Hell's Kitchen (US)

World renowned chef Gordon Ramsay puts 12 aspiring young chefs through rigorous and devastating challenges at his restaurant in Hollywood, “Hell’s Kitchen”, to determine which of them will win the restaurant of their dreams. Their dreams are quickly becoming nightmares.

Genre: Cooking, Food, Reality Series,

Release Date: May 30, 2005 (US)

Status: Running

Network: FOX (Official Website)

Casts: Gordon Ramsay, Chris Eversole, Ralph Johnson, Guarav Navin, Richard Mancini, Jason Zepaltas, Rochelle Bergman, Jessica Vogel, Sandra Flores, Joy Parham-thomas, Scott Commings, Kashia Zollicoffer, Simone Hammond, Melanie Finch, Michael Demarco, Anton Testino, Michael Gabriel, Beth Taylor, Mike Aresta, Bev Lazo-gonzalez, Nicole Rutz, Tiffany Nagel, Sara Horowitz, Aaron Song, Ralph Pagano, Vinnie Fama, Virginia Dalbeck, Bonnie Muirhead, Wendy Liu, Gabe Cunningham, Andrew Bonito, Brad Miller, Tom Pauley, Garrett Telle, Carolann Valentino, Eddie Langley, Giacomo Alfieri, Christopher North, Jen Yemola, Heather West, Elsie Ramos, Joanna Dunn, Keith Greene, Nona Sivley, James Dreyfus, Josh Wahler, Larry Sik, Holli Ugalde, Jeff Dewberry, Julia Williams, Maribel Miller, Dave Levey, Jeff LaPoff, Melissa Firpo, Polly Holliday, Danny Veltri, Jessica Cabo, Rock Harper, Rachel Brown, Christina Machamer, Mary Ellen Daniels

