sharp eyes and skills to assess the value of items from the commonplace to the truly historic, including a 16th-century samurai sword, a Super Bowl ring, a Picasso painting and a 17th-century stay of execution. It’s up to them to determine what’s real and what’s fake, as they reveal the often surprising answer to the questions on everyone’s mind, “What’s the story behind it”? and “What’s it worth?”.

Genre: Reality Series

Release Date: July 19, 2009 (US)

Status: Running

Network: History Channel (Official Website)


Most recent episode: Pawn Stars Season 2019 Episode 24 - Not Found ( 11/11/2019 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
201924TBANov-11-201901 year
23TBANov-04-201902 years
22TBAOct-28-201912 years
21Shooting PawnsOct-21-2019012 months
20TBAAug-19-201922 years
19TBAAug-05-201922 years
18TBAJul-29-201952 years
17TBAJul-22-201922 years
16TBAJul-15-201922 years
15TBAJul-01-201902 years
14TBAJun-24-201942 years
13TBAJun-17-201932 years
12TBAJun-10-201922 years
11TBAJun-03-201922 years
10TBAMay-27-201902 years
9TBAMay-20-201912 years
8TBAMar-18-201902 years
7TBAMar-11-201902 years
6TBAMar-04-201902 years
5TBAFeb-25-201902 years
4TBAFeb-11-201902 years
3TBAFeb-04-201902 years
2TBAJan-28-201902 years
1TBAJan-21-201902 years
201818A Treasure RememberedJun-27-2018012 months
17Big Fish in a Small PawnMay-21-2018012 months
16The Pistol is Mightier Than the Sword May-14-201802 years
15Here's Looking at You, Pawn! May-07-201802 years
14Payne in the PuttApr-30-201802 years
13Highly Explosive PawnApr-23-201802 years
12Pawned and ConfusedMar-05-201802 years
11In the Presence of GreatnessMar-05-201802 years
10Blades of DealFeb-26-201802 years
9A Killer CapFeb-26-201802 years
8Fully VestedFeb-19-201802 years
7President's Day SaleFeb-19-201802 years
6The Happiest Place to PawnFeb-05-201802 years
5Ultimate Fighting PawnFeb-05-201802 years
4Some Serious CoinageJan-29-201802 years
3Can't Pawn Me LoveJan-29-201802 years
2Series Rings and Rap KingsJan-22-201802 years
1Revolutionary Rick!Jan-22-201802 years
201752The Devil Went Down to VegasNov-20-201702 years
51Top Rope, Bottom DollarNov-20-201702 years
50Pawnie and ClydeNov-13-201702 years
49Royally PawnedNov-13-201702 years
48The Pawn CommandmentsNov-06-201702 years
47Samurais and CenterfoldsNov-06-201702 years
46Wish-A-Pawn a StarOct-30-201702 years
45E Equals MC PawnOct-30-201702 years
44Chum's Risky BusinessOct-23-201702 years
43Pawn or BustOct-23-201702 years
42Et tu, Rick?Oct-16-201702 years
41Going, Going... Pawn!Oct-16-201702 years
40Money to PawnAug-28-201702 years
39King of PawntusAug-28-201702 years
38If the Pawn Don't FitAug-14-201702 years
37The Greatest Pawn on Earth!Aug-07-201702 years
36Stamp StumpedAug-07-201702 years
35Great Scott!Jul-31-201702 years
34Business is BrewingJul-31-201702 years
33Dollars & DunksJul-24-201702 years
32Mini MilesJul-24-201702 years
31Pawned at the StakeJul-17-201702 years
30Pawn SamuraiJul-17-201702 years
29Masonic PawnJul-10-201702 years
28Poké PawnJul-10-201702 years
27Frontier FortuneJun-26-201702 years
26Declaration of DopenessJun-26-201702 years
25Lock, Stock and Two Nickel BarrelsJun-12-201702 years
24Balloon PaymentsJun-12-201702 years
23By Land or by SeepJun-05-201702 years
22The Pawnshine StateJun-05-201702 years
21La La LandMay-22-201702 years
20Thar She Pawns!May-15-201702 years
19Pawning ReaganMay-15-201702 years
18Gilded Pawn AgeMay-08-201702 years
17PawnfamousMay-08-201702 years
16Up Up and Away!Apr-24-201702 years
15Spider PawnApr-24-201702 years
14Buddy, Can You Spare a ThousandApr-17-201702 years
13Oh Holy Pawn!Apr-17-201702 years
12Pawnball WizardApr-10-201702 years
11Pawns Ahoy!Apr-10-201702 years
10Under PressureFeb-06-201702 years
9Houston, We Have a DealJan-30-201702 years
8Pawn PatentJan-30-201702 years
7Cutting Edge PawnJan-23-201702 years
6Wound Up RickJan-23-201702 years
5Seven Barreled PawnJan-16-201702 years
4Megawatt MoneyJan-16-201702 years
3Killer PawnJan-02-201702 years
2My Country, Pawn of TheeJan-02-201702 years
1A Pawn of LiesJan-01-201702 years
201635Four Score and Seven PawnsDec-26-201602 years
34Pawn Another DayDec-26-201602 years
33Gotham PawnDec-12-201602 years
32Silver Stash PawnDec-05-201602 years
31Locked Up and Rail RoadedNov-28-201602 years
30All Pawns on DeckNov-21-201602 years
29Hidden PawnNov-14-201602 years
28Pawn in SpaceOct-31-201602 years
27Smokin' PawnOct-24-201602 years
26Cowboys and CannonsSep-07-201602 years
25Triple Axel PawnAug-31-201602 years
24Death and TaxidermyAug-31-201602 years
23Pops PawnAug-24-201602 years
22Double Your PawnAug-24-201602 years
21Pawn HalenAug-10-201602 years
20Pawn No EvilAug-03-201602 years
19Mad DealsJul-27-201602 years
18Napoleon ComplexJul-06-201602 years
17G.I. PawnJun-29-201602 years
16Pawn of LibertyJun-22-201602 years
15Astro-PawnJun-15-201602 years
14Pawntucky DerbyJun-08-201602 years
13Stairway to PawnMay-25-201602 years
12Pawning PistolsMay-18-201602 years
11Rick the EmperorMay-11-201602 years
10Every Rose Has Its PawnMay-04-201602 years
9First Lady of PawnFeb-24-201602 years
8No Pawn for You!Feb-17-201602 years
7Lock, Stock, and PawnFeb-10-201602 years
6Legends of RockFeb-03-201602 years
5Longshot PawnJan-27-201602 years
4Pawn BrothersJan-20-201602 years
3Racing RevolutionJan-13-201602 years
2Titanic PawnJan-06-201602 years
1The Pawn AwakensJan-06-201602 years
201544The Pawn Before ChristmasDec-17-201502 years
43Capture the PawnDec-10-201502 years
42Pawn in the USADec-03-201502 years
41Prohibition PawnNov-19-201502 years
40Riders on the PawnNov-12-201502 years
39Promissory PawnNov-12-201502 years
38Eye of the Tiger Nov-05-201502 years
37Napoleon Bonapawn Nov-05-201502 years
36Godfather of PawnOct-29-201502 years
35Fender BenderOct-29-201502 years
34Party on, PawnOct-22-201502 years
33Pawn of FireOct-22-201502 years
32Pawn of the JediJun-04-201502 years
31Penny for Your PawnMay-28-201502 years
30Ticket to PawnMay-25-201502 years
29Behind the WheelMay-25-201502 years
28Pawn CreatureMay-21-201502 years
27Rick's RouletteMay-14-201502 years
26Locked and LoadedMay-07-201502 years
25Avengers AssembleMay-07-201502 years
24Monumental PawnApr-23-201502 years
23Mail MayhemApr-09-201502 years
22Hot Wheel of FortuneApr-02-201502 years
21Mystery CallerMar-26-201502 years
20Crossing ChumMar-26-201502 years
