Series exploring topical scientific issues and their effects for the future. Horizon is the BBC2 documentary that explores and educates us about controversial and life changing things. In Horizon everything is approached with the scientific viewpoint and the use of the scientific method is used in the programme. The programme started in 1964 and still airs today on BBC2.

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Genre: Documentary

Release Date: 1964 (US)

Status: Running

Network: BBC TWO (UK) (IMDb)


Most recent episode: Horizon Season 2020 Episode 4 - Coronavirus Special - Part 1 ( 4/9/2020 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
20204Coronavirus Special - Part 1Apr-09-202001 year
3Toxic Town: The Corby PoisoningsMar-23-202001 year
2Chris Packham: 7.7 Billion People and CountingJan-21-202001 year
1Addicted to Painkillers? Britain's Opioid CrisisJan-16-202001 year
20197Cannabis: Miracle Medicine or Dangerous Drug?Aug-28-201901 year
6The 250 Million Pound Cancer CureAug-28-201901 year
5Inside the Social Network: Facebook's Difficult YearJul-22-201901 year
4The Honest Supermarket: What's Really in Our Food?Jul-16-201901 year
3The Honest Supermarket: What's Really in Our Food?Jul-08-201901 year
2Britain's Next Air Disaster? DronesJul-01-201901 year
1We Need to Talk about DeathJan-23-201901 year
201813The Contraceptive Pill: How Safe Is It?Nov-21-201801 year
12Diagnosis on Demand? The Computer Will See You NowNov-01-201801 year
11Vitamin Pills: Miracle or Myth?Oct-25-201801 year
10Avalanche: Making a Deadly SnowstormOct-18-201801 year
9Body Clock: What Makes Us Tick?Oct-11-201801 year
8The Placebo Experiment: Can My Brain Cure My Body?Oct-04-201801 year
7A Week Without Lying - The Honesty ExperimentAug-29-201801 year
6Stopping Male SuicideAug-22-201801 year
5Jupiter RevealedAug-07-201801 year
4Spina Bifida & MeJul-26-201801 year
3How to Build a Time MachineJul-10-201801 year
2Teenagers vs Cancer: A User's GuideJun-26-201801 year
1My Amazing Brain: Richard's WarFeb-05-201804 years
201715Being TransgenderSep-26-201704 years
14Goodbye Cassini - Hello SaturnSep-18-201704 years
13Mars - A Traveller's GuideSep-12-201704 years
12What Makes a Psychopath?Aug-29-201704 years
11Dippy and the WhaleJul-13-201704 years
10Dawn of the Driverless CarJun-29-201704 years
910 Things You Need to Know About the FutureJun-19-201704 years
8Cyber Attack - The Day the NHS StoppedJun-12-201704 years
7Antarctica - Ice Station RescueJun-07-201704 years
6Space VolcanoesMay-23-201704 years
5Strange Signals from Outer Space!May-16-201704 years
4Why Did I Go Mad?May-02-201704 years
3ADHD and Me with Rory BremnerApr-25-201704 years
2Hair Care SecretsJan-23-201705 years
1Clean Eating - The Dirty TruthJan-19-201705 years
201618Duplicate of Episode 17Nov-14-201601 year
17The Wildest Weather in the UniverseOct-23-201605 years
16The Lost Tribes of HumanityOct-23-201601 year
15Jimmy Carr and the Science of LaughterOct-12-201605 years
14My Amazing TwinAug-25-201605 years
13Special - Inside CernAug-10-201605 years
12Sports Doping - Winning at Any Cost?Jul-19-201605 years
11Why Are We Getting So FatJun-07-201605 years
10E-Cigarettes: Miracle or Menace?May-22-201605 years
9Curing Alzheimer'sMay-11-201605 years
8Ice Station AntarcticaMay-04-201605 years
7How to Find Love OnlineApr-25-201605 years
6Should We Close Our Zoos?Apr-17-201605 years
5The End of the Solar SystemApr-13-201605 years
4Oceans of the Solar SystemApr-06-201605 years
3The Mystery of Dark EnergyMar-30-201605 years
2Project Greenglow - The Quest for Gravity ControlMar-23-201605 years
1The ImmortalistMar-16-201605 years
201512Are Video Games Really That Bad?Sep-16-201505 years
11Cosmic Dawn: The Real Moment of CreationSep-09-201505 years
10Which Universe Are We In?Sep-02-201505 years
9OCD: A Monster in My MindAug-26-201505 years
8First BritonsAug-19-201505 years
7Are Health Tests Really a Good Idea?Aug-12-201505 years
6The Trouble with Space JunkAug-05-201505 years
5Is Binge Drinking Really That Bad?May-20-201505 years
470 Million Animal Mummies: Egypt's Dark SecretMay-11-201505 years
3Dancing in the Dark - The End of Physics?Mar-17-201505 years
2Aftershock: The Hunt for Gravitational WavesMar-10-201505 years
1Secrets of the Solar SystemMar-03-201505 years
201415Is Your Brain Male or Female?Sep-29-201405 years
14Ebola - The Search for a CureSep-10-201405 years
13Inside the Dark WebSep-03-201405 years
12Allergies: Modern Life and MeAug-27-201405 years
11Should I Eat Meat? - How to Feed the PlanetAug-20-201405 years
10Should I Eat Meat? - The Big Health DilemmaAug-18-201405 years
9What's Wrong with Our Weather?Jul-17-201405 years
8Where is Flight MH370?Jun-17-201405 years
7The £10 Million ChallengeMay-22-201405 years
6Living with AutismApr-01-201405 years
5How You Really Make DecisionsFeb-24-201405 years
4The Power of the PlaceboFeb-17-201405 years
3Man on Mars - Mission to the Red PlanetFeb-10-201405 years
2Swallowed by a Sink HoleFeb-03-201405 years
1Sugar vs. FatJan-29-201405 years
201313Dinosaurs: The Hunt for LifeAug-26-201305 years
12Defeating the HackersAug-19-201305 years
11Monitor MeAug-12-201305 years
10The Truth About PersonalityJul-10-201305 years
9What Makes Us Human?Jul-03-201305 years
8Swallowed by a Black HoleJun-26-201305 years
7Fracking: The New Energy RushJun-19-201305 years
6Little Cat DiariesJun-14-201305 years
5The Secret Life of the CatJun-13-201305 years
4The Age of Big DataApr-04-201305 years
3The Truth About TasteMar-28-201305 years
2How to Avoid Mistakes in SurgeryMar-21-201305 years
1The Creative Brain: How Insight WorksMar-14-201305 years
201215Defeating the SuperbugsSep-10-201201 year
14How Small is the Universe?Sep-03-201201 year
13How Big is the Universe?Aug-27-201201 year
12Eat, Fast and Live LongerSep-10-201205 years
11Mission to MarsSep-03-201205 years
10The Truth About Looking YoungerAug-27-201205 years
9The Transit of VenusAug-06-201205 years
8Defeating CancerJul-23-201205 years
7The Hunt for AIApr-10-201205 years
6Global WeirdingMar-27-201205 years
5The Truth About FatMar-20-201205 years
4Out of Control?Mar-13-201205 years
3Solar Storms: The Threat to Planet EarthMar-06-201205 years
2The Truth About ExerciseFeb-28-201205 years
1Playing GodJan-17-201205 years
201114Fukushima: Is Nuclear Power Safe?Sep-14-201105 years
13Are You Good or Evil?Sep-07-201105 years
12The CoreAug-31-201105 years
11The Nine Months That Made YouAug-22-201105 years
10Seeing StarsAug-15-201105 years
9Do You See What I SeeAug-08-201105 years
8Predators in Your BackyardMar-08-201105 years
7Are We Still Evolving?Mar-01-201105 years
6How to Mend a Broken HeartFeb-14-201105 years
5Surviving a Car CrashFeb-07-201105 years
4The Secret World of PainJan-31-201105 years
3Science Under AttackJan-24-201105 years
2What is Reality?Jan-17-201105 years
1What is One Degree?Jan-10-201105 years
201015Deepwater Disaster - The Untold StoryNov-16-201005 years
14Asteroids - The Good, the Bad and the UglyNov-03-201005 years
13Miracle Cure? A Decade of the Human GenomeOct-25-201005 years
12Is Seeing Believing?Oct-18-201005 years
11What Happened Before the Big Bang?Oct-11-201005 years
