Lego Ninjago: Masters Of Spinjitzu

Long before time had a name, Ninjago was created by the First Spinjitzu Master by using the Four Elemental Weapons of Spinjitzu; weapons so powerful, no one can handle all of their power at once. When he passed away, his two sons swore to protect them, but the oldest, Lord Garmadon, was consumed by darkness and wanted to possess them all. A battle between brothers broke out and Lord Garmadon was struck down and banished to the Underworld. Peace returned to Ninjago as the younger brother, Sensei Wu, hid the elemental weapons in the far corners of Ninjago. Centuries later, Lord Garmadon has returned with the help of his Skeleton army to collect the Golden Weapons. Sensei Wu turns to the aid of four young Ninja who are to be trained to become the protectors of each of the weapons. Although the Ninja successfully survive a harrowing quest to retrieve the elemental weapons, they fall into Lord Garmadon’s master plan, releasing the dark Lord from his prison, and allowing him to escape through a vortex, with hope that he would one day return with the ability to possess all four weapons. Peace has returned to Ninjago, while the four ninja swear to protect and learn to master their Golden Weapons… Awaiting Lord Garmadon’s return.

Genre: Comedy, Animation

Release Date: January 14, 2011 (US)

Status: Running

Network: Cartoon Network (IMDb, Official Website)


