Jane The Virgin

“Jane The Virgin” is a drama based on the Venezuelan telenovela “Juana La Virgen”. It follows a young woman named Jane that was accidentally artificially inseminated by her gynecologist. Stars Gina Rodriguez, Justin Baldoni, Brett Dier, Andrea Navedo, Yael Grobglas, Ivonne Coll and Jaime Camil.

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Genre: Family, Drama

Release Date: October 13, 2014 (US)

Status: Running

Network: The CW (Official Website)

Casts: Ivonne Coll, Jaime Camil, Justin Baldoni, Gina Rodriguez, Andrea Navedo, Brett Dier, Yael Grobglas

Most recent episode: Jane The Virgin Season 5 Episode 19 - Chapter One Hundred ( 7/31/2019 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
519Chapter One HundredJul-31-201932 years
18Chapter Ninety-NineJul-31-201942 years
17Chapter Ninety-EightJul-24-201972 years
16Chapter Ninety-SevenJul-17-201952 years
15Chapter Ninety-SixJul-10-201922 years
14Chapter Ninety-FiveJun-26-201922 years
13Chapter Ninety-FourJun-19-201922 years
12Chapter Ninety-ThreeJun-12-201952 years
11Chapter Ninety-TwoJun-05-201932 years
10Chapter Ninety-OneMay-29-201942 years
9Chapter NinetyMay-22-201942 years
8Chapter Eighty-NineMay-15-201942 years
7Chapter Eighty-EightMay-08-201942 years
6Chapter Eighty-SevenMay-01-201902 years
5Chapter Eighty-SixApr-24-201912 years
4Chapter Eighty-FiveApr-17-201902 years
3Chapter Eighty-FourApr-10-201922 years
2Chapter Eighty-ThreeApr-03-201912 years
1Chapter Eighty-TwoMar-27-201912 years
417Chapter Eighty-OneApr-20-201802 years
16Chapter EightyApr-13-201802 years
15Chapter Seventy-NineApr-06-201802 years
14Chapter Seventy-EightMar-23-201802 years
13Chapter Seventy-SevenMar-16-201802 years
12Chapter Seventy-SixMar-09-201802 years
11Chapter Seventy-FiveMar-02-201802 years
10Chapter Seventy-FourFeb-09-201802 years
9Chapter Seventy-ThreeFeb-02-201802 years
8Chapter Seventy-TwoJan-26-201802 years
7Chapter Seventy-OneDec-08-201702 years
6Chapter SeventyNov-17-201702 years
5Chapter Sixty-NineNov-10-201702 years
4Chapter Sixty-EightNov-03-201702 years
3Chapter Sixty-SevenOct-27-201702 years
2Chapter Sixty-SixOct-20-201702 years
1Chapter Sixty-FiveOct-13-201702 years
320Chapter Sixty-FourMay-22-201702 years
19Chapter Sixty-ThreeMay-15-201702 years
18Chapter Sixty-TwoMay-08-201702 years
17Chapter Sixty-OneMay-01-201702 years
16Chapter SixtyApr-24-201702 years
15Chapter Fifty-NineMar-27-201702 years
14Chapter Fifty-EightMar-20-201701 year
13Chapter Fifty-SevenFeb-27-201702 years
12Chapter Fifty-SixFeb-20-201702 years
11Chapter Fifty-FiveFeb-13-201702 years
10Chapter Fifty-FourFeb-06-201702 years
9Chapter Fifty-ThreeJan-30-201702 years
8Chapter Fifty-TwoJan-23-201702 years
7Chapter Fifty-OneNov-28-201602 years
6Chapter FiftyNov-21-201602 years
5Chapter Forty-NineNov-14-201602 years
4Chapter Forty-EightNov-07-201602 years
3Chapter Forty-SevenOct-31-201602 years
2Chapter Forty-SixOct-24-201602 years
1Chapter Forty-FiveOct-17-201602 years
222Chapter Forty-FourMay-16-201612 years
21Chapter Forty-ThreeMay-09-201602 years
20Chapter Forty-TwoMay-02-201602 years
19Chapter Forty-OneApr-25-201602 years
18Chapter FortyApr-18-201602 years
17Chapter Thirty-NineApr-11-201602 years
16Chapter Thirty-EightMar-28-201602 years
15Chapter Thirty-SevenMar-21-201602 years
14Chapter Thirty-SixMar-07-201602 years
13Chapter Thirty-FiveFeb-29-201602 years
12Chapter Thirty-FourFeb-22-201602 years
11Chapter Thirty-ThreeFeb-08-201602 years
10Chapter Thirty-TwoFeb-01-201602 years
9Chapter Thirty-OneJan-25-201602 years
8Chapter ThirtyDec-14-201502 years
7Chapter Twenty-NineNov-23-201502 years
6Chapter Twenty-EightNov-16-201502 years
5Chapter Twenty-SevenNov-09-201502 years
4Chapter Twenty-SixNov-02-201502 years
3Chapter Twenty-FiveOct-26-201502 years
2Chapter Twenty-FourOct-19-201502 years
1Chapter Twenty-ThreeOct-12-201502 years
122Chapter Twenty-TwoMay-11-201532 years
21Chapter Twenty-OneMay-04-201522 years
20Chapter TwentyApr-27-201502 years
19Chapter NineteenApr-20-201502 years
18Chapter EighteenApr-13-201522 years
17Chapter SeventeenApr-06-201502 years
16Chapter SixteenMar-16-201502 years
15Chapter FifteenMar-09-201512 years
14Chapter FourteenFeb-16-201502 years
13Chapter ThirteenFeb-09-201522 years
12Chapter TwelveFeb-02-201522 years
11Chapter ElevenJan-26-201502 years
10Chapter TenJan-19-201502 years
9Chapter NineDec-15-201402 years
8Chapter EightDec-08-201402 years
7Chapter SevenNov-24-201432 years
6Chapter SixNov-17-201432 years
5Chapter FiveNov-10-201402 years
4Chapter FourNov-03-201422 years
3Chapter ThreeOct-27-201402 years
2Chapter TwoOct-20-201402 years
1Chapter OneOct-13-201402 years

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