19Son of a GunMar-19-201502 years
18Hot DamMar-19-201502 years
17 Last Call PawnMar-12-201502 years
16One Man's JunkMar-12-201502 years
15Sword PlayMar-05-201502 years
14Live Long and ProsperMar-05-201502 years
13All Hail RickFeb-26-201502 years
12Rocky RoadFeb-26-201502 years
11Bucking BroncoFeb-19-201502 years
10Underground PawnFeb-19-201502 years
9Rick the GiantFeb-12-201502 years
8Rick Gets AxedFeb-12-201502 years
7The Smoking GunJan-25-201502 years
6Presidential PawnJan-22-201502 years
5Money BallJan-22-201502 years
4Wilde CardJan-15-201502 years
3RC/DCJan-15-201502 years
2Trading UpJan-08-201502 years
1Old Man CoreyJan-08-201502 years
201496Motorcycle MayhemDec-22-201402 years
95Generation GapDec-22-201402 years
94Oldest Trick in the BookDec-18-201402 years
93Clowning AroundDec-18-201402 years
92United We StandDec-15-201402 years
91Hiding HoudiniDec-15-201402 years
90Mini RickDec-11-201402 years
89Chum's Secret StashDec-11-201402 years
88Flying HighDec-04-201402 years
87Game OverDec-04-201402 years
86Off to the RacesNov-20-201402 years
85Reach for RaphaelNov-20-201402 years
84McQueen DreamsNov-13-201402 years
83Captain RickNov-13-201402 years
82The Chum SystemNov-06-201402 years
81Wake Up CallNov-06-201402 years
80Chum FeverOct-30-201402 years
79Rick's a RiotOct-30-201402 years
78Hidden TreasureOct-23-201402 years
77Secret AdmirerOct-23-201402 years
76ChummifiedOct-16-201402 years
75Smarty PantsOct-16-201402 years
74The Book of RickOct-09-201402 years
73Van Gogh a Go GoOct-09-201402 years
72Tough CookieOct-02-201402 years
71Birthday BluesOct-02-201402 years
70Pawn FictionSep-25-201402 years
69Rock Stars and Race CarsSep-25-201402 years
68Dodging DillingerSep-18-201402 years
67Pinball PunchSep-18-201402 years
66Tricky RickySep-01-201402 years
65Break on ThroughSep-01-201402 years
64Break Room BattleAug-14-201402 years
63Bo KnowsAug-14-201402 years
62Shufflin' and Hustlin'Aug-07-201402 years
61Go for ChumAug-07-201402 years
60Playboys and PlayersJul-31-201402 years
59Mr. CoolJul-31-201402 years
58Colts and VikingsJul-24-201402 years
57Pawn ApocalypseJul-24-201402 years
56Put Up Your NukesJul-17-201402 years
55ChumdaeJul-17-201402 years
54Fireworks and FreedomJul-10-201402 years
53Press One for ChumJul-10-201402 years
52Rick, Rock, and RollJun-26-201402 years
51Get in the RingJun-26-201402 years
50Spacing OutJun-19-201402 years
49In the DoghouseJun-19-201402 years
48Who's Your Dali?Jun-12-201402 years
47Chumlee's Last LaughJun-12-201402 years
46Dam Good TimeJun-05-201402 years
45Daddy's GirlJun-05-201402 years
44Pawn UMay-29-201402 years
43Reeling and DealingMay-29-201402 years
42Breaking the BankMay-22-201402 years
41Everybody Do The DinosaurMay-22-201402 years
40New Old ManMay-15-201402 years
39Tickets to RideMay-15-201402 years
38All InMay-08-201402 years
37Spruce GooseMay-08-201402 years
36Fiesta LocoMay-01-201402 years
35Tag TeamMay-01-201402 years
34Ponies and PhoniesApr-24-201402 years
33Road Test Apr-24-201402 years
32Saddle UpApr-17-201402 years
31Sleeping GiantApr-17-201402 years
30Traffic JammedApr-10-201402 years
29Chum's RevengeApr-10-201402 years
28Tee'd OffApr-03-201402 years
27April FooledApr-03-201402 years
26Brew MasterMar-27-201402 years
25Choo Choo Chum Mar-27-201402 years
24Head GamesMar-20-201402 years
23ShamrockedMar-20-201402 years
22Bang BangMar-13-201402 years
21You Snooze, You LoseMar-13-201402 years
20McKinley Family JewelsMar-06-201402 years
19Field TripMar-06-201402 years
18Purple HazeFeb-27-201402 years
17Magic BusFeb-27-201402 years
16Chords, Swords and RewardsFeb-20-201402 years
15Rock BottomFeb-20-201402 years
14The Great PawnbinoFeb-13-201402 years
13Rough and TumbleFeb-13-201402 years
12Extreme PawnoverFeb-06-201402 years
11Rescue 9-1-ChumFeb-06-201402 years
10Sunday FundayJan-30-201402 years
9Smurf and TurfJan-30-201402 years
8Silent Stars and Rebel CarsJan-23-201402 years
7Anytime, Any MaceJan-23-201402 years
6Can't Buy Me LoveJan-16-201402 years
5I'll Be DoggoneJan-16-201402 years
4Whodunit?Jan-09-201402 years
3Truly TrivialJan-09-201402 years
2You Say You Wanna RevolutionJan-02-201402 years
1Finding FonzieJan-02-201402 years
201364Put Your Hands UpDec-26-201302 years
63Lost in SpacelanderDec-26-201302 years
62Another Christmas StoryDec-19-201302 years
61A Very Vegas ChristmasDec-19-201302 years
60The Amazing ChumleeDec-12-201302 years
59Woah PilgrimDec-12-201302 years
58Gnarly HarleyDec-05-201302 years
57Bad to the BoneDec-05-201302 years
56Open and Shut CaseNov-21-201302 years
55Rebel, RebelNov-21-201302 years
54Cold Hard CashNov-14-201302 years
53The BachelorNov-14-201302 years
52Winchester, Lose or DrawNov-07-201302 years
51The Merchant of VegasNov-07-201302 years
50Chum of All FearsOct-31-201302 years
49Brush with GreatnessOct-31-201302 years
48No Shoes, No Shirt, No ServiceOct-24-201302 years
47Comfortably ChumOct-24-201302 years
46The EnigmaOct-17-201302 years
45Say It, Don't Spray ItOct-17-201302 years
44The Bald and the BeautifulOct-10-201302 years
43Everyday I'm Shufflin'Oct-10-201302 years
42You're OutAug-29-201302 years
41What Happens in VegasAug-29-201302 years
40Goldfish and SilverAug-22-201302 years
39On a Mission to PawnAug-22-201302 years
38London PawningAug-15-201302 years
37Secret Agent ManAug-15-201302 years
36Corey's Big SplurgeAug-08-201302 years
35The Chum-SakeAug-08-201302 years
34Chum-ParazziAug-01-201302 years
33Colt To the TouchAug-01-201302 years
32Rage Against that MachineJul-18-201302 years
31World Series of PawnJul-18-201302 years
30Fool's GoldJul-11-201302 years
29A Hard Day's PawnJul-11-201302 years
28The Pawntridge FamilyJun-27-201302 years
27Sticks and StonesJun-27-201302 years
26Free AgentJun-20-201302 years
25King of PainJun-20-201302 years
24Dog Day AfternoonJun-13-201302 years
23Ready to RumbleJun-13-201302 years
22UnprankableJun-06-201302 years
21One Way TicketJun-06-201302 years
20Grumpy Old ManMay-30-201302 years
19Rick'n'RollMay-30-201302 years
18Hello, GoodbyeMar-11-201302 years
17Close, But No CigarMar-11-201302 years
16Corey, I Am Your FatherMar-04-201302 years
15Book 'Em RickMar-04-201302 years
14Shekel and HydeFeb-25-201302 years
13Beam Me UpFeb-25-201302 years
12Grand Theft CoreyFeb-18-201302 years
11Lunch LarcenyFeb-18-201302 years
10Just Shoe ItFeb-11-201302 years