10The Death of the OceansOct-04-201005 years
9Back from the DeadSep-27-201005 years
8Is Everything We Know About the Universe Wrong?Mar-09-201005 years
7Did Cooking Make Us Human?Mar-02-201005 years
6What Makes a Genius?Feb-17-201005 years
5To Infinity and BeyondFeb-10-201005 years
4Don't Grow OldFeb-03-201005 years
3Pill PoppersJan-20-201005 years
2Why Do Viruses Kill?Jan-13-201005 years
1The Secret Life of the DogJan-06-201005 years
200918How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth?Dec-09-200901 year
17How Long is a Piece of String?Nov-17-200905 years
16Why Do We Talk?Nov-10-200905 years
15Who's Afraid of a Big Black Hole?Nov-03-200905 years
14Fix MeOct-27-200905 years
13The Secret YouOct-20-200905 years
12Do I Drink Too Much?Oct-13-200905 years
11How Violent Are You?May-12-200905 years
10Alan and Marcus Go Forth and MultiplyMar-31-200905 years
9Why Can't We Predict Earthquakes?Mar-24-200905 years
8Who Do You Want Your Child to Be?Mar-17-200905 years
7How to Survive a DisasterMar-10-200905 years
6What's the Problem with Nudity?Mar-03-200905 years
5The Secret Life of Your BodyclockFeb-24-200905 years
4Can We Make a Star on Earth?Feb-17-200905 years
3Why Do We Dream?Feb-10-200905 years
2Cannabis: The Evil Weed?Feb-03-200905 years
1Why Are Thin People Not Fat?Jan-26-200905 years
200817Where's My Robot?Dec-16-200805 years
16Allergy PlanetDec-09-200805 years
15Do You Know What Time It Is?Dec-02-200805 years
14Jimmy's GM Food FightNov-25-200805 years
13How Mad Are You? (2 of 2)Nov-18-200805 years
12How Mad Are You? (1 of 2)Nov-11-200805 years
11The President's Guide to ScienceSep-16-200805 years
10How Does Your Memory Work?Mar-25-200805 years
9How Much is Your Dead Body Worth?Mar-18-200805 years
8Are We Alone in the Universe?Mar-04-200805 years
7Prof. Regan's Supermarket SecretsFeb-26-200805 years
6How to Live to Be 101Feb-19-200805 years
5How to Make Better DecisionsFeb-12-200805 years
4Is Alcohol Worse Than Ecstasy?Feb-05-200805 years
3What on Earth is Wrong with Gravity?Jan-29-200805 years
2Total IsolationJan-22-200805 years
1How to Kill a Human BeingJan-15-200805 years
20079How to Commit the Perfect MurderMay-08-200705 years
8The Six Billion Dollar ExperimentMay-01-200705 years
7Skyscraper Fire FightersApr-24-200705 years
6Battle of the BrainsApr-17-200705 years
5Moon for SaleApr-10-200705 years
4Mad But GladApr-03-200705 years
3Prof Regan's Beauty ParlourMar-27-200705 years
2The Elephant's Guide to SexMar-20-200705 years
1My Pet DinosaurMar-13-200705 years
200620We Are the AliensNov-14-200605 years
19PandemicNov-07-200605 years
18The Great Robot RaceOct-31-200605 years
17Human v2.0Oct-24-200605 years
16The Worlds First Face TransplantOct-17-200605 years
15Chimps Are People TooOct-10-200605 years
14Survivors Guide to Plane CrashesOct-03-200605 years
13Tutankhamun's FireballJul-20-200605 years
12Nuclear NightmaresJul-13-200605 years
11We Love CigarettesJun-29-200605 years
10Bye Bye Planet PlutoJun-22-200605 years
9The Genius Sperm BankJun-15-200605 years
8The Woman Who Thinks Like a CowJun-08-200605 years
7Winning Gold in 2012Mar-18-200605 years
6Most of Our Universe is MissingFeb-09-200605 years
5The Lost City of New OrleansFeb-02-200605 years
4A War on ScienceJan-26-200605 years
3Waiting for a HeartbeatJan-19-200605 years
2Space TouristsJan-12-200605 years
1The Life and Times of El NiñoJan-03-200605 years
200520The Ghost in Your GenesDec-15-200505 years
19The 7/7 Bombers: A Psychological InvestigationDec-08-200505 years
18Titan. A Place Like Home?Nov-10-200505 years
17Madagascar - A Treetop OdysseyOct-13-200505 years
16Can Fish Make My Child Smart?Oct-06-200505 years
15The Doctor Who Makes People Walk Again?Oct-06-200505 years
14The Mystery of the Human HobbitSep-15-200505 years
13The Hawking ParadoxSep-08-200505 years
12Tsunami: Naming the DeadSep-01-200505 years
11Malaria: Defeating the CurseJun-05-200505 years
10Does the MMR Jab Cause Autism?May-29-200505 years
9The Next MegaquakeMay-22-200505 years
8The Lost Civilisation of PeruMar-03-200505 years
7Who's Afraid of Designer Babies?Feb-24-200505 years
6An Experiment to Save the WorldFeb-17-200505 years
5NeanderthalFeb-10-200505 years
4Living with ADHDMar-03-200505 years
3Einstein's Equation of Life and DeathJan-27-200505 years
2Einstein's Unfinished SymphonyJan-20-200505 years
1Global DimmingJan-13-200505 years
200418Dr. Money and the Boy with No PenisNov-04-200405 years
17The Hunt for the SupertwisterOct-28-200405 years
16Saturn - Lord of the RingsOct-21-200405 years
15Making Millions the Easy WayOct-14-200405 years
14What Really Killed the Dinosaurs?Oct-07-200405 years
13Derek Tastes of EarwaxSep-30-200405 years
12King Solomon's Tablet of StoneSep-23-200405 years
11The Truth About VitaminsSep-16-200405 years
10The Truth of TroyMar-25-200405 years
9Project PoltergeistMar-18-200405 years
8T-Rex - Warrior or Wimp?Mar-11-200405 years
7Diamond LabsMar-04-200405 years
6Thalidomide - A Second Chance?Feb-12-200405 years
5The Dark Secret of Hendrik SchönFeb-05-200405 years
4Secrets of the Star DiscJan-29-200405 years
3The Atkins DietJan-22-200405 years
2The Moscow Theatre SiegeJan-15-200405 years
1The Demonic ApeJan-08-200405 years
200319Time TripDec-18-200305 years
18Percy Pilcher's Flying MachineDec-11-200305 years
17The Hunt for an AIDS VaccineDec-04-200305 years
16Last Flight of the ColumbiaNov-27-200305 years
15The Bible CodeNov-20-200305 years
14The Big ChillNov-13-200305 years
13SARS: The True StoryMay-29-200305 years
12Flight 587May-08-200305 years
11God on the BrainApr-17-200305 years
10The Secret Life of CavesApr-03-200305 years
9Life on Mars (Update)Mar-27-200305 years
8Earthquake StormsMar-06-200305 years
7Trial and ErrorFeb-27-200305 years
6The Day We Learned to ThinkFeb-20-200305 years
5Sexual Chemistry (Update)Feb-13-200305 years
4Dirty BombJan-30-200305 years
3Averting ArmageddonJan-23-200305 years
2Living NightmareJan-16-200305 years
1The Mystery of Easter IslandJan-09-200305 years
200218The Secret of El DoradoDec-19-200205 years
17The Day the Earth Nearly DiedDec-05-200205 years
16Homeopathy: The TestNov-26-200205 years
15Stone Age ColumbusNov-21-200205 years
14Freak WaveNov-14-200205 years
13The England PatientMay-23-200205 years
12The A6 MurderMay-16-200205 years
11Killer LakesApr-04-200205 years
10The Mystery of the JurassicMar-28-200205 years
9Archimedes' SecretMar-14-200205 years
8The Fall of the World Trade CenterMar-07-200205 years
7The Dinosaur That Fooled the WorldFeb-21-200205 years
6Parallel UniversesFeb-14-200205 years
5Death of the IcemanFeb-07-200205 years
4The Lost Pyramids of CaralJan-31-200205 years
3FatbustersJan-24-200205 years
2Volcano HellJan-17-200205 years
1Helike - The Real AtlantisJan-10-200205 years
200111Cloning the First HumanOct-25-200105 years
10The Death StarOct-18-200105 years
9Life BloodOct-11-200105 years
8The Ape That Took Over the WorldOct-04-200105 years
7The Mystery of the Persian MummySep-20-200105 years
6Taming the Problem ChildMar-06-200105 years
5Snowball EarthFeb-22-200105 years
4Ecstasy and AgonyFeb-15-200105 years
3Killer AlgaeFeb-08-200105 years
2The Missing LinkFeb-01-200105 years
1The Mystery of the Miami CircleJan-25-200105 years
