Reality series in which the friends and relatives of an individual dealing with serious problems or addictions come together to set up an intervention for the person in the hopes of getting his or her life back on track.

Genre: Reality Series, Adventure

Release Date: March 6, 2005 (US)

Status: Running

Network: A&E (IMDb, Official Website)

Casts: Jeff VanVonderen, Ken Seeley, Candy Finnigan, Tara Fields

Most recent episode: Intervention Season 22 Episode 9 - Mike ( 5/3/2021 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
2210ElizabethMay-10-202103 weeks
9MikeMay-03-2021174 days
8TBAMay-03-2021164 days
7JakeApr-26-2021262 weeks
6LexiApr-19-2021283 weeks
5ErikaApr-12-2021284 weeks
4MichaelApr-05-2021514 weeks
3AmandaMar-29-2021401 month
2TristanMar-22-2021274 weeks
1SusanMar-15-2021304 weeks
218NatashaSep-14-2020124 weeks
7ShandonAug-31-2020154 weeks
6ColemanAug-24-2020164 weeks
5CourtneyAug-17-2020144 weeks
4NathanAug-10-2020114 weeks
3ChelanAug-03-2020134 weeks
2RobinJul-27-2020134 weeks
1MelanieJul-20-2020134 weeks
206The Heroin Hub: The Final ChapterSep-10-201921 year
5The Heroin Hub: Chapter 521 year
4The Heroin Hub: Chapter 4Aug-27-201924 weeks
3The Heroin Hub: Chapter 3Aug-20-201901 year
2The Heroin Hub: Chapter 2Aug-13-201931 year
1The Heroin Hub: Chapter 1Aug-06-201931 year
198Young & AddictedMay-21-201934 weeks
7Family of Addicts: Tom and JohnMay-14-201911 year
6Addicted MomsMay-07-201901 year
5JadeJul-03-201821 year
4Shiann GJun-26-201824 weeks
3AbbieJun-19-201824 weeks
2Jackie R.Jun-12-201824 weeks
1Sam & Brad K.Jun-05-201854 weeks
189The Heroin Triangle: Chapter #9Feb-27-2018012 months
8The Heroin Triangle: Chapter #8Feb-20-201801 year
7The Heroin Triangle: Chapter #7Feb-13-2018012 months
6The Heroin Triangle: Chapter #6Feb-06-201824 weeks
5The Heroin Triangle: Chapter #5Jan-23-201824 weeks
4The Heroin Triangle: Chapter #4Jan-16-201824 weeks
3The Heroin Triangle: Chapter #3Jan-09-201824 weeks
2The Heroin Triangle: Chapter 2Jan-02-201824 weeks
1The Heroin Triangle: Chapter 1Jan-02-201801 year
179AshleySep-18-2017012 months
8SamanthaSep-18-2017012 months
7AlexSep-11-2017012 months
6AustinSep-11-2017012 months
5MelissaAug-28-201701 year
4ClintAug-21-2017012 months
3Joshua B.Aug-14-201701 year
2Tanisha L.Aug-07-201701 year
1Katherine C.Jul-31-2017012 months
1613RobertJan-31-2017012 months
12ToddJan-24-2017012 months
11DianaJan-17-2017012 months
10JasmineJan-03-2017012 months
9RobbyDec-27-2016012 months
8Robert312 months
7Jonel012 months
6BrianJul-17-2016312 months
5Alicia D212 months
4RobertJan-31-2017312 months
3ToddJan-24-2017312 months
2DianaJan-17-2017312 months
1JasmineJan-03-2017012 months
1530JasmineJan-03-2017012 months
29RobbieDec-27-2016012 months
28RobbieDec-27-2016012 months
27Sturgill J.Dec-20-2016012 months
26KevinDec-20-2016012 months