9Room and HoardFeb-11-201302 years
8Off the HookFeb-04-201302 years
7Comic ConFeb-04-201302 years
6Million Dali BabyJan-28-201302 years
5Hair Force OneJan-28-201302 years
4Funny MoneyJan-21-201302 years
3Spare the RodmanJan-21-201302 years
2I Herd ThatJan-14-201302 years
1Little Pawn Shop of HorrorsJan-14-201302 years
201264Santa ChumDec-17-201202 years
63It's a Wonderful PawnDec-17-201202 years
62Take the Money and RunDec-10-201202 years
61Silent but ChumleeDec-10-201202 years
60Wouldn't It Be Ice?Dec-03-201202 years
59Putt, Putt, PawnDec-03-201202 years
58Sweet Pawn of MineNov-26-201202 years
57The OfferNov-26-201202 years
56The Last SamuraiNov-19-201202 years
55On GuardNov-19-201202 years
54Man. Make. Fire.Nov-13-201202 years
53Lord of the RingNov-13-201202 years
52Stick To Your GunsNov-12-201202 years
51Three Pawn NightNov-12-201202 years
50Sturgis and AcquisitionsNov-05-201202 years
49What You Talkin' 'Bout Sturgis?Nov-05-201202 years
48Thirty SomethingSep-03-201202 years
47Fork it OverSep-03-201202 years
46Some Like It NotAug-27-201202 years
45Say It Ain't SoAug-27-201202 years
44Free WillieAug-20-201202 years
43Cool as IkeAug-20-201202 years
42Bullitt ProofAug-13-201202 years
41Kick the CanJul-09-201202 years
40Jet SettersJul-09-201202 years
39Stuff ItJul-02-201202 years
38Hot and ColtJul-02-201202 years
37Stalled DealsJun-25-201202 years
36Love Me SpenderJun-25-201202 years
35Pin It to Win ItJun-18-201202 years
34That Sinking FeelingJun-18-201202 years
33Dirty SoxJun-11-201202 years
32Like a RockJun-11-201202 years
31Silver LiningsJun-04-201202 years
30Family FeudMay-28-201202 years
29Three Hour TourMay-28-201202 years
28What The TruckMay-21-201202 years
27Bossy PantsMay-21-201202 years
26Trigger HappyApr-23-201202 years
25Chum-p ChangeApr-23-201202 years
24To the MoonApr-16-201202 years
23Wild ThingApr-16-201202 years
22Corey's Big BurnApr-09-201202 years
21Guilty as ChargedApr-09-201202 years
20ZoodooMar-05-201202 years
19Pawn with the WindMar-05-201202 years
18Ring around a RockneFeb-27-201202 years
17James Gang Rides AgainFeb-27-201202 years
16Guns BlazingFeb-20-201202 years
15PawnocchioFeb-20-201202 years
14Huddle UpFeb-13-201202 years
13Bear-ly ThereFeb-13-201202 years
12Cash is KingFeb-06-201202 years
11Air MailFeb-06-201202 years
10Yankee PankyJan-30-201202 years
9Hole in OneJan-30-201202 years
8Les is MoreJan-23-201202 years
7Over the MoonJan-23-201202 years
6Cash Cash Bang BangJan-16-201202 years
5Crosby, Stills and CashJan-16-201202 years
4Smells Like Pawn SpiritJan-09-201202 years
3Learning the RopesJan-09-201202 years
2Help WantedJan-02-201202 years
1Corey's Big PlayJan-02-201202 years
201162Apocalypse WowDec-26-201102 years
61High TopsDec-26-201102 years
60$=MC2Dec-19-201102 years
59Pony UpDec-19-201102 years
58Buyer BewareDec-12-201102 years
57Silence of the LamboDec-12-201102 years
56Blaze of GloryDec-05-201102 years
55Looney DunesDec-05-201102 years
54Mile High ClubNov-28-201102 years
53Patriot GamesNov-28-201102 years
52Rick or TreatOct-24-201102 years
51Poker NightSep-26-201102 years
50SecuritySep-26-201102 years
49Bugs MoneySep-19-201102 years
48Teacher's PetSep-19-201102 years
47Pirate's BootySep-12-201102 years
46High StakesSep-12-201102 years
45The King's BlingSep-05-201102 years
44Pipe DreamsSep-05-201102 years
43Out of GasAug-15-201102 years
42The Wright StuffAug-15-201102 years
41Weird ScienceAug-08-201102 years
40Silent and DeadlyAug-08-201102 years
39Cannons and KlingonsAug-01-201102 years
38Buffalo BullAug-01-201102 years
37Off the WallJul-25-201102 years
36Face the MusicJul-25-201102 years
35Kings and McQueensJul-18-201102 years
34Making CentsJul-18-201102 years
33The Pick, The Pawn, & The PolishJul-11-201102 years
32Honor Thy FatherJun-13-201102 years
31Over The TopJun-13-201102 years
30Buy The BookJun-06-201102 years
29Late Night ChumJun-06-201102 years
28Sharpe ShootersJun-01-201102 years
27Broadsiding LincolnMay-30-201102 years
26The Great EscapeMay-09-201102 years
25PeacemakerMay-09-201102 years
24Necessary RoughnessMay-02-201102 years
23Spidey CentsMay-02-201102 years
22Patton PendingApr-25-201102 years
21Pom Pom PawnApr-25-201102 years
20Take a SeatApr-18-201102 years
19Not On My WatchApr-18-201102 years
18Missile AttackApr-11-201102 years
17Sub for SaleApr-11-201102 years
16Pablo PawncassoApr-04-201102 years
15Evel GeniusApr-04-201102 years
14ChummobileMar-28-201102 years
13Going PostalMar-28-201102 years
12Ah ShootMar-21-201102 years
11RobosaurusMar-21-201102 years
10Wise GuysFeb-14-201102 years
9Harrison for PresidentFeb-14-201102 years
8Striking a ChordFeb-07-201102 years
7Pawn IllustratedFeb-07-201102 years
6Put Up Your DukesJan-31-201102 years
5Darth PawnJan-31-201102 years
4Case ClosedJan-24-201102 years
3Pedal to the MedalJan-24-201102 years
2Houdini's HandcuffsJan-20-201102 years
1Luck of the DrawJan-20-201102 years
201049Packing HeatDec-13-201002 years
48Monkey BusinessDec-06-201002 years
47Honest AbeNov-01-201002 years
46Never SurrenderNov-01-201002 years
45Bare BonesOct-25-201002 years
44Gone with the SchwinnOct-25-201002 years
43Chumdog MillionaireOct-18-201002 years
42Hello NurseOct-18-201002 years
41Like a Rolling ChumSep-20-201002 years
40The Eagle Has LandedSep-20-201002 years
39Ready, Set, PawnSep-13-201002 years
38Cornering the ColonelSep-13-201002 years
37Getting A HeadSep-06-201002 years
36Double TroubleSep-06-201002 years
35Ace in the HoleAug-16-201002 years
34Peeping PawnAug-16-201002 years
33Moon WalkingJul-12-201002 years
32Phoning It InJul-12-201002 years
31Rough RidersJul-05-201002 years
30Message in a BottleJul-05-201002 years
29Strike, Spare, BOOMJun-28-201002 years
28Chumlee's DummiesJun-28-201002 years
27Deals From HellJun-21-201002 years
26Aw Shucks!Jun-21-201002 years
25Gold DiggersJun-14-201002 years
24Whale of a TimeJun-14-201002 years
23Top SecretJun-07-201002 years
22Trail BreakerJun-07-201002 years
21License to PawnMay-02-201002 years
20The British Are ComingApr-25-201002 years
19ZzzzzzApr-25-201002 years
18Hell WeekApr-19-201002 years
17Bow LeggedApr-12-201002 years
16Helmet HeadApr-05-201002 years
15Bumpy RideMar-29-201002 years
14Flight of the ChumMar-08-201002 years
13Big GunsMar-08-201002 years
12Backroom BrawlMar-01-201002 years
11Fortune in FlamesMar-01-201002 years
10Off the WagonFeb-15-201002 years
