Think the days of bootleggers, backwoods stills and “white lightning” are over? Not a chance! It’s a multi-million dollar industry. But perhaps more importantly to the moonshiners, it’s a tradition dating back hundreds of years, passed down to them from their forefathers. It’s part of their history and culture. While this practice is surprisingly alive and well, it’s not always legal. Discovery Channel’s all-new series MOONSHINERS tells the story of those who brew their shine – often in the woods near their homes using camouflaged equipment – and the local authorities who try to keep them honest. Viewers will witness practices rarely, if ever, seen on television including the sacred rite of passage for a moonshiner – firing up the still for the first time. They will also meet legends, including notorious moonshiner Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton.

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Genre: Reality

Release Date: December 6, 2011 (US)

Status: Running

Network: Discovery Channel (IMDb, Official Website)


Most recent episode: Moonshiners Season 11 Episode 6 - Champagne or Shine Pain? ( 12/1/2021 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
118Mountain MayhemDec-15-202102 days
7Bottle ShockDec-08-2021012 hours
6Champagne or Shine Pain?Dec-01-2021271 day
5Like Water for MoonshineNov-24-2021211 week
4Backwoods Old FashionedNov-17-2021282 weeks
3Oh Josh, Where Art Thou?Nov-10-2021182 weeks
2Holy Grail of MoonshineNov-03-2021242 weeks
1Boom Time for MoonshineOct-27-2021301 week
1021TBAApr-13-202198 months
20Backwoods BonanzaApr-06-2021202 months
19Moonshine Capital ReturnsMar-30-2021252 months
18Two Tons of FunMar-23-2021282 months
17Tennessee WhiskeyMar-16-2021222 months
16Basement BustMar-09-2021132 months
15Another Man's MashMar-02-2021172 months
14Ice ShineFeb-23-2021152 months
13Hog HeavenFeb-16-2021232 months
12Caught Red-HandedFeb-09-2021212 months
11Mason Jar ShortageFeb-02-2021122 months
10Smoke to the FireJan-26-2021112 months
9Sweet Corn RevengeJan-19-202182 months
8Too Much of a Good ThingJan-12-2021122 months
7Overproof and Under the GunJan-05-2021152 months
6Single Malt MoonshineDec-29-202072 months
5No Ordinary RunDec-22-2020132 months
4Backwoods is BoomingDec-15-2020202 months
3Mark and Digger's Big TestDec-08-2020192 months
2Interstate AllianceDec-01-2020172 months
1Hard Times Make the Best ShineNov-24-2020182 months
918Shiner ShowdownMar-24-202002 years
17The Marvelous Mrs. TickleMar-17-202022 months
16Unexpected OfferMar-10-202022 months
15Georgia on My ShineMar-03-202028 months
14Hemp ShineFeb-25-202042 months
13Rolling Down the MountainFeb-18-202038 months
12Murphy's Law for OutlawsFeb-11-202038 months
11Say Yes to the MessFeb-04-202038 months
10Run for the HillsJan-28-202038 months
9Tickle to the RescueJan-21-202038 months
8Toxic Work EnvironmentJan-14-202038 months
7Busted by the LawJan-07-202048 months
6Drone vs. ShotgunDec-31-201968 months
5Wedding Cake ShineDec-17-201922 months
4Enemy at the GatesDec-10-201928 months
3Tickle's Big RunDec-03-201928 months
2Proof is in the PayoffNov-26-201928 months
1Back to the WoodsNov-19-201922 months
821Risky WhiskyMar-27-201902 years
20Hillbilly HackMar-27-201902 years
19Breaking the CodeMar-20-201902 years
18The Trouble with TickleMar-20-201938 months
17Risky WhiskeyMar-13-201928 months
16Hillbilly HackMar-13-201903 years
15Breaking the CodeMar-06-201926 months
14Free TickleMar-07-201928 months