25KristieDec-13-2016012 months
24JordanDec-13-2016012 months
23TiffanyDec-06-2016012 months
22KathyDec-06-2016012 months
21Katie S.Nov-29-2016012 months
20JenniferNov-29-2016012 months
19Intervention In-Depth: Synthetic MarijuanaNov-22-2016012 months
18Intervention In-Depth: Flakka's $5 InsanityNov-15-2016012 months
17SarahAug-28-2016012 months
16RyanAug-21-2016012 months
15MeganAug-14-2016012 months
14BrittanyAug-07-2016012 months
13RobertJul-31-2016012 months
12JonelJul-24-2016012 months
11Brian N.Jul-17-2016012 months
10Alicia D.Jul-10-2016012 months
9Intervention In-Depth: Generation HeroinJul-10-2016012 months
8Daniel M.Jun-26-2016012 months
7​GinjerJun-19-2016012 months
6Daniel / RobertApr-17-2016012 months
5KarissaApr-10-2016012 months
4Anne / DiggerMar-27-2016012 months
3KacyMar-20-2016012 months
2SierraMar-13-2016012 months
1KaeleenMar-06-2016012 months
1414Justin / KayneAug-30-2015012 months
13Carrie E.Aug-23-2015012 months
12Erin / JoshuaAug-16-2015012 months
11David S.Aug-09-2015012 months
10Amanda / JamesAug-02-2015012 months
9Matthew / OliviaJul-26-2015012 months
8BrycetonMay-10-2015012 months
7Mindie / KatherineMay-03-2015012 months
6SamanthaApr-26-2015012 months
5DanielApr-19-201503 years
4Zach / TheresaApr-12-201508 years
3Samantha C.Apr-05-201508 years
2Mike / LaurenMar-29-201508 years
1KatieMar-22-201508 years
1327BradMar-03-2015012 months
26JohnMar-03-2015012 months
25CassandraFeb-24-2015012 months
24DavidFeb-24-2015012 months
23WesleyFeb-17-2015012 months
22KatieFeb-10-2015012 months
21MeghanFeb-03-2015012 months
20SarahJan-27-201508 years
19JamieJan-27-201508 years
18LyndsayJan-20-201518 years
17ZiggiJan-20-201513 years
16AllishaJan-13-201518 years
15Wes & LiseJan-13-201513 years
14LorenJan-06-201508 years
13TravisJan-06-201508 years
12JessicaDec-30-201403 years
11T.J.Dec-23-201403 years
10CandaceDec-16-201403 years
9AndrewDec-09-2014012 months
8AimeeDec-02-2014012 months
7HolleyNov-25-2014012 months
6TammyNov-25-201403 years
5EricJul-18-201323 years
4Gina & KailaJul-11-201339 years
3RyanJun-27-201329 years
2DanaJun-20-201319 years
1JessicaJun-13-201319 years
[no episode title yet]Oct-01-201219 years
1220AndrewFeb-04-2013012 months
19SeanJan-28-201303 years
18TiffanyJan-21-201303 years
17Sarah P.Dec-17-201203 years
16Terry & AlissaDec-10-201203 years
15SandiDec-03-201203 years
14NickNov-26-201203 years
13KellyNov-26-201209 years
12Megan H.Nov-19-201203 years
11AlOct-29-201209 years
10CherOct-22-201239 years
9RyanOct-15-201239 years
8Susie & MiriamOct-08-201224 weeks
7AmandaOct-01-201209 years
6Britney & Terry K.Sep-17-201224 weeks
5DianaSep-10-201224 weeks
4DennisAug-27-201224 weeks
3KatieAug-20-201209 years
2NicholeAug-13-201209 years
1ElenaAug-13-201224 weeks
1113Terry D./LeonApr-02-201205 years
12KayleneMar-26-201224 weeks
11SeanMar-12-201224 weeks