200020Atlantis Reborn AgainDec-14-200005 years
19The Boy Who Was Turned Into a GirlDec-07-200005 years
18Supermassive Black HolesNov-30-200005 years
17Extreme DinosaursNov-23-200005 years
16The Valley of Life or DeathNov-16-200005 years
15The Secret Treasures of ZeugmaNov-09-200005 years
14Vanished: The Plane That DisappearedNov-02-200005 years
13The Lost World of Lake VostokOct-26-200005 years
12Conjoined TwinsOct-19-200005 years
11Mega-Tsunami: Wave of DestructionOct-12-200005 years
10Moon ChildrenApr-04-200005 years
9Constant Craving: The Science of AddictionMar-30-200005 years
8Planet HuntersMar-16-200005 years
7Is GM Safe?Mar-09-200005 years
6Complete Obsession - Body DysmorphiaFeb-17-200005 years
5Miracle in OrbitFeb-10-200005 years
4SupervolcanoesFeb-03-200005 years
3The Diamond MakersJan-27-200005 years
2The Lost City of NascaJan-20-200005 years
1Breath of LifeJan-12-200005 years
199913The Midas FormulaDec-02-199905 years
12Anatomy of an AvalancheNov-25-199905 years
11Volcanoes of the DeepNov-18-199905 years
10Mistaken IdentityNov-11-199905 years
9Wings of AngelsAug-01-199905 years
8Skeleton KeyMar-25-199905 years
7New Asteroid DangerMar-18-199905 years
6New Star in OrbitMar-11-199905 years
5Sudden DeathFeb-25-199905 years
4Electric HeartFeb-18-199905 years
3Elephants or IvoryFeb-11-199905 years
2PandemicFeb-04-199905 years
1From Here to InfinityJan-28-199905 years
199818Beyond a JokeNov-05-199805 years
17Thalidomide: A Necessary EvilOct-29-199805 years
16The Life and Times of Life and TimeOct-22-199805 years
15Mosquito!Oct-15-199805 years
14Dinosaurs in Your GardenOct-08-199805 years
13Chimps on Death RowOct-01-199805 years
12Sexual ChemistrySep-10-199805 years
11The Gulf War JigsawMay-14-199805 years
10Magic BulletMay-07-199805 years
9The Computer That Ate HollywoodApr-30-199805 years
8Mir MortalsApr-23-199805 years
7The Curse of VesuviusApr-16-199805 years
6OverkillApr-02-199805 years
5The Limits to BirthMar-26-199805 years
4Hopeful MonstersMar-19-199805 years
3The RainmakerMar-05-199805 years
2Dr Miller and the IslandersFeb-26-199805 years
1Saddam's SecretsFeb-19-199805 years
199715Dawn of the Clone AgeOct-23-199705 years
14The Man Who Lost His BodyOct-16-199705 years
13The Virus That CuresOct-09-199705 years
12Out of AsiaSep-25-199705 years
11Mind Over BodySep-18-199705 years
10Crater of DeathSep-11-199705 years
9The Great Balloon RaceMay-01-199705 years
8A Perfect Oil SpillApr-24-199705 years
7Turned On by DangerApr-17-199705 years
6Silent Children, New LanguageApr-03-199705 years
5Smallpox on Death RowMar-27-199705 years
4Genius of the JetMar-20-199705 years
3ShipwreckMar-13-199705 years
2Fat Cats, Thin MiceMar-06-199705 years
1Psychedelic ScienceFeb-27-199705 years
199616Noah's FloodDec-16-199605 years
15The Time LordsDec-02-199605 years
14Living DeathNov-25-199605 years
13Aliens from MarsNov-11-199605 years
12TV is Dead, Long Live TVNov-04-199605 years
11Fallout from ChernobylApr-01-199605 years
10Inside Chernobyl's Sarcophagus (Update)Mar-25-199605 years
9The Planet HuntersMar-11-199605 years
8Death by DesignMar-04-199605 years
7Assault on the Male (revisited)Feb-26-199605 years
6Masters of the IonosphereFeb-12-199605 years
5The Gene RaceFeb-05-199605 years
4Nature's NumbersJan-29-199605 years
3A Miracle for Cancer ?Jan-22-199605 years
2Fermat's Last TheoremJan-15-199605 years
1The Butchers of BoxgroveJan-08-199605 years
199520The Runaway MountainDec-11-199505 years
19AIDS: Behind Closed DoorsDec-04-199505 years
18A Code in the NoseNov-27-199505 years
17Hunt for the Doomsday Asteroid (Update)Nov-20-199505 years
16NanotopiaNov-13-199505 years
15The Human LaboratoryNov-06-199505 years
14LiarOct-30-199505 years
13Hearing VoicesApr-24-199505 years
12Cracks in the CrustApr-10-199505 years
11Foetal AttractionApr-03-199505 years
10The I-BombMar-27-199505 years
9Icon EarthMar-20-199505 years
8The BetrayersMar-13-199505 years
7ExodusMar-06-199505 years
6Farewell Fantastic VenusFeb-27-199505 years
5Too Big Too Soon?Feb-20-199205 years
4Siamese TwinsJan-30-199505 years
3Bones of ContentionJan-23-199505 years
2Russia's Deep SecretsJan-16-199505 years
1Tibet - The Ice MotherJan-09-199505 years
199421Designer WinesDec-19-199405 years
20Orange Sherbet KissesDec-12-199405 years
19Close EncountersNov-28-199405 years
18The PredatorNov-21-199405 years
17Whispers of CreationNov-14-199405 years
16Deaf Whale, Dead WhaleNov-07-199405 years
15Ulcer WarsMay-16-199405 years
14The Blueprints of GenocideMay-09-199405 years
13Against the ClockApr-25-199405 years
12After the FloodApr-18-199405 years
11Sir Walter's JourneyMar-28-199405 years
10Too Close to the SunMar-21-199405 years
9Some Like It HotMar-14-199405 years
8Hubble VisionMar-07-199405 years
7Hunt for the Doomsday AsteroidFeb-28-199405 years
6Air Crash - The Deadly PuzzleFeb-14-199405 years
5Death Wish - The Untold StoryFeb-07-199405 years
4GenieJan-31-199405 years
3The Man Who Made Up His MindJan-24-199405 years
2The Last MammothJan-17-199405 years
1Small Arms, Soft TargetsJan-10-199405 years
199321Life is ImpossibleJun-28-199305 years
20Chimp TalkJun-21-199305 years
19A Vital PoisonJun-14-199305 years
18The Electronic FrontierJun-07-199305 years
17Wot U Looking At?May-24-199305 years
16Allergic to the 20th CenturyMay-10-199305 years
15The New AlchemistsApr-19-199305 years
14Ghosts in the Dinosaur GraveyardApr-05-199305 years
13Dante Goes to HellMar-29-199305 years
12Resurrecting the Dead Sea ScrollsMar-22-199305 years
11Whatever Happened to Star WarsMar-15-199305 years
10Iceman (Update)Mar-08-199305 years
9Here Be MonstersMar-01-199305 years
8The Pyramid BuildersFeb-22-199305 years
7Suggers, Fruggers and Data-MuggersFeb-15-199305 years
6Mars AliveFeb-08-199305 years
5No Ordinary Genius (2)Feb-01-199305 years
4No Ordinary Genius (1)Jan-25-199305 years
3TB - The Forgotten PlagueJan-18-199305 years
2Cheating TimeJan-11-199305 years
1Awakening the Frozen AddictsJan-04-199305 years
199219Genes R UsJun-15-199205 years
18A Question of Sport...Jun-08-199205 years
17Dodging DoomsdayJun-01-199205 years
16Fast Life in the Food ChainMay-18-199205 years
15Taking the CreditMay-11-199205 years
14IcemanApr-27-199205 years
13The Man Who Moved the MountainsApr-13-199205 years
12Before BabelApr-06-199205 years
11A Diet for a LifetimeMar-30-199205 years
10Hot Jam in the DoughnutMar-16-199205 years
9The Strange Life and Death of Dr. TuringMar-09-199205 years
8An Expensive TheologyMar-02-199205 years
7Hitler's BombFeb-24-199205 years
6The Black SunFeb-17-199205 years
5Malaria: Battle of the MerozoitesFeb-03-199205 years
4In Search of the Noble SavageJan-27-199205 years
3Molecules with SunglassesJan-20-199205 years
2Pest WarsJan-13-199205 years
1The Shadow of Breast CancerJan-06-199205 years
199123T-Rex ExposedJul-01-199105 years
22Half Hearted About Semi-SkimmedJun-24-199105 years
21The Long Road to the WestJun-17-199105 years
20Food for ThoughtJun-10-199105 years
19Of Big Bangs, Stick Men and Galactic HolesJun-03-199105 years
18Camelford - A Bitter AftertasteMay-20-199105 years
17Emerging VirusesMay-13-199105 years
16Colonising CyberspaceApr-29-199105 years
15Inside Chernobyl's SarcophagusApr-22-199105 years
