Iron Chef America

Iron Chef America is based upon the Japanese cult sensation and carries on the legend of Kitchen Stadium and the famed “secret ingredient.” Each week, world-class chefs battle the legendary Iron Chefs of America: Bobby Flay, Mario Batali, Masaharu Morimoto, Cat Cora, Jose Garces, Michael Symon and Marc Forgione. Alton Brown serves as Commentator and Mark Dacascos is Chairman.

Genre: Cooking, Reality Series

Release Date: January 16, 2005 (US)

Status: Running

Network: Food Network (IMDb, Official Website)


Most recent episode: Iron Chef America Season 13 Episode 9 - Zakarian vs. Wolen ( 7/15/2018 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
139Zakarian vs. WolenJul-15-2018011 months
8Guarnaschelli vs. SutherlandJul-08-2018011 months
7Zakarian vs. DarinJul-01-2018011 months
6Izard vs. BattesJun-24-2018011 months
5Guarnaschelli vs. WilliamsJun-17-2018011 months
4Forgione vs. DangJun-10-2018011 months
3Zakarian vs. TaymorJun-03-2018011 months
2Izard vs. BlameyMay-23-2018011 months
1Guarnaschelli vs. AndersonMay-16-2018011 months
1211Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad 60's MealSep-06-2014111 months
10Ultimate Bar Food: Flay/Anderson vs. Morimoto/MajumdarJul-19-2014011 months
9Dessert Luau: Guarnaschelli/Iuzzini vs. Zakarian/FalknerJun-07-2014011 months
8Grill Masters: U.S.A. vs. AustraliaMay-25-2014111 months
7Vegas High Rollers: Flay vs. SosaMar-02-2014011 months
6Big Game Day: Symon/Forgione vs Morimoto/GarcesJan-26-2014011 months
5Flay & Garces vs. Morimoto & ZakarianDec-14-2013011 months
4Symon vs. Morimoto vs. GarcesNov-30-2013011 months
3Flay/Symon vs. Zakarian/GuarnaschelliNov-10-2013011 months
2Zakarian/Guarnaschelli vs. Mendelsohn/VigneronOct-26-2013011 months
1Symon/Zakarian vs.Team MairingerOct-12-2013011 months
1122[no episode title yet]Sep-15-2013011 months
21[no episode title yet]Sep-08-2013011 months
20Forgione vs. WaxmanSep-15-2013011 months
19Guarnaschelli vs. KaltSep-08-2013011 months
18Garces vs. BissonnetteSep-01-2013011 months
17Zakarian vs. TaldeAug-25-2013011 months
16Guarnaschelli vs. ClarkAug-11-2013011 months
15Flay vs. VoltaggioJun-30-2013011 months
14Symon vs. GarcesJun-02-2013011 months
13Morimoto vs. GarcesMay-26-2013011 months
12Symon vs. ZakarianMay-19-2013011 months
11Forgione vs. GarcesMay-12-2013011 months
10Zakarian vs. GuarnaschelliMay-05-2013011 months
9Garces vs. JacksonApr-07-2013011 months
8Flay vs. ThaimeeMar-03-2013011 months
7Flay vs. WexlerFeb-24-201307 years
6Morimoto vs. CantuFeb-10-201308 years
5Symon vs. TioJan-27-201308 years
4Forgione vs. KittichaiJan-20-201308 years
3Zakarian vs ChiarelloJan-13-201318 years
2Flay vs. PhamJan-06-2013011 months
1Guarnaschelli vs JooDec-30-2012011 months
1053[no episode title yet]Dec-14-2013011 months
52[no episode title yet]Nov-30-2013011 months
51[no episode title yet]Oct-26-201307 years
50[no episode title yet]Oct-12-201308 years
49[no episode title yet]Sep-15-201308 years
48[no episode title yet]Sep-08-201318 years
47[no episode title yet]Sep-01-201308 years
46[no episode title yet]Aug-25-201308 years
45[no episode title yet]Aug-11-2013011 months
44[no episode title yet]Jun-30-2013011 months
43[no episode title yet]Jun-02-2013011 months
42[no episode title yet]May-26-2013011 months
41[no episode title yet]May-19-2013011 months
40[no episode title yet]May-12-201308 years
39[no episode title yet]May-05-201308 years
38[no episode title yet]Apr-07-201308 years
37[no episode title yet]Mar-03-201308 years
