Love Island (US)

The U.S. version of the Love Island begins as a group of single “Islanders” come together in a stunning villa in Fiji, ready to embark on a summer of love, friendships and, ultimately, relationships. Every few days the Islanders must couple-up – those who fail to find a partner to couple up with risk being dumped from the island. Islanders are on the lookout for romance, but the road to love doesn’t always run smoothly. Challenges abound with new Islander arrivals and dramatic twists as friendships and relationships form. In addition to choosing their partners wisely, Islanders must also win the hearts of viewers who have the opportunity to shape events on screen and ultimately crown one lucky couple the winner, who will then have the chance to walk away with both love and the cash prize.

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Genre: Lifestyle, Romance, Dating

Release Date: July 9, 2019

Status: Running

Network: CBS (Official Website)

Casts: Arielle Vandenberg

Most recent episode: Love Island (US) Season 4 Episode 42 - Not Found ( 9/4/2022 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
442TBASep-04-202201 month
41TBASep-02-202201 month
40TBASep-01-202201 month
39TBAAug-31-202201 month
38Episode 38Aug-30-2022481 month
37Episode 37Aug-29-2022371 month
36Episode 36Aug-28-2022711 month
35Episode 35Aug-26-2022571 month
34Episode 34Aug-25-2022491 month
33Episode 33Aug-24-2022541 month
32Episode 32Aug-23-2022691 month
31Episode 31Aug-22-2022341 month
30Episode 30Aug-21-2022381 month
29Episode 29Aug-19-2022441 month
28Episode 28Aug-18-2022452 months
27Episode 27Aug-17-2022482 months
26Episode 26Aug-16-2022262 months
25Episode 25Aug-15-2022482 months
24Episode 24Aug-14-2022392 months
23Episode 23Aug-12-2022322 months
22Episode 22Aug-11-2022352 months
21Episode 21Aug-10-2022252 months
20Episode 20Aug-09-2022212 months
19Episode 19Aug-09-2022372 months
18Episode 18Aug-07-2022322 months
17Episode 17Aug-06-2022122 months
16Episode 16Aug-05-2022122 months
15Episode 15Aug-04-2022342 months
14Episode 14Aug-03-2022402 months
13Episode 13Aug-02-2022412 months
12Episode 12Jul-31-2022532 months
11Episode 11Jul-31-2022342 months
10Episode 10Jul-29-2022522 months
9Episode 9Jul-28-2022342 months
8Episode 8Jul-27-2022312 months
7Episode 7Jul-27-2022542 months
6Episode 6Jul-26-2022552 months
5Episode 5Jul-24-2022552 months
4Episode 4Jul-22-2022442 months
3Episode 3Jul-21-2022452 months
2Episode 2Jul-20-2022372 months
1Episode 1Jul-19-2022423 months
329Episode 29Aug-15-202141 year
28Episode 28Aug-13-202101 year
27Episode 27Aug-12-202101 year
26Episode 26Aug-11-202101 year
25Episode 25Aug-10-202101 year
24Episode 24Aug-08-202121 year
23Episode 23Aug-06-202111 year
22Episode 22Aug-05-202101 year
21Episode 21Aug-04-202131 year
20Episode 20Aug-03-202111 year
19Episode 19Aug-01-202111 year
18Episode 18Jul-30-202111 year
17Episode 17Jul-29-202101 year
16Episode 16Jul-28-202111 year
15Episode 15Jul-27-202111 year
14Episode 14Jul-25-202101 year
13Episode 13Jul-23-202101 year
12Episode 12Jul-22-202101 year
11Episode 11Jul-21-202131 year
10Episode 10Jul-20-202111 year
9Episode 9Jul-18-202101 year
8Episode 8Jul-16-202111 year
7Episode 7Jul-15-202111 year
6Episode 6Jul-14-202171 year
5Episode 5Jul-13-202101 year
4Episode 4Jul-11-202101 year
3Episode 3Jul-09-202111 year
2Episode 2Jul-08-202111 year
1Episode 1Jul-07-202161 year
234Episode 34Sep-30-202001 year
33Episode 33Sep-29-202001 year
32Episode 32Sep-28-202011 year
31Episode 31Sep-27-202001 year
30Episode 30Sep-25-202011 year
29Episode 29Sep-24-202021 year
28Episode 28Sep-23-202011 year
27Episode 27Sep-22-202011 year
26Episode 26Sep-21-202012 years
25Episode 25Sep-20-202001 year
24Episode 24: More to LoveSep-19-202021 year
23Episode 23Sep-18-202011 year
22Episode 22Sep-17-202011 year
21Episode 21Sep-15-202001 year
20Episode 20Sep-14-202011 year
19Episode 19Sep-13-202011 year
18Episode 18: More to LoveSep-12-202001 year
17Episode 17Sep-11-202001 year
16Episode 16Sep-10-202011 year
15Episode 15Sep-09-202011 year
14Episode 14Sep-08-202011 year
13Episode 13Sep-07-202011 year
12Episode 12Sep-06-202011 year
11Episode 11: More to LoveSep-05-202011 year
10Episode 10Sep-04-202011 year
9Episode 9Sep-03-202011 year
8Episode 8Sep-01-202011 year
7Episode 7Aug-31-202031 year
6Episode 6Aug-30-202011 year
5Episode 5: More to LoveAug-29-202021 year
4Episode 4Aug-28-202021 year
3Episode 3Aug-27-202011 year
2Episode 2Aug-25-202021 year
1Episode 1Aug-24-202011 year
122Episode 22Aug-07-201923 years
21Episode 21Aug-06-201921 year
20Episode 20Aug-05-201913 years
19Episode 19Aug-02-201923 years
18Episode 18Aug-01-201923 years
17Episode 17Jul-31-201931 year
16Episode 16Jul-30-201933 years
15Episode 15Jul-29-201931 year
14Episode 14Jul-26-201923 years
13Episode 13Jul-25-201911 year
12Episode 12Jul-24-201913 years
11Episode 11Jul-23-201923 years
10Episode 10Jul-22-201913 years
9Episode 9Jul-19-201921 year
8Episode 8Jul-18-201921 year
7Episode 7Jul-17-201923 years
6Episode 6Jul-16-201901 year
5Episode 5Jul-15-201913 years
4Episode 4Jul-12-201911 year
3Episode 3Jul-11-201923 years
2Episode 2Jul-10-201921 year
1Episode 1Jul-09-201951 year

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