14The First AmericansApr-15-199105 years
13Measuring the Roof of the WorldMar-25-199105 years
12The Terracotta Time MachineMar-18-199105 years
11Cashing in on ParadiseMar-11-199105 years
10Playing at NoahMar-04-199105 years
9The Curse of KarashFeb-25-199105 years
8The Day the Earth MeltedFeb-25-199105 years
7California DreamingFeb-11-199105 years
6Two Weeks to Save the EarthFeb-10-199105 years
5Small Problems with the MirrorFeb-04-199105 years
4Coming In from the ColdJan-28-199105 years
3Smokers Can Harm Your HealthJan-21-199105 years
2Keen as MustardJan-14-199105 years
1Sudden DeathJan-07-199105 years
199020AIDS: A Quest for a CureJun-25-199005 years
19Signs of LifeJun-11-199005 years
18The Child MothersJun-04-199005 years
17Do Cows Make You Mad?May-21-199005 years
16Legacy of a VolcanoMay-14-199005 years
15The Intelligent IslandApr-30-199005 years
14The Company of Ants and BeesApr-23-199005 years
13The Sharpest Show of the UniverseApr-09-199005 years
12The Quake of '89 - The Final Warning?Apr-02-199005 years
11Cold FusionMar-26-199005 years
10The Britannic GreenhouseMar-19-199005 years
9Hurricane!Mar-12-199005 years
8The 10,000 Year TestMar-05-199005 years
7The First 14 DaysFeb-19-199005 years
6Guess What's Coming to Dinner?Feb-12-199005 years
5Encounter with NeptuneFeb-05-199005 years
4From Earth to MirandaJan-29-199005 years
3Food Irradiation: Would You Buy It?Jan-22-199005 years
2Medicine 2000Jan-15-199005 years
1Oil SpillJan-08-199005 years
198920Time of DarknessJun-26-198905 years
19Newpin: A LifetimeJun-19-198905 years
18Clive Sinclair: The Anatomy of an InventorJun-12-198905 years
17The New Sixth SenseMay-22-198905 years
16CrashMay-15-198905 years
15JubileeMay-08-198905 years
14Why Buildings Make You SickApr-24-198905 years
13A Wonderful LifeApr-17-198905 years
12Who Will Make Me Better?Apr-03-198905 years
11Trial in the JungleMar-20-198905 years
10Black SchizophreniaMar-13-198905 years
9ConcertoMar-06-198905 years
8In My Lifetime?Feb-27-198905 years
7Gaze in WonderFeb-20-198905 years
6In the Last ResortFeb-13-198905 years
5Wasting the AlpsFeb-06-198905 years
4Smart WeaponsJan-30-198905 years
3Perils of the DeepJan-23-198905 years
2The Poison That WaitsJan-16-198905 years
1The Book of ManJan-09-198905 years
198825The Quest for Tannu TuvaJul-04-198805 years
24Believe MeJun-27-198805 years
23Superconductor - The Race for the PrizeJun-13-198805 years
22A Good Test?Jun-06-198805 years
21A Newsday RevolutionMay-23-198805 years
20The Hope of ProgressMay-16-198805 years
19Traces of MurderMay-09-198805 years
18Cancer at BayMay-02-198805 years
17Doctors to Be - Welcome to the Real WorldApr-25-198805 years
16Doctors to Be - The KnowledgeApr-24-198805 years
15Doctors to Be - Trial by InterviewApr-23-198805 years
14Easter Island - The StoryApr-18-198805 years
13Easter Island - The SecretsApr-11-198805 years
12The Heart of AnotherMar-28-198805 years
11Purple Warrior - Limited WarMar-14-198805 years
10Purple Warrior - Rules of EngagementMar-07-198805 years
9Patients on TrialFeb-29-198805 years
8ThinkingFeb-22-198805 years
7Struggling for ControlFeb-15-198805 years
6The Greenhouse EffectFeb-08-198805 years
5Death of the Working ClassesFeb-01-198805 years
4The Canal in the JungleJan-25-198805 years
3Playing with MadnessJan-18-198805 years
2Death of a StarJan-11-198805 years
1The Transplanted BrainJan-04-198805 years
198723Janice's ChoiceJun-29-198705 years
22In the Light of New InformationJun-22-198705 years
21To Catch a Falling StarMay-15-198705 years
20The Riddle of the JointsJun-08-198705 years
19Aircrash: The Burning IssueJun-01-198705 years
18The Anthropic PrincipleMay-18-198705 years
17Making Sex PayMay-11-198705 years
16Life StoryApr-27-198705 years
15After Chernobyl - Closer to HomeApr-13-198705 years
14Trial BabiesApr-06-198705 years
13Broken ImagesMar-30-198705 years
12The Magma ChamberMar-23-198705 years
11To Engineer is HumanMar-16-198705 years
10Police Stress: The John Wayne SyndromeMar-09-198705 years
9Can AIDS Be StoppedMar-02-198705 years
8The Return of the OspreyFeb-23-198705 years
7Energy from Outer SpaceFeb-16-198705 years
6Bruno Bettelheim: A Sense of SurvivingFeb-09-198705 years
5Bruno Bettelheim: The Man Who Cared for ChildrenFeb-02-198705 years
4Riding the StackJan-26-198705 years
3The Blind WatchmakerJan-19-198705 years
2The Search for the DisappearedJan-12-198705 years
1The Twentyfive Hour ClockJan-05-198705 years
198623Doctors to BeJun-30-198605 years
22Battered Baby - Breaking the ChainJun-23-198605 years
21Battered Baby - From Generation to GenerationJun-16-198605 years
20Who Built Stonehenge?Jun-09-198605 years
19Uranus EncounterMay-26-198605 years
18A Handful of Sugar with a Pinch of SaltMay-19-198605 years
17What Makes an Animal Smart?May-12-198605 years
16Twice Five Plus the Wings of a BirdApr-28-198605 years
15The Men Who Bottled a CowApr-21-198605 years
14Nice Guys Finish FirstApr-14-198605 years
13The Case of the Frozen AddictsApr-07-198605 years
12AIDS: A Strange and Deadly VirusMar-24-198605 years
11In the Wake of HMS SheffieldMar-17-198605 years
10Hi-Tech a la FrancaiseMar-10-198605 years
9The New Face of LeprosyMar-03-198605 years
8The Children of EveFeb-24-198605 years
7Science...Fiction?Feb-17-198605 years
6The Wrong StuffFeb-10-198605 years
5Outbreak: The Microbe Masters the MouldFeb-03-198605 years
4The Mould, the Myth and the MicrobeJan-27-198605 years
3Bitter ColdJan-20-198605 years
2GenesisJan-13-198605 years
1Are You a Racist?Jan-06-198605 years
198515A Prize DiscoveryApr-29-198505 years
14IRAS - The Supercooled EyeApr-22-198505 years
13The Goddess of the EarthApr-15-198505 years
12The Food Allergy WarApr-01-198505 years
11How to Film the ImpossibleMar-25-198505 years
10Careering OnMar-18-198505 years
9Eurekaaargh!Mar-11-198505 years
8What Einstein Never KnewMar-04-198505 years
7The Careful PredatorFeb-25-198505 years
6The Theatre of WarFeb-11-198505 years
5The Mystery of the Left HandFeb-04-198505 years
4A Mission to HealJan-28-198505 years
3Decoding DaneburyJan-21-198505 years
2A World of Their OwnJan-14-198505 years
1Colourful NotionsJan-07-198505 years
198422SuperchargedDec-17-198405 years
21A Mathematical Mystery TourDec-10-198405 years
20IvanDec-03-198405 years
19Global VillageNov-26-198405 years
18The Brain PuzzleNov-19-198405 years
17Picking WinnersNov-12-198405 years
16Contented Cows and Other AnimalsNov-05-198405 years
15The Malvern LinkMay-07-198405 years
14A Cruel InheritanceApr-30-198405 years
13The Mind of a Murderer - The Mask of MadnessApr-23-198405 years
12The Mind of a Murderer - The Case of the Hillside StranglerApr-16-198405 years
11Professor Bonner and the Slime MouldsApr-09-198405 years
10Signs of the Apes, Songs of the WhalesMar-26-198405 years
9Prisoners of IncestMar-19-198405 years
8A Normal FaceMar-12-198405 years
7Reflections on a RiverMar-05-198405 years
6The Conquest of ParasitesFeb-27-198405 years
5Valley of the IncaFeb-13-198405 years
4Spies in the WiresJan-30-198405 years
3A New Green Revolution?Jan-23-198405 years
2Microworld!Jan-16-198405 years
1The Intelligence ManJan-09-198405 years
198324The AcademyDec-12-198305 years