13Whiskey DeceptionMar-13-201928 months
12100 Proof HeritageMar-06-201902 years
11Mobile Moonshine MadnessMar-06-201928 months
10Full Throttle ThrowdownFeb-27-201928 months
9Bootlegger's BountyFeb-27-201932 months
8Hillbilly IngenuityFeb-20-201912 months
7Moonshiner's ApprenticeFeb-13-201928 months
6Breaking the LawsFeb-06-201902 years
5Burden of ProofJan-30-201912 months
4Popcorn's Secret StashJan-23-201928 months
3Wrong Side of the LawJan-16-201928 months
2Backwoods JusticeJan-09-201912 months
1Legacy on the LineJan-02-201912 months
718Last Nail in the CoffinMar-27-201828 months
17Foraging for a Long Winter AheadMar-20-201826 months
16Not a CrookMar-13-201828 months
15Lighted UpMar-06-201828 months
14High and DryFeb-20-201812 months
13From the FlamesFeb-13-201812 months
12Highway to HellFeb-06-201828 months
11Curse of the Blown CoverJan-23-201812 months
10Skins in the GameJan-16-201812 months
9Arrested DevelopmentJan-09-201828 months
8Stash and GrabJan-02-201838 months
7Pass the JuiceDec-26-201728 months
6Legends of the ShineDec-19-201728 months
5Second ChancesDec-12-201728 months
4Pony ExpressDec-05-201728 months
3Lightning StrikesNov-28-201728 months
2Shine in the SkyNov-21-201712 months
1Snake BittenNov-14-201728 months
619The Fast and the FearlessMar-28-201704 years
18Tale of TickleMar-28-201712 months
17Last CallMar-14-201728 months
16Intruder AlertMar-07-201728 months
15Two Pot Bang BangFeb-21-201712 months
14Thunder PumpkinsFeb-14-201712 months
13The Green DevilFeb-07-201712 months
12Big Wheels Keep on TurningJan-31-201712 months
11Big City BootlegJan-24-201712 months
10Green DragonJan-17-201712 months
9Smokey Mountain GinJan-10-201728 months
8Dog Days of ShiningJan-03-201728 months
7Whiskey Time MachineDec-27-201605 years
6Making Spirits BrightDec-20-201612 months
5Big River RedemptionDec-13-201628 months
4Luck of the IrishDec-06-201612 months
3Hard StartNov-29-201612 months
2Take Me to the RiverNov-22-201628 months
1Whiskey RebellionNov-15-201612 months
518Need for SpeedMar-15-201612 months
17End of an EraMar-08-201648 months
16Presidential ShineMar-01-201628 months
15Virgin WhiskeyFeb-23-201628 months
14Still RegrettingFeb-16-201648 months
13Shine 'Til You DropFeb-09-201628 months
12Cherry BounceFeb-02-201628 months
11Caved InJan-26-201632 months
10Trouble BrewingJan-19-201648 months
9Out on a LimbJan-12-201622 months
8Six Feet UndercoverJan-05-201612 months
7Scotch on the RocksDec-29-201548 months
6Rise 'n Shine!Dec-22-201248 months
5Rain or ShineDec-15-201512 months
4Still LifeDec-08-201512 months
3Gone A-RyeDec-01-201548 months
2Whiskey BurnNov-24-201528 months
1American SpiritsNov-17-201512 months
414The ShiningFeb-03-201538 months
13Bros Before HoochJan-27-201538 months
12Bootleg or BustJan-20-201562 months
11Shine OverboardJan-13-201512 months
10Moonshine RiverJan-06-201528 months
9Shine JackedDec-30-201412 months
8Liquid AssetsDec-23-201462 months
7White Lightning WarsDec-16-2014112 months
6Moonshine TakedownDec-09-201412 months
5Tennessee RisingDec-02-201452 months
4Risky WhiskeyNov-25-201468 months
3Bullet ProofNov-18-201428 months
2Moonshine CascadeNov-11-201422 months
1Shine OnNov-04-201422 months
313Liquid CourageFeb-04-201412 months
12AftershockJan-28-201412 months
11FirewaterJan-14-201428 months
10Moonshine WarJan-07-201412 months
9Bootlegging BlowupsDec-31-201328 months
8Rival ShinersDec-24-201328 months
7Blue MoonshineDec-17-201338 months
6First RunDec-10-201328 months