36[no episode title yet]Feb-24-2013011 months
35[no episode title yet]Feb-10-2013011 months
34[no episode title yet]Feb-24-201308 years
33[no episode title yet]Feb-10-201308 years
32[no episode title yet]Jan-27-201308 years
31[no episode title yet]Jan-20-201308 years
30[no episode title yet]Jan-13-201308 years
29[no episode title yet]Jan-06-201308 years
28[no episode title yet]Oct-14-201208 years
27[no episode title yet]Oct-07-201208 years
26[no episode title yet]Sep-16-201208 years
25[no episode title yet]Sep-02-201209 years
24[no episode title yet]Aug-26-201209 years
23Garces vs. WeitzmanOct-14-201209 years
22Zakarian vs. FraunederOct-07-201209 years
21Zakarian vs. GallanteSep-16-201209 years
20Forgione vs. ZimmermanSep-02-201209 years
19Symon vs. IzardAug-26-201209 years
18Zakarian vs. SchenkerAug-12-201209 years
17Forgione vs. McClainAug-05-201209 years
16Symon vs. NunezJul-29-201209 years
15Flay vs. IsidoriJul-08-201209 years
14Garces vs. BeckerJun-03-201209 years
13Morimoto vs. ForgioneMay-27-201209 years
12Zakarian vs. FerraroMay-06-201219 years
11Garces vs. CowanApr-15-201229 years
10Flay vs. AllegrettiApr-08-201229 years
9Simon vs. YagihashiApr-01-201219 years
8Forgione Brothers vs. Campanaro BrothersMar-04-201219 years
7Flay vs. HastingsFeb-26-201229 years
6Morimoto vs. BogleFeb-19-201209 years
5Zakarian vs. SawyerJan-22-201209 years
4Garces vs. RaijJan-15-201209 years
3Flay/Valladolid vs. Morimoto/ZimmernJan-01-201109 years
2NICA Winner 4 vs. CasanovaDec-25-201109 years
1Forgione vs. CurtinDec-11-201109 years
924[no episode title yet]Dec-25-2011011 months
20Flay vs. KnibbNov-27-2011011 months
19Forgione vs. WongOct-23-2011011 months
18Flay vs. StaibOct-02-2011011 months
17Cora vs. CarterSep-04-2011011 months
16Garces vs. CasellaAug-28-2011011 months
15Morimoto vs. TilaAug-07-2011011 months
14Symon vs. JohnsonJul-31-2011011 months
13Flay vs. ChristensenJul-24-2011011 months
12Symon vs. MookingMay-29-2011011 months
11Flay vs. SteinMay-15-2011011 months
10Morimoto vs. PasternackMay-01-2011011 months
9Garces vs. PaleyApr-17-2011011 months
8Cora vs. SchneiderApr-10-2011011 months
7Symon vs. HearstMar-06-2011011 months
6Morimoto vs. SedlarFeb-20-2011011 months
5Garces vs. MedinaFeb-13-2011011 months
4Garces vs. SolomonovJan-30-2011011 months
3Forgione vs. CantrelJan-23-2011011 months
2Flay vs. HughesJan-09-2011011 months
1Symon/Burrell vs. Cora/IrvineJan-02-2011011 months
847[no episode title yet]Dec-12-2010011 months
46[no episode title yet]Dec-05-2010011 months
45[no episode title yet]Nov-28-2010011 months
44[no episode title yet]Nov-21-2010011 months
43[no episode title yet]Nov-07-2010011 months
42[no episode title yet]Oct-24-2010011 months
41[no episode title yet]Oct-17-2010011 months
40[no episode title yet]Sep-26-2010011 months
39[no episode title yet]Sep-19-2010011 months
38[no episode title yet]Sep-12-2010011 months
37[no episode title yet]Sep-05-2010011 months
36[no episode title yet]Aug-29-2010011 months
35[no episode title yet]Aug-08-2010011 months
34[no episode title yet]Aug-01-2010011 months
33[no episode title yet]Jul-04-2010011 months
32[no episode title yet]Jun-27-2010011 months
31Symon vs. BrockDec-12-2010011 months
30The Next Iron Chef Season 3 Winner vs. RJ CooperNov-28-2010011 months
29Flay vs. GreenspanNov-21-2010011 months
28Garces vs. LeeNov-07-2010011 months
27Cora vs MirandaOct-24-2010011 months
26Symon vs VetriOct-17-2010011 months
25Garces vs. FukushimaSep-26-2010011 months