23Cancer - The Pattern in the GenesDec-05-198305 years
22Prisoner or Patient?Nov-28-198305 years
21The Earthquake ConnectionNov-14-198305 years
20China's ChildNov-07-198305 years
19A Child's Guide to LanguagesOct-31-198305 years
18The Cruel ChoiceOct-24-198305 years
17Professor Hawking's UniverseOct-17-198305 years
16Dr. Priestley and the Breath of LifeOct-10-198305 years
15The Artificial HeartOct-03-198305 years
14The Case of ESPSep-26-198305 years
13Killer in the VillageApr-25-198305 years
12Sixty Minutes to MeltdownApr-18-198305 years
11Madness on TrialApr-11-198305 years
10Better Mind the ComputerMar-21-198305 years
9Hard RockMar-14-198305 years
8The Great Plains MassacreMar-07-198305 years
7British Science - On the Wrong Track?Feb-28-198305 years
6What Little Girls Are Made ofFeb-21-198305 years
5Talking TurtleFeb-14-198305 years
4How Much Can You Drink?Feb-07-198305 years
3The Geneva EventJan-24-198305 years
2The Tropical Time MachineJan-17-198305 years
1Sizewell Under PressureJan-10-198305 years
198222The Mysterious Mr. TeslaDec-20-198205 years
21The State of the PlanetDec-13-198205 years
20The ChopperDec-06-198205 years
19The Professor of SurgeryNov-29-198205 years
18Brave New Babies?Nov-15-198205 years
17The Scientist and the BabyNov-08-198205 years
16Intimate RelationsNov-01-198205 years
15A Killing RainOct-25-198205 years
14The Case of the UFOsOct-18-198205 years
13The Miracle of LifeOct-11-198205 years
12The Fatal BargainApr-05-198205 years
11The Private Face of MedicineMar-22-198205 years
10The Future - Made in Japan?Mar-15-198205 years
9The VictimsMar-08-198205 years
8Shots in the DarkMar-01-198205 years
7The Million Murdering DeathFeb-22-198205 years
6The Cline AffairFeb-15-198205 years
5Notes of a Biology WatcherFeb-08-198205 years
4Whatever Happened to the Energy Crisis?Feb-01-198205 years
3The Sea Beyond the DunesJan-25-198205 years
2Finding a VoiceJan-18-198205 years
1The Secret of the SnakeJan-11-198205 years
198127Painting by NumbersDec-21-198105 years
26The Race Against TimeDec-07-198105 years
25The CornucopiaNov-30-198105 years
24The Pleasure of Finding Things OutNov-23-198105 years
23Death of the DinosaursNov-16-198105 years
22The Race to RuinNov-09-198105 years
21Science for the PeopleNov-02-198105 years
20Butterflies or Barley?Oct-26-198105 years
19The GridOct-19-198105 years
18Breaking in ChildrenOct-12-198105 years
17The Hunt for the Legion KillerOct-05-198105 years
16Heads I Win, Tails You LoseSep-28-198105 years
15Resolution on Saturn - The MoonsApr-13-198105 years
14Resolution on Saturn - The RingsApr-11-198105 years
13East of BombayApr-06-198105 years
12Did Darwin Get It Wrong?Mar-30-198105 years
11Voices from Silent HandsMar-23-198105 years
10Hello Universe!Mar-16-198105 years
9Gentlemen, Lift Your SkirtsMar-09-198105 years
8West of BangaloreMar-02-198105 years
7Who Will Deliver Your Baby?Feb-16-198105 years
6A is for Atom, B is for BombFeb-09-198105 years
5Living with DyingFeb-02-198105 years
4No-One Will Take Me SeriouslyJan-26-198105 years
3The Qualyub ProjectJan-19-198105 years
2A Whole New MedicineJan-12-198105 years
1Spend and ProsperJan-05-198105 years
198025Anatomy of a VolcanoDec-15-198005 years
24The SlatemakersDec-01-198005 years
23The SpikeNov-24-198005 years
22The Mondragon ExperimentNov-17-198005 years
21Behind the HoroscopeNov-10-198005 years
20Smoker's LuckNov-03-198005 years
19Once in a Million YearsOct-27-198005 years
18The Dead Sea LivesOct-20-198005 years
17The Way OutOct-13-198005 years
16Moving StillOct-06-198005 years
15The Other KenyaSep-29-198005 years
14Little BoxesSep-22-198005 years
13Beyond the Milky WaySep-15-198005 years
12Invasion of the VirionsSep-08-198005 years
11Goodbye GutenbergSep-01-198005 years
10Magnet EarthMar-24-198005 years
9Portrait of a PoisonMar-17-198005 years
8Encounter with JupiterMar-10-198005 years
7Cash from TrashMar-03-198005 years
6The Big If...Feb-25-198005 years
5Cancer Detectives of Lin XianFeb-18-198005 years
4A Sporting ChanceFeb-11-198005 years
3Cleared for TakeoffFeb-04-198005 years
2You Are Old, Father WilliamJan-21-198005 years
1The Ghost of the Amoco CadizJan-14-198005 years
197925DecadeDec-17-197905 years
24The Fat in the FireDec-10-197905 years
23Uranium Goes CriticalDec-03-197905 years
22Darkness VisibleNov-19-197905 years
21A Treasury of TreesNov-12-197905 years
20A Touch of SensitivityNov-05-197905 years
19Survival of the FastestOct-29-197905 years
18The Lost Waters of the NileOct-22-197905 years
17Dragnet for DiabetesOct-15-197905 years
16The Race to Reshape CarsOct-08-197905 years
15Tracks on the Oregon TrailOct-01-197905 years
14Mexican Oil DanceSep-24-197905 years
13The Robots Are ComingMay-28-197905 years
12The Fight to Be MaleMay-21-197905 years
11Journey Through the Human BodyMay-14-197905 years
10Where Nothing Happens TwiceMay-07-197905 years
9Mr. Ludwig's Tropical DreamlandApr-30-197905 years
8Elements of RiskApr-23-197905 years
7A Mediterranean ProspectApr-09-197905 years
6The Real Bionic ManApr-02-197905 years
5Bronze Age Blast-OffMar-26-197905 years
4Sweet SolutionsMar-19-197905 years
3The Keys of ParadiseMar-12-197905 years
2In Search of PegasusMar-05-197905 years
1The Forever FuelFeb-26-197905 years
197824The Red Deer of RhumDec-29-197805 years
23The Vital SparkNov-24-197805 years
22The Big SleepNov-17-197805 years
21Divers Do It DeeperNov-10-197805 years
20The Beersheva ExperimentNov-03-197805 years
19Innocent SlaughterSep-15-197805 years
18Bags of LifeSep-08-197805 years
17Cashing In on the OceanSep-01-197805 years
16Careering Into ScienceAug-25-197805 years
15On a Different TrackAug-18-197805 years
14Prisoners of HopeAug-11-197805 years
13A Whisper from SpaceAug-04-197805 years
12The Tsetse TrapJul-28-197805 years
11One Small StepJul-21-197805 years
10Explosions in the MindJul-14-197805 years
9Now the Chips Are DownMar-31-197805 years
8The New BreadlineMar-24-197805 years
7Light of the 21st CenturyMar-10-197805 years
6The Eddystone LightsFeb-24-197805 years
5The Message in the RocksFeb-17-197805 years
4Zero GFeb-03-197805 years
3I Don't Want to Be a BurdenJan-27-197805 years
2A Land for All ReasonsJan-20-197805 years
1Living MachinesJan-06-197805 years
197725The Great Wine RevolutionDec-23-197705 years
24The Healing NightmareDec-09-197705 years
23Icarus' ChildrenDec-02-197705 years
22The Rhine's RevengeOct-21-197705 years
21The Sunspot MysteryOct-07-197705 years
20The Cry for HelpSep-30-197705 years
19Darwin's DreamSep-23-197705 years
1840 Years of MurderSep-16-197705 years
17Blueprints in the BloodstreamSep-09-197705 years
16The River That Came CleanSep-02-197705 years
15Horizon 2002Aug-26-197705 years
14The Green MachineAug-05-197705 years
13Silent SpeechJul-29-197705 years
12The Trouble with MedicineJul-22-197705 years
11The Amazing Doctor NewtonJul-15-197705 years
10Genetic RouletteApr-01-197705 years
9Dawn of the Solar AgeMar-18-197705 years
8One of Nature's HotelsMar-11-197705 years
7The Red PlanetMar-04-197705 years
6Hunters of the SealFeb-25-197705 years
5The Guinea Pig and the LawFeb-18-197705 years
4The Human AnimalFeb-04-197705 years
3The Ape That Stood UpJan-21-197705 years
2The Pill for the PeopleJan-14-197705 years
