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Naked and Afraid

“Naked and Afraid” takes “survival of the fittest” to the next level. Each week, a new pair of complete and total strangers – one man and one woman – will find themselves stranded in and, quite literally, exposed to some of the world’s most extreme weather environments. Each duo will be left high and dry with no food, no water…...

Genre: Documentary, Adventure, Action, Educational

Release Date: June 23, 2013 (US)

Status: Running

Network: Discovery Channel (official website)


Most recent episode: Naked and Afraid Season 11 Episode 6 - Alone: Lonely Like the Wolf ( 2/16/2020 )

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Season Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1212x1: TwinningFeb-23-202004 hours
1111x6: Alone: Lonely Like the WolfFeb-16-2020262 days
11x5: Alone: Max Pushed to the MaxFeb-09-2020371 week
11x4: Alone: Blazed and ConfusedJan-26-2020112 weeks
11x3: Alone: Hunted and HauntedJan-19-2020112 weeks
11x2: Alone: Gary of the JungleJan-12-2020112 weeks
11x1: Alone: Man Up or Bow OutJan-05-2020112 weeks
1010x20: TBAJun-30-2019145 months
10x19: TBAJun-23-2019245 months
10x18: Honduran HellJun-16-2019368 months
10x17: TBAMay-26-2019298 months
10x16: TBAMay-19-2019469 months
10x15: TBAMay-12-2019419 months
10x14: TBAMay-05-2019429 months
10x13: TBAApr-28-2019409 months
10x12: Touch of PoisonApr-28-20192010 months
10x11: Swamp Don't CareApr-21-2019010 months
10x10: Swamp Don't CareApr-21-2019610 months
10x9: Stalked On All SidesApr-14-20191810 months
10x8: The Spirits Are AngryMar-31-2019011 months
10x7: Bite ClubMar-31-20191311 months
10x6: Stomping GroundsMar-24-20192311 months
10x5: Baked AlaskanMar-17-20192111 months
10x4: ThreesomeMar-17-20191811 months
10x3: No Safety in NumbersMar-10-20191812 months
10x2: You've Got Another Sting ComingMar-03-20191812 months
10x1: Frozen and AfraidMar-03-20191712 months
99x15: Fire and FuryAug-12-2018611 months
9x14: BlindsidedAug-05-2018011 months
9x13: Naked and Afraid of SharksJul-29-2018111 months
9x12: Fan DownJun-24-201802 years
9x11: Trouble in ParadiseJun-10-201802 years
9x10: Pick Your PoisonMay-13-2018102 years
9x9: Loaded for BearMay-06-201852 years
9x8: Burnt to a CrispApr-29-201862 years
9x7: Love at First FightApr-22-2018811 months
9x6: Thieves in the NightApr-15-20181211 months
9x5: Island of TearsApr-08-2018711 months
9x4: Forbidden FruitApr-01-201802 years
9x3: Swamp QueenMar-25-201852 years
9x2: A Screw LooseMar-18-2018112 years
9x1: Category 5 SurvivalMar-11-2018112 years
88x7: Wrath of NatureSep-07-201702 years
8x6: Belize BreakdownAug-20-201723 years
8x5: Stone ColdAug-13-201703 years
8x4: Rain of TerrorAug-06-201743 years
8x3: The HuntedAug-03-201733 years
8x2: Texan TortureAug-02-201743 years
8x1: Lost at SeaJul-30-2017411 months
77x13: Swamp NightsJul-16-201703 years
7x12: Sharks in the WaterJul-09-2017010 months
7x11: Worlds CollideMay-21-201703 years
7x10: Arachnid OverloadMay-14-201703 years
7x9: Curse of the Swamp: Part 2May-07-201703 years
7x8: Curse of the SwampApr-30-201723 years
7x7: UnhingedApr-23-201703 years
7x6: The MonsterApr-16-201703 years
7x5: The Lost WorldApr-09-201703 years
7x4: Ashes to AshesApr-02-201703 years
7x3: HangryMar-19-201703 years
7x2: Washed OutMar-12-201703 years
7x1: Eye of the StormMar-05-201703 years
66x12: 23 DaysJun-05-201603 years
6x11: Strength in PainMay-29-201603 years
6x10: Bad BloodMay-22-201603 years
6x9: Melt Down UnderMay-15-201603 years
6x8: The Danger WithinApr-30-201703 years
6x7: Hell or High WaterApr-24-201603 years
6x6: ContaminationApr-17-201603 years
6x5: All Falls DownApr-02-201703 years
6x4: From the AshesMar-26-201703 years
6x3: Rise AboveMar-19-201703 years
6x2: Frozen in FearMar-12-201713 years
6x1: King of the ForestMar-05-201713 years
55x13: 23 DaysJun-05-201603 years
5x12: Strength In PainMay-29-201603 years
5x11: Bad BloodMay-22-201603 years
5x10: Melt Down UnderMay-15-201603 years
5x9: The Danger WithinMay-01-201603 years
5x8: Hell or High WaterApr-24-201603 years
5x7: ContaminationApr-17-201603 years
5x6: All Falls DownApr-10-201603 years
5x5: All or NothingNov-01-201503 years
5x4: The SwarmOct-25-201503 years