9Spooning Paul RevereFeb-15-201002 years
8Chopper GambleFeb-08-201002 years
7Pinball WizardsFeb-08-201002 years
6Guns and RangersFeb-01-201002 years
5Tattoos and TantrumsFeb-01-201002 years
4Pezzed OffJan-25-201002 years
3Shocking ChumJan-25-201002 years
2Chum Goes AWOLJan-21-201002 years
1WheelsJan-21-201002 years
200924Rick's Bad DayDec-27-200902 years
23Bikes and BladesDec-27-200902 years
22Pawn Shop PinotDec-21-200902 years
21Secret SantaDec-21-200902 years
20Steaks at StakeDec-14-200902 years
19Hot Air BuffoonDec-14-200902 years
18A Shot and a ShaveDec-07-200902 years
17Old Man's BootyDec-07-200902 years
16Sharks and CobrasNov-30-200902 years
15Fired UpNov-30-200902 years
14Old Man's GambleSep-27-200902 years
13Peaches & PinupsSep-20-200902 years
12Plane CrazySep-13-200902 years
11John Hancock's HancockSep-06-200902 years
10Rick's Big BetAug-30-200902 years
9Rope a DopeAug-23-200902 years
8Time MachinesAug-16-200902 years
7Brothels & BussesAug-09-200902 years
6Damn YankeesAug-02-200902 years
5Gangsters & GuitarsAug-02-200902 years
4Knights in Fake Armor?Jul-26-200902 years
3Sink or SellJul-26-200902 years
2Confederate ConundrumJul-19-200902 years
1Pilot: Boom or BustJul-19-200902 years
1817Atomic PawnMay-10-202102 weeks
16Pawn Stars and Movie StarsMay-03-2021155 days
15To Infinity and Be-pawned!Apr-26-2021162 weeks
14That's the Way the Cookie CrumblesApr-19-2021323 weeks
13Rick's Surreal SupperApr-12-2021254 weeks
12Pawn Shop RockMar-29-2021331 month
11Rick's Big ShotMar-22-2021122 months
10Knock Your Sox OffJan-04-202124 months
9Gotsta Get PawnedJan-04-202124 months
8The Need For SpeedDec-28-2020114 months
7Dueling and DealingDec-21-2020134 months
6Raiders of the Lost PawnDec-14-2020174 months
5Mo' Monet, Mo' ProblemsDec-07-2020114 months
4The Spy Who Pawned MeNov-30-202095 months
3Decoding a DealNov-23-202026 months
2TBAOct-12-202026 months
1TBAOct-05-202016 months
1733TBAAug-31-202009 months
32TBAAug-24-202009 months
31TBAAug-17-202009 months
30TBAAug-10-202009 months
29TBAAug-10-202009 months
28Million Dollar DealJul-27-202019 months
27A Loose CannonJul-20-2020410 months
26A Dam Good Road TripJul-13-2020810 months
25PawnfellasJul-06-2020210 months
24Mystery SafeJun-29-2020210 months
23TBAApr-20-2020111 months
22Wind Beneath My MillJun-15-2020310 months
21Slice and DiceJun-01-2020411 months
20Saints and WinnersMay-18-2020611 months
19I Don't Give a DimeMay-11-2020511 months
18Breakin' The BankApr-10-2020012 months
17Crossbows, Coins, And ConspiraciesApr-10-202001 year
16Hollywood PawnMar-27-202011 year
15PawnsplosionMar-27-202021 year
14Watches, Waistcoats And WizardsMar-16-202021 year
13A Bombsight For Sore EyesMar-09-202001 year
12PawnanzaMar-02-202011 year
11Secret Agent PawnFeb-10-202001 year
10Ship HappensFeb-03-202031 year
9Gold (& Silver) DiggerJan-27-202001 year
8Pawning For TrebleJan-20-202001 year
7May the Pawn Be with YouDec-23-201901 year
6Silver, Slots & RobotsDec-09-201901 year
5Pawn V. FerarriNov-18-201911 year
4Rick and the HeartbreakersNov-11-201911 year
3Boats and BrosNov-04-201901 year
2A Show About NothingOct-28-2019012 months
1Shooting PawnsOct-21-201921 year
1620Who's Pawning With Me!Aug-19-2019012 months
19Happy Meal, Happy DayAug-05-2019012 months
18Corey's House of BluesJul-29-2019012 months
17Rebel Without a PawnJul-22-2019012 months
16From Pawn, With LoveJul-15-2019012 months
15A Demon of a DealJul-01-2019012 months
14Pawning PicassoJun-24-2019012 months
13The ChuminatorJun-17-2019012 months
12Sign of the TimesJun-10-2019012 months
11He Shoots, He PawnsJun-03-2019012 months
10Pink Trains and Open FlamesMay-27-2019012 months
9A Game of PawnsMay-20-2019012 months
8Pawn Off the GridMar-18-2019012 months
7Pawn to the RescueMar-11-2019012 months
6Pawn of the SeasMar-04-201902 years
5International Pawn Of MysteryFeb-25-201902 years
4United States of PawnFeb-11-201902 years
3Pawn Of The UndeadFeb-04-201902 years
2Triple Crown PawnJan-28-201902 years
1Pawn It Out Of The ParkJan-21-2019012 months
1530A Treasure RememberedJun-27-2018012 months
29Big Fish In A Small PawnMay-21-201803 years
28The Pistol Is Mightier Than The SwordMay-14-201803 years
27Here's Looking At You, Pawn!May-07-201803 years
26Payne In The PuttApr-30-201803 years
25Highly Explosive PawnApr-23-201803 years
24Pawned and ConfusedMar-05-201803 years
23In the Presence of GreatnessMar-05-201803 years
22Blades of DealFeb-26-201803 years
21A Killer CapFeb-26-201803 years
20Fully VestedFeb-19-201803 years
19President's Day SaleFeb-19-201803 years
18The Happiest Place to PawnFeb-05-201803 years
17Ultimate Fighting PawnFeb-05-201803 years
16Some Serious CoinageJan-29-201803 years
15Can't Pawn Me LoveJan-29-201803 years
14Series Rings and Rap KingsJan-22-201803 years
13Revolutionary Rick!Jan-22-201803 years
12The Devil Went Down to VegasNov-20-201703 years
11Top Rope, Bottom DollarNov-20-201703 years
10Pawnie and ClydeNov-13-201703 years
9Royally PawnedNov-13-201703 years
8The Pawn CommandmentsNov-06-201704 years
7Samurais and CenterfoldsNov-06-201704 years
6Wish-A-Pawn a StarOct-30-201704 years
5E Equals MC PawnOct-30-201704 years
4Chum's Risky BusinessOct-23-201704 years
3Pawn or BustOct-23-201704 years
2Et tu, Rick?Oct-16-201703 years
1Going, Going... Pawn!Oct-16-201704 years
1430Money to PawnAug-28-201704 years
29King of PawntusAug-28-201704 years
28If the Pawn Don't FitAug-14-201704 years
27The Greatest Pawn on Earth!Aug-07-201704 years
26Stamp StumpedAug-07-201704 years
25Great Scott!Jul-31-201704 years
24Business is BrewingJul-31-201702 years
23Dollars & DrunksJul-24-201702 years
22Mini MilesJul-24-201704 years
21Pawned at the StakeJul-17-201704 years
20Pawn SamuraiJul-17-201704 years
19Masonic PawnJul-10-201704 years
18Poké PawnJul-10-201702 years
17Frontier FortuneJun-26-201704 years
16Declaration of DopenessJun-26-201704 years
15Lock Stock and Two Nickel BarrelsJun-12-201704 years
14Balloon PaymentsJun-12-201704 years
13By Land or by SeepJun-05-201704 years
12The Pawnshine StateJun-05-201704 years
11La La LandMay-22-201704 years
10Thar She Pawns!May-15-201704 years
9Pawning ReaganMay-15-201704 years
8Gilded Pawn AgeMay-08-201704 years
7PawnfamousMay-08-201704 years
6Up Up and Away!Apr-24-201704 years
5Spider PawnApr-24-201704 years
4Buddy, Can You Spare a Thousand?Apr-17-201704 years
