I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! (AU)

Reality show where a bunch of celebrities are dropped in camps in the South African jungle and left to, mostly, fend for themselves, with challenges made allowing them to win food and other comforts, whilst the cameras watch on and viewers volunteer who gets to stay and who does some of the challenges.

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Release Date: February 1, 2015

Status: Running

Network: Network 10 (Official Website)


Most recent episode: I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! (AU) Season 6 Episode 21 - Episode 21 ( 2/2/2020 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
621Episode 21Feb-02-202001 year
20Episode 20Jan-30-202001 year
19Episode 19Jan-29-202001 year
18Episode 18Jan-28-202001 year
17Episode 17Jan-27-202001 year
16Episode 16Jan-26-202001 year
15Episode 15Jan-23-202001 year
14Episode 14Jan-22-202001 year
13Episode 13Jan-21-202001 year
12Episode 12Jan-20-202001 year
11Episode 11Jan-19-202001 year
10Episode 10Jan-16-202001 year
9Episode 9Jan-15-202001 year
8Episode 8Jan-14-202004 months
7Episode 7Jan-13-202004 months
6Episode 6Jan-12-202014 months
5Episode 5Jan-09-202004 months
4Episode 4Jan-08-202014 months
3Episode 3Jan-07-202001 year
2Episode 2Jan-06-202004 months
1Episode 1Jan-05-202024 months
528Episode 24Feb-17-201901 year
27Episode 23Feb-12-201901 year
26Episode 22Feb-11-201901 year
25Episode 21Feb-10-201901 year
24I'm a Celebrity... Saturday SchooliesFeb-09-201901 year
23Episode 20Feb-07-201901 year
22Episode 19Feb-06-201901 year
21Episode 18Feb-05-201901 year
20Episode 17Feb-04-201901 year
19Episode 16Feb-03-201901 year
18I'm a Celebrity... Saturday SchooliesFeb-02-201901 year
17Episode 15Jan-31-201901 year
16Episode 14Jan-30-201901 year
15Episode 13Jan-29-201901 year
14Episode 12Jan-28-201901 year
13Episode 11Jan-27-201901 year
12I'm a Celebrity... Saturday SchooliesJan-26-201901 year
11Episode 10Jan-24-201901 year
10Episode 9Jan-23-201901 year
9Episode 8Jan-22-201901 year
8Episode 7Jan-21-201901 year
7Episode 6Jan-20-201901 year
6I'm a Celebrity... Saturday SchooliesJan-19-201901 year
5Episode 5Jan-17-201901 year
4Episode 4Jan-16-201901 year
3Episode 3Jan-15-201901 year
2Episode 2Jan-14-201901 year
1Episode 1Jan-13-201901 year
431Episode 31Mar-12-201801 year
30Episode 30Mar-11-201801 year
29Episode 29Mar-08-201801 year
28Episode 28Mar-07-201801 year
27Episode 27Mar-06-201801 year
26Episode 26Mar-05-201801 year
25Episode 25Mar-04-201801 year
24Episode 24Mar-01-201801 year
23Episode 23Feb-28-201801 year
22Episode 22Feb-27-201801 year
21Episode 21Feb-26-201801 year
20Episode 20Feb-25-201801 year
19Episode 19Feb-19-201801 year
18Episode 18Feb-21-201801 year
17Episode 17Feb-20-201801 year
16Episode 16Feb-19-201801 year
15Episode 15Feb-18-201801 year
14Episode 14Feb-15-201801 year
13Episode 13Feb-14-201801 year
12Episode 12Feb-13-201801 year
11Episode 11Feb-12-201801 year
10Episode 10Feb-11-201801 year
9Episode 9Feb-08-201801 year
8Episode 8Feb-07-201801 year
7Episode 7Feb-06-201801 year
6Episode 6Feb-05-201801 year
5Episode 5Feb-04-201801 year
4Episode 4Jan-31-201801 year
3Episode 3Jan-30-201801 year