10CourtneyMar-05-201224 weeks
9JulieFeb-27-201224 weeks
8Skylar & JessaFeb-20-201224 weeks
7ZeinahFeb-13-201224 weeks
6Dorothy & IvanFeb-06-201205 years
5SuzonJan-30-201205 years
4KimberlyJan-23-201205 years
3Richard KJan-16-201224 weeks
2DallasJan-09-201224 weeks
1ChristinaJan-03-201224 weeks
1012JeannaSep-12-201124 weeks
11JeffAug-29-201124 weeks
10MichelleAug-22-201105 years
9Brittney and RicardoAug-15-201105 years
8Tiffany D.Aug-08-201124 weeks
7Luke and ShantelAug-01-201105 years
6Penny-LeeJul-25-201124 weeks
5Larry and MeganJul-18-201124 weeks
4LatishaJul-11-201124 weeks
3EddieJul-04-201124 weeks
2Sarah and MikealJun-27-201105 years
1BrittanyJun-20-201105 years
916In-Depth: Heroin HighwayApr-18-201103 years
15In-Depth: Hillbilly HeroinApr-11-201103 years
14In-Depth: Pregnant & AddictedApr-04-201103 years
13MichaelMar-21-201103 years
12Tiffany DMar-14-201103 years
11JamieMar-07-201103 years
10Megan and MaryanneFeb-21-201103 years
9BennyFeb-07-201124 weeks
8JennaJan-31-201124 weeks
7JimboJan-24-201103 years
6CassieJan-17-201124 weeks
5JimmyJan-10-201103 years
4ErinJan-03-201103 years
3Michelle and AustinDec-27-201003 years
2DarickDec-20-201003 years
1RachelDec-14-201003 years
89Ryan/JasonAug-23-201024 weeks
8John/DionicioAug-16-201003 years
7JoeAug-09-201024 weeks
6LornaAug-02-201024 weeks
5AmberJul-26-201024 weeks
4AndrewJul-19-201024 weeks
3MiriamJul-12-201024 weeks
2AdamJul-05-201024 weeks
1Donna and JoshJun-28-201003 years
718RichardMay-10-201003 years
17TylerMay-03-201003 years
16Amy P.Apr-19-201003 years
15AshleyApr-12-201024 weeks
14RockyApr-05-201024 weeks
13ShaneMar-01-201024 weeks
12KristineFeb-15-201024 weeks
11MarquelFeb-08-201003 years
10RobbyJan-25-201024 weeks
9VinnieJan-18-201024 weeks
8JackieJan-11-201024 weeks
7SarahJan-04-201024 weeks
6Amy W.Dec-28-200924 weeks
5RobDec-21-200903 years
4JenniferDec-14-200903 years
3GregDec-07-200903 years
2LindaNov-30-200924 weeks
1Intervention in Depth: Pot CityOct-19-200924 weeks
618In-Depth: HuffingFeb-01-201003 years
17One Man RehabSep-28-200903 years
16Allison/Gabe Follow-upSep-21-200903 years
15Intervention In Depth: Addiction in UniformSep-14-200903 years
14MarciAug-31-200903 years
13GloriaAug-24-200924 weeks
12Sebastian and MarcelAug-17-200924 weeks
11JoeyAug-10-200924 weeks
10Chad & Brooke (follow-up)Aug-03-200903 years
9DanielleJul-27-200924 weeks
8Aaron & AndreaJul-20-200924 weeks
7BretJul-13-200924 weeks
6NikkiJul-06-200924 weeks
5Jason BJun-22-200903 years
4DonaldJun-15-200903 years
3Sonia & JuliaJun-08-200624 weeks
2JeffJun-01-200903 years
1Gabe VMay-25-200924 weeks
516SharonMar-22-200905 years
15SandyMar-16-200905 years
14Nik and TiffanyMar-02-200905 years
13In-Depth: Compulsive GamblingFeb-23-200905 years
12ChrisFeb-16-200924 weeks
11AngelinaFeb-09-200924 weeks
10LanaFeb-02-200924 weeks
9AnthonyJan-26-200924 weeks
