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Made in Chelsea

It’s time to peek behind the designer curtains of South West London and meet London’s young socially elite, Made in Chelsea. Yes, they’re immaculately dressed; yes, they are fiercely ambitious; and of course they party hard. But beyond the posh accents, fast cars and polo parties, life isn’t all champagne and canap

Genre: Reality Series

Release Date: May 9, 2011 (US)

Status: Running

Network: E4 (UK) (E4, IMDb)

Casts: Binky Felstead, Spencer Matthews, Jamie Laing, Andy Jordan, Louise Thompson, Proudlock, Lucy Watson, Stevie Johnson, Rosie Fortescue, Cheska Hull, Mark-Francis Vandelli, Fran Newman-Young, Francis Boulle, Victoria Baker-Harber, Alex Mytton, Phoebe Lettice-Thompson, Millie Mackintosh, Ollie Locke, Sam Thompson, Jane Felstead, Olivia Newman-Young, Stephanie Pratt, Richard Dinan, Gabriella Ellis, Toff, Alik Alfus, Emily Weller, Josh Patterson, Nicola Hughes, James Dunmore, Elliot Cross, Hugo Taylor, Sam Harney, Amber Atherton, Tallulah Rufus Isaacs, Caggie Dunlop, Emma Walsh, Funda Onal, Tiff Watson, Millie Wilkinson, Jess Woodley

Most recent episode: Made in Chelsea Season 18 Episode 11 - Episode 11 ( 11/11/2019 )

