Harry Hill's TV Burp

Harry Hill stars in this surreal comedy show, revolving around the previous week’s shows on British television. Hill is regarded as one of the UK’s finest and most original comedy acts. His unique brand of humour – interweaving running gags, inventive use of music, short films and far-fetched yarns – has been rewarded with numerous awards, nominations and accolades.

Genre: Comedy

Release Date: November 14, 2002 (US)

Status: Ended

Network: ITV1 (UK) (IMDb, Official Website)

Casts: Harry Hill, Steve Benham

Most recent episode: Harry Hill's TV Burp Season 14 Episode 10 - ( 4/7/2012 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1410[no episode title yet]Apr-07-2012011 months
9[no episode title yet]Mar-31-2012011 months
8[no episode title yet]Mar-24-2012011 months
7[no episode title yet]Mar-17-2012011 months
6[no episode title yet]Mar-10-2012011 months
5[no episode title yet]Mar-03-2012011 months
4[no episode title yet]Feb-25-2012011 months
3[no episode title yet]Feb-18-2012011 months
2[no episode title yet]Feb-11-2012011 months
1[no episode title yet]Jan-21-2012011 months
1312[no episode title yet]Jan-14-2012011 months
11[no episode title yet]Jan-07-2012011 months
10[no episode title yet]Jan-04-2012011 months
9[no episode title yet]Dec-03-2011011 months
8[no episode title yet]Nov-26-2011011 months
7[no episode title yet]Nov-19-2011011 months
6[no episode title yet]Nov-12-2011011 months
5[no episode title yet]Nov-05-2011011 months
4[no episode title yet]Oct-29-2011011 months
3[no episode title yet]Oct-22-2011011 months
2[no episode title yet]Oct-15-2011011 months
1[no episode title yet]Oct-08-2011011 months
1114The Best of TV Burp 22Jan-28-2012011 months
13The Best of TV Burp 21Jan-21-2012011 months
12The Best of TV Burp 20Jan-14-2012011 months
11The Best of TV Burp 19Jan-07-2012011 months
10The Best of TV Burp 18Jan-04-2012011 months
9The Best of TV Burp 17Dec-03-2011011 months
8Episode 8Nov-26-2011011 months
7Episode 7Nov-19-2011011 months
6Episode 6Nov-12-2011011 months
5Episode 5Nov-05-2011011 months
4Episode 4Oct-29-2011011 months
3Episode 3Oct-22-2011011 months
2Episode 2Oct-15-2011011 months
1Episode 1Oct-08-2011011 months
1021The Best of TV Burp 16Apr-02-2011011 months
20Series 10: Episode 16Mar-26-2011011 months
19Series 10: Episode 15Mar-19-2011011 months
18Series 10: Episode 14Mar-12-2011011 months
17Series 10: Episode 13Mar-05-2011011 months
16Series 10: Episode 12Feb-26-2011011 months
15Series 10: Episode 11Feb-19-2011011 months
14Series 10: Episode 10Feb-12-2011011 months
13Series 10: Episode 9Feb-05-2011011 months
12The Best of TV Burp 15Jan-24-2011011 months
11The Best of TV Burp 14Jan-15-2011011 months
10The Best of Christmas TV BurpDec-26-2010011 months
9The Best of TV Burp 13Dec-04-2010011 months
8Series 10: Episode 8Nov-27-2010011 months
7Series 10: Episode 7Nov-20-2010011 months
6Series 10: Episode 6Nov-13-2010011 months
5Series 10: Episode 5Nov-06-2010011 months
4Series 10: Episode 4Oct-30-2010011 months
3Series 10: Episode 3Oct-23-2010011 months
2Series 10: Episode 2Oct-16-2010011 months
1Series 10: Episode 1Oct-09-2010011 months
925The Best of TV Burp 12Apr-10-2010011 months
