Impractical Jokers

They have to SAY it. They have to DO it. You have to SEE it. Once you start watching, you just can’t stop! Q, Sal, Joe and Murr have entertained each other for years with the most hilarious dares they could imagine. Now you get to watch them in a series of outrageous stunts (recorded by hidden cameras) to make each other (and you) howl with laughter. You gotta see this to believe it!

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Genre: Comedy, Reality Series

Release Date: December 15, 2011 (US)

Status: Running

Network: TruTV (IMDb, truTV)


Most recent episode: Impractical Jokers Season 9 Episode 26 - Not Found ( 2/27/2020 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
926TBAFeb-27-202002 years
25TBAFeb-27-202002 years
24The Shame Of WaterFeb-20-202002 years
17Moist RichardAug-19-2021142 months
16A Tasteful EpisodeAug-12-2021182 months
15Food, Air, ToiletAug-05-202182 months
14Documentary No!Jul-29-202132 months
13The Prince and MeApr-29-2021272 months
12Prince and CharmingJul-15-202172 months
11Ok ZoomerApr-22-2021232 months
10Space OddityApr-15-2021202 months
9Highlights From The High SeasApr-08-2021392 months
8Twists And TurnsApr-01-2021202 months
7Pity In PinkMar-25-2021382 months
6Smashing SuccessMar-11-2021352 months
5Bleach for AmericaMar-04-2021342 months
4Poetry SlammedFeb-25-2021242 months
3Drive, Drive, DriveFeb-18-2021302 months
2The Bachelor PartyFeb-11-2021282 months
1You Dirty DogFeb-04-2021262 months
827Slam DunksMar-12-202002 years
26It's ElectricMar-05-202022 months
25Rock BottomFeb-27-202042 months
24The Shame of WaterFeb-20-202022 months
23HollywoodFeb-13-202022 months
22The Paternity TestFeb-06-202022 months
21Toll Booth CorrectorJan-30-202032 months
20Fast FeudOct-24-201932 months
19Bad CarmaOct-17-201922 months
18TBAOct-10-201922 months
17Urine TroubleOct-03-201922 months
16Sun-Fan LotionSep-26-201922 months
15The Prize FighterSep-19-201932 months
14Well…Sep-12-201932 months
13Sucks for YouAug-29-201922 months
12The Show StopperAug-22-201942 months
11Off the ReservationAug-15-201922 months
10The Antisocial NetworkMay-30-201942 months
9Cake LossMay-30-201942 months
8Summer VacationMay-16-201922 months
7The EggmanMay-09-201932 months
6The DumbbellMay-02-201912 months
5Blue Man DupeApr-25-201932 months
4Full Mental JacketApr-18-201932 months
3Tipping PointApr-11-201912 months
2The CloserApr-04-201932 months
1Crash Test DummiesMar-28-201912 months
727[no episode title yet]Nov-24-201701 year
26TBADec-06-201803 years
25Pantsing with the StarsNov-29-201802 years
24Hell on WheelsNov-15-201812 years
23The Bogey ManNov-08-201802 years
22Autograph CorrectorNov-01-201812 years
21Out of Left FieldOct-25-201812 years
20Hump DayOct-18-201822 years
19Dropping KnowledgeOct-11-201812 years
18Chick MagnetOct-04-201802 years
17Like a BossSep-27-201812 years
16To Hatch a PredatorSep-20-201811 year
15Washed UpSep-13-201812 years
14The Needy and the GreedyAug-30-201802 years
13The Running of the BulliesAug-23-201802 years
12Bull ShiatsuAug-16-201812 years
11Cards Against HumanityAug-09-201813 months
10Speech ImpedimentAug-02-201813 months
9Pulling the RugMay-10-201802 years
8No Child Left BehindApr-26-201813 months
7Lords of the RingApr-12-201803 months
6Turning the TablesMar-29-201802 years
5Indecent ProposalMar-22-201802 years
4StripteasedMar-01-201802 years
3No Good DeedFeb-15-201802 years
2Guilty as ChargedFeb-08-201803 months
1The Marathon ManFeb-01-201803 months
626G.I. JokersNov-02-201701 year
25Dover and OutOct-12-201701 year
24The Party CrasherOct-05-201701 year
23Take Me Out at the BallgameSep-28-201701 year
22The Walking DreadSep-14-201701 year