5x3: The Darkest HourOct-18-201503 years
5x2: Fear the UnknownOct-11-201503 years
5x1: ForsakenOct-04-201503 years
44x20: All or NothingNov-01-201503 years
4x19: The SwarmOct-25-201503 years
4x18: The Darkest HourOct-18-201503 years
4x17: Fear the UnknownOct-11-201503 years
4x16: ForsakenOct-04-201503 years
4x15: Bares AllAug-02-201503 years
4x14: Easier Said Than DoneJun-05-201604 years
4x13: SurthriveMay-29-201604 years
4x12: Redemption RoadMay-22-201614 years
4x11: Garden of EvilMay-08-201614 years
4x10: SurthriveJul-19-2015012 months
4x9: Redemption RoadJun-28-201534 years
4x8: Garden of EvilJun-21-201504 years
4x7: Colombian ConflictJun-07-201504 years
4x6: Lord of the RatsMay-31-201504 years
4x5: Fire on the MountainMay-17-2015012 months
4x4: Edge of MadnessMay-10-2015012 months
4x3: Mayan SacrificeMay-03-2015012 months
4x2: Rumble in the JungleApr-26-201504 years
4x1: Alligator AlleyApr-19-2015012 months
33x17: Oct-31-201504 years
3x16: Oct-31-201504 years
3x15: Oct-17-201504 years
3x14: Oct-10-201514 years
3x13: Aug-02-201504 years
3x12: Jul-26-201504 years
3x11: Awkward MomentsJul-26-201505 years
3x10: Dunes of DespairJul-19-201505 years
3x9: Botswana BreakdownJun-28-201505 years
3x8: Nicaragua NightmareJun-14-201505 years
3x7: Himalayan HellJun-07-201505 years
3x6: Playing with FireMay-31-201505 years
3x5: Argentina ImpossibleMay-24-201505 years
3x4: Jungle LoveMay-17-201505 years
3x3: Hearts of DarknessMay-10-201505 years
3x2: Blood in the WaterMay-03-201505 years
3x1: Primal FearApr-26-201505 years
3x0: New Season ExposedJun-22-201403 years
22x20: Dec-10-201405 years
2x19: Sep-28-201405 years
2x18: Sep-21-201405 years
2x17: Sep-14-201405 years
2x16: Sep-07-201405 years
2x15: Aug-31-201405 years
2x14: Aug-24-201405 years
2x13: Aug-24-201406 years
2x12: Aug-03-201406 years
2x11: Jul-27-201406 years
2x10: Jul-20-201406 years
2x9: Jul-13-201406 years
2x8: Jul-06-201406 years
2x7: Apr-27-201406 years
2x6: Meltdown in BoliviaApr-20-201406 years
2x5: The Pain ForestApr-13-201406 years
2x4: Mayan MiseryApr-06-201416 years
2x3: Paradise LostMar-30-201416 years
2x2: Damned in AfricaMar-23-201406 years
2x1: Man vs. AmazonMar-16-201416 years
2x0: New Season Exposed02 years
11x8: Double JeopardyDec-14-201406 years
1x7: Bares AllAug-03-201327 years
1x6: Beware the BayouJul-28-201347 years
1x5: Breaking BorneoJul-21-201357 years
1x4: Punishment in PanamaJul-14-201327 years
1x3: Island from HellJul-07-201327 years
1x2: Terror in TanzaniaJun-30-201317 years
1x1: The Jungle CurseJun-23-201307 years
00x33: Spiders, Gators, Bears, Oh My!May-05-2019010 months
0x32: Naked and HauntedApr-14-2019010 months
0x31: TBAMar-03-2019012 months
0x30: Eaten AliveAug-12-2018012 months
0x29: Shark Week 2018 Naked and Afraid of SharksJul-29-201802 years
0x28: UnsurvivableMar-11-201802 years
0x27: Suffering, Sunburn, and SharksJul-30-201702 years
0x26: Sharks in the WaterJul-09-201702 years
0x25: Bares All: Naked NightsMar-26-201702 years
0x24: Bares All: Battered and BrokenJun-12-201602 years
0x23: Bares All: Never Give UpMay-08-201602 years
0x22: Into The WildMar-06-201602 years
0x21: Bares All: On the EdgeAug-02-201502 years
0x20: Alone Together Jun-18-201502 years
0x19: Bares All: Survival in Close QuartersJun-14-201502 years
0x18: Franco and RogenDec-07-201402 years
0x17: Naked and AwkwardSep-28-201402 years
0x16: SnaketacularAug-31-201402 years
0x15: Bares All: Blood, Sweat and FearsAug-24-201402 years
0x14: Pop-Up Edition: DominicaAug-20-201402 years
0x13: Pop-Up Edition: ArgentinaAug-06-201402 years
0x12: Pop-Up Edition: NicaraguaJul-30-201402 years
0x11: Pop-Up Edition: CambodiaJul-23-201402 years
0x10: Pop-Up Edition: Andros IslandsJul-16-201402 years
0x9: Pop-Up Edition: NamibiaJul-09-201402 years
0x8: Pop-Up Edition: MalaysiaJun-25-201402 years
0x7: Pop-Up Edition: LouisianaJun-18-201402 years
0x6: Pop-Up Edition: MaldivesJun-11-201402 years
0x5: Naked and Afraid: New Season ExposedJun-22-201402 years
0x4: Bares All 3May-20-201402 years
0x3: Bares All 2: Starvation, Snakes and StrifeApr-27-201402 years
0x2: Naked and Afraid: RevealedMar-09-201402 years
0x1: Bares All 1Dec-14-201302 years

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