3Oh Holy Pawn!Apr-17-201704 years
2Pawnball WizardApr-10-201704 years
1Pawns Ahoy!Apr-10-201704 years
1331Under PressureFeb-06-201704 years
30Houston, We Have A DealJan-30-201704 years
29Under PressureFeb-06-201702 years
28Houston, We Have a DealJan-30-201702 years
27Pawn PatentJan-30-201702 years
26Cutting Edge PawnJan-23-201702 years
25Wound Up RickJan-23-201702 years
24Seven Barreled PawnJan-16-201702 years
23Megawatt MoneyJan-16-201702 years
22Killer PawnJan-02-201702 years
21My Country, Pawn of TheeJan-02-201702 years
20A Pawn of LiesJan-01-201702 years
19Four Score and Seven PawnsDec-26-201602 years
18Pawn Another DayDec-26-201602 years
17Gotham PawnDec-12-201602 years
16Silver Stash PawnDec-05-201602 years
15Locked Up and Rail RoadedNov-28-201602 years
14All Pawns on DeckNov-21-201602 years
13Hidden PawnNov-14-201602 years
12Pawn in SpaceOct-31-201602 years
11Smokin' PawnOct-24-201602 years
10Great NegotiationsSep-07-201602 years
9Cowboys and CannonsSep-07-201602 years
8Triple Axel PawnAug-31-201602 years
7Death and TaxidermyAug-31-201605 years
6Pops PawnAug-24-201605 years
5Double Your PawnAug-24-201605 years
4Civil War TreasuresAug-17-201605 years
3Pawn HalenAug-10-201605 years
2Pawn No EvilAug-03-201605 years
1Mad DealsJul-27-201605 years
1248Pawn No EvilAug-03-201605 years
47Great Negotiations05 years
46Civil War TreasuresJul-20-201605 years
45Hollywood GoodsJul-13-201602 years
44Famous FindsJul-13-201602 years
43Rocking RestorationsJul-06-201615 years
42Napoleon ComplexJul-06-201615 years
41Trash or TreasureJun-29-201612 years
40G.I. PawnJun-29-201612 years
39Pawn of LibertyJun-22-201612 years
38Astro-PawnJun-15-201605 years
37Pawntucky DerbyJun-08-201615 years
36Stairway to PawnMay-25-201612 years
35Pawning PistolsMay-18-201602 years
34Rick the EmperorMay-11-201615 years
33Every Rose Has Its PawnMay-04-201612 years
32One in a MillionApr-27-201602 years
31Deals on WheelsApr-20-201605 years
30Gangsters, Guns, & GuitarsApr-06-201605 years
29Blockbuster BuysMar-30-201605 years
28First Lady of PawnFeb-24-201605 years
27No Pawn for You!Feb-17-201602 years
26Lock, Stock, and PawnFeb-10-201602 years
25Legends of RockFeb-03-201605 years
24Longshot PawnJan-27-201605 years
23Pawn BrothersJan-20-201605 years
22Racing RevolutionJan-13-201605 years
21Titanic PawnJan-06-201605 years
20The Pawn AwakensJan-06-201605 years
19The Pawn Before ChristmasDec-17-201505 years
18Wicked WeaponsDec-17-201505 years
17The Star Wars VaultDec-10-201505 years
16Capture the PawnDec-10-201505 years
1590's PawnDec-06-201502 years
14Pawn in the USADec-03-201505 years
1380's PawnDec-03-201505 years
1270's PawnNov-29-201502 years
11Money MakersNov-22-201505 years
10Prohibition PawnNov-19-201502 years
960's PawnNov-19-201502 years
8Riders on the PawnNov-12-201505 years
7Promissory PawnNov-12-201505 years
6Eye of the TigerNov-05-201502 years
5Napoleon BonapawnNov-05-201502 years
4Godfather of PawnOct-29-201502 years
3Fender BenderOct-29-201502 years
2Party on, PawnOct-22-201505 years
1Pawn of FireOct-22-201505 years
1142On the RoadAug-10-201503 years
41Personal CollectionAug-03-201503 years
40Wheelin' and Dealin'Jul-27-201505 years
39Greatest GamblesJul-20-201505 years
38Coolest CollectiblesJun-11-201503 years
37Most MysteriousJun-11-201503 years
36Expert ExaminationsJun-04-201503 years
35Pawn of the JediJun-04-201503 years
34Dangerous DealsMay-28-201503 years
33Penny for Your PawnMay-28-201503 years
32Ticket to PawnMay-25-201503 years
31Behind the WheelMay-25-201503 years
30Fake or FortuneMay-21-201503 years
29Pawn CreatureMay-21-201503 years
28Rick's RouletteMay-14-201503 years
27Locked and LoadedMay-07-201503 years
26Avengers AssembleMay-07-201503 years
25Monumental PawnApr-23-201503 years
24Priciest PawnsApr-23-201503 years
23Mail MayhemApr-09-201503 years
22Hot Wheel of FortuneApr-02-201503 years
21Crossing ChumMar-26-201503 years
20Mystery CallerMar-26-201503 years
19Son of a GunMar-19-201503 years
18Hot DamMar-19-201503 years
17Last Call PawnMar-12-201503 years
16One Man's JunkMar-12-201503 years
15Live Long and ProsperMar-05-201503 years
14Sword PlayMar-05-201503 years
13Rocky RoadFeb-26-201503 years
12All Hail RickFeb-26-201503 years
11Bucking BroncoFeb-26-201503 years
10Underground PawnFeb-26-201503 years
9Rick the GiantFeb-19-201503 years
8Rick Gets AxedFeb-19-201503 years
7The Smoking GunJan-25-201503 years
6Presidential PawnJan-22-201503 years
5Money BallJan-22-201503 years
4Wilde CardJan-15-201503 years
3RC/DCJan-15-201503 years
2Old Man CoreyJan-08-201503 years
1Trading UpJan-08-201503 years
1046Greatest HagglesDec-01-201403 years
45Biggest Buys & BustsNov-03-201403 years
44Generation GapDec-22-201403 years
43Motorcycle MayhemDec-22-201403 years
42Oldest Trick in the BookDec-18-201403 years
41Clowning AroundDec-18-201403 years
40Hiding HoudiniDec-15-201403 years
39United We StandDec-15-201403 years
38Mini RickDec-11-201403 years
37Chum's Secret StashDec-11-201403 years
36Flying HighDec-04-201403 years
35Game OverDec-04-201403 years
34Off to the RacesNov-20-201403 years
33Reach for RaphaelNov-20-201403 years
32McQueen DreamsNov-13-201403 years
31Captain RickNov-13-201403 years
30The Chum SystemNov-06-201403 years
29Wake Up CallNov-06-201403 years
28Chum FeverOct-30-201403 years
27Rick's a RiotOct-30-201403 years
26Secret AdmirerOct-23-201403 years
25Hidden TreasureOct-23-201403 years
24ChummifiedOct-16-201403 years
23Smarty PantsOct-16-201403 years
22The Book of RickOct-09-201403 years
21Van Gogh a Go GoOct-09-201403 years
20Tough CookieOct-02-201403 years
19Birthday BluesOct-02-201403 years
18Pawn FictionSep-25-201403 years
17Rock Stars and Race CarsSep-25-201403 years
16Pinball PunchSep-18-201403 years
15Dodging DillingerSep-18-201403 years
14Tricky RickySep-01-201403 years
13Break on ThroughSep-01-201403 years
12Break Room BattleAug-14-201403 years
11Bo KnowsAug-14-201403 years
10Shufflin' and Hustlin'Aug-07-201403 years
9Go for ChumAug-07-201403 years
8Playboys and PlayersJul-31-201403 years
7Mr. CoolJul-31-201403 years
6Colts and VikingsJul-24-201403 years
5Pawn ApocalypseJul-24-201403 years
4Put Up Your NukesJul-17-201403 years
3ChumdaeJul-17-201403 years
2Fireworks and FreedomJul-10-201403 years
1Press One for ChumJul-10-201403 years
990[no episode title yet]Dec-17-201505 years