2Episode 2Jan-29-201801 year
1Episode 1Jan-28-201801 year
332Episode 32Mar-14-201701 year
31Episode 31Mar-13-201701 year
30Episode 30Mar-12-201701 year
29Episode 29Mar-09-201701 year
28Episode 28Mar-07-201701 year
27Episode 27Mar-06-201701 year
26Episode 26Mar-05-201701 year
25Episode 25Mar-02-201701 year
24Episode 24Mar-01-201701 year
23Episode 23Feb-28-201701 year
22Episode 22Feb-27-201701 year
21Episode 21Feb-26-201701 year
20Episode 20Jan-23-201701 year
19Episode 19Feb-22-201701 year
18Episode 18Feb-21-201701 year
17Episode 17Feb-20-201701 year
16Episode 16Feb-19-201701 year
15Episode 15Feb-16-201701 year
14Episode 14Feb-15-201701 year
13Episode 13Feb-14-201701 year
12Episode 12Feb-13-201701 year
11Episode 11Feb-12-201701 year
10Episode 10Feb-09-201701 year
9Episode 9Feb-08-201701 year
8Episode 8Feb-07-201701 year
7Episode 7Feb-06-201701 year
6Episode 6Feb-05-201701 year
5Episode 5Feb-02-201701 year
4Episode 4Feb-01-201701 year
3Episode 3Jan-31-201701 year
2Episode 2Jan-30-201701 year
1Episode 1Jan-29-201701 year
231Episode 31Mar-13-201601 year
30Episode 30Mar-10-201601 year
29Episode 29Mar-09-201601 year
28Episode 28Mar-08-201601 year
27Episode 27Mar-07-201601 year
26Episode 26Mar-06-201601 year
25Episode 25Mar-03-201601 year
24Episode 24Mar-02-201601 year
23Episode 23Mar-01-201601 year
22Episode 22Feb-29-201601 year
21Episode 21Feb-28-201601 year
20Episode 20Feb-25-201601 year
19Episode 19Feb-24-201601 year
18Episode 18Feb-23-201601 year
17Episode 17Feb-22-201601 year
16Episode 16Feb-21-201601 year
15Episode 15Feb-18-201601 year
14Episode 14Feb-17-201601 year
13Episode 13Feb-16-201601 year
12Episode 12Feb-15-201601 year
11Episode 11Feb-14-201601 year
10Episode 10Feb-11-201601 year
9Episode 9Feb-10-201601 year
8Episode 8Feb-09-201601 year
7Episode 7Feb-08-201601 year
6Episode 6Feb-07-201601 year
5Episode 5Feb-04-201601 year
4Episode 4Feb-03-201601 year
3Episode 3Feb-02-201601 year
2Episode 2Feb-01-201601 year
1Episode 1Jan-31-201601 year
131FinaleMar-15-201501 year
30Episode 30 (Live Eviction)Mar-12-201501 year
29Episode 29 (Live Double Eviction)Mar-11-201501 year
28Episode 28 (Live Eviction)Mar-10-201501 year
27Episode 27 (Live Eviction)Mar-09-201501 year
26Episode 26 (Live Eviction)Mar-08-201501 year
25Episode 25Mar-05-201501 year
24Episode 24Mar-04-201501 year
23Episode 23Mar-03-201501 year
22Episode 22Mar-02-201501 year
21Episode 21 (Live Eviction)Mar-01-201501 year
20Episode 20Feb-26-201501 year
19Episode 19Feb-25-201501 year
18Episode 18Feb-24-201501 year
17Episode 17Feb-23-201501 year
16Episode 16 (Live Eviction)Feb-22-201501 year
15Episode 15Feb-19-201501 year
14Episode 14Feb-18-201501 year
13Episode 13Feb-17-201501 year
12Episode 12 (Intruders Special)Feb-16-201501 year
11Episode 11 (Live Double Eviction)Feb-15-201501 year
10Episode 10Feb-12-201501 year
9Episode 9Feb-11-201501 year
8Episode 8Feb-10-201501 year
7Episode 7 (Intruders Special)Feb-09-201501 year
6Episode 6 (Live Eviction)Feb-08-201501 year
5Episode 5Feb-05-201501 year
4Episode 4Feb-04-201501 year
3Episode 3Feb-03-201501 year
2Episode 2Feb-02-201501 year
1Episode 1Feb-01-201501 year

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