1A Smile for a CrocodileJan-07-197705 years
197632The Mystery of King Arthur and His Round TableDec-20-197605 years
31Half-Way to 1984Dec-13-197605 years
30The Long ValleyDec-06-197605 years
29Secrets of a Coral IslandNov-29-197605 years
28A Child of Our OwnNov-22-197605 years
27The Selfish GeneNov-15-197605 years
26Billion Dollar BubbleNov-08-197605 years
25The Hot-Blooded DinosaursNov-01-197605 years
24The Bull's Eye WarOct-25-197605 years
23What's Wrong with the Sun?Jun-14-197605 years
22A Home Like Ours... A Story of Four ChildrenJun-07-197605 years
21The Great British DroughtMay-31-197605 years
20DyingMay-24-197605 years
19The Children of PeruMay-17-197605 years
18The PlanetsMay-10-197605 years
17Why Did Stuart Die?May-03-197605 years
16A Lesson for TeachersApr-26-197605 years
15The Vision of the BlindApr-12-197605 years
14Geronimo's ChildrenApr-05-197605 years
13The Pathway from MadnessMar-29-197605 years
12The World of Margaret MeadMar-22-197605 years
11The Edelin AffairMar-15-197605 years
10The Chemical DreamMar-08-197605 years
9Inside the SharkMar-01-197605 years
8The Lords of the LabyrinthFeb-23-197605 years
7The Case of the Bermuda TriangleFeb-16-197605 years
6A Question of TrustFeb-09-197605 years
5King Coal RevivedFeb-02-197605 years
4The Incredible MachineJan-26-197605 years
3A Fair Share of What Little We HaveJan-19-197605 years
2Intimate StrangersJan-12-197605 years
1The Transplant ExperienceJan-05-197605 years
197526The Trobriand ExperimentDec-29-197505 years
25Meditation and the MindAug-18-197505 years
24CannabisAug-11-197505 years
23To Die, to Live - The Survivors of HiroshimaAug-04-197505 years
22Happy CatastropheJul-28-197505 years
21The Sickly SeaJul-21-197505 years
20How Do You Read?Jul-14-197505 years
19The Greatest Advance Since the Wheel?Jul-07-197505 years
18Strange SleepJun-30-197505 years
17The Cleanest Place in the WorldJun-23-197505 years
16The Three Chord TrickJun-16-197505 years
15The Glazed OutlookJun-09-197505 years
14The McMaster ExperimentJun-02-197505 years
13BenjaminMay-19-197505 years
12The Bulldog's Last BarkMay-12-197505 years
11Brain PoisonMay-05-197505 years
10A Spoonful of RoughageApr-28-197505 years
9Not the Cheapest, But the BestApr-21-197505 years
8The Overworked MiracleApr-14-197505 years
7The Long, Long WalkaboutApr-07-197505 years
6Project FidoFeb-24-197505 years
5The Change of LifeFeb-17-197505 years
4The Unsafe SeaFeb-10-197505 years
3A Time to Be BornJan-27-197505 years
2The Killer DustJan-20-197505 years
1The Cleanest Place in the WorldJan-06-197505 years
197432The Lysenko AffairDec-30-197405 years
31How on Earth Did They Do That?Dec-23-197405 years
30The Neglected HarvestDec-16-197405 years
29JoeyDec-09-197405 years
28The Other WayNov-11-197405 years
27The First Signs of WashoeNov-04-197405 years
26Do as You Are ToldOct-28-197405 years
25An Unholy ScrambleSep-02-197405 years
24Adam or Eve?Aug-12-197405 years
23Listen and Be LoyalAug-05-197405 years
22What Price Steak?Jul-29-197405 years
21Mines, Minerals and MenJul-22-197405 years
20The Immigrant DoctorsJul-15-197405 years
19The Race for the Double HelixJul-08-197405 years
18Hills of PromiseJul-01-197405 years
17Who Needs Skills?Jun-24-197405 years
16The Secrets of SleepJun-10-197405 years
15Search for LifeJun-10-197405 years
14Bridges: When It Comes to the CrunchJun-03-197405 years
13A Noah's Ark for EuropeMay-13-197405 years
12The Hunting of the QuarkMay-06-197405 years
11This Yankee Dodge Beats Mesmerism HollowApr-29-197405 years
10The First Ten YearsApr-22-197405 years
9Fusion: The Energy PromiseMar-11-197405 years
8The Future Goes BoomMar-04-197405 years
7Where Did the Colorado Go?Feb-18-197405 years
6The Writing on the WallFeb-11-197405 years
5Pedal PowerFeb-04-197405 years
4The Great Fish HuntJan-28-197405 years
3Never Too Late to LearnJan-21-197405 years
2Bird Brain - The Mystery of Bird NavigationJan-14-197405 years
1A Matter of Self-DefenseJan-07-197405 years
197333Kula, a Reason for GivingDec-24-197305 years
32Digging Up the FutureDec-17-197305 years
31An Element of MysteryDec-03-197305 years
30Air Crash DetectiveNov-26-197305 years
29Carry on SmokingNov-05-197305 years
28The Steadfast Tin SoldierOct-29-197305 years
27What's So Big About Us?Oct-22-197305 years
26Black Holes of GravityOct-15-197305 years
25Gilding the LilyOct-08-197305 years
24Stretch Up TallOct-01-197305 years
23In Search of Konrad LorenzSep-24-197305 years
22A Scientist Looks at ReligionAug-09-197305 years
21How Does It Hurt?Jul-05-197305 years
20The Rat ManJun-28-197305 years
19The Telly of TomorrowJun-21-197305 years
18Do We Really Need the Railways?Jun-14-197305 years
17The Laws of the LandJun-07-197305 years
16What a Waste!May-24-197305 years
15Do You Remember the Memory Man?May-17-197305 years
14AirportMay-03-197305 years
13Lumbered with Back-Ache!Apr-26-197305 years
12Red Sea Coral and the Crown of ThornsApr-12-197305 years
11Survival of the WeakestApr-05-197305 years
10What Time is Your Body?Mar-22-197305 years
9Acupuncture: A Chinese PuzzleMar-08-197305 years
8...And Where Will the Children Play?Mar-01-197305 years
7Science is Dead, Long Live ScienceFeb-15-197305 years
6When the Breeding Has to StopFeb-08-197305 years
5Crime LabFeb-01-197305 years
4The Curtain of SilenceJan-25-197305 years
3The Military NecessityJan-18-197305 years
2Worlds in CollisionJan-11-197305 years
1EpidemicJan-04-197305 years
197233Navigating EuropeDec-28-197205 years
32Their Life in Your HandsDec-21-197205 years
31Alaskan Pipe DreamDec-07-197205 years
30FireNov-30-197205 years
29The Making of a Natural History FilmNov-23-197205 years
28Do You Sincerely Want a Long Life?Nov-16-197205 years
27Billion MarshNov-09-197205 years
26Shadows of BlissNov-02-197205 years
25The Making of the English LandscapeOct-26-197205 years
24When Polar Bears Swam in the ThamesOct-19-197205 years
23Hospital, 1922Oct-12-197205 years
22The Surgery of ViolenceJul-31-197205 years
21Sex Can Be a ProblemJul-24-197205 years
20The Life That Lives on ManJul-10-197205 years
19The Way We MoveJul-03-197205 years
18Sorry I Opened My MouthJun-12-197205 years
17Do You Dig National Parks?May-22-197205 years
16Rail CrashMay-08-197205 years
15The Wizard Who Spat on the FloorMay-01-197205 years
14Out of VolcanoesApr-17-197205 years
13Mind Over BodyApr-10-197205 years
12Survival in the SaharaMar-27-197205 years
11Man-Made Lakes in AfricaMar-20-197205 years
10What is Race?Mar-13-197205 years
9Whales, Dolphins and MenMar-06-197205 years
8For Love or MoneyFeb-28-197205 years
7How They Sold DoomsdayFeb-21-197205 years
6Are You Doing This for Me, Doctor?Feb-14-197205 years
5The Day It Rained PeriwinklesFeb-07-197205 years
4Parasite of ParadiseJan-31-197205 years
3How Much Do You Smell?Jan-17-197205 years
2Navajo - The Last Red IndiansJan-10-197205 years
1The Missing LinkJan-03-197205 years
197132Patently AbsurdDec-27-197105 years
31Periscope WarDec-20-197105 years
30Willingly to SchoolDec-06-197105 years
29Can Venice Survive?Nov-29-197105 years
28The Crab NebulaNov-22-197105 years
27The Men Who Painted CavesNov-15-197105 years
26The Fierce PeopleNov-01-197105 years
25Rutherford, CavendishOct-25-197105 years