21Silence of the LameAug-31-201703 months
20Remember the PactAug-24-201701 year
19Flatfoot the PirateAug-17-201701 year
18Rubbed the Wrong WayAug-10-201701 year
17The Q-PayAug-03-201701 year
16Three Men and Your BabyJul-27-201701 year
15Mime and PunishmentJul-20-201701 year
14Paradise LostJul-13-201701 year
13Universal AppealMay-11-201701 year
12CricketsMay-04-201701 year
11Stuffed TurkeyApr-27-201701 year
10The Butt of the JokerApr-20-201701 year
9Drum and DrummerApr-13-201701 year
8Medium, Well DoneApr-06-201702 years
7X ManMar-30-201702 years
6FootloseMar-23-201702 years
5Vampire WeakenedMar-09-201701 year
4CatastropheMar-02-201702 years
3The Parent TrapFeb-23-201701 year
2Lady and the TrampFeb-16-201702 years
1Swim ShadyFeb-09-201712 years
526Nitro Circus SpectacularNov-03-201601 year
25Training DayOct-27-201602 years
24Stage FrightOct-20-201602 years
23Spider ManOct-13-201602 years
22Ash ClownOct-06-201602 years
21Wrapper's DelightSep-22-201602 years
20The ChairmanSep-15-201602 years
19Heckle and HideAug-25-201601 year
18Hitting the Wrong NoteAug-18-201612 years
17Water TortureAug-11-201612 years
16Laundry DayAug-04-201611 year
15Virtual InsanityJul-28-201602 years
14The CowardJul-21-201601 year
13BrowbeatenMay-12-201611 year
12Centaur of AttentionMay-05-201601 year
11Whose Phone is Ringing?Apr-28-201611 year
10Dark Side of the MoonApr-21-201602 years
9Brother of the SisterhoodApr-14-201601 year
8Statue of LimitationsApr-07-201601 year
7Putting the P in PoolMar-31-201601 year
6The Good, the Bad and the PunishedMar-24-201601 year
5Bidder LoserMar-10-201602 years
4Stare MasterMar-03-201601 year
3Ruffled FeathersFeb-25-201601 year
2You're Cut OffFeb-18-201631 year
1HellCopterFeb-11-201602 years
429DoomedOct-22-201501 year
28The Taunted HouseOct-15-201501 year
27Stripped of DignityOct-08-201501 year
26Hopeless and ChangelessSep-24-201501 year
25The Big UneasySep-10-201501 year
24100th Episode: Punishment SpecialSep-03-201501 year
23Fan-tastic CountdownSep-02-201501 year
22Impractical Jokers: Unseen ScenesSep-01-201502 years
21Anatomy of a ChallengeAug-31-201501 year
20SmushedAug-27-201501 year
19Tied and FeatheredAug-20-201501 year
18Blind JusticeAug-13-201502 years
17Sneaking Number Twos, Going Number OneAug-06-201501 year
16Captain FatbellyJul-30-201501 year
15Kill the CentaurJul-23-201501 year
14Bathroom BreakJul-16-201501 year
13Cruisin' for a Bruisin'May-07-201503 months
12Car SickApr-23-201502 years
11Pseudo-SumoApr-16-201593 months
10Joke & DaggerApr-09-201503 months
9The Dream CrusherApr-02-201503 months
8Damned If You DoMar-26-201502 years
7Deal with the DevilsMar-12-201502 years
6The Blunder YearsMar-05-201503 months
5Elevating the GameFeb-26-2015103 months
4Wrong PlaywrightFeb-19-201503 months
3Uncool and the GangFeb-12-201513 months
2Below the BeltFeb-05-201502 years
1Welcome to MiamiJan-29-201511 year
0[no episode title yet]Dec-31-196901 year
332[no episode title yet]Oct-30-201401 year
31Brother-in-LossOct-30-201421 year
30Just Say NoOct-28-201403 months
29B-I-N-G-NOOct-23-201403 months
28A Legendary FailOct-16-201423 months
27Parks & WreckOct-09-201402 years
26The Permanent PunishmentOct-02-201402 years
25In Poor Taste BudsSep-25-201423 months
24Up Loser's CreekAug-14-201403 months
23The Lost BoyAug-07-201413 months
22Fe-mailJul-31-201412 years
21Tooth & ConsequencesJul-24-201413 months
20Clash of the JokersJul-17-201403 months
19Quantum Mock-anicsJul-10-201403 months
18Baggage ShameJun-24-201403 months
17The Good, the Bad, and the UncomfortableJun-19-201403 months
16Junk in the TrunkJun-12-201403 months
15Puncture PerfectMay-29-201413 months
14Make Womb for DaddyMay-22-201413 months
