House aka House, M.D. is an American medical television series that centers on Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) who is a very unconventional and grumpy medical genius who heads a team of diagnosticians at the fictional Princeton?Plainsboro Teaching Hospital (PPTH) in New Jersey. Stars Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein, Omar Epps, Robert Sean Leonard, Jennifer Morrison, Jesse Spencer, Peter Jacobson, Olivia Wilde, Odette Annable, and Charlyne Yi.

Genre: Drama, Medical

Release Date: November 16, 2004 (US)

Status: Ended

Network: FOX (Official Website)

Casts: Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard, Omar Epps, Jesse Spencer, Lisa Edelstein, Peter Jacobson, Olivia Wilde, Jennifer Morrison, Kal Penn, Charlyne Yi, Odette Annable

Most recent episode: House Season 8 Episode 22 - Everybody Dies ( 5/21/2012 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
822Everybody DiesMay-21-201271 month
21Holding OnMay-14-201291 month
20Post MortemMay-07-2012101 month
19The C-WordApr-30-2012121 month
18Body and SoulApr-23-201271 month
17We Need the EggsApr-16-2012111 month
16Gut CheckApr-09-201291 month
15Blowing the WhistleApr-02-201281 month
14Love is BlindFeb-27-2012171 month
13Man of the HouseFeb-20-2012111 month
12ChaseFeb-13-2012101 month
11Nobody's FaultFeb-06-2012111 month
10RunawaysJan-30-201281 month
9Better HalfJan-23-201271 month
8Perils of ParanoiaNov-28-201181 month
7Dead & BuriedNov-21-201171 month
6ParentsNov-14-201171 month
5The ConfessionNov-07-201161 month
4Risky BusinessOct-31-201171 month
3Charity CaseOct-17-201171 month
2TransplantOct-10-201161 month
1Twenty VicodinOct-03-201161 month
0[no episode title yet]Oct-03-2011112 months
723Moving On51 month
22After Hours51 month
21The Fix51 month
20Changes51 month
19Last Temptation51 month
18The Dig51 month
17Fall from Grace51 month
16Out of the Chute51 month
15Bombshells51 month
14Recession Proof51 month
13Two Stories51 month
12You Must Remember This51 month
11Family Practice51 month
10Carrot or Stick51 month
9Larger Than Life51 month
8Small Sacrifices51 month
7A Pox on Our House61 month
6Office Politics61 month
5Unplanned Parenthood61 month
4Massage Therapy61 month
3Unwritten61 month
2Selfish61 month
1Now What?51 month
622[no episode title yet]May-17-201017 months
21Help MeMay-10-201051 month
20BaggageMay-03-201051 month
19The ChoiceApr-26-201051 month
18Open and ShutApr-19-201051 month
17Knight FallApr-12-201051 month
16LockdownMar-15-201051 month
15Black HoleMar-08-201051 month
14Private LivesFeb-08-201051 month
135 to 9Feb-01-201051 month
12Moving the ChainsJan-25-201051 month
11RemorseJan-11-201051 month
10The Down LowNov-30-200951 month
9WilsonNov-23-200951 month
8Ignorance is BlissNov-16-200951 month
7TeamworkNov-09-200951 month
6Known UnknownsOct-19-200951 month
5Brave HeartOct-12-020951 month
4Instant KarmaOct-05-200951 month
3The TyrantSep-28-200951 month
2Epic FailSep-21-200951 month
1BrokenSep-21-200951 month
524Both Sides NowMay-11-200951 month
23Under My SkinMay-04-200951 month
22House DividedApr-27-200951 month
21SaviorsApr-13-200951 month
20Simple ExplanationApr-06-200951 month
19Locked InMar-30-200951 month
18Here KittyMar-16-200951 month
17The Social ContractMar-09-200951 month
16The Softer SideFeb-23-200951 month
15UnfaithfulFeb-16-200951 month
14The Greater GoodFeb-02-200951 month
