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I Am Jazz

Meet Jazz Jennings! Although born male, Jazz is a transgender female and has been living as a girl since kindergarten. Parents Jeanette and Greg have spent the years finding doctors to treat their daughter, while fighting the discrimination and misconceptions associated with what it means to be transgender. But, now that Jazz is 14, she is on the brink of the biggest challenge of her life: high school.Not only does Jazz face the normal struggles of a 14 year-old girl; boy crazy friends, mood swings, and body image issues, she must also contend with the unique challenges of being a transgender girl. Jazz is on a regimen of hormone therapy so that she can look and develop like the other girls in her school. But, Jazz struggles with comparing herself, and the lagging pace of her breast development to her friends.In four short years, Jeanette and Greg’s youngest daughter will be a candidate for gender reassignment surgery. With that decision on the horizon, they must first survive four years of High School. With unconditional love and humor this close-knit family works together to face the many challenges ahead.


Release Date: July 15, 2015

Status: Running

Network: TLC (Official Website)

Casts: Jazz Jennings

Most recent episode: I Am Jazz Season 8 Episode 2 - A Night at the Selfie Museum ( 1/24/2023 ) Submit Link

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Season Episode Submit Episode Name Airdate Links Updated
86GOATFeb-21-202302 weeks
5Clavicles Are the New BlackFeb-14-202302 weeks
4These Boots Are Made for Walkin'Feb-07-202302 weeks
3Mommy DearestJan-31-202302 weeks
2A Night at the Selfie MuseumJan-24-202302 weeks
1How Jazz Got Her Groove BackJan-17-2023472 days
710Not the Same JazzFeb-01-2022312 months
9Heating UpJan-25-202261 year
8A Long Time in the MakingJan-18-202261 year
7SmashedJan-11-202271 year
6Wake Up CallJan-04-202261 year
5RawDec-28-202161 year
4Private PartsDec-21-202191 year
3Breaking the CycleDec-14-202141 year
2Blast From the PastDec-07-202151 year
1My 234-lb LifeNov-30-2021111 year
68Somewhere Over the RainbowMar-17-202031 year
7Under PressureMar-10-202001 year
6DragliciousMar-03-202041 year
5Communication BreakdownFeb-25-202011 year
4I'm Still StandingFeb-18-202041 year
3Born This WayFeb-11-202041 year
2Ex-FactorFeb-04-202001 year
1I Will SurviveJan-28-202031 year
512Up in the Air...Mar-19-201903 years
11Reevaluation RealnessMar-12-201903 years
10Enemy in the FamilyMar-05-201911 year
9I Want to Meet Your (Transphobic) MomFeb-26-201903 years
8Missing in ActionFeb-19-201903 years
7Your Girl Jazz Has a Boyfriend!Feb-12-201903 years
6Operation ComplicationFeb-05-201903 years
5It's a Girl!Jan-29-201903 years
4RebirthJan-22-201903 years
3Caterpillar to ButterflyJan-15-201903 years
2Scared & UnpreparedJan-08-201903 years
1The Final CountdownJan-01-201903 years
48Nothing is Set in StoneFeb-20-201851 year
7Hungry for AcceptanceFeb-13-201821 year
6Pizza Rolls, Gender Roles and Jazz RollsFeb-06-201831 year
5Trans Girl Meets GirlJan-30-201861 year
4Big Trouble in the Big AppleJan-23-201851 year
3Resisting TemptationJan-16-201831 year
2Weighty IssuesJan-09-201851 year
1Winds of ChangeJan-02-201811 year
38In the Line of FireAug-09-201741 year
7Dating in the LightAug-02-201741 year
6Face Your DemonsJul-26-201711 year
5Dating in the DarkJul-19-201731 year
4Sweet (and Sour) SixteenJul-12-201741 year
3Getting to the Bottom of ItJul-05-201731 year
2Double TroubleJun-28-201741 year
1Bottoms UpJun-27-201751 year
28Teenage Angst and Broken HeartsJul-27-201603 years
7We Scare Most BoysJul-20-201603 years
6She's Too Young for Breast SurgeryJul-13-201603 years
5Confronted with HateJul-06-201603 years
4Your Body May Be Rejecting the ImplantJun-29-201603 years
3It's Either Surgery or Male PubertyJun-22-201603 years
2I Looked Like a Man in a DressJun-15-201603 years
1The Hate is RealJun-08-201603 years
111The Family Tells AllAug-26-201551 year
10Baby Jazz is Growing UpAug-19-201521 year
9We Don't Read the CommentsAug-12-201531 year
8So the Dad is Now Mom?Aug-12-201531 year
7I'm Ready to Explore BoysAug-05-201551 year
6Happy Mother's Day!Aug-05-201551 year
5Am I Doing the Right Thing?Jul-29-201541 year
4I Thought It Was a Choice?Jul-29-201551 year
3High School is Wild FireJul-22-201551 year
2Boys Aren't Nice to HerJul-22-201531 year
1All About JazzJul-15-201531 year
01I AM JAZZ: A family in transitionNov-27-201103 years

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