24One Liverpool or Two?Oct-18-197105 years
23If at First You Don't Succeed...You Don't SucceedOct-11-197105 years
22RheumatismOct-04-197105 years
21Your Country Needs YouSep-27-197105 years
20The Dinosaur HuntersJun-21-197105 years
19The Total War MachineJun-14-197105 years
18A Case of DepressionJun-07-197105 years
17Looking for a Happy LandingMay-31-197105 years
16Tastes of Food to ComeMay-24-197105 years
15What Every Girl Should KnowMay-17-197105 years
14The SecretMay-10-197105 years
13Darwin's BulldogMay-03-197105 years
12Three Score Years and Then?Apr-26-197105 years
11The Measure of a ManApr-12-197105 years
10The WoodApr-05-197105 years
9Nice Sort of Accident to HaveMar-22-197105 years
8What Kind of Doctor?Mar-15-197105 years
7Due to a Lack of Interest, Tomorrow Has Been CanceledMar-08-197105 years
6Kuru - To Tremble with FearFeb-22-197105 years
5I'm Dependent - You're AddictedFeb-15-197105 years
4Rumors of WarFeb-01-197105 years
3A Bulldozer Through HeavenJan-25-197105 years
2Great Ormond StreetJan-18-197105 years
1Wildlife - The Last Great BattleJan-04-197105 years
197037The Gargantuan Triumph of ScienceDec-28-197005 years
36The Man Who Talks to FrogsDec-21-197005 years
35The City That Waits to DieDec-14-197005 years
34Square PegsDec-07-197005 years
33Mind the MachineNov-30-197005 years
32TanksNov-23-197005 years
31The Savage MindNov-16-197005 years
30The Insect WarNov-09-197005 years
29Million Ton TankerNov-02-197005 years
28Something for Our ChildrenOct-12-197005 years
27Child for a LifetimeOct-05-197005 years
26All Creatures Great and SmallSep-28-197005 years
25Water, WaterSep-21-197005 years
24VirusSep-14-197005 years
23Noah's Ark in KensingtonSep-07-197005 years
22Crown of ThornsAug-31-197005 years
21Don't Get Sick in AmericaAug-24-197005 years
20The ManhuntersAug-17-197005 years
19A Measure of UncertaintyAug-10-197005 years
18Wolves and WolfmenJul-13-197005 years
17Only Skin DeepJul-06-197005 years
16One Man's MeatMay-11-197005 years
15The Fretful ElementsApr-27-197005 years
14A Case of PriorityApr-20-197005 years
13The Drifting of the ContinentsApr-13-197005 years
12In the Beginning Was the WordMar-30-197005 years
11The World OutsideMar-23-197005 years
10Let the Therapy Fit the CrimeMar-16-197005 years
9After the Iron AgeMar-09-197005 years
8The Expert WitnessMar-02-197005 years
7A Much Wanted ChildFeb-23-197005 years
6Whose Coast?Feb-16-197005 years
5Sex and SexualityFeb-02-197005 years
4A Disease of Our Time - Heart AttacksJan-26-197005 years
3A Disease of Our Time - StressJan-19-197005 years
2Henry Royce, MechanicJan-12-197005 years
1Just Another WorldJan-05-197005 years
196936For the Safety of MankindDec-29-196905 years
35BreadDec-22-196905 years
34A Game of WarDec-15-196905 years
33How Much Do You Drink?Dec-08-196905 years
32Don't Cackle, Lay EggsDec-01-196905 years
31Fit to LiveNov-24-196905 years
30There's a Rhino in My SugarNov-17-196905 years
29Cancer NowNov-10-196905 years
28Snap, Crackle and BangNov-03-196905 years
27C.E.R.N.Oct-27-196905 years
26Master of the MicroscopeOct-20-196905 years
25Father of the ManOct-13-196905 years
24Four Fast Legs and a NoseOct-06-196905 years
23The Problem of PainSep-29-196905 years
22Science on SafariSep-15-196905 years
21Machines and PeopleJun-05-196905 years
20DiscoveryMay-29-196905 years
19After ApolloMay-22-196905 years
18Technology and Self-DeterminationMay-15-196905 years
17SharkMay-01-196905 years
16Muck Today, Poison TomorrowApr-24-196905 years
15King Solomon's GardenApr-10-196905 years
14The Unborn PatientMar-27-196905 years
13The View from SpaceMar-20-196905 years
12Powers of PersuasionMar-13-196905 years
11The Drift from ScienceMar-06-196905 years
10Extra Sensory PerceptionFeb-27-196905 years
9A True MadnessFeb-22-196905 years
8Report on V.D.Feb-20-196905 years
7Music and the MindFeb-13-196905 years
6The Last of the PolymathsFeb-06-196905 years
5The Gifted ChildJan-30-196905 years
4The Years of the LocustJan-23-196905 years
3The Miraculous Wonder: The Human EyeJan-16-196905 years
2If Only They Could SpeakJan-09-196905 years
1Inside Every Fat ManJan-02-196905 years
196823Phantasmagoria: The Magic LanternDec-24-196805 years
22The Talgai SkullDec-19-196805 years
21Hidden WorldDec-12-196805 years
20Black Man, White ScienceDec-05-196805 years
19Wheels Within WheelsNov-28-196805 years
18In the Matter of Dr. Alfred NobelNov-21-196805 years
17The Doctor's DilemmaNov-14-196805 years
16Computer RevolutionNov-07-196805 years
15Children Without WordsOct-31-196805 years
14The Broken BridgeOct-24-196805 years
13African MedicineOct-17-196805 years
12Experiments in WarOct-03-196805 years
11Comfort on AgingSep-26-196805 years
10From Field to FactorySep-19-196805 years
9The Lindemann EnigmaSep-12-196805 years
8The Equation of MurderMay-07-196805 years
7Investigating MurderApr-09-196805 years
6Man in Search of HimselfMar-26-196805 years
5The Man MakersMar-12-196805 years
4Towns, Traffic and TomorrowFeb-27-196805 years
3Once a JunkieFeb-13-196805 years
2Man's Best FriendJan-30-196805 years
1An Ingenious Man - Sir H. John BakerJan-02-196805 years
196720Professor in ToylandDec-24-196705 years
19The World of Ted SeriosDec-12-196705 years
18Koestler on CreativityDec-05-196705 years
17The Life and Death of the Pine ProcessionaryNov-21-196705 years
16Air Safety - The Unknown FactorNov-07-196705 years
15Will Art Last?Oct-24-196705 years
14Lords of the SeaOct-10-196705 years
13Aspects of AlcoholSep-26-196705 years
12The War of the BoffinsSep-12-196705 years
11HypnosisJul-18-196705 years
10Science and the SupernaturalJul-04-196705 years
9Cancer - The Smoker's GambleJun-20-196705 years
8Masters of the DesertMay-23-196705 years
7MemoryMay-09-196705 years
6The Shape of War to ComeApr-25-196705 years
5How Safe is Surgery?Mar-28-196705 years
4MigraineMar-14-196705 years
3Dynamo - The Life of Michael FaradayFeb-28-196705 years
2How Best to Make a Man, How Best to Make a ScientistFeb-17-196705 years
1Sons of CainJan-17-196705 years
196624Hand Me My Sword, HumphreyDec-25-196605 years
23The Structure of LifeDec-05-196605 years
22Sex-Change?Nov-21-196605 years
21From Peenemünde to the MoonNov-07-196605 years
20The AthleteOct-24-196605 years
19Ten Years in the AntarcticOct-10-196605 years
18M.I.T's ABCSep-25-196605 years
17The Dolphins That Joined the NavySep-11-196605 years
16Man of ScienceJul-31-196605 years
15The Lonely ChildrenJul-17-196605 years
14Genes in ActionJul-03-196605 years
13Where Must the Money Go?Jun-19-196605 years
12Man Meets DuckJun-05-196605 years
11Destination MarsMay-22-196605 years
10Man in SpaceMay-08-196605 years
9Towers of IliumApr-24-196605 years
8Chance and DecayApr-10-196605 years
7So You Want to Be an Inventor?Mar-27-196605 years
6The Beginning of LifeMar-13-196605 years
5Route 128Feb-27-196605 years
4A Theory of the EarthFeb-13-196605 years
3A Man of Two VisionsJan-30-196605 years
2The Troubled MindJan-16-196605 years
1Windows of the SoulJan-02-196605 years
196524Boys on BubblesDec-19-196505 years
23The Big Dishes and the Living StreamDec-05-196505 years
22Toil, Sweat & TearsNov-21-196505 years
2110,000 TombsNov-07-196505 years
20An Affair of the HeartOct-24-196505 years
