Hunter Street

Hunter Street (co-developed with the Nickelodeon Netherlands series, De Ludwigs) follows the journey of five foster kids on a quest to find their missing parents, Erik and Kate Hunter, after they mysteriously disappear.

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Genre: Comedy

Release Date: March 11, 2017

Status: Running

Network: Nickelodeon (Official Website)

Casts: Thomas Jansen, Stony Blyden, MaeMae Renfrow, Kyra Smith, Daan Creyghton

Most recent episode: Hunter Street Season 4 Episode 13 - Sleepwalkers ( 5/19/2021 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
413SleepwalkersMay-19-202131 month
12Operation RockabyeMay-18-202131 month
11BadikaMay-17-202131 month
10Enemies WithinMay-14-202131 month
9Relatively SpeakingMay-13-202131 month
8Break-inMay-12-202131 month
7Mind GamesMay-11-202131 month
6The IntruderMay-10-202131 month
5House ArrestMay-07-202131 month
4Quantum Problems and Dead EndsMay-06-202131 month
3Sally HunterMay-05-202131 month
2Babies, Bunnies and BeardsMay-04-202131 month
1An Unexpected GuestMay-03-202131 month
330EclipseSep-27-201911 month
29The PyramidSep-26-201902 months
28Tricky TimesSep-25-201902 years
27Not Quite X Marks the SpotSep-24-201902 years
26Episode 2602 years
25The Final Riddle?Sep-20-201902 years
24Truth and LiesSep-19-201911 month
23SwampedSep-18-201911 month
22MomsSep-17-201911 month
21EscapeSep-16-201911 month
20TrappedSep-13-201911 month
19AppealsSep-12-201911 month
18The Butterfly SunSep-11-201911 month
17What Hides BeneathSep-10-201911 month
16SiblingsSep-09-201911 month
15Evil NarikoaAug-16-201902 months
14Secret SignsAug-15-201911 month
13Rex to the RescueAug-14-201911 month
12Mr. BearAug-13-201911 month
11Return to Hunter StreetAug-12-201911 month
10The Second StoneAug-09-201911 month
9Curse or Cure?Jul-31-201911 month
8Remedies and RiddlesJul-30-201911 month
7The CodeJul-29-201911 month
6OliverJul-29-201921 month
5Lost in the WoodsJul-26-201901 year
4Jake's CurseJul-25-201901 year
3The StormJul-24-201901 year
2Strange HouseJul-23-201901 year
1The Birthday GiftJul-22-201901 year
220Hunters ForeverFeb-23-201802 months
19The RitualFeb-22-201802 months
18SpyFeb-21-201802 months
17The HouseboatFeb-20-201802 months
16Hide and SeekFeb-16-201802 months
15The CrownFeb-15-201802 months
14The Super Secret RoomFeb-14-201802 months
13Hacker HideoutFeb-13-201802 months
12The Green MaskFeb-12-201802 months
11The MoleFeb-09-201802 months
10The Reverse HeistFeb-08-201802 months
9The PlanFeb-07-201802 months
8PaybackFeb-06-201802 months
7The Family TreeFeb-05-201802 months
6The New FriendFeb-02-201802 months
5The MuseumFeb-01-201802 months
4EvieJan-31-201802 months
3MaxJan-30-201802 months
2The ArrestJan-29-201802 months
1The PackageJan-29-201801 year
120The DeedApr-07-201702 months
19Almost BackApr-06-201702 months
18BruhlApr-05-201702 months
17SophieApr-04-201702 months
16UndercoverApr-03-201702 months
15The MazeMar-31-201701 year
14Anika's BirthdayMar-30-201701 year
13Cassandra's MapMar-29-201701 year
12The Red DiamondMar-28-201701 year
11The RelativesMar-27-201741 month
10ContactMar-24-201741 month
9Aunt Hedwig & Uncle EugeneMar-23-201721 month
8MGPMar-22-201741 month
7The Blue DiamondMar-21-201741 month
6The KeyMar-20-201741 month
5RinusMar-16-201741 month
4PrincipalMar-15-201741 month
3The Secret RoomMar-14-201741 month
2SaganashMar-13-201741 month
1The New HunterMar-11-201741 month
01Clued In: A Hunter Street SpecialMar-17-201701 year

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