5Hush MoneyDec-03-201328 months
4More Shiners, More ProblemsNov-26-201328 months
3Swamp ShinersNov-19-201328 months
2A Shiner in KentuckyNov-12-201328 months
1Time to 'ShineNov-05-201328 months
0[no episode title yet]Jan-07-201407 years
216[no episode title yet]Feb-14-201309 years
15[no episode title yet]Feb-14-201309 years
14Secret Summit (2)Feb-13-201328 months
13Secret Summit (1)Feb-06-201312 months
12Last Shiner StandingJan-30-201332 months
11Hat in HandJan-23-201346 months
10Moonshine Treasure HuntJan-16-201312 months
9Adios, Mr. StillJan-09-201328 months
8Troubled WatersJan-02-201358 months
7A Moonshiners ChristmasDec-19-201228 months
6Prophecy FulfilledDec-12-201222 months
5A Shiner's Last StandDec-05-201222 months
4Storm's a BrewingNov-28-201238 months
3Moonshiner vs. HogzillaNov-21-201212 months
2Moonshine GoldmineNov-14-201222 months
1Rise 'n Shine!Nov-07-201238 months
17Cannonball RunApr-18-201222 months
6A Moonshiner's FarewellJan-04-201212 months
5A Price to PayDec-28-201122 months
4Outlaw BrotherhoodDec-21-201128 months
3The Law Comes Knockin'Dec-14-201128 months
2Point of No ReturnDec-07-201122 months
1Moonshine Season StartsDec-06-201128 months
048Special 4802 years
47Mid-season Secret SummitFeb-13-201902 years
46Legend of Jim TomJan-23-201902 years
45Moonshiners: Secrets of Backwoods EngineeringJan-16-201903 years
44Secret Summit Season KickoffJan-02-201903 years
43Moonshiners: High Proof HolidaysJan-11-201803 years
42Mark Rogers: The Will to SurviveMar-20-201803 years
41Whiskey BusinessMar-13-201803 years
40Mark and Digger: Legends and LegacyMar-06-201803 years
39Shiners on Shine: Moonshiner HeritageFeb-06-201803 years
38Shiners on Shine: Friends And FoesJan-30-201803 years
37Shiners on Shine: It Ain't Easy to ShineJan-23-201803 years
36Shiners on Shine: Innovate or DieJan-16-201803 years
35Shiners on Shine: Fails Jan-09-201803 years
34Shiners on Shine: Close CallsJan-02-201803 years
33Shiners on Shine: BootleggingDec-19-201703 years
32Moonshiners xXxmasDec-05-201703 years
31Codes of the CraftAug-17-201703 years
30The Fast And The FearlessMar-29-201703 years
29Tale of TickleMar-29-201703 years
28Mark Rogers: Last of the Mountain MenMar-21-201703 years
27The Legend of Tim SmithMar-14-201703 years
26Off-RoadingDec-13-201603 years
25 Moonshiners On MoonshiningNov-15-201603 years
24A Very Moonshiners ChristmasDec-22-201503 years
23Secret Summit: Final CountdownFeb-03-201503 years
22Two ShotsFeb-03-201503 years
21One ShotJan-27-201503 years
20Jim Tom's Road to Nashville: Vol. 2Jan-06-201503 years
19Jim Tom's Road to Nashville: Vol. 1Dec-30-201403 years
18A Moonshiners Christmas 2014Dec-09-201403 years
17Thanksgiving Summit SpecialNov-25-201403 years
16Secret Summit: Kick-Off SpecialNov-04-201403 years
15Moonshiners: The Off SeasonNov-05-201403 years
14Secret Summit: Secrets Of The ShineFeb-04-201403 years
13Secret Summit: State of the ShineNov-26-201303 years
12Secret Summit: The StrugglesJan-14-201403 years
11The Ballad of Jim TomJan-07-201403 years
10A Moonshiners Christmas 2013Dec-10-201303 years
9Road to the ShineOct-29-201303 years
8Kick Off SummitNov-05-201303 years
6Tickle's Guide to LoveFeb-14-201303 years
5Secret Summit, Part 2Feb-13-201303 years
4Secret Summit, Part 1Feb-06-201303 years
3A Moonshiners Christmas 2012Dec-19-201203 years
2Countdown to ShineNov-07-201203 years
1Cannonball RunApr-18-201203 years

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