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Inspired by the iconic 1970s series, In Search Of will examine unexplained phenomena from all over the world. Each episode will follow Zachary Quinto as he investigates a different subject within a dynamic theme – such as alien encounters, mysterious creatures, UFO sightings, time travel and artificial intelligence – and searches for the truth to some of the world’s greatest mysteries.

Genre: Mystery

Release Date: July 20, 2018

Status: Running

Network: History (Official Website)

Casts: Zachary Quinto

Most recent episode: In Search Of Season 9 Episode 8 - Not Found ( 11/29/2019 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
98TBANov-29-201911 year
7TBANov-22-201911 year
6TBANov-15-201901 year
5TBANov-08-201911 year
4TBANov-01-201901 year
3TBAOct-18-201901 year
2TBAOct-11-201911 year
1TBAOct-04-201902 years
810Atlantis Part IISep-14-2018011 months
9Atlantis Part ISep-14-2018011 months
8Life After DeathSep-07-2018011 months
7Mind ControlAug-31-2018011 months
6SinkholesAug-24-2018011 months
5Time TravelAug-17-2018011 months
4Artificial IntelligenceAug-10-2018011 months
3Monsters of the DeepAug-03-2018011 months
2SuperhumansJul-27-2018011 months
1AliensJul-20-2018011 months
78Shroud / Alien / FaithNov-22-2002011 months
7Lovers / Possession / RobotNov-15-2002011 months
6Haunted / Doomsday / DevilNov-08-2002011 months
5Catacomb / Bigfoot / RennesNov-01-2002011 months
4Ghost / Stigmata / ZombiesOct-25-2002011 months
3Werewolves / Mummies / ReincarnationOct-18-2002011 months
2Witchcraft / Maneaters / GhostsOct-11-2002011 months
1Hell / Vampires / TeslaOct-04-2002011 months
624Life Before BirthMar-01-1982011 months
23The Ultimate DisasterFeb-22-1982011 months
22Bishop PikeFeb-15-1982011 months
21The Walls of JerichoFeb-08-1982011 months
20Eva BraunFeb-01-1982011 months
19Time & Space TravelJan-24-1982011 months
18The Missing LinkJan-17-1982011 months
17The Human AuraJan-03-1982011 months
16Spirit VoicesDec-20-1981011 months
15NostradamusDec-13-1981011 months
14Future LifeDec-06-1981011 months
13The TitanicNov-30-1981011 months
12Hiroshima SurvivorsNov-23-1981011 months
11Houdini's SecretsNov-21-1981011 months
10The Aztec ConquestNov-16-1981011 months
9The Tower of London MurdersNov-09-1981011 months
8King Solomon's MinesNov-02-1981011 months
7Jim JonesOct-31-1981011 months
6The Lincoln ConspiracyOct-26-1981011 months
5The Elephant ManOct-19-1981011 months
4M.I.A.sOct-12-1981011 months
3Ghosts in PhotographyOct-05-1981011 months
2BiofeedbackSep-28-1981011 months
1Jesse JamesSep-21-1981011 months
524Sun WorshippersMay-19-1981011 months
23The LusitaniaMay-16-1981011 months
22The End of the WorldApr-30-1981011 months
21The Hindenburg MysteryFeb-21-1981011 months
20Chinese ExplorersFeb-21-1981011 months
19The Death of Marilyn MonroeFeb-14-1981011 months
18The Holy GrailFeb-07-1981011 months
17Great LoversJan-31-1981011 months
16The Castle of Secrets (aka Coral Castle)Jan-24-1981011 months
15The Great Wall of ChinaJan-10-1981011 months
14Super ChildrenDec-27-1980011 months
13Salem WitchesDec-13-1980011 months
12Laugh TherapyDec-06-1980011 months
11Fountain of YouthNov-29-1980011 months
10Jimmy HoffaNov-22-1980011 months
9AcupunctureNov-15-1980011 months
8The Lindbergh KidnappingNov-08-1980011 months
7Dangerous VolcanoesNov-01-1980011 months
6Moon MadnessOct-25-1980011 months
5Life After LifeOct-18-1980011 months
4Daredevil Death WishOct-11-1980011 months
3Lee Harvey OswaldOct-04-1980011 months
2Faith HealingSep-27-1980011 months
1UFO CoverupsSep-20-1980011 months
424Past LivesMar-14-1980011 months
23Glenn MillerMar-07-1980011 months
22The Bimini WallFeb-21-1980011 months
21Air Disaster PredictionFeb-14-1980011 months
20John the BaptistFeb-07-1980011 months
19Earth VisitorsJan-31-1980011 months
18The Ghost Ship (aka Mary Celeste)Jan-24-1980011 months