Most recent episode: Lego Ninjago: Masters Of Spinjitzu Season 15 Episode 4 - Five Thousand Fathoms Down ( 4/11/2021 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1510Riddle of the SphinxMay-02-202104 days
9The Storm AmuletMay-02-202104 days
8The Tale of BenthomaarApr-25-202104 days
7The Escape from MerlopiaApr-25-202104 days
6Long Live the KingApr-18-202104 days
5The Wrath of KalmaarApr-18-202104 days
4Five Thousand Fathoms DownApr-11-202104 days
3UnsinkableApr-11-202104 days
2The Call of the DeepApr-04-202104 days
1A Big SplashApr-04-202104 days
144The Tooth of WojiraMar-14-202101 month
3The Gift of JayMar-14-202101 month
2The Keepers of the AmuletMar-07-202101 month
1UnchartedMar-07-202101 month
1330TBASep-27-202007 months
29TBASep-27-202007 months
28The Two BladesSep-20-202007 months
27The Worst Rescue EverSep-20-202007 months
26Into The DarkSep-13-202007 months
25ShintaroSep-13-202007 months
24Game OverAug-30-202007 months
23The Temple Of MadnessAug-30-202007 months
22The Prodigal FatherAug-23-202007 months
21Ninjago ConfidentialAug-23-202007 months
20Stop, Drop And Side ScrollAug-16-202007 months
19The Speedway Five-billionAug-16-202007 months
18Racer SevenAug-09-202007 months
17One Step Forward, Two Steps BackAug-09-202007 months
16The Son of LillyJul-11-202007 months
15The Upply Strike Back!Jul-11-202007 months
14The AscentJul-10-202007 months
13The Darkest HourJul-10-202007 months
12Masters Never QuitJul-09-202007 months
11Grief-BringerJul-09-202007 months
10Dungeon Crawl!Jul-08-202007 months
9Dungeon Party!Jul-08-202007 months
8The Real FallJul-06-202007 months
7The Skull SorcererJul-05-202007 months
6Trial By MinoJul-04-202007 months
5Queen of the MunceJul-03-202007 months
4The Two BladesJul-02-202007 months
3The Worst Rescue EverJul-01-202007 months
2Into the DarkJun-30-202007 months
1ShintaroJun-29-202007 months
1216Game OverApr-26-202007 months
15The Temple of MadnessApr-26-202007 months
14The Prodigal FatherApr-25-202007 months
13Ninjago ConfidentialApr-25-202007 months
12Stop, Drop and Side ScrollApr-19-202007 months
11The Speedway Five-BillionApr-19-202007 months
10Racer SevenApr-18-202007 months
9One Step Forward, Two Steps BackApr-18-202007 months
8The Maze of the Red DragonApr-12-202007 months
7The Cliffs of HysteriaApr-12-202007 months
6The GlitchApr-05-202007 months
5I am OkinoApr-05-202007 months
4Superstar Rockin' JayMar-29-202007 months
3Level ThirteenMar-29-202007 months
2Dyer IslandMar-21-202007 months
1Would You Like to Enter Prime Empire?Mar-21-202007 months
1130AwakeningsFeb-01-202007 months
29Once And For AllJan-25-202007 months
28A Fragile HopeJan-25-202007 months
27CorruptionJan-18-202007 months
26The Kaiju ProtocolJan-18-202007 months
25My Enemy, My FriendSep-28-2019011 months
24The Last of the FormlingsSep-21-2019011 months
23Secret of The WolfSep-21-2019011 months
22Krag's LamentSep-14-2019011 months
21The Traveler's TreeSep-14-2019011 months
20The MessageSep-07-2019011 months
19The Absolute WorstSep-07-2019011 months
18An Unlikely AllyAug-24-2019011 months
17Fire MakerAug-24-2019011 months
16The Never-RealmAug-17-2019011 months
15A Cold GoodbyeAug-10-2019011 months
14Vengeance is Mine!Aug-03-2019011 months
13The Explorer's ClubAug-03-2019011 months
12Under SiegeJul-27-2019011 months
11Never Trust A HumanJul-27-2019011 months
10Ancient HistoryJul-20-2019011 months
9PowerlessJul-20-2019011 months
8SnaketastrophyJul-13-2019011 months
7Ninja Vs. LavaJul-13-2019011 months
6The News Never Sleeps!Jul-06-2019011 months
5Booby-traps, And How To Survive ThemJul-06-2019011 months
4The Belly of The BeastJun-29-2019011 months
3A Rocky StartJun-29-2019011 months
2Questing for QuestsJun-22-2019011 months
1Wasted True PotentialJun-22-2019011 months
104Endings011 months
3The Fall011 months
2Into the Breach011 months
1The Darkness ComesApr-19-2019011 months
910Green DestinyAug-25-2018011 months
9Lessons for a MasterAug-25-2018011 months
8Saving FaithAug-25-2018011 months
7The Weakest LinkAug-18-2018011 months
6Two Lies, One TruthAug-18-2018011 months
5The Gilded PathAug-18-2018011 months
4How to Build a DragonAug-11-2018011 months
3Radio Free NinjagoAug-11-2018011 months
2Iron & StoneJul-07-2018011 months
1FirstbourneJun-30-2018011 months
810Episode 10Mar-24-2018011 months
9Episode 9Mar-17-2018011 months
8Dread On ArrivalMar-10-2018011 months
7Game of MasksMar-03-2018011 months
6The Quiet OneFeb-24-2018011 months
5Dead Man's SquallFeb-17-2018011 months