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Season Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1818x11: Episode 11Nov-11-2019413 months
18x10: Episode 107Nov-04-2019323 months
18x9: Episode 9Oct-28-2019563 months
18x8: Episode 8Oct-21-2019623 months
18x7: Episode 7Oct-14-2019553 months
18x6: Episode 6Oct-07-2019343 months
18x5: Episode 5Sep-30-2019423 months
18x4: Episode 4Sep-23-20191423 months
18x3: Episode 3Sep-16-2019433 months
18x2: Episode 2Sep-09-2019473 months
18x1: Episode 1Sep-02-2019433 months
1717x13: Episode 13Jun-17-2019453 months
17x12: Episode 12Jun-10-2019443 months
17x11: Episode 11Jun-03-2019313 months
17x10: Episode 10May-27-2019313 months
17x9: Episode 9May-20-2019323 months
17x8: Episode 8May-13-2019533 months
17x7: Episode 7May-06-2019523 months
17x6: Episode 6Apr-29-2019213 months
17x5: Episode 5Apr-22-2019273 months
17x4: Episode 4Apr-15-2019143 months
17x3: Episode 3Apr-08-2019163 months
17x2: Episode 2Apr-01-2019193 months
17x1: Episode 1Mar-25-2019153 months
1616x12: Episode 12 - Big Christmas QuizDec-24-201863 months
16x11: Episode 11Dec-17-2018133 months
16x10: Episode 10Dec-10-2018223 months
16x9: Episode 9Dec-03-2018243 months
16x8: Episode 8Nov-26-2018213 months
16x7: Episode 7Nov-19-2018213 months
16x6: Episode 6Nov-12-2018233 months
16x5: Episode 5Nov-05-2018163 months
16x4: Episode 4Oct-29-201891 year
16x3: Episode 3Oct-22-2018103 months
16x2: Episode 2Oct-15-2018143 months
16x1: Episode 1Oct-08-2018143 months
1515x12: End of Season PartyMay-28-201872 years
15x11: Episode 11May-21-201802 years
15x10: Episode 10May-14-201802 years
15x9: Episode 9May-07-2018123 months
15x8: Episode 8Apr-30-2018112 years
15x7: Episode 7Apr-23-201823 months
15x6: Episode 6Apr-16-201893 months
15x5: Episode 5Apr-09-2018133 months
15x4: Episode 4Apr-02-2018133 months
15x3: Episode 3Mar-26-2018163 months
15x2: Episode 2Mar-19-2018163 months
15x1: Episode 1Mar-12-201802 years
1414x12: Christmas Ding DongDec-25-2017122 years
14x11: ChristmasDec-18-2017162 years
14x10: Episode 10Dec-11-2017202 years
14x9: Episode 9Dec-04-2017152 years
14x8: Episode 8Nov-27-2017242 years
14x7: Episode 7Nov-20-2017172 years
14x6: Episode 6Nov-13-2017152 years
14x5: Episode 5Nov-06-2017252 years
14x4: Episode 4Oct-30-201742 years
14x3: Episode 3Oct-23-201732 years
14x2: Episode 2Oct-16-201702 years
14x1: Episode 1Oct-09-201782 years
1313x13: Binky and Jp's Baby: Baby StepsJul-30-201702 years
13x12: End of Season PartyMay-29-201702 years
13x11: Episode 11May-29-201702 years
13x10: Episode 10May-22-201702 years
13x9: Episode 9May-15-201723 years
13x8: Episode 8May-08-201703 years
13x7: Episode 7May-01-201703 years
13x6: Episode 6Apr-24-201703 years
13x5: Episode 5Apr-17-201723 years
13x4: Episode 4Apr-10-201723 years
13x3: Episode 3Apr-03-201723 years
13x2: Episode 2Mar-27-201723 years
13x1: Episode 1Mar-20-201723 years
1212x12: Christmas PartyDec-26-201673 years
12x11: ChristmasDec-19-201693 years
12x10: Episode 10Dec-12-201633 years
12x9: Episode 9Dec-05-201603 years
12x8: Episode 8Nov-28-201663 years
12x7: Episode 7Nov-21-201603 years
12x6: Episode 6Nov-14-201653 years
12x5: Episode 5Nov-07-201623 years
12x4: Episode 4Oct-31-201603 years
12x3: Episode 3Oct-24-201623 years
12x2: Episode 2Oct-17-201663 years
12x1: Episode 1Oct-10-201603 years
1111x12: The AftermathJun-27-201634 years
11x11: Episode 11Jun-20-201604 years
11x10: Episode 10Jun-13-201604 years
11x9: Episode 9Jun-06-201604 years
11x8: Episode 8May-30-201674 years
11x7: Episode 7May-23-201612 years
11x6: Episode 6May-16-201654 years
11x5: Episode 5May-09-201654 years
11x4: Episode 4May-02-201644 years
11x3: Episode 3Apr-25-201634 years
11x2: "Everyone Dates Everyone... That's Just What We Do"Apr-18-201634 years
11x1: "I Used To Snog Girls In The Towel Cupboard... Naked"Apr-11-201604 years
1010x12: End of Season PartyJan-04-201634 years
10x11: "He's Making An Armageddon Of Mistakes"Dec-28-201524 years
10x10: "There's A Jamie Shaped Hole In My Life"Dec-21-201514 years
10x9: "I'm All Over The Place Right Now, Emotionally And Florally"Dec-14-201504 years
10x8: "I Feel Like I've Been Put In A Naughty Corner"Dec-07-201534 years
10x7: "We Were Like Two Peas In A Pod, And Now I'm Just One Pea"Nov-30-201544 years
10x6: "You Don't Get Anywhere In Life Without Visualising The End Goal"Nov-23-201511 year
10x5: "I've Heard He's Quite A Thorough Lover"Nov-16-201521 year
10x4: "He Lives And Breathes Vagnina"Nov-09-201531 year
10x3: "You're Digging Yourself A Grave"Nov-02-201531 year
10x2: "You Look Like A Unicorn"Oct-26-201521 year
10x1: "No One Ever Kicks Me Out of Bed"Oct-19-201501 year
99x12: "Relationships Shouldn't Be Stressful"Jun-22-201515 years
9x11: "A Surprise Awaits Below The Surface"Jun-15-201505 years
9x10: 100th Episode SpecialJun-15-201515 years
9x9: "There Are Two Types Of People In The World; Radiators And Drains"Jun-08-201545 years
9x8: "What A Mortifying Insight Into People's Choice Of Nightwear"Jun-01-201515 years
9x7: "She's Coming Round To My House For Cocktails And A Bit Of Foreplay"May-25-201525 years
9x6: "The Last Time I Saw Him I Was Naked In A Forest"May-18-201555 years