17Wild ChildrenJan-17-1980011 months
16Vincent Van GoghJan-10-1980011 months
15The Missing HeirJan-03-1980011 months
14The San Andreas FaultDec-27-1979011 months
13The Dark Star (aka The Dogons)Dec-20-1979011 months
12The Ten Commandments (aka Mount Sinai)Dec-13-1979011 months
11D.B. CooperDec-06-1979011 months
10PompeiiNov-27-1979011 months
9The Abominable SnowmanNov-22-1979011 months
8Mexican PyramidsNov-15-1979011 months
7The Shroud of TurinNov-08-1979011 months
6The Lost Colony of RoanokeOct-25-1979011 months
5Immortal SharksOct-18-1979011 months
4UFO AustraliaOct-11-1979011 months
3The Amityville HorrorOct-04-1979011 months
2Carlos, the Most Wanted Man in the WorldSep-27-1979011 months
1Tidal WavesSep-20-1979011 months
324King TutMay-17-1979011 months
23Sodom & GomorrahMay-10-1979011 months
22Brain PowerMar-17-1979011 months
21Ghostly StakeoutFeb-22-1979011 months
20The Diamond CurseFeb-15-1979011 months
19Noah's FloodFeb-08-1979011 months
18The Angel of Death (aka Joseph Mengele)Feb-01-1979011 months
17Psychic Sea HuntJan-25-1979011 months
16The Money Pit Mystery (aka Captain Kidd)Jan-18-1979011 months
15Animal ESPJan-11-1979011 months
14Dreams and NightmaresJan-04-1979011 months
13Lost VikingsDec-28-1978011 months
12Sherlock HolmesDec-21-1978011 months
11Indian Astronomers (aka Mayan Legacy)Dec-14-1978011 months
10Bermuda Triangle PiratesDec-07-1978011 months
9Monster Hunters (aka Sasquatch)Nov-09-1978011 months
8The Great Lakes TriangleNov-02-1978011 months
7Siberian Fireball011 months
6CryogenicsOct-19-1978011 months
5Jack the RipperOct-12-1978011 months
4Water Seekers (aka Dowsing)Oct-05-1978011 months
3CloningSep-28-1978011 months
2TornadoesSep-21-1978011 months
1UFO CaptivesSep-14-1978011 months
224The Garden of EdenJun-01-1978011 months
23The Coming Ice Age011 months
22Deadly Ants011 months
21Butch Cassidy011 months
20Haunted CastlesApr-27-1978011 months
19Witch DoctorsMar-18-1978011 months
18TroyMar-11-1978011 months
17HypnosisMar-09-1978011 months
16The Swamp MonsterMar-04-1978011 months
15ImmortalityFeb-27-1978011 months
14The Secrets of LifeFeb-25-1978011 months
13AnastasiaFeb-23-1978011 months
12The Shark WorshippersFeb-18-1978011 months
11ReincarnationFeb-11-1978011 months
10Dead Sea ScrollsFeb-09-1978011 months
9Pyramid SecretsFeb-04-1978011 months
8The Ogopogo MonsterJan-28-1978011 months
7HurricanesJan-26-1978011 months
6Michael RockefellerJan-21-1978011 months
5AstrologyJan-12-1978011 months
4Mayan MysteriesJan-07-1978011 months
3FirewalkersJan-05-1978011 months
2The Man Who Would Not DieDec-31-1977011 months
1The Lost Dutchman Mine (aka Mother Lode)Dec-24-1977011 months
124The Magic of StonehengeSep-10-1977011 months
23Inca TreasuresAug-11-1977011 months
22VoodooJul-26-1977011 months
21UFOsJul-13-1977011 months
20The Loch Ness MonsterJul-06-1977011 months
19Life After Death (aka Near Death Experiences)Jun-29-1977011 months
18GhostsJun-22-1977011 months
17The Easter Island MassacreJun-15-1977011 months
16DraculaJun-08-1977011 months
15Amelia EarhartJun-01-1977011 months
14Nazi PlunderMay-29-1977011 months
13Learning ESPMay-28-1977011 months
12A Call from SpaceMay-28-1977011 months
11Psychic DetectivesMay-26-1977011 months
10Atlantis Part IISep-14-2018011 months
9Atlantis Part ISep-14-2018111 months
8Life After DeathSep-07-2018111 months
7Mind ControlAug-31-2018011 months
6SinkholesAug-24-2018011 months
5Time TravelAug-17-2018011 months
4Artificial IntelligenceAug-10-2018011 months
3Monsters of the DeepAug-03-2018011 months
2SuperhumansJul-27-2018011 months
1AliensJul-20-2018011 months
04Manbeast! Myth or MonsterJan-26-1978011 months
3The Outer Space ConnectionFeb-01-1975011 months
2In Search of Ancient MysteriesJan-26-1973011 months
1In Search of Ancient AstronautsJan-05-1973011 months

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