4Snake JaguarFeb-10-2018011 months
3The Oni and the DragonFeb-03-2018011 months
2The Jade PrincessJan-27-2018011 months
1The Mask of DeceptionJan-20-2018011 months
710Lost in TimeMay-26-2017011 months
9Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling SeaMay-25-2017011 months
8Pause and EffectMay-24-2017011 months
7Secrets DiscoveredMay-23-2017011 months
6The AttackMay-22-2017011 months
5A Line in the SandMay-19-2017011 months
4ScavengersMay-18-2017011 months
3A Time of TraitorsMay-17-2017011 months
2The HatchingMay-16-2017011 months
1The Hands of TimeMay-15-2017011 months
610The Way BackJul-15-2016011 months
9Operation Land Ho!Jul-15-2016011 months
8The Last ResortJul-14-2016011 months
7WishmastersJul-13-2016011 months
6My Dinner with NadakhanJul-12-2016011 months
5On a Wish and a PrayerJul-11-2016011 months
4Misfortune RisingJun-30-2016011 months
3EnkryptedJun-23-2016011 months
2Public Enemy Number OneJun-16-2016011 months
1InfamousMar-24-2016011 months
510Curse World (2)Jul-10-2015011 months
9Curse World (1)Jul-09-2015011 months
8Grave DangerJul-08-2015011 months
7The Crooked PathJul-07-2015011 months
6Kingdom ComeJul-06-2015011 months
5Peak-a-BooJul-03-2015011 months
4The Temple on Haunted HillJul-02-2015011 months
3Stix and StonesJul-01-2015011 months
2Ghost StoryJun-30-2015011 months
1Winds of ChangeJun-29-2015011 months
410The Corridor of EldersApr-03-2015011 months
9The Greatest Fear of AllApr-02-2015011 months
8The Day of the DragonApr-01-2015011 months
7The Forgotten ElementMar-31-2015011 months
6SpellboundMar-30-2015011 months
5Spy For a SpyMar-23-2015011 months
4Ninja RollMar-16-2015011 months
3VersusMar-09-2015011 months
2Only One Can RemainMar-02-2015011 months
1The InvitationFeb-23-2015011 months
313[no episode title yet]Nov-21-2012011 months
12[no episode title yet]Nov-14-2012011 months
11[no episode title yet]Nov-07-2012011 months
10[no episode title yet]Oct-24-2012011 months
9[no episode title yet]Oct-17-2012011 months
8The Titanium NinjaNov-26-2014011 months
7The VoidNov-26-2014011 months
6Codename: ArcturusJul-13-2014011 months
5Enter the DigiverseJul-13-2014011 months
4The Curse of the Golden MasterApr-16-2014011 months
3Black OutApr-16-2014011 months
2The Art of the Silent FistJan-29-2014011 months
1The SurgeJan-29-2014011 months
213Rise Of The Spinjitzu MasterNov-21-2012011 months
12Return of the OverlordNov-14-2012011 months
11The Last HopeNov-07-2012011 months
10Island of DarknessOct-24-2012011 months
9The Last VoyageOct-17-2012011 months
8The Day Ninjago Stood StillOct-10-2012011 months
7The Stone ArmyOct-03-2012011 months
6Wrong Place, Wrong TimeAug-22-2012011 months
5Child's PlayAug-15-2012011 months
4Ninjaball RunAug-08-2012011 months
3Double TroubleAug-01-2012011 months
2Pirates vs. NinjaJul-25-2012011 months
1Darkness Shall RiseJul-18-2012011 months
113Day of the Great DevourerApr-11-2012011 months
12The Rise of the Great DevourerApr-04-2012011 months
11All of NothingMar-28-2012011 months
10The Green NinjaMar-21-2012011 months
9The Royal BlacksmithsMar-14-2012011 months
8Once Bitten, Twice ShyMar-07-2012011 months
7Tick TockFeb-22-2012011 months
6Snake KingFeb-15-2012011 months
5Can of WormsFeb-08-2012011 months
4Never Trust a SnakeFeb-01-2012011 months
3SnakebitJan-25-2012011 months
2HomeJan-18-2012011 months
1Rise of the SnakesJan-11-2012011 months
022Decoded - Greatest BattlesJan-29-2018011 months
21Decoded - Prophecy of the Green NinjaJan-22-2018011 months
20Decoded - Rise of GarmadonJan-15-2018011 months
19Decoded - Beasts and DragonsJan-08-2018011 months
18Decoded - The Elemental MastersJan-01-2018011 months
17Decoded - The Digiverse and BeyondDec-25-2017011 months
16Decoded - Ninjago's Most WantedDec-18-2017011 months
15Decoded - Legendary PlacesDec-11-2017011 months
14Decoded - Vehicles and MechsDec-04-2017011 months
13Decoded - LegacyNov-27-2017011 months
12The Master: A Lego Ninjago ShortSep-23-2016011 months
11Day of the DepartedOct-29-2016011 months
10Weapons of DestinyJan-15-2011011 months
9King of ShadowsJan-15-2011011 months
8The Golden WeaponsJan-14-2011011 months
7Way of the NinjaJan-14-2011011 months
6Battle Between BrothersDec-02-2011011 months
5Return to the Fire TempleNov-25-2011011 months
4An Underworldly TakeoverNov-24-2011011 months
3The New Masters of SpinjitzuNov-23-2011011 months
2Flight of the Dragon NinjaNov-22-2011011 months
1Secrets of the BlacksmithNov-21-2011011 months

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