24Cora vs. MullenSep-19-2010011 months
23Garces vs. PomeroySep-12-2010011 months
22Cora vs. KostowSep-05-2010011 months
21Morimoto vs. CohenAug-29-2010011 months
20Symon vs. CrennAug-08-2010011 months
19Morimoto vs. HinesAug-01-2010011 months
18Symon vs. OkuwaJul-04-2010011 months
17Symon vs. BrownJun-27-2010011 months
16Flay vs. ThiamJun-20-2010011 months
15Flay vs. StoneMay-30-2010011 months
14Symon vs. FraserMay-23-2010011 months
13Garces vs. LikenMay-09-2010011 months
12Morimoto vs. ZakarianMay-02-2010011 months
11Cora vs. SmithApr-11-2010011 months
10Morimoto vs. ChauhanApr-04-201007 years
9Cora vs. BallesterosMar-21-2010011 months
8Symon vs. MendelsohnMar-07-2010011 months
7Symon vs. GoldmanFeb-06-201007 years
6Flay vs. SmithJan-31-201007 years
5Morimoto vs. WadiJan-24-201007 years
4Garces vs. Yang & ChirchiJan-17-201007 years
3Morimoto vs. MarinoJan-10-201007 years
2Batali & Lagasse vs. Flay & ComerfordJan-03-201007 years
1Symon/Psilakis vs. Carro BrothersJan-01-201007 years
0[no episode title yet]011 months
728Flay vs. MorimotoNov-29-2009011 months
27Cora vs PhanNov-08-2009011 months
26Morimoto vs VirantNov-01-2009011 months
25Cora vs WalzogOct-25-2009011 months
24Morimoto vs AmorosoOct-18-2009011 months
23Flay vs GordonOct-11-2009011 months
22Symon vs Culinary StudentsSep-27-2009011 months
21Morimoto vs MehtaAug-30-2009011 months
20Cora vs FarmerieAug-23-2009011 months
19Symon vs Kwaku-DongoAug-09-2009011 months
18Symon vs NawabJul-12-2009011 months
17Flay vs TorresJul-05-2009011 months
16Flay vs ExcoffierJun-28-2009011 months
15Symon vs KaysenJun-07-2009011 months
14Morimoto vs MasonMay-31-2009011 months
13Cora vs GrievesonApr-26-200903 years
12Flay vs KinchMar-15-200903 years
11Cora vs LahlouMar-01-200903 years
10Flay vs FreitagJan-22-200903 years
9Symon vs TrabocchiFeb-15-200903 years
8Flay vs TinsleyJan-04-200903 years
7Symon vs ApplemanJan-01-2009011 months
6Symon vs CoraNov-30-200803 years
5Flay and Symon vs Cora and MorimotoNov-16-200803 years
4Symon vs CosentinoOct-26-200803 years
3Cora vs SmithOct-19-200803 years
2Flay vs AngererOct-12-200803 years
1Symon vs AdjeyOct-05-200803 years
618Flay vs. CardozSep-07-2008011 months
17Flay vs. GarcesAug-17-200803 years
16Morimoto vs. OphasoAug-03-2008011 months
15Flay vs. HamiltonJul-20-2008011 months
14Morimoto vs. CimarustiJul-06-200803 years
13Symon vs. BloomfieldJun-15-200803 years
12Flay vs. SamuelssonJun-08-200803 years
11Batali vs. BartolottaJun-01-200803 years
10Flay vs. IacovoneMay-25-200803 years
9Flay vs. RiosApr-20-200803 years
8Cora vs. OringerApr-06-200803 years
7Morimoto vs. ColeMar-23-200803 years
6Flay vs. BackMar-16-200803 years
5Symon vs. RubinoMar-09-200803 years
4Cora vs. HillsonMar-02-200803 years
3Flay vs. Kent & Kevin RathbunFeb-23-200803 years
2Cora vs. StupakFeb-10-200803 years
1Batali vs. OliverJan-06-200803 years
512Morimoto vs NicotraJan-20-2008011 months
11Cora vs RichardsDec-02-2007011 months
10Cora and Deen vs Florence and IrvineNov-25-200707 years
9Symon vs MooreNov-18-200707 years
8Cora vs DumontOct-28-200707 years
7Batali vs ClarkOct-21-200707 years
6Flay vs BoucherOct-07-200707 years
5Cora vs TarbellSep-16-200707 years
4Batali vs CarmelliniSep-09-200707 years
3Cora vs GuarnaschelliAug-12-200707 years
2Batali vs LiuAug-05-200707 years
1Flay vs FordJul-29-200707 years
410Flay vs. KellyMar-11-200707 years
9Morimoto vs. LoveMar-04-200707 years
8Cora vs. MyersMay-20-200707 years
7Batali vs. CosentinoMay-27-200707 years