Most recent episode: Hell's Kitchen (US) Season 19 Episode 4 - Wedding Bells in Hell ( 1/28/2021 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
205Episode 5Jun-28-202104 weeks
4Episode 4Jun-21-202104 weeks
3Episode 3Jun-14-202104 weeks
2Episode 2Jun-07-202104 weeks
1TBAMay-31-202101 month
1916Episode 1624 months
15Episode 1544 months
14Episode 1434 months
13Episode 1344 months
12Episode 1254 months
11Episode 1124 months
10Episode 1014 months
9Episode 944 months
8Episode 844 months
7Episode 754 months
6Episode 654 months
5Episode 573 months
4Wedding Bells in HellJan-28-202163 months
3Hell Caesar!Jan-21-202174 months
2Shrimply SpectacularJan-14-202154 months
1Welcome to VegasMay-26-2020134 months
1816The Grand FinaleFeb-08-201902 years
15A Rollercoaster RideFeb-08-201902 years
14What's Your Motto?Feb-01-201902 years
13An Episode of FirstsJan-25-201902 years
12Break on ThroughJan-18-201902 years
11Devilish DessertsJan-11-201902 years
10Poor TrevJan-04-201902 years
9What Happens in VegasDec-14-201802 years
8One Hell of a PartyDec-07-201812 years
7Last Chef StandingNov-16-201802 years
6Hot PotatoNov-09-201802 years
5Fish Out of WaterNov-02-201802 years
4Hell Freezes OverOct-19-201802 years
3Hell's RidersOct-12-201812 years
2A Fond FarewellOct-05-201812 years
1Rookies vs. VeteransSep-28-201822 years
1716All-Star FinaleFeb-02-2018012 months
15Final ThreeFeb-02-201802 years
14Families Come to HellJan-26-201802 years
13Stars Heating Up HellJan-19-201802 years
12Five is the New BlackJan-12-201802 years
11Trying to Pasta TestJan-05-201802 years
10It's All GravyDec-15-201702 years
9Catch of the DayDec-08-201702 years
8Welcome to the JungleDec-01-201702 years
7Trimming FatNov-17-2017012 months
6A Little Slice of HellNov-10-201702 years
5Josh Josh JoshNov-03-201702 years
4Just Letter CookOct-20-201702 years
3Tower of TerrorOct-13-201702 years
2Raising the BarOct-06-201702 years
1All-Stars ArriveSep-29-201702 years
1616Leaving It on the LineFeb-02-2017012 months
15Tequila Shots?Jan-26-2017012 months
14Playing Your Cards RightJan-19-201702 years
13Black Jacket LoungeJan-12-2017012 months
12Fusion ConfusionJan-05-201702 years
11Aerial ManeuversJan-05-2017012 months
10Dancing in the GrottoDec-16-2016012 months
9Spoon FedDec-09-2016012 months
8Dancing with the ChefsNov-18-2016012 months
7Don't Tell My FiancéNov-11-201602 years
6Let the Catfights BeginNov-04-201602 years
5Walking the PlankOct-21-201602 years
4Surf Riding & Turf FightingOct-14-201602 years
3The Yolks on ThemOct-07-2016012 months
2Crepe Grand PrixSep-30-201602 years
1When the Wall Comes Tumbling DownSep-23-201602 years
1516Winner ChosenApr-29-2016112 months
153 Chefs CompeteApr-22-201602 years
145 Chefs CompeteApr-15-2016112 months
136 Chefs CompeteApr-08-201602 years
127 Chefs CompeteApr-01-201602 years
118 Chefs CompeteMar-23-2016012 months
109 Chefs CompeteMar-16-2016012 months
910 Chefs Compete AgainMar-09-2016012 months
810 Chefs CompeteMar-02-2016012 months
711 Chefs CompeteFeb-24-201602 years
612 Chefs CompeteFeb-17-201602 years
514 Chefs CompeteFeb-10-2016012 months
415 Chefs CompeteFeb-03-2016012 months
316 Chefs CompeteJan-27-201602 years
217 Chefs CompeteJan-22-2016012 months
118 Chefs CompeteJan-15-2016012 months
1416Finale: Season 14 Winner is AnnouncedJun-09-2015712 months
154 Chefs CompeteJun-02-201502 years
145 Chefs CompeteMay-26-201502 years
136 Chefs CompeteMay-19-2015112 years
127 Chefs CompeteMay-19-201502 years
118 Chefs Compete AgainMay-12-2015212 years
108 Chefs CompeteMay-05-2015012 months
99 Chefs CompeteApr-28-20151612 months
811 Chefs CompeteApr-21-2015012 months
712 Chefs CompeteApr-14-201502 years
613 Chefs CompeteApr-07-2015212 years
514 Chefs CompeteMar-31-2015202 years
415 Chefs CompeteMar-24-2015162 years
316 Chefs CompeteMar-17-201502 years
217 Chefs CompeteMar-10-201502 years
118 Chefs CompeteMar-03-2015212 years
1316Winner ChosenDec-17-2014012 months
154 Chefs CompeteDec-17-201402 years