13Jokers PlayhouseMay-15-201403 months
12Anniversary EditionApr-17-201403 months
11Takes the CakeApr-10-201403 months
10Snow Way OutApr-01-201403 months
9Bigger in TexasMar-27-201403 months
8Inside the VaultFeb-20-201403 months
7ScarytalesFeb-13-201403 months
6ToastedFeb-06-201403 months
5Bonus FootageJan-30-201403 months
4Nationals DisasterJan-23-201403 months
3Field of ScreamsJan-16-201403 months
2The Great EscapeJan-09-201413 months
1Look Out BelowJan-02-201403 months
228Trouble ShootDec-12-201303 months
27Cyber BuddiesDec-05-201303 months
26All the Wrong MovesNov-14-201303 months
25Sorry for Your LossNov-07-201303 months
24Dog Days of BummerOct-31-201303 months
23Enter the DragonsOct-24-201303 months
22Everything's Just RosieSep-12-201313 months
21The AllianceSep-05-201303 months
20Not Safe for WorkAug-29-201303 months
19Film FailAug-22-201303 months
18Sweat the Small ThingsAug-15-201303 months
17Human PiñataAug-08-201303 months
16Down in the DumpAug-01-201303 months
15Joker vs. JokerFeb-21-201303 months
14Scaredy CatFeb-14-201303 months
13Out of FashionFeb-07-201303 months
12Love ExpertJan-24-201333 months
11Get Out of DodgeJan-17-201303 months
10The Truth HurtsJan-10-201323 months
9Psychotic Not-lineJan-03-201333 months
8Do Something to My FaceDec-27-201213 months
7Sound EffeXXXDec-20-201213 months
6Strip High FiveDec-13-201203 months
5Birds and the BeesDec-13-201213 months
4The Stoop Sessions (2)Sep-27-201213 months
3Art AttackSep-20-201213 months
2The Stoop Sessions (1)Sep-13-201233 months
1Elephant in the RoomSep-06-201232 years
117[no episode title yet]May-03-201201 year
16Super CutsMay-03-201203 months
15Pick a LoserApr-26-201203 months
14Theater del AbsuradoApr-19-201213 months
13Charity CaseApr-12-201223 months
12BellydancerApr-05-201203 months
11Starfart MacchiatoMar-29-201203 months
10What Did I Eat?Mar-29-201213 months
9A Loser PresentsFeb-16-201203 months
8Who ArtedJan-26-201203 months
7Out of TPJan-19-201203 months
6Panty RaidJan-12-201222 months
5Drawing a BlankJan-05-201203 months
4Boardwalk of ShameDec-29-201103 months
3Unmotivational SpeakerDec-22-201103 months
2Butterfly Crime SceneDec-15-201103 months
1Pay It ForwardDec-15-201103 months
0[no episode title yet]Dec-15-201101 year
034TBAOct-31-201901 year
33Summer VacationMay-16-201901 year
32Fantasy DraftMar-14-201901 year
31TBADec-06-201801 year
30Hits, Errors & Balls!Oct-04-201801 year
29Joker For a DayMay-03-201801 year
28Spring Break CountdownApr-05-201801 year
27NCAA March Madness BreakdownMar-08-201801 year
26The Joker GamesFeb-22-201801 year
25Humiliation for the HolidaysNov-24-201701 year
24Punishment CountdownNov-02-201701 year
23Critiquing QOct-26-201701 year
22Judging JoeOct-26-201701 year
21Sizing Up SalOct-26-201701 year
20The Murray JuryOct-26-201701 year
19After Party!May-11-201701 year
18NCAA March Madness Bracket AttackMar-12-201701 year
17A Day in the LifeOct-31-201601 year
16Fan-tastic Access Presented by GeicoSep-08-201601 year
15One Night at the GrandSep-01-201601 year
14British InvasionJul-14-201601 year
13All Aboard!May-19-201601 year
12NCAA March Mardness ShowdownMar-13-201601 year
11Impractical Jokers' Joker Bowl: The Pros Weigh InFeb-04-201601 year
10One Night Stand UpOct-01-201501 year
9FAN-Tastic CountdownSep-02-201501 year
8Unseen ScenesSep-01-201501 year
7Anatomy of a ChallengeAug-31-201501 year
6Funny 'Cause It HurtsApr-30-201501 year
5Damned! The Movie by James Murray01 year
4Practically Live!Mar-26-201501 year
3Happy Father's DayJun-15-201401 year
2Deleted ScenesJun-16-201401 year
1Inside JokesMay-08-201401 year

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