8CasieJan-19-200905 years
7Follow Up: Tressa & JoshJan-12-200924 weeks
6John CJan-05-200924 weeks
5BrittanyDec-29-200805 years
4NicoleDec-22-200824 weeks
3JanetDec-15-200824 weeks
2In-Depth: Prescription AddictionOct-20-200805 years
1DerekAug-04-200805 years
425Ed & BettinaSep-29-200803 years
24KristenSep-22-200803 years
23After TreatmentSep-08-200803 years
22Mike & JennySep-01-200803 years
21PhillipAug-25-200803 years
20Intervention In-Depth: Meth MountainAug-18-200803 years
19AllisonAug-11-200803 years
18AsaJul-28-200803 years
17TomJul-21-200803 years
16MarieJul-14-200803 years
15CharlesJul-07-200803 years
14SandraJun-30-200803 years
13DanJun-23-200803 years
12ChadJun-16-200803 years
11In-Depth: Heroin Hits HomeMar-24-200803 years
10LawrenceMar-17-200824 weeks
9BradMar-24-200824 weeks
8John TFeb-04-200824 weeks
7TressaJan-28-200803 years
6Ben & JoshJan-21-200824 weeks
5Jason & JoyJan-14-200803 years
4BrookeJan-07-200824 weeks
3Follow Up: Ryan & HubertDec-17-200724 weeks
2Dawn & FabianDec-10-200703 years
1EmilyDec-03-200724 weeks
315JillSep-07-200724 weeks
14PamAug-24-200724 weeks
13CayleeAug-17-200703 years
12ColeyAug-10-200724 weeks
11LeslieJun-22-200703 years
10Andrea & RickyJun-15-200724 weeks
9AshleyJun-08-200703 years
8LaneyJun-01-200703 years
7Jessica & HubertApr-27-200724 weeks
6TrentApr-20-200724 weeks
5DillonApr-13-200724 weeks
4AnthonyApr-06-200703 years
3JacobMar-30-200724 weeks
2KimMar-23-200703 years
1RyanMar-16-200703 years
220LaurenDec-17-200605 years
19Laurie & JessieDec-10-200605 years
18SylviaDec-03-200624 weeks
17CristyAug-20-200624 weeks
16BetsyAug-13-200624 weeks
15TimAug-06-200605 years
14Mike & JamesJul-30-200624 weeks
13Tammi & DanielJul-23-200605 years
12Follow Up: Antwahn & RachelJul-16-200624 weeks
11JohnJul-09-200624 weeks
10Gina & AndreaApr-02-200624 weeks
9ChuckieMar-26-200605 years
8Annie & AmyMar-19-200624 weeks
7Antwahn & BillyMar-12-200605 years
6Follow Up: Briooks, Aubrey & ChristineJan-22-200624 weeks
5KristenJan-15-200605 years
4Salina & TroyJan-08-200624 weeks
3Heidi & MichelleJan-01-200605 years
2Adam & MichaelJan-01-200624 weeks
1Howard & AubreyJan-01-200605 years
115CorinneOct-30-200504 years
14Follow UpAug-21-200504 years
13Michael & BrooksJul-03-200504 years
12Michael & RandiJun-26-200504 years
11Rachel & TommyJun-26-200504 years
10Kelly F. & MarkJun-12-200504 years
9Christine & KellyJun-05-200524 weeks
8TinaMay-08-200504 years
7Peter & ReneeMay-01-200524 weeks
6Travis & MattApr-17-200524 weeks
5SaraApr-03-200524 weeks
4Alissa & BrianMar-27-200524 weeks
3Tamela & JerrieMar-20-200524 weeks
2Gabe & VanessaMar-13-200524 weeks
1Alyson & TommyMar-06-200524 weeks
03I Was ThereMar-22-2015012 months
2Intervention In-Depth: HuffingFeb-01-2010012 months
1Follow UpDec-25-2005012 months

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