89[no episode title yet]Dec-17-201505 years
88[no episode title yet]05 years
87[no episode title yet]05 years
86[no episode title yet]Dec-06-201505 years
85[no episode title yet]Dec-03-201505 years
84[no episode title yet]Dec-03-201505 years
83[no episode title yet]Nov-29-201505 years
82[no episode title yet]Nov-22-201505 years
81[no episode title yet]Nov-19-201505 years
80[no episode title yet]Nov-19-201505 years
79[no episode title yet]Nov-12-201505 years
78[no episode title yet]05 years
77[no episode title yet]Nov-05-201506 years
76[no episode title yet]Nov-05-201506 years
75[no episode title yet]Oct-29-201506 years
74[no episode title yet]Oct-29-201506 years
73[no episode title yet]Oct-22-201506 years
72[no episode title yet]Oct-22-201506 years
71[no episode title yet]Aug-10-201506 years
70[no episode title yet]Aug-03-201506 years
69[no episode title yet]Jul-27-201506 years
68[no episode title yet]Jun-11-201506 years
67[no episode title yet]Jun-11-201506 years
66[no episode title yet]Jun-04-201506 years
65[no episode title yet]Jun-04-201506 years
64[no episode title yet]May-28-201506 years
63[no episode title yet]May-28-201506 years
62[no episode title yet]May-25-201506 years
61[no episode title yet]May-25-201506 years
60[no episode title yet]May-21-201506 years
59[no episode title yet]May-21-201506 years
58[no episode title yet]May-14-201506 years
57[no episode title yet]May-07-201506 years
56[no episode title yet]May-07-201506 years
55[no episode title yet]Apr-23-201506 years
54[no episode title yet]Apr-23-201506 years
53[no episode title yet]Apr-02-201506 years
52Rick, Rock, and RollJun-26-201402 years
51Get in the RingJun-26-201406 years
50In the DoghouseJun-19-201406 years
49Spacing OutJun-19-201406 years
48Chumlee's Last LaughJun-12-201406 years
47Who's Your Dali?Jun-12-201406 years
46Daddy's GirlJun-05-201406 years
45Dam Good TimeJun-05-201406 years
44Pawn UMay-29-201406 years
43Reeling and DealingMay-29-201406 years
42Breaking the BankMay-22-201406 years
41Everybody Do the DinosaurMay-22-201406 years
40New Old ManMay-15-201406 years
39Tickets to RideMay-15-201406 years
38All InMay-08-201406 years
37Spruce GooseMay-08-201406 years
36Fiesta LocoMay-01-201406 years
35Tag TeamMay-01-201406 years
34Ponies and PhoniesApr-24-201406 years
33Road TestApr-24-201406 years
32Saddle UpApr-17-201402 years
31Sleeping GiantApr-17-201402 years
30Chum's RevengeApr-10-201406 years
29Traffic JammedApr-10-201406 years
28Tee'd OffApr-03-201406 years
27April FooledApr-03-201406 years
26Brew MasterMar-27-201406 years
25Choo Choo ChumMar-27-201406 years
24Head GamesMar-20-201402 years
23ShamrockedMar-20-201402 years
22Bang BangMar-13-201406 years
21You Snooze, You LoseMar-13-201406 years
20Mckinley Family JewelsMar-06-201406 years
19Field TripMar-06-201406 years
18Purple HazeFeb-27-201406 years
17Magic BusFeb-27-201406 years
16Chords, Swords and RewardsFeb-20-201406 years
15Rock BottomFeb-20-201406 years
14The Great PawnbinoFeb-13-201407 years
13Rough and TumbleFeb-13-201407 years
12Extreme PawnoverFeb-06-201437 years
11Rescue 9-1-ChumFeb-06-201437 years
10Sunday FundayJan-30-201417 years
9Smurf and TurfJan-30-201417 years
8Silent Stars and Rebel CarsJan-23-201422 years
7Anytime, Any MaceJan-23-201422 years
6Can't Buy Me LoveJan-16-201437 years
5I'll Be DoggoneJan-16-201437 years
4Whodunit?Jan-09-201427 years
3Truly TrivialJan-09-201427 years
2You Say You Wanna RevolutionJan-02-201427 years
1Finding FonzieJan-02-201427 years
0[no episode title yet]Nov-03-201407 years
888[no episode title yet]Sep-01-201417 years
87[no episode title yet]Sep-01-201417 years
86[no episode title yet]Aug-14-201417 years
85[no episode title yet]Aug-14-201427 years
84[no episode title yet]Aug-07-201417 years
83[no episode title yet]Aug-07-201417 years
82[no episode title yet]Jul-31-201417 years
81[no episode title yet]Jul-31-201417 years
80[no episode title yet]Jul-24-201417 years
79[no episode title yet]Jul-24-201417 years
78[no episode title yet]Jul-17-201427 years
77[no episode title yet]Jul-17-201417 years
76[no episode title yet]Jul-10-201417 years
75[no episode title yet]Jul-10-201417 years
74[no episode title yet]Jun-26-201417 years
73[no episode title yet]Jun-26-201417 years
72[no episode title yet]Jun-19-201407 years
71[no episode title yet]Jun-19-201407 years
70[no episode title yet]Jun-12-201427 years
69[no episode title yet]Jun-12-201427 years
68[no episode title yet]Jun-05-201417 years
67[no episode title yet]Jun-05-201417 years
66[no episode title yet]May-29-201427 years
65[no episode title yet]May-29-201427 years
64[no episode title yet]May-22-201427 years
63[no episode title yet]May-22-201427 years
62[no episode title yet]May-15-201407 years
61[no episode title yet]May-15-201417 years
60[no episode title yet]May-08-201407 years
59[no episode title yet]May-08-201407 years
58[no episode title yet]May-01-201407 years
57[no episode title yet]May-01-201407 years
56[no episode title yet]Apr-24-201407 years
55[no episode title yet]Apr-24-201407 years
54[no episode title yet]Apr-17-201407 years
53[no episode title yet]Apr-17-201407 years
52[no episode title yet]Apr-10-201407 years
51[no episode title yet]Apr-10-201407 years
50[no episode title yet]Apr-03-201407 years
49[no episode title yet]Apr-03-201407 years
48[no episode title yet]Mar-27-201407 years
47[no episode title yet]Mar-27-201407 years
46A Very Vegas ChristmasDec-19-201307 years
45Put Your Hands UpDec-26-201307 years
44Lost in SpacelanderDec-26-201307 years
43Another Christmas StoryDec-19-201307 years
42The Amazing ChumleeDec-12-201307 years
41Woah PilgrimDec-12-201307 years
40Gnarly HarleyDec-05-201307 years
39Bad to the BoneDec-05-201307 years
38Open and Shut CaseNov-21-201307 years
37Rebel, RebelNov-21-201307 years
36Cold Hard CashNov-14-201317 years
35The BachelorNov-14-201317 years
34The Merchant of VegasNov-07-201307 years
33Winchester, Lose or DrawNov-07-201307 years
32Chum of All FearsOct-31-201307 years
31Brush with GreatnessOct-31-201307 years
30Comfortably ChumOct-24-201307 years
29No Shoes, No Shirt, No ServiceOct-24-201307 years
28The EnigmaOct-17-201307 years
27Say It, Don't Spray ItOct-17-201307 years
26The Bald and the BeautifulOct-10-201307 years
25Everyday I'm Shufflin'Oct-10-201307 years
24You're OutAug-29-201317 years
