House of Cards

House of Cards explores the ruthless underside of British politics at the end of the Thatcher era. Reset against the backdrop of modern-day U.S. electoral politics, this new one-hour drama follows Spacey as an ambitious politician with his eye on the top job. This is the US adaptation of the 1990s British political miniseries will star Kevin Spacey as the lead role. This is the first original series of this caliber to appear exclusively on Netflix.

Genre: Drama

Release Date: February 1, 2013 (US)

Status: Ended

Network: Netflix (Official Website)

Casts: Robin Wright, Kevin Spacey, Michael Kelly, Nathan Darrow, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, Molly Parker, Derek Cecil, Rachel Brosnahan, Sakina Jaffrey, Jimmi Simpson, Elizabeth Marvel, Kate Mara, Constance Zimmer, Corey Stoll, Sandrine Holt

Most recent episode: House of Cards Season 6 Episode 8 - Chapter 73 ( 11/2/2018 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
68Chapter 73Nov-02-201801 year
7Chapter 72Nov-02-201801 year
6Chapter 71Nov-02-201801 year
5Chapter 70Nov-02-201801 year
4Chapter 69Nov-02-201801 year
3Chapter 68Nov-02-201801 year
2Chapter 67Nov-02-201801 year
1Chapter 66Nov-02-201801 year
513Chapter 65May-30-201701 year
12Chapter 64May-30-201701 year
11Chapter 63May-30-201701 year
10Chapter 62May-30-201701 year
9Chapter 61May-30-201701 year
8Chapter 60May-30-201701 year
7Chapter 59May-30-201701 year
6Chapter 58May-30-201701 year
5Chapter 57May-30-201701 year
4Chapter 56May-30-201701 year
3Chapter 55May-30-201701 year
2Chapter 54May-30-201701 year
1Chapter 53May-30-201701 year
413Chapter 52Mar-04-201601 year
12Chapter 51Mar-04-201601 year
11Chapter 50Mar-04-201601 year
10Chapter 49Mar-04-201601 year
9Chapter 48Mar-04-201601 year
8Chapter 47Mar-04-201601 year
7Chapter 46Mar-04-201601 year
6Chapter 45Mar-04-201601 year
5Chapter 44Mar-04-201601 year
4Chapter 43Mar-04-201601 year
3Chapter 42Mar-04-201601 year
2Chapter 41Mar-04-201601 year
1Chapter 40Mar-04-201601 year
313Chapter 39Feb-27-201501 year
12Chapter 38Feb-27-201501 year
11Chapter 37Feb-27-201521 year
10Chapter 36Feb-27-2015191 year
9Chapter 35Feb-27-201501 year
8Chapter 34Feb-27-201502 years
7Chapter 33Feb-27-201501 year
6Chapter 32Feb-27-201501 year
5Chapter 31Feb-27-201501 year
4Chapter 30Feb-27-201501 year
3Chapter 29Feb-27-201501 year
2Chapter 28Feb-27-201501 year
1Chapter 27Feb-27-201501 year
213Chapter 26Feb-14-201401 year
12Chapter 25Feb-14-201401 year
11Chapter 24Feb-14-201401 year
10Chapter 23Feb-14-201401 year
9Chapter 22Feb-14-201401 year
8Chapter 21Feb-14-201401 year
7Chapter 20Feb-14-201402 years
6Chapter 19Feb-14-201401 year
5Chapter 18Feb-14-201401 year
4Chapter 17Feb-14-201401 year
3Chapter 16Feb-14-201401 year
2Chapter 15Feb-14-201401 year
1Chapter 14Feb-14-201401 year
113Chapter 13Feb-01-201301 year
12Chapter 12Feb-01-201301 year
11Chapter 11Feb-01-201301 year
10Chapter 10Feb-01-201301 year
9Chapter 9Feb-25-201301 year
8Chapter 8Feb-23-201301 year
7Chapter 7Feb-22-201301 year
6Chapter 6Feb-21-201301 year
5Chapter 5Feb-20-201301 year
4Chapter 4Feb-19-201301 year
3Chapter 3Feb-18-201301 year
2Chapter 2Feb-14-201301 year
1Chapter 1Feb-14-201301 year

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