13Big BabyJan-26-200951 month
12PainlessJan-19-200951 month
11Joy to the WorldDec-09-200851 month
10Let Them Eat CakeDec-02-200851 month
9Last ResortNov-25-200851 month
8EmancipationNov-18-200851 month
7The ItchNov-11-200851 month
6JoyOct-28-200851 month
5Lucky ThirteenOct-21-200851 month
4BirthmarksOct-14-200851 month
3Adverse EventsSep-30-200851 month
2Not CancerSep-23-200851 month
1Dying Changes EverythingSep-16-200851 month
416Wilson's HeartMay-19-200851 month
15House's HeadMay-12-200851 month
14Living the DreamMay-05-200851 month
13No More Mr. Nice GuyApr-28-200851 month
12Don't Ever ChangeFeb-05-200841 month
11FrozenFeb-03-200851 month
10It's a Wonderful LieJan-29-200851 month
9GamesNov-27-200751 month
8You Don't Want to KnowNov-20-200751 month
7UglyNov-13-200751 month
6Whatever It TakesNov-06-200751 month
5Mirror MirrorOct-30-200751 month
4Guardian AngelsOct-23-200751 month
397 SecondsOct-09-200751 month
2The Right StuffOct-02-200751 month
1AloneSep-25-200751 month
324Human ErrorMay-29-200751 month
23The JerkMay-15-200751 month
22ResignationMay-08-200751 month
21FamilyMay-01-200751 month
20House TrainingApr-24-200751 month
19Act Your AgeApr-17-200751 month
18AirborneApr-10-200751 month
17Fetal PositionApr-03-200751 month
16Top SecretMar-27-200751 month
15Half-WitMar-06-200751 month
14InsensitiveFeb-13-200751 month
13Needle in a HaystackFeb-06-200741 month
12One Day, One RoomJan-30-200751 month
11Words and DeedsJan-09-200751 month
10Merry Little ChristmasDec-12-200651 month
9Finding JudasNov-28-200651 month
8Whac-A-MoleNov-21-200651 month
7Son of a Coma GuyNov-14-200651 month
6Que Sera SeraNov-07-200651 month
5Fools for LoveOct-31-200651 month
4Lines in the SandSep-26-200651 month
3Informed ConsentSep-19-200651 month
2Cane & AbleSep-12-200641 month
1MeaningSep-05-200651 month
Episode[no episode title yet]Feb-06-200718 years
224No ReasonMay-23-200651 month
23Who's Your Daddy?May-16-200651 month
22ForeverMay-09-200651 month
21Euphoria (2)May-03-200651 month
20Euphoria (1)May-02-200651 month
19House vs. GodApr-25-200651 month
18Sleeping Dogs LieApr-18-200651 month
17All InApr-11-200651 month
16SafeApr-04-200651 month
15CluelessMar-28-200651 month
14Sex KillsMar-07-200651 month
13Skin DeepFeb-20-200651 month
12DistractionsFeb-14-200651 month
11Need to KnowFeb-07-200651 month
10Failure to CommunicateJan-10-200651 month
9DeceptionDec-13-200551 month
8The MistakeNov-29-200551 month
7HuntingNov-22-200551 month
6SpinNov-15-200551 month
5Daddy's BoyNov-08-200551 month
4TB or Not TBNov-01-200551 month
3Humpty DumptySep-27-200551 month
2AutopsySep-20-200551 month
1AcceptanceSep-13-200551 month
122The HoneymoonMay-24-200561 month
21Three StoriesMay-17-200561 month
20Love HurtsMay-10-200561 month
19KidsMay-03-200551 month
18Babies & BathwaterApr-19-200561 month
17Role ModelApr-12-200561 month
16HeavyMar-29-200561 month
15Mob RulesMar-22-200561 month
14ControlMar-15-200561 month
13CursedMar-01-200561 month
12Sports MedicineFeb-22-200561 month
11DetoxFeb-15-200561 month
10HistoriesDec-31-196961 month
9DNRDec-31-196961 month
8PoisonJan-25-200561 month
7FidelityDec-28-200461 month
6The Socratic MethodDec-21-200461 month
5Damned If You DoDec-14-200461 month
4MaternityDec-07-200461 month
3Occam's RazorNov-30-200451 month
2PaternityNov-23-200461 month
1PilotNov-16-200451 month

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