145 Chefs CompeteDec-10-2014012 months
136 Chefs CompeteDec-10-201412 years
127 Chefs CompeteDec-03-2014812 months
118 Chefs CompeteNov-26-20141312 months
109 Chefs CompeteNov-19-2014112 years
911 Chefs Compete, Part 2Nov-12-2014192 years
811 Chefs Compete, Part 1Nov-05-201452 years
712 Chefs CompeteOct-15-201432 years
613 Chefs CompeteOct-08-2014112 months
514 Chefs CompeteOct-01-2014312 months
415 Chefs CompeteSep-24-201432 years
316 Chefs CompeteSep-17-201422 years
217 Chefs CompeteSep-10-2014112 months
118 Chefs CompeteSep-10-2014212 months
1220Winner ChosenJul-24-2014112 months
194 Chefs CompeteJul-17-201402 years
185 Chefs CompeteJul-10-2014012 months
176 Chefs CompeteJul-03-2014212 months
167 Chefs Compete AgainJun-26-2014012 months
157 Chefs CompeteJun-19-2014012 months
148 Chefs CompeteJun-12-2014212 months
139 Chefs CompeteJun-05-2014112 months
1210 Chefs Compete AgainMay-29-2014112 months
1110 Chefs CompeteMay-22-2014112 months
1011 Chefs CompeteMay-15-2014012 months
912 Chefs CompeteMay-08-2014212 months
813 Chefs CompeteMay-01-2014012 months
714 Chefs CompeteApr-24-2014012 months
615 Chefs CompeteApr-17-2014212 months
516 Chefs CompeteApr-10-2014212 months
417 Chefs CompeteApr-03-2014012 months
318 Chefs CompeteMar-27-2014012 months
219 Chefs CompeteMar-20-2014012 months
120 Chefs CompeteMar-13-2014012 months
1122Winner ChosenJul-25-2013112 months
212 Chefs CompeteJul-25-2013012 months
204 Chefs CompeteJul-18-2013112 months
195 Chefs Compete, Part 3Jul-11-2013212 months
185 Chefs Compete, Part 2Jun-27-2013012 months
175 Chefs Compete, Part 1Jun-20-2013012 months
166 Chefs CompeteJun-13-2013112 months
157 Chefs Compete, Part 2Jun-06-2013012 months
147 Chefs Compete, Part 1May-30-2013012 months
138 Chefs CompeteMay-23-2013012 months
129 Chefs CompeteMay-13-2013012 months
1110 Chefs CompeteMay-13-2013012 months
1012 Chefs CompeteMay-07-2013012 months
913 Chefs CompeteApr-30-2013012 months
814 Chefs CompeteApr-23-2013012 months
715 Chefs CompeteApr-16-2013012 months
616 Chefs Compete, Part 2Apr-09-2013012 months
516 Chefs Compete, Part 1Apr-02-2013012 months
417 Chefs CompeteMar-26-2013012 months
319 Chefs CompeteMar-19-201322 years
220 Chefs Compete, Part 2Mar-12-2013112 months
120 Chefs Compete, Part 1Mar-12-2013212 months
1020The Winning Chef is AnnouncedSep-10-2012412 months
192 Chefs CompeteSep-04-2012312 months
184 Chefs CompeteAug-27-2012312 months
175 Chefs CompeteAug-20-2012312 months
166 Chefs CompeteAug-13-2012312 months
157 Chefs CompeteJul-24-2012212 months
148 Chefs CompeteJul-23-2012212 months
139 Chefs Compete, Part 2Jul-17-2012212 months
129 Chefs Compete, Part 1Jul-16-2012212 months
1110 Chefs CompeteJul-09-2012212 months
1011 Chefs Compete, Part 2Jul-03-2012112 months
911 Chefs Compete, Part 1Jul-02-2012312 months
812 Chefs CompeteJun-26-2012212 months
713 Chefs Compete, Part 2Jun-25-2012112 months
613 Chefs Compete, Part 1Jun-19-2012112 months
514 Chefs CompeteJun-18-2012012 months
415 Chefs CompeteJun-12-2012312 months
316 Chefs CompeteJun-11-201222 years
217 Chefs CompeteJun-05-2012112 months
118 Chefs CompeteJun-04-2012112 months
916Winner AnnouncedSep-19-2011012 months
154 Chefs CompeteSep-19-2011012 months
145 Chefs CompeteSep-12-2011012 months
135 Chefs CompeteSep-05-2011012 months
126 Chefs CompeteAug-29-201102 years
117 Chefs CompeteAug-22-2011012 months
108 Chefs CompeteAug-22-2011012 months
99 Chefs CompeteAug-15-2011012 months
810 Chefs CompeteAug-09-2011012 months
711 Chefs CompeteAug-08-2011012 months
612 Chefs CompeteAug-02-2011012 months
513 Chefs CompeteAug-01-2011012 months
414 Chefs CompeteJul-26-2011012 months
315 Chefs CompeteJul-25-2011012 months
216 Chefs CompeteJul-19-2011012 months
118 Chefs CompeteJul-18-2011012 months
815Winner AnnouncedDec-15-2010012 months
144 Chefs CompeteDec-08-2010012 months
134 Chefs CompeteDec-01-2010012 months
125 Chefs CompeteNov-24-2010012 months
116 Chefs CompeteNov-17-2010012 months
107 Chefs CompeteNov-10-2010012 months
