Masterchef (US)

Masterchef (US) is the American reality cooking show where amateur and home chefs compete. The 2nd season was hosted/presented by Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot.

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Genre: Reality, Food

Release Date: July 27, 2010

Status: Running

Network: FOX (Official Website)

Casts: Gordon Ramsay

Most recent episode: Masterchef (US) Season 12 Episode 20 - Finale Part 2 - Special Guest Christina Tosi ( 9/14/2022 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1220Finale Part 2 - Special Guest Christina TosiSep-14-2022413 weeks
19Finale Part 1 - Special Guest Graham ElliotSep-07-2022174 weeks
18Semi FinalsSep-07-2022184 weeks
17Restaurant Takeover - SpagoAug-31-2022244 weeks
16The WallAug-31-2022244 weeks
15Winner's Mystery Box - Gerron HurtAug-24-2022171 month
14Gas Station GourmetAug-24-2022231 month
13GrubHub ChallengeAug-17-2022421 month
12Tag TeamAug-17-2022182 months
11Winners Mystery Box - Christine HaAug-10-2022222 months
10Cooking for Horse Town U.S.A.Aug-03-202242 months
9Bake to WinJul-27-2022182 months
8Southern Fusion with Guest Chef Tiffany DerryJul-20-2022352 months
7Gordon Ramsay Loves Vegans!Jul-13-2022322 months
6Back to Win: Feeding the U.S. Coast GuardJun-29-2022612 months
5Winners Mystery Box - Spirit of VegasJun-22-2022432 months
4Dish That Sent You HomeJun-15-2022482 months
3Back to Win - Audition Battles (Part 3)Jun-08-2022422 months
2Back to Win - Audition Battles (Part 2)Jun-01-2022352 months
1Back to Win - Audition BattlesMay-25-2022302 months
1118Finale Pt 2 - Michael CimarustiSep-15-202141 year
17Finale - Curtis StoneSep-15-202191 year
16Semi Final Pt 2 - 3 Chef ShowdownSep-08-202111 year
15Semi Final - 3 Chef ShowdownSep-08-202161 year
14Ludo Lefebvre - Timed Out Mystery BoxSep-01-202121 year
13Legends DinnerSep-01-202151 year
12Niki Nakayama - KaisekiAug-25-202131 year
11Dominique Crenn - The WallAug-25-202141 year
10Cook for Your LegendAug-18-202131 year
9Roy Choi - Elevated Street FoodAug-11-202161 year
8Jonathan Waxman - California Mystery BoxJul-21-202111 year
7Nancy Silverton - Pasta ChallengeJul-14-202191 year
6Michael Mina - Meat RouletteJul-07-202141 year
5Sherry Yard - Dessert ChallengeJun-30-2021101 year
4Chef Morimoto - Monkfish ChallengeJun-23-202171 year
3Paula Deen - Auditions Round 3Jun-16-202141 year
2Curtis Stone - Auditions Round 2Jun-09-2021101 year
1Emeril Lagasse - Auditions Round 1Jun-02-2021101 year
1025The Finale - Pt. 2Sep-18-201901 year
24The Finale - Pt. 1Sep-18-201901 year
23London Calling - Pt. 2Sep-11-201911 year
22London Calling - Pt. 1Sep-04-201921 year
21Family ReunionAug-28-201911 year
20One Pan WonderAug-21-201911 year
19Pigging OutAug-15-201941 year
18Mind Blowing FoodAug-14-201921 year
17Box in a Box in a BoxAug-08-201921 year
16NASCAR - Finish Line FeedAug-07-201911 year
15Small Dessert, Big ProblemsAug-01-201951 year
14Let Them Eat CakeJul-31-201931 year
13Someone's ToastJul-25-201921 year
12King of the CrabsJul-24-201921 year
11Backyard BBQJul-18-201931 year
10Gerron's WeddingJul-17-201921 year
9Tag Team Tears & TantrumsJul-11-201931 year
8Joe Takes a RiskJul-10-201921 year
7Gordon Takes on a TarteJun-27-201921 year
6Hot & SpicyJun-26-201951 year
5The Blind Chicken ShowJun-20-201941 year
410th Season Pool Party!Jun-19-201951 year
3Gordon's Mystery BoxJun-12-201951 year
2Auditions - Pt. 2 / The Battle RoundJun-05-201951 year
1The Epic 10th Season Auditions - Pt. 1May-29-201951 year
923Finale Pt. 2Sep-19-201801 year
22Finale Pt. 1Sep-19-201801 year