23What Happens in VegasAug-29-201317 years
22Goldfish and SilverAug-22-201307 years
21On a Mission to PawnAug-22-201307 years
20London PawningAug-15-201317 years
19Secret Agent ManAug-15-201307 years
18Corey's Big SplurgeAug-08-201317 years
17The Chum-SakeAug-08-201317 years
16Chum-parazziAug-01-201317 years
15Colt to the TouchAug-01-201307 years
14Rage Against that MachineJul-18-201307 years
13World Series of PawnJul-18-201307 years
12Fool's GoldJul-11-201307 years
11A Hard Day's PawnJul-11-201307 years
10The Pawntridge FamilyJun-27-201307 years
9Sticks and StonesJun-27-201307 years
8Free AgentJun-20-201308 years
7King of PainJun-20-201308 years
6Dog Day AfternoonJun-13-201308 years
5Ready to RumbleJun-13-201308 years
4UnprankableJun-06-201308 years
3One Way TicketJun-06-201307 years
2Grumpy Old ManMay-30-201308 years
1Rick 'n' RollMay-30-201308 years
0[no episode title yet]Dec-31-196907 years
734Hello, GoodbyeMar-11-201305 years
33Close, But No CigarMar-11-201305 years
32Corey, I Am Your FatherMar-04-201305 years
31Book 'Em, RickMar-04-201305 years
30Shekel and HydeFeb-25-201305 years
29Beam Me UpFeb-25-201305 years
28Grand Theft CoreyFeb-18-201305 years
27Lunch LarcenyFeb-18-201305 years
26Just Shoe ItFeb-11-201305 years
25Room and HoardFeb-11-201305 years
24Off the HookAug-29-201308 years
23Comic ConAug-29-201307 years
22Hair Force OneAug-22-201307 years
21Million Dali BabyAug-22-201307 years
20Spare the RodmanAug-15-201307 years
19Funny MoneyJan-21-201305 years
18I Herd ThatAug-08-201307 years
17Little Pawn Shop of HorrorsAug-08-201307 years
16Santa ChumAug-01-201308 years
15It's a Wonderful PawnAug-01-201308 years
14Silent but ChumleeJul-18-201318 years
13Take the Money and RunJul-18-201327 years
12Wouldn't It Be Ice?Jul-11-201318 years
11Putt, Putt, PawnJul-11-201318 years
10The OfferJun-27-201308 years
9Sweet Pawn of MineJun-27-201308 years
8The Last SamuraiJun-20-201308 years
7On GuardJun-20-201308 years
6Man. Make. Fire.Jun-13-201308 years
5Lord of the RingJun-13-201308 years
4Stick to Your GunsJun-06-201308 years
3Three Pawn NightJun-06-201308 years
2Sturgis and AcquisitionsMay-30-201308 years
1What You Talkin' 'Bout Sturgis?May-30-201308 years
634[no episode title yet]Mar-11-201318 years
33[no episode title yet]Mar-11-201318 years
32[no episode title yet]Mar-04-201317 years
31[no episode title yet]Mar-04-201317 years
30[no episode title yet]Feb-25-201308 years
29[no episode title yet]Feb-25-201308 years
28Thirty SomethingFeb-18-201307 years
27Fork It OverFeb-18-201307 years
26Say It Ain't SoFeb-11-201307 years
25Some Like It NotFeb-11-201307 years
24Free WillieFeb-04-201307 years
23Cool as IkeFeb-04-201307 years
22Bullitt ProofJan-28-201318 years
21Kick the CanJan-28-201317 years
20Jet SettersJan-21-201317 years
19Stuff ItJan-21-201318 years
18Hot and ColtJan-14-201308 years
17Stalled DealsJan-14-201318 years
16Love Me SpenderDec-17-201207 years
15Pin It to Win ItDec-17-201207 years
14That Sinking FeelingDec-10-201207 years
13Dirty SoxDec-10-201218 years
12Like a RockDec-03-201218 years
11Silver LiningsDec-03-201218 years
10Family FeudNov-26-201208 years
9Three-Hour TourNov-26-201208 years
8What the TruckNov-19-201217 years
7Bossy PantsNov-19-201218 years
6Trigger HappyNov-13-201207 years
5Chum-p ChangeNov-13-201207 years
4To the MoonNov-12-201208 years
3Wild ThingNov-12-201208 years
2Corey's Big BurnNov-05-201217 years
1Guilty as ChargedNov-05-201219 years
558[no episode title yet]Sep-03-201207 years
57[no episode title yet]Sep-03-201219 years
56[no episode title yet]Aug-27-201239 years
55[no episode title yet]Aug-27-201239 years
54[no episode title yet]Aug-20-201219 years
53[no episode title yet]Aug-20-201239 years
52[no episode title yet]Aug-13-201209 years
51[no episode title yet]Jul-09-201209 years
50[no episode title yet]Jul-09-201219 years
49[no episode title yet]Jul-02-201219 years
48[no episode title yet]Jul-02-201209 years
47[no episode title yet]Jun-25-201209 years
46[no episode title yet]Jun-25-201209 years
45[no episode title yet]Jun-18-201209 years
44[no episode title yet]Jun-18-201209 years
43[no episode title yet]Jun-11-201209 years
42[no episode title yet]Jun-11-201207 years
41[no episode title yet]Jun-04-201209 years
40[no episode title yet]May-28-201209 years
39[no episode title yet]May-28-201209 years
38[no episode title yet]May-21-201209 years
37[no episode title yet]May-21-201209 years
36[no episode title yet]Apr-23-201209 years
35[no episode title yet]Apr-23-201209 years
34[no episode title yet]Apr-16-201209 years
33[no episode title yet]Apr-16-201207 years
32[no episode title yet]Apr-09-201209 years
31[no episode title yet]Apr-09-201209 years
30ZoodooApr-09-201209 years
29Pawn with the WindMar-05-201209 years
28Ring Around a RockneFeb-27-201209 years
27James Gang Rides AgainFeb-27-201209 years
26Guns BlazingFeb-20-201209 years
25PawnocchioFeb-20-201209 years
24Huddle UpFeb-13-201209 years
23Bear-ly ThereFeb-13-201209 years
22Cash is KingFeb-06-201209 years
21Air MailFeb-06-201209 years
20Yankee PankyJan-30-201209 years
19Hole in OneJan-30-201209 years
18Les Is MoreJan-23-201209 years
17Over the MoonJan-23-201209 years
16Cash, Cash, Bang, BangJan-16-201209 years
15Crosby, Stills and CashJan-16-201209 years
14Smells Like Pawn SpiritJan-09-201209 years
13Learning the RopesJan-09-201209 years
12Help WantedJan-02-201209 years
11Corey's Big PlayJan-02-201209 years
10Apocalypse WowDec-26-201109 years
9High TopsDec-26-201109 years
8Pony UpDec-19-201109 years
7$=MC2Dec-19-201109 years
6Silence of the LamboDec-12-201109 years
5Buyer BewareDec-12-201109 years
4Looney DunesDec-05-201109 years
3Blaze of GloryDec-05-201109 years
2Patriot GamesNov-28-201109 years
1Mile High ClubNov-28-201109 years
452[no episode title yet]Oct-24-201107 years
51[no episode title yet]Sep-26-201107 years
50[no episode title yet]Sep-26-201107 years
49[no episode title yet]Sep-19-201107 years
48[no episode title yet]Sep-19-201107 years
47[no episode title yet]Sep-12-201107 years
46[no episode title yet]Sep-12-201107 years
45[no episode title yet]Sep-05-201107 years
44[no episode title yet]Sep-05-201107 years
43[no episode title yet]Aug-15-201107 years
42[no episode title yet]Aug-15-201107 years
41[no episode title yet]Aug-08-201107 years
40[no episode title yet]Aug-08-201107 years