19Special SensesOct-10-196505 years
18Let Newton BeSep-22-196505 years
17Fuel for the FutureSep-08-196505 years
16Time Stood StillAug-25-196505 years
15Certain of UncertaintyAug-11-196505 years
14Science Fiction: Science Fact?Jul-28-196505 years
13Dr. Joseph NeedhamJul-14-196505 years
12The Sudden LightJun-23-196505 years
11Men and SharksJun-09-196505 years
10The Long SlideMay-26-196505 years
9The Big SmokeMay-12-196505 years
8Other Side of the PillApr-14-196505 years
7Restless GeniusMar-31-196505 years
6Faster, Farther, HigherMar-17-196505 years
5The Great Computer ScandalMar-03-196505 years
4Science and ArtFeb-17-196505 years
3Star GazersFeb-03-196505 years
2The Technique of ChangeJan-20-196505 years
1Learning from MachinesJan-06-196505 years
196410Science, Toys and MagicDec-14-196405 years
9Professor J.B.S. Haldane, ObituaryDec-01-196405 years
8Tots and Quods and WoodgeriesNov-16-196405 years
7The Amateur ScientistOct-19-196405 years
6The Knowledge ExplosionSep-21-196405 years
5The Air of ScienceAug-22-196405 years
4Strangeness Minus ThreeJul-25-196405 years
3A Candle to NatureJun-27-196405 years
2Pesticides and PosterityMay-30-196405 years
1The World of Buckminster FullerFeb-05-196405 years
5217[no episode title yet]Aug-26-201308 years
16[no episode title yet]Aug-19-201308 years
15[no episode title yet]Aug-12-201308 years
14[no episode title yet]Aug-02-201308 years
13[no episode title yet]Jul-10-201308 years
12[no episode title yet]Jul-03-201308 years
11[no episode title yet]Jun-26-201308 years
10[no episode title yet]Jun-19-201308 years
9[no episode title yet]Jun-14-201308 years
8[no episode title yet]Jun-13-201308 years
7[no episode title yet]Apr-11-201309 years
6[no episode title yet]Apr-04-201309 years
5[no episode title yet]Mar-27-201309 years
4[no episode title yet]Mar-28-201309 years
3[no episode title yet]Mar-27-201309 years
2[no episode title yet]Mar-21-201309 years
1[no episode title yet]Mar-14-201309 years
516[no episode title yet]Sep-10-201209 years
5[no episode title yet]Sep-03-201209 years
4[no episode title yet]Aug-27-201209 years
3[no episode title yet]Aug-06-201219 years
2[no episode title yet]Jul-30-201219 years
1[no episode title yet]Jul-24-201219 years
5014[no episode title yet]Apr-10-2012010 years
13[no episode title yet]Apr-03-2012010 years
12[no episode title yet]Mar-27-2012010 years
11[no episode title yet]Mar-20-2012010 years
10[no episode title yet]Mar-13-2012010 years
9[no episode title yet]Mar-06-2012010 years
8[no episode title yet]Feb-28-2012010 years
7[no episode title yet]Jan-17-2012010 years
6[no episode title yet]Sep-14-2011010 years
5[no episode title yet]Sep-07-2011010 years
4[no episode title yet]Aug-31-2011010 years
3[no episode title yet]Aug-22-2011010 years
2[no episode title yet]Aug-15-2011010 years
1[no episode title yet]Aug-08-2011010 years
098Journey to the Moon: A Horizon SpecialJul-17-201901 year
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94Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Revisited)Dec-06-200201 year
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92Jimmy Carr and the Science of LaughterSep-11-201601 year
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89Climate Change: A Horizon GuideMar-04-201501 year
88What’s The Right Diet For You?: Part 3Jan-14-201501 year
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85Cat Watch 2014 - Cat TalkOct-09-201401 year
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81Impact! A Horizon Guide to Car CrashesOct-21-201301 year
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78What's Killing Our Bees? A Horizon SpecialAug-02-201301 year
77Molecules With Sunglasses (Update)Dec-09-199601 year
76The Life and Times of El NiñoJan-03-200601 year
75Darwin: The LegacyMar-29-199801 year
74Inside the InternetJun-10-200001 year
73Computers Don't Bite, Inside the InternetMay-17-199701 year
72Mend Me: A Horizon Guide to TransplantsMar-27-201301 year
71The Truth About MeteorsMar-03-201301 year
70Tomorrow's WorldApr-11-201301 year
69The Final Frontier? A Horizon Guide to the UniverseOct-17-201201 year
68Mission to MarsJul-30-201201 year
67Immortal? A Horizon Guide to AgeingJul-17-201201 year
66Blink: A Horizon Guide to the SensesJul-11-201201 year
65The Transit of Venus: A Horizon SpecialJun-05-201201 year
64Stuff: A Horizon Guide to MaterialsApr-19-201201 year
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62Woof! A Horizon Guide to DogsMar-01-201201 year
61The Hunt for Higgs: A Horizon SpecialJan-09-201201 year
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59Carrot or Stick? A Horizon Guide to Raising KidsAug-11-201101 year
5840 Years On The MoonJul-09-200901 year
57The End of the World? A Horizon Guide to ArmageddonMay-12-201101 year
56The Space Shuttle: A Horizon GuideApr-10-201101 year
55Japan Earthquake: A Horizon SpecialMar-27-201101 year
54What Makes Us Clever? A Horizon Guide to IntelligenceJan-06-201101 year
53The End of God? A Horizon Guide to Science and ReligionSep-17-201001 year
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46Everest: Doctors in the Death Zone (2)Sep-30-200701 year
45Everest: Doctors in the Death Zone (1)Sep-23-200701 year
44First OlympianJul-23-200401 year
43What Sank the Kursk?Aug-08-200101 year
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41Life on MarsJan-11-200101 year
40Life and Death in the 21st Century: Designer BabiesJan-06-200001 year
39Life and Death in the 21st Century: Future PlaguesJan-05-200001 year
38Life and Death in the 21st Century: Living ForeverJan-04-200001 year
37Atlantis RebornNov-04-199901 year
36Atlantis UncoveredOct-28-199901 year
35Fat Files: Living on AirJan-21-199901 year
34Fat Files: Fixing FatJan-14-199901 year
33Fat Files: Born to Be FatJan-07-199901 year
32LongitudeJan-04-199901 year
31CrashJan-08-199801 year
30Antarctica: The Ice MeltsNov-13-199701 year
29Antarctica: The Ice FormsNov-06-199701 year
28Antarctica: The Ice LivesOct-30-199701 year
27Ice Mummies: Frozen in HeavenFeb-13-199701 year
26Ice Mummies: A Life in IceFeb-06-199701 year
25Ice Mummies: The Ice MaidenJan-30-199701 year
24BSE: The Human ExperimentNov-18-199601 year
23BSE: The Invisible EnemyNov-17-199601 year
22Einstein: FameMar-18-199601 year
21Einstein: The Miracle YearMar-17-199601 year
20Twice BornFeb-14-199501 year
1930th Anniversary - The Far SideMay-23-199401 year
18Assault on the MaleOct-31-199301 year
17The Truth About SexOct-12-199201 year
16Hide and Seek in IraqAug-23-199201 year
15A Close Encounter of the Second KindJul-10-199201 year
14Red Star in Orbit: The MissionDec-21-199001 year
13Red Star in Orbit: The Dark Side of the MoonDec-14-199001 year
12Red Star in Orbit: The Invisible SpacemanDec-07-199001 year
11Making an Honest FiverJun-06-199001 year
10The Diary of DiscoverySep-28-198801 year
9Halley's Comet - The EncounterMar-13-198601 year
8Halley's Comet - The ApparitionNov-25-198501 year
7Twenty-First BirthdayMay-20-198501 year
6Biology at War: A Plague in the WindOct-29-198401 year
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4Biology at War: The Mystery of Yellow RainMay-15-198403 years
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