In Treatment

As Dr. Paul Weston continues to struggle with the aftermath of his divorce, he faces new emotional and physical challenges – including hand tremors that he fears might be the onset of Parkinson’s Disease, which killed his father. Meanwhile, he takes on three challenging new patients and turns to a new therapist of his own.

Genre: Drama

Release Date: January 28, 2008

Status: Running

Network: HBO (Official Website)


Most recent episode: In Treatment Season 3 Episode 25 - Sunil: Week Seven ( 12/6/2010 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
325Sunil: Week SevenDec-06-201006 months
24Adele: Week SixNov-30-201006 months
23Jesse: Week SixNov-30-201006 months
22Frances: Week SixNov-29-201006 months
21Sunil: Week SixNov-29-201006 months
20Adele: Week FiveNov-23-201006 months
19Jesse: Week FiveNov-23-201006 months
18Frances: Week FiveNov-22-201006 months
17Sunil: Week FiveNov-22-201006 months
16Adele: Week FourNov-16-201006 months
15Jesse: Week FourNov-16-201006 months
14Frances: Week FourNov-15-201006 months
13Sunil: Week FourNov-15-201006 months
12Adele: Week ThreeNov-09-201006 months
11Jesse: Week ThreeNov-09-201006 months
10Frances: Week ThreeNov-08-201006 months
9Sunil: Week ThreeNov-08-201006 months
8Adele: Week TwoNov-02-201006 months
7Jesse: Week TwoNov-02-201006 months
6Frances: Week TwoNov-01-201006 months
5Sunil: Week TwoNov-01-201006 months
4Adele - Week OneOct-26-201006 months
3Jesse - Week OneOct-26-201006 months
2Frances - Week OneOct-25-201006 months
1Sunil - Week OneOct-25-201006 months
235Gina - Week SevenMay-25-200906 months
34Walter - Week SevenMay-25-200906 months
33Oliver - Week SevenMay-25-200906 months
32April - Week SevenMay-24-200906 months
31Mia - Week SevenMay-24-200906 months
30Gina - Week SixMay-18-200906 months
29Walter - Week SixMay-18-200906 months
28Oliver - Week SixMay-18-200906 months
27April - Week SixMay-17-200906 months
26Mia - Week SixMay-17-200906 months
25Gina - Week FiveMay-04-200906 months
24Walter - Week FiveMay-04-200906 months
23Oliver - Week FiveMay-04-200906 months
22April - Week FiveMay-03-200906 months
21Mia - Week FiveMay-03-200906 months
20Gina - Week FourApr-27-200906 months
19Walter - Week FourApr-27-200906 months
18Oliver - Week FourApr-27-200906 months
17April - Week FourApr-26-200906 months
16Mia - Week FourApr-26-200906 months
15Gina - Week ThreeApr-20-200906 months
14Walter - Week ThreeApr-20-200906 months
13Oliver - Week ThreeApr-20-200906 months
12April - Week ThreeApr-19-200906 months
11Mia - Week ThreeApr-19-200906 months
10Gina - Week TwoApr-13-200906 months
9Walter - Week TwoApr-13-200906 months
8Oliver - Week TwoApr-13-200906 months
7April - Week TwoApr-12-200906 months
6Mia - Week TwoApr-12-200906 months
5Gina - Week OneApr-06-200906 months
4Walter - Week OneApr-06-200906 months
3Oliver - Week OneApr-06-200906 months
2April - Week OneApr-05-200906 months
1Mia - Week OneApr-05-200906 months
143Paul and Gina - Week NineMar-28-200806 months
42Jake and Amy - Week NineMar-27-200806 months
41Sophie - Week NineMar-26-200806 months
40Paul and Gina - Week EightMar-21-200806 months
39Jake and Amy - Week EightMar-20-200806 months
38Sophie - Week EightMar-19-200806 months
37Alex - Week EightMar-18-200806 months
36Laura - Week EightMar-17-200806 months
35Paul and Gina - Week SevenMar-14-200806 months
34Jake and Amy - Week SevenMar-13-200806 months
33Sophie - Week SevenMar-12-200806 months
32Alex - Week SevenMar-11-200806 months
31Laura - Week SevenMar-10-200806 months
30Paul and Gina - Week SixMar-07-200806 months
29Jake and Amy - Week SixMar-06-200806 months
28Sophie - Week SixMar-05-200806 months
27Alex - Week SixMar-04-200806 months
26Laura - Week SixMar-03-200806 months
25Paul and Gina - Week FiveFeb-29-200806 months
24Jake and Amy - Week FiveFeb-28-200806 months
23Sophie - Week FiveFeb-27-200806 months
22Alex - Week FiveFeb-26-200806 months
21Laura - Week FiveFeb-25-200806 months
20Paul and Gina - Week FourFeb-22-200806 months
19Jake and Amy - Week FourFeb-21-200806 months
18Sophie - Week FourFeb-20-200806 months
17Alex - Week FourFeb-19-200806 months
16Laura - Week FourFeb-18-200806 months
15Paul and Gina - Week ThreeFeb-15-200806 months
14Jake and Amy - Week ThreeFeb-14-200806 months
13Sophie - Week ThreeFeb-13-200806 months
12Alex - Week ThreeFeb-12-200806 months
11Laura - Week ThreeFeb-11-200806 months
10Paul and Gina - Week TwoFeb-08-200806 months
9Jake and Amy - Week TwoFeb-07-200806 months
8Sophie - Week TwoFeb-06-200806 months
7Alex - Week TwoFeb-05-200806 months
6Laura - Week TwoFeb-04-200806 months
5Paul and Gina - Week OneFeb-01-200806 months
4Jake and Amy - Week OneJan-31-200806 months
3Sophie - Week OneJan-30-200806 months
2Alex - Week OneJan-29-200806 months
1Laura - Week OneJan-28-200806 months

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