39[no episode title yet]Aug-01-201107 years
38The Pick, The Pawn, & The PolishJul-11-201109 months
37Rick or TreatOct-24-201109 months
36Poker NightSep-26-201109 months
35SecuritySep-26-201109 months
34Bugs MoneySep-19-201109 months
33Teacher's PetSep-19-201109 months
32Pirate's BootySep-12-201109 months
31High StakesSep-12-201109 months
30Pipe DreamsSep-05-201109 months
29The King's BlingSep-05-201109 months
28Out of GasAug-15-201109 months
27The Wright StuffAug-15-201109 months
26Weird ScienceAug-08-201109 months
25Silent and DeadlyAug-08-201109 months
24Cannons and KlingonsAug-01-201109 months
23Buffalo BullAug-01-201109 months
22Off the WallJul-25-201109 months
21Face the MusicJul-25-201109 months
20Kings and McQueensJul-18-201109 months
19Making CentsJul-18-201109 months
18Honor Thy FatherJun-13-201109 months
17Over the TopJun-13-201109 months
16Buy the BookJun-06-201109 months
15Late Night ChumJun-06-201109 months
14Sharpe ShootersJun-01-201109 months
13Broadsiding LincolnMay-30-201109 months
12The Great EscapeMay-09-201109 months
11PeacemakerMay-09-201109 months
10Necessary RoughnessMay-02-201109 months
9Spidey CentsMay-02-201109 months
8Patton PendingApr-25-201109 months
7Pom Pom PawnApr-25-201109 months
6Take a SeatApr-18-201109 months
5Not on My WatchApr-18-201109 months
4Missile AttackApr-11-201109 months
3Sub for SaleApr-11-201109 months
2Pablo PawncassoApr-04-201109 months
1Evel GeniusApr-04-201109 months
330ChummobileMar-28-201109 months
29Going PostalMar-28-201109 months
28Ah, Shoot!Mar-21-201109 months
27RobosaurusMar-21-201109 months
26Wise GuysFeb-14-201109 months
25Harrison for PresidentFeb-14-201109 months
24Striking a ChordFeb-07-201109 months
23Pawn IllustratedFeb-07-201109 months
22Put Up Your DukesJan-31-201109 months
21Darth PawnJan-31-201109 months
20Case ClosedJan-24-201109 months
19Pedal to the MedalJan-24-201109 months
18Houdini's HandcuffsJan-17-201109 months
17Luck of the DrawJan-17-201109 months
16Packing HeatDec-13-201009 months
15Monkey BusinessDec-06-201009 months
14Honest AbeNov-01-201009 months
13Never SurrenderNov-01-201009 months
12Bare BonesOct-25-201009 months
11Gone with the SchwinnOct-25-201009 months
10Chumdog MillionaireOct-18-201009 months
9Hello NurseOct-18-201009 months
8Like a Rolling ChumSep-20-201009 months
7The Eagle Has LandedSep-20-201009 months
6Ready, Set, PawnSep-13-201009 months
5Cornering the ColonelSep-13-201009 months
4Getting a HeadSep-06-201009 months
3Double TroubleSep-06-201009 months
2Ace in the HoleAug-16-201009 months
1Peeping PawnAug-16-201009 months
233Moon WalkingJul-12-201009 months
32Phoning It InJul-12-201009 months
31Rough RidersJul-05-201009 months
30Message in a BottleJul-05-201009 months
29Strike, Spare, BOOMJun-28-201009 months
28Chumlee's DummiesApr-12-201007 years
27Deals from HellApr-05-201007 years
26Aw Shucks!Jun-21-201009 months
25Gold DiggersJun-14-201009 months
24Whale of a TimeJun-14-201009 months
23Top SecretJun-07-201009 months
22Trail BreakerJun-07-201009 months
21License to PawnMay-02-201009 months
20The British Are ComingApr-25-201009 months
19ZzzzzzApr-25-201009 months
18Hell WeekApr-19-201009 months
17Bow LeggedApr-12-201009 months
16Helmet HeadApr-05-201009 months
15Bumpy RideMar-29-201009 months
14Flight of the ChumMar-08-201009 months
13Big GunsMar-08-201009 months
12Backroom BrawlMar-01-201009 months
11Fortune in FlamesDec-27-200907 years
10Off the WagonFeb-15-201009 months
9Spooning Paul RevereFeb-15-201009 months
8Chopper GambleFeb-08-201009 months
7Pinball WizardsFeb-08-201009 months
6Tattoos and TantrumsDec-14-200907 years
5Guns and RangersDec-14-200907 years
4Pezzed OffJan-25-201009 months
3Shocking ChumJan-25-201009 months
2WheelsNov-30-200907 years
1Chum Goes AWOLNov-30-200907 years
125Rick's Bad DayDec-27-200909 months
24Bikes and BladesDec-27-200909 months
23Pawn Shop PinotDec-21-200902 years
22Secret SantaDec-21-200909 months
21A Christmas SpecialDec-21-200909 months
20Steaks at StakeDec-14-200902 years
19Hot Air BuffoonDec-14-200904 years
18A Shot and a ShaveDec-07-200909 months
17Old Man's BootyDec-07-200909 months
16Sharks and CobrasNov-30-200909 months
15Fired UpNov-30-200909 months
14Old Man's GambleSep-27-200907 years
13Peaches & PinupsSep-20-200907 years
12Plane CrazySep-13-200907 years
11John Hancock's HancockSep-06-200907 years
10Rick's Big BetAug-30-200902 years
9Rope a DopeAug-23-200907 years
8Time MachinesAug-16-200907 years
7Brothels & BussesAug-09-200907 years
6Damn YankeesAug-02-200907 years
5Gangsters & GuitarsAug-02-200907 years
4Knights in Fake Armor?Jul-26-200907 years
3Sink or SellJul-26-200907 years
2Confederate ConundrumJul-19-200907 years
1Boom or BustJul-19-200907 years
038Great NegotiationsSep-07-201602 years
37Civil War TreasuresAug-17-201602 years
36Hollywood GoodsJul-20-201602 years
35Famous FindsJul-13-201602 years
34Rocking RestorationsJul-06-201602 years
33Trash or TreasureJun-29-201602 years
32One in a MillionApr-27-201602 years
31Deals on WheelsApr-20-201602 years
30Gangsters, Guns, & GuitarsApr-06-201602 years
29Blockbuster BuysMar-30-201602 years
28Make or Break: Star Wars PropsFeb-19-201602 years
27Most EvelJan-02-201602 years
26Make or Break: Star Wars PosterJan-01-201602 years
25The Star Wars Vault Dec-10-201502 years
24Wicked WeaponsDec-17-201502 years
2390's PawnDec-06-201502 years
2280's PawnDec-03-201502 years
2170's PawnNov-29-201502 years
20Money MakersNov-22-201502 years
1960's PawnNov-19-201502 years
18Pawn Stars On the RoadAug-10-201502 years
17Pawn Stars Personal CollectionAug-03-201502 years
16Wheelin' and Dealin'Jul-27-201502 years
15Greatest GamblesJul-20-201502 years
14Coolest CollectiblesJun-11-201502 years
13Most MysteriousJun-11-201502 years
12Biggest Buys and BustsNov-03-201402 years
11Expert ExaminationsJun-04-201502 years
10Dangerous DealsMay-28-201502 years
9Fake or FortuneMay-21-201502 years
8Priciest PawnsApr-23-201502 years
7Mini Rick: Enhanced VersionDec-18-201402 years
6Game Over: Enhanced VersionDec-18-201402 years
5Greatest HagglesDec-01-201402 years
4The Adventures of Corey & ChumNov-10-201402 years
3Back to the Beginning: Confederate ConundrumOct-23-201402 years
2Back to the Beginning: Boom or BustOct-23-201402 years
1A Christmas SpecialDec-21-200902 years

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