98 Chefs CompeteNov-10-2010012 months
89 Chefs CompeteOct-13-2010012 months
79 Chefs CompeteOct-13-2010012 months
610 Chefs CompeteOct-06-2010012 months
511 Chefs CompeteOct-06-2010012 months
412 Chefs CompeteSep-29-2010012 months
313 Chefs CompeteSep-29-2010012 months
214 Chefs CompeteSep-22-2010012 months
116 Chefs CompleteSep-22-2010012 months
715Winner AnnouncedAug-10-2010012 months
142 Chefs CompeteAug-03-2010012 months
134 Chefs CompeteJul-27-2010012 months
125 Chefs CompeteJul-20-2010012 months
116 Chefs CompeteJul-20-2010012 months
107 Chefs CompeteJul-06-2010012 months
98 Chefs CompeteJul-06-2010012 months
89 Chefs CompeteJun-29-2010012 months
710 Chefs CompeteJun-29-2010012 months
611 Chefs CompeteJun-22-2010012 months
512 Chefs CompeteJun-22-2010012 months
413 Chefs CompeteJun-15-2010012 months
314 Chefs CompeteJun-15-2010012 months
215 Chefs CompeteJun-08-2010012 months
116 Chefs CompeteJun-01-201002 years
615Winner AnnouncedOct-13-2009012 months
143 Chefs CompeteOct-13-2009012 months
134 Chefs CompeteOct-06-2009012 months
125 Chefs CompeteSep-29-2009012 months
116 Chefs CompeteSep-22-2009012 months
107 Chefs CompeteSep-22-2009012 months
98 Chefs CompeteSep-08-2009012 months
89 Chefs CompeteSep-01-2009012 months
710 Chefs CompeteAug-25-2009012 months
611 Chefs CompeteAug-18-2009012 months
512 Chefs CompeteAug-11-2009012 months
413 Chefs CompeteAug-04-2009012 months
314 Chefs CompeteJul-28-2009012 months
215 Chefs CompeteJul-21-2009012 months
116 Chefs CompeteJul-21-200902 years
515Winner AnnouncedMay-14-2009012 months
142 Chefs CompeteMay-07-2009012 months
133 Chefs CompeteApr-30-2009012 months
125 Chefs CompeteApr-23-2009012 months
116 Chefs CompeteApr-16-2009012 months
107 Chefs CompeteApr-09-2009012 months
98 Chefs CompeteApr-02-2009012 months
89 Chefs CompeteMar-26-200902 years
710 Chefs CompeteMar-19-200902 years
611 Chefs CompeteMar-12-200902 years
512 Chefs CompeteMar-05-200902 years
413 Chefs CompeteFeb-26-200902 years
314 Chefs CompeteFeb-19-200902 years
215 Chefs CompeteFeb-05-200902 years
116 Chefs CompeteJan-29-200902 years
415Winner AnnouncedJul-08-200802 years
142 Chefs CompeteJul-01-2008012 months
133 Chefs CompeteJun-24-2008012 months
124 Chefs CompeteJun-17-2008012 months
115 Chefs CompeteJun-10-200802 years
106 Chefs CompeteJun-03-2008012 months
97 Chefs CompeteMay-27-2008012 months
88 Chefs CompeteMay-20-2008012 months
79 Chefs CompeteMay-13-2008012 months
610 Chefs CompeteMay-06-200802 years
511 Chefs CompeteApr-29-200802 years
412 Chefs CompeteApr-22-2008012 months
313 Chefs CompeteApr-15-200802 years
214 Chefs CompeteApr-08-200802 years
115 Chefs CompeteApr-01-200802 years
311Winner AnnouncedAug-13-2007012 months
102 Chefs CompeteAug-06-2007012 months
93 Chefs CompeteJul-30-2007012 months
85 Chefs CompeteJul-23-2007012 months
76 Chefs CompeteJul-16-2007012 months
67 Chefs CompeteJul-09-2007012 months
58 Chefs CompeteJul-02-2007012 months
49 Chefs CompeteJun-25-2007012 months
310 Chefs CompeteJun-18-2007012 months
211 Chefs CompeteJun-11-200702 years
112 Chefs CompeteJun-04-2007012 months
211Day 10 (2)Aug-14-2006012 months
102 Chefs CompeteAug-14-2006012 months
93 Chefs CompeteAug-07-2006012 months
84 Chefs CompeteJul-31-2006012 months
75 Chefs CompeteJul-24-2006012 months
66 Chefs CompeteJul-17-2006012 months
57 Chefs CompeteJul-10-2006012 months
48 Chefs CompeteJun-26-2006012 months
39 Chefs CompeteJun-19-2006012 months
211 Chefs CompeteJun-12-200602 years
112 Chefs CompeteJun-12-2006012 months
111Day 10 (2)Aug-01-2005012 months
102 Chefs CompeteAug-01-2005012 months
93 Chefs CompeteJul-25-2005012 months
84 Chefs CompeteJul-18-2005012 months
75 Chefs CompeteJul-11-2005012 months
66 Chefs CompeteJul-11-2005012 months
57 Chefs CompeteJun-27-2005012 months
48 Chefs CompeteJun-20-2005012 months
310 Chefs CompeteJun-13-2005012 months
211 Chefs CompeteJun-06-2005012 months
112 Chefs CompeteMay-30-200502 years

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