21The Semi FinalSep-12-201801 year
20Battle of the BeefSep-12-201801 year
19Cooking with HeartSep-05-201801 year
18Restaurant TakeoverSep-05-201801 year
17Waste Not Want NotAug-29-201803 years
16American HeroesAug-29-201801 year
15Tag TeamAug-22-201811 year
14Sky's the LimitAug-22-201811 year
13Just for the HalibutAug-15-201831 year
12Frying TonightAug-08-201811 year
11The Kids are AlrightAug-01-201831 year
10Rise or FallJul-25-201811 year
9The Big Not EasyJul-18-201811 year
8A Gordon Ramsay WeddingJul-11-201831 year
7World Cup DishesJun-27-201831 year
6Trouble BrewingJun-20-201811 year
5Gordon Ramsay MasterclassJun-13-201811 year
4Home State HeroesJun-06-201811 year
3The Judges Do Battle, Pt. 3Jun-06-201831 year
2The Judges Do Battle, Pt. 2May-30-201811 year
1The Judges Do BattleMay-30-201831 year
821The Finale, Pt. 2Sep-20-201711 year
20The Finale, Pt. 1Sep-20-201711 year
19The Semi-FinalsSep-13-201711 year
18Something FishySep-13-201731 year
17Pop-Up RestaurantSep-06-201711 year
16Chopsticks & PastaSep-06-201731 year
15The Great OutdoorsAug-30-201711 year
14A Mexican Tag Team ChallengeAug-30-201731 year
13Gordon's Game of ChickenAug-23-201731 year
12In a PinchAug-23-201731 year
11Vegas Deluxe & Oyster ShucksAug-16-201711 year
10The MasterChef ReturnsAug-09-201711 year
9Holy CannoliAug-02-201731 year
8Whole-y Cow!Jul-26-201731 year
7Breakfast, Lunch & WinnerJul-19-201731 year
6Silenced by the LambsJul-12-201731 year
5Shell-Shocked & ScrambledJun-28-201711 year
4Feeding the LifeguardsJun-21-201731 year
3America's Grocery BagJun-14-201731 year
2Battle for a White Apron, Part 2Jun-07-201711 year
1Battle for a White Apron, Part 1May-31-201731 year
719The Finale, Pt. 2Sep-14-201611 year
18The Finale, Pt. 1Sep-14-201641 year
17Critics ChoiceSep-07-201631 year
16Family DramaSep-07-201631 year
15Pop-up RestaurantAug-31-201641 year
14Tag TeamAug-31-201611 year
13Hot PotatoAug-24-201611 year
125-Star FoodAug-24-201631 year
11Sweet SurpriseAug-03-201621 year
10The Weakest LinksAug-03-201611 year
9A Piece of CakeJul-27-201621 year
8The Good, the Bad and the OffalJul-20-201641 year
7Vets, Jets and Home CooksJul-13-201641 year
6Gordon Ramsay MasterclassJul-06-201611 year
5A Mexican MysteryJun-29-201641 year
4A MasterChef WeddingJun-22-201621 year
3Wolfgang PuckJun-15-201621 year
2Battle for a White Apron, Part 2Jun-08-201641 year
1Battle for a White Apron, Part 1Jun-01-201641 year
620The FinaleSep-16-201504 years
19Team Gordon RamsaySep-16-201503 years
18Think Inside the BoxSep-09-201507 years
17Return of the ChampionsSep-02-201504 years
16The Restaurant TakeoverAug-26-201507 years
15A Storm's a BrewingAug-19-201503 years
14Getting A-Head in the CompetitionAug-12-201503 years
13A Little Southern FlareAug-05-201503 years
12Family ReunionJul-29-201553 years
11Moo-vers and BakersJul-22-201503 years
10Rice Rice BabyJul-15-201537 years
9Gordon's Greatest HitsJul-08-201553 years
8Happy Birthday, MasterChef!Jul-01-201527 years
7Bring Home the BaconJun-24-201553 years
6What Happens in Vegas Steaks in VegasJun-17-201533 years
5Clawing to VictoryJun-10-201543 years
4Cinammon Roll-er Coaster (Top 20)Jun-03-201533 years
3100th Episode: You're the Apple of My Pie (Top 22 Compete Again!)May-27-201557 years
2The Battle Continues (Top 22)May-20-201563 years
1Let the Battle Commence (Top 40)May-20-201593 years
519Winner ChosenSep-15-201408 years
18Top 3 CompeteSep-15-201408 years
17Top 4 CompeteSep-08-201408 years
16Top 5 CompeteSep-08-201408 years
15Top 6 CompeteSep-01-201403 years
14Top 7 CompeteAug-25-201408 years