6Morimoto vs. HopkinsApr-08-200707 years
5Flay vs. AndresApr-01-200707 years
4Flay vs. MurphyFeb-25-200707 years
3Batali/Abou-Ganim vs. Gadsby/AlbertFeb-11-200707 years
2Flay vs. CrawfordMay-06-200707 years
1Flay vs. BowlesApr-22-200707 years
324Morimoto vs. CantuJan-01-200707 years
23Batali vs. ChalmerkittichaiJan-21-200707 years
22Flay vs. VinczenczOct-08-200607 years
21Cora vs. RoyalJan-07-200707 years
20Batali vs. BlaisDec-10-200607 years
19Flay/De Laurentiis vs. Batali/RayNov-12-200607 years
18Cora vs. CampanaroDec-03-200607 years
17Cora vs. FaulknerOct-29-200607 years
16Flay vs. BullSep-10-200607 years
15Flay vs. DeChellisJul-09-200607 years
14Morimoto vs. YeoJul-31-200607 years
13Cora vs. PsilakisNov-05-200607 years
12Batali vs. Tramonto & GandJun-05-200607 years
11Cora vs. ScheibAug-13-200607 years
10Flay vs. MorouMay-08-200607 years
9Morimoto vs. EmeSep-17-200607 years
8Flay vs. LeeJul-24-200607 years
7Batali vs. LefebvreJun-20-200607 years
6Flay vs. TourondelMay-15-200607 years
5Morimoto vs. Donna (Rematch)May-23-200607 years
4Flay vs. PaganoMay-01-200607 years
3Cora vs. Shook & DotoloMar-12-200607 years
2Flay vs. MacMillanMar-05-200607 years
1Batali vs. BeshFeb-26-200607 years
214Cora vs. FraserOct-02-200507 years
13Flay vs. BurkeJul-17-200507 years
12Batali vs. DufresneJan-08-200607 years
11Flay vs. The Too Hot TamalesAug-14-200507 years
10Morimoto vs. DouglasJan-22-200607 years
9Batali vs. MurphyJan-15-200607 years
8Morimoto vs. SymonOct-16-200507 years
7Flay vs. BernsteinSep-11-200507 years
6Cora vs. ChoyNov-06-200507 years
5Batali vs. Des JardinsNov-13-200507 years
4Morimoto vs. SanchezJul-10-200507 years
3Flay vs. LangJul-31-200507 years
2Cora vs. SimonAug-07-200507 years
1Batali vs. EnglishJul-24-200507 years
114[no episode title yet]Apr-25-200407 years
13[no episode title yet]Apr-25-200407 years
12[no episode title yet]Apr-24-200407 years
11[no episode title yet]Apr-23-200407 years
10Cora vs. LeeFeb-13-200507 years
9Batali vs. LoJan-16-200507 years
8Batali vs. CampbellApr-03-200507 years
7Morimoto vs. DonnaJan-23-200507 years
6Flay vs. ArmstrongJan-30-200507 years
5Morimoto vs. FeenieFeb-27-200507 years
4Batali vs. LaiskonisMar-20-200507 years
3Flay vs.TsaiFeb-20-200507 years
2Batali vs. TrevinoApr-03-200507 years
1Flay vs. BaylessMar-06-200507 years
021Holiday BattleDec-02-2012011 months
20Thanksgiving Showdown Nov-11-2012011 months
19Military Grill BattleJun-02-2012011 months
18Tailgate ShowdownJan-28-2012011 months
17Morimoto vs. Symon Holiday Battle Dec-04-2011011 months
16Thanksgiving Flay/Symon vs. Garces/Forgione Battle Nov-13-2011011 months
15Sparkling Wine Holiday BattleDec-05-2010011 months
14Super Chef Battle: Batali/Lagasse vs Flay/ComerfordJan-10-2010011 months
13Flay vs MorimotoNov-29-2009011 months
12Symon vs Culinary StudentsSep-27-2009011 months
11Greatest MomentsNov-16-2008011 months
10Cora vs Symon Holiday Battle011 months
9Thanksgiving ShowdownNov-16-2008011 months
8All-Star Holiday Dessert Battle Cora & Deen vs Irvine & Florence011 months
7Thankgiving BattleNov-18-2007011 months
6Secrets of Kitchen Stadium011 months
5The Making OfMay-31-2004011 months
4Battle of the Masters: Morimoto/Flay vs. Sakai/BataliMay-14-2004011 months
3Battle of the Masters: Morimoto vs. PuckMay-07-2004011 months
2Battle of the Masters: Morimoto vs. BataliApr-30-2004011 months
1Battle of the Masters: Flay vs. SakaiApr-23-2004011 months

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