9x5: "I Find It Impossible Not To Think About The Terracotta"May-11-201525 years
9x4: "I Don't Want Two Girlfriends, I Want One Girlfriend"May-04-201525 years
9x3: "Oh My God, Tonsil Tennis Galore"Apr-27-201525 years
9x2: "They Were Literally Just Force Feeding Us Relationship Foie Gras"Apr-20-201525 years
9x1: "Let's Go And Get More Tanned"Apr-13-201505 years
88x12: End of Season PartyDec-29-201495 years
8x11: "Do You Know What Carrying Around My Past Does To People?"Dec-22-201401 year
8x10: "You Need To Grow Up And Be A Man, Period!"Dec-15-201455 years
8x9: "It's Like Looking At Bambi Before She Gets Shot"Dec-08-201405 years
8x8: "Someone Needs To Watch The Sheep When The Shepherd's Away"Dec-01-201405 years
8x7: "Welcome To My Playpen"Nov-24-201405 years
8x6: "We Could Die Tonight So Let's All Try To Be Happy"Nov-17-201405 years
8x5: "Get Out Of The Friend Zone And Kiss Her"Nov-10-201405 years
8x4: "I'm Not Seasonal, I'm A Timeless Classic"Nov-03-201445 years
8x3: "Prudders Is A Beast"Oct-27-201405 years
8x2: "You Snooze, You Lose"Oct-20-201405 years
8x1: "What Happens In New York, Doesn't Stay In New York"Oct-13-201435 years
77x11: Episode 11Jun-16-201416 years
7x10: Episode 10Jun-09-201416 years
7x9: Episode 9Jun-02-201416 years
7x8: Episode 8May-26-201426 years
7x7: Episode 7May-19-201416 years
7x6: Episode 6May-12-201406 years
7x5: Episode 5May-05-201426 years
7x4: Episode 4Apr-28-201406 years
7x3: Episode 3Apr-21-201406 years
7x2: Episode 2Apr-14-201426 years
7x1: Episode 1Apr-07-201426 years
66x12: Episode 12Dec-30-201326 years
6x11: Episode 11Dec-23-201316 years
6x10: Episode 10Dec-16-201326 years
6x9: Episode 9Dec-09-201316 years
6x8: Episode 8Dec-02-201316 years
6x7: Episode 7Nov-25-201316 years
6x6: Episode 6Nov-18-201316 years
6x5: Episode 5Nov-11-201306 years
6x4: Episode 4Nov-04-201326 years
6x3: Episode 3Oct-28-201336 years
6x2: Episode 2Oct-21-201336 years
6x1: Episode 1Oct-14-201346 years
55x12: "Someone's Taken A Shit on a Relationship and I wanna Know Who"Jun-24-201317 years
5x11: "She's Becoming Spencer"Jun-17-201367 years
5x10: "Hot Tubs Are Like My Nemesis"Jun-10-201347 years
5x9: "It's Very Rare to find Someone who Hasn't F**ked one of Your Friends"Jun-03-201347 years
5x8: "See You Later, Spenny!"May-27-201327 years
5x7: "Is He A Fantastic Lay?"May-20-201307 years
5x6: "I Wouldn't Want My Daughter Going Out With Spencer Matthews"May-13-201306 years
5x5: "Kill Jamie, Marry Andy, Kiss Spencer"May-06-201327 years
5x4: "He Is Being A Tit"Apr-29-201307 years
5x3: "Of Course I'm Going To Say I'm Straight"Apr-22-201327 years
5x2: "I Am Not A Robot"Apr-15-201307 years
5x1: "I Made A Mistake That I Wanted To Cover Up"Apr-08-201307 years
44x12-: "End of Season Party"Dec-31-201217 years
4x11: "I Didn't Know Reindeers Actually Existed. I Thought They Were, Like, A Mythical Creature"Dec-24-201227 years
4x10: "I Used To Charge Young Boys For Bunny Cuddles"Dec-17-201206 years
4x9: "If I Wanted To Sleep With Other Girls, I Could"Dec-10-201227 years
4x8: "I'd Rather Die Than Be Friends With Her"Dec-03-201227 years
4x7: "I Think You've Got The Costume Wrong Tonight Because It's Not Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air"Nov-26-201217 years
4x6: "They're Wriggly Little Buggers"Nov-19-201227 years
4x5: "A Man At 23 Is A Bit Like A Girl At 15"Nov-12-201227 years
4x4: "I Could Fall In Love With You So Easily..."Nov-05-201227 years
4x3: "No One You Want At A Party Is Going To Turn Up To A Themed Party, Unless It's Versailles"Oct-29-201227 years
4x2: "The More You Can't Have Someone... You Want Them More"Oct-22-201207 years
4x1: "If You Want To Crack On And Go Head To Head... You'll F****** Lose"Oct-15-201216 years
33x11: "End of Season Party"Jun-11-201218 years
3x10: "At The End Of The Day, I've Got The Crazy Title. No One Can Steal That From Me"Jun-04-201208 years
3x9: "It's Called Dessert And Apparently It's Sucking Richard's Face"May-28-201208 years
3x8: "Everyone Has Skeletons In Their Closet"May-21-201208 years
3x7: "Karma's A Bitch"May-14-201208 years
3x6: "Until The Book's Closed It's Open"May-07-201208 years
3x5: "I'm Really Not That Gay at All"Apr-30-201208 years
3x4: "What's the Point of a Point to Point"Apr-23-201208 years
3x3: "Sabotage Is Not Chic"Apr-16-201218 years
3x2: "What's Mine Is Mine and What's Yours We Share"Apr-09-201227 years
3x1: "When You're Part of the Party, You Never Want the Party to Stop"Apr-02-201208 years
22x12: Episode 12Dec-22-201106 years
2x11: Episode 11Nov-28-201106 years
2x10: Episode 10Nov-21-201106 years
2x9: Episode 9Nov-14-201106 years
2x8: Episode 8Nov-07-201106 years
2x7: Episode 7Oct-31-201106 years
2x6: Episode 6Oct-24-201106 years
2x5: Episode 5Oct-17-201106 years
2x4: Episode 4Oct-10-201106 years
2x3: Episode 3Oct-03-201106 years
2x2: Episode 2Sep-26-201106 years
2x1: Episode 1Sep-19-201106 years
11x8: Episode 8Jun-27-201103 years
1x7: Episode 7Jun-20-201103 years
1x6: Episode 6Jun-13-201103 years
1x5: Episode 5Jun-06-201103 years
1x4: Episode 4May-30-201103 years
1x3: Episode 3May-23-201103 years
1x2: Episode 2May-16-201103 years
1x1: Episode 1May-09-201103 years
00x1: 04 years

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