13Top 8 CompeteAug-18-201408 years
12Top 10 CompeteAug-11-201408 years
11Top 11 CompeteAug-04-201408 years
10Top 12 CompeteJul-28-201408 years
9Top 13 CompeteJul-21-201403 years
8Top 14 CompeteJul-14-201408 years
7Top 15 CompeteJul-07-201408 years
6Top 16 CompeteJun-30-201408 years
5Top 17 CompeteJun-23-201408 years
4Top 18 CompeteJun-16-201408 years
3Top 20 CompeteJun-09-201403 years
2Top 22 CompeteJun-02-201408 years
1Top 30 CompeteMay-26-201403 years
425Winner ChosenSep-11-201339 years
24Top 3 CompeteSep-04-201331 year
23Top 4 CompeteSep-04-201361 year
22Top 5 Compete (2)Aug-28-201307 years
21Top 5 Compete (1)Aug-28-201321 year
20Top 6 CompeteAug-21-201331 year
19Top 7 CompeteAug-14-201311 year
18Top 6 CompeteAug-07-201341 year
17Top 7 CompeteJul-31-201341 year
16Top 8 CompeteJul-24-201331 year
15Top 9 CompeteJul-17-201321 year
14Top 10 CompeteJul-10-201311 year
13Top 11 CompeteJul-10-201301 year
12Top 12 CompeteJun-26-201331 year
11Top 13 CompeteJun-26-201311 year
10Top 14 CompeteJun-19-201341 year
9Top 15 CompeteJun-19-201311 year
8Top 16 Compete, Part 2Jun-12-201331 year
7Top 16 Compete, Part 1Jun-12-201311 year
6Top 17 CompeteJun-05-201341 year
5Top 18 CompeteJun-05-201331 year
4Top 19 CompeteMay-29-201331 year
3Top 19 RevealedMay-29-201311 year
2Auditions (2)May-22-201331 year
1Auditions (1)May-22-201331 year
320The Winning Chef is ChosenSep-10-201233 years
19Top 3 CompeteSep-04-201233 years
18Top 4 CompeteAug-28-201223 years
17Top 5 CompeteAug-21-201218 years
16Top 6 Compete, Part 3Aug-14-201213 years
15Top 6 Compete, Part 2Jul-24-2012110 years
14Top 6 Compete, Part 1Jul-23-2012110 years
13Top 7 CompeteJul-17-2012110 years
12Top 8 CompeteJul-16-2012110 years
11Top 9 CompeteJul-09-2012110 years
10Top 11 CompeteJul-03-2012110 years
9Top 12 CompeteJul-02-2012110 years
8Top 13 CompeteJun-26-201213 years
7Top 14 CompeteJun-25-201213 years
6Top 15 CompeteJun-19-201213 years
5Top 16 CompeteJun-18-201203 years
4Top 18 CompeteJun-12-201223 years
3Auditions (3) / Top 36 BootcampJun-11-201213 years
2Auditions (2)Jun-05-2012110 years
1Auditions (1)Jun-04-201213 years
220WINNER AnnouncedAug-16-201108 years
19Top 3 CompeteAug-16-201131 year
18Top 4 CompeteAug-15-201111 year
17Top 5 CompeteAug-09-201111 year
16Top 6 CompeteAug-08-201111 year
15Top 7 CompeteAug-02-201111 year
14Top 8 CompeteAug-01-201131 year
13Top 9 CompeteJul-26-201131 year
12Top 10 CompeteJul-19-201101 year
11Top 11 CompeteJul-18-201111 year
10Top 12 CompeteJul-11-201131 year
9Top 13 CompeteJul-05-201121 year
8Top 14 CompeteJun-28-201111 year
7Top 15 CompeteJun-27-201111 year
6Top 16 CompeteJun-21-201111 year
52 Eliminated / Top 16 RevealedJun-20-201131 year
4Top 18 RevealedJun-14-201111 year
3Audition (3) / Top 38 RevealedJun-13-201131 year
2Audition (2)Jun-07-201111 year
1Audition (1)Jun-06-201111 year
113Winner Revealed (2)Sep-15-201005 years
12Winner Revealed (1)Sep-15-201005 years
11Top 6 Compete (2)Sep-08-201001 year
10Top 6 Compete (1)Sep-08-201001 year
99 Chefs Compete (2)Sep-01-201005 years
89 Chefs Compete (1)Sep-01-201005 years
711 Chefs Compete (2)Aug-25-201011 year
611 Chefs Compete (1)Aug-25-201031 year
514 Chefs Compete (2)Aug-18-201031 year
414 Chefs Compete (1)Aug-18-201003 years
3Top 14 RevealedAug-10-201031 year
2Auditions (2)Aug-03-201001 year
1Auditions (1)Jul-27-201031 year
04TBAMay-22-201903 years
3Celebrity Family Showdown (2019) Part 1May-15-201903 years
2Celebrity Showdown (2017)Jan-02-201704 years
1Celebrity Showdown (2016)Jan-18-201604 years

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