24The Best of TV Burp 11Apr-03-2010011 months
23The Best of TV Burp 10Mar-27-2010011 months
22Series 9: Episode 22Mar-20-2010011 months
21Series 9: Episode 21Mar-13-2010011 months
20Series 9: Episode 20Mar-06-2010011 months
19Series 9: Episode 19Feb-27-2010011 months
18Series 9: Episode 18Feb-20-2010011 months
17Series 9: Episode 17Feb-13-2010011 months
16Series 9: Episode 16Feb-06-2010011 months
15Series 9: Episode 15Jan-30-2010011 months
14The Best of TV Burp 9Jan-23-2010011 months
13The Best of TV Burp 8Jan-09-2010011 months
12The Best of TV Burp 7Jan-02-2010011 months
11TV Burp Review Of The YearDec-26-2009011 months
10The Best of TV Burp 6Dec-12-2009011 months
9The Best of TV Burp 5Dec-05-2009011 months
8Series 9: Episode 8Nov-28-2009011 months
7Series 9: Episode 7Nov-21-2009011 months
6Series 9: Episode 6Nov-14-2009011 months
5Series 9: Episode 5Nov-07-2009011 months
4Series 9: Episode 4Oct-31-2009011 months
3Series 9: Episode 3Oct-24-2009011 months
2Series 9: Episode 2Oct-17-2009011 months
1Series 9: Episode 1Oct-10-2009011 months
825Series 8: Episode 25Apr-04-2009011 months
24Series 8: Episode 24Mar-28-2009011 months
23Series 8: Episode 23Mar-21-2009011 months
22Series 8: Episode 22Mar-14-2009011 months
21Series 8: Episode 21Mar-07-2009011 months
20Series 8: Episode 20Feb-28-2009011 months
19Series 8: Episode 19Feb-21-2009011 months
18Series 8: Episode 18Feb-14-2009011 months
17Series 8: Episode 17Feb-07-2009011 months
16Series 8: Episode 16Jan-31-2009011 months
15The Best of TV Burp 4Jan-24-2009011 months
14The Best of TV Burp 3Jan-17-2009011 months
13The Best of TV Burp 2Jan-10-2009011 months
12The Best of TV Burp 1Jan-04-2009011 months
11Series 8: Episode 11 (Review of the Year)Dec-26-2008011 months
10Series 8: Episode 10Dec-20-2008011 months
9Series 8: Episode 9Dec-13-2008011 months
8Series 8: Episode 8Dec-06-2008011 months
7Series 8: Episode 7Nov-29-2008011 months
6Series 8: Episode 6Nov-22-2008011 months
5Series 8: Episode 5Nov-15-2008011 months
4Series 8: Episode 4Nov-08-2008011 months
3Series 8: Episode 3Nov-01-2008011 months
2Series 8: Episode 2Oct-25-2008011 months
1Series 8: Episode 1Oct-18-2008011 months
713Series 7: Episode 13Apr-05-2008011 months
12Series 7: Episode 12Mar-29-2008011 months
11Series 7: Episode 11Mar-22-2008011 months
10Series 7: Episode 10Mar-15-2008011 months
9Series 7: Episode 9Mar-08-2008011 months
8Series 7: Episode 8Mar-01-2008011 months
7Series 7: Episode 7Feb-23-2008011 months
6Series 7: Episode 6Feb-16-2008011 months
5Series 7: Episode 5Feb-09-2008011 months
4Series 7: Episode 4Feb-02-2008011 months
3Series 7: Episode 3Jan-26-2008011 months
2Series 7: Episode 2Jan-19-2008011 months
1Series 7: Episode 1Jan-12-2008011 months
613Series 6: Episode 13Apr-14-2007011 months
12Series 6: Episode 12Apr-07-2007011 months
11Series 6: Episode 11Mar-31-2007011 months
10Series 6: Episode 10Mar-24-2007011 months
9Series 6: Episode 9Mar-17-2007011 months
8Series 6: Episode 8Mar-10-2007011 months
7Series 6: Episode 7Mar-03-2007011 months
6Series 6: Episode 6Feb-24-2007011 months
5Series 6: Episode 5Feb-17-2007011 months
4Series 6: Episode 4Feb-10-2007011 months
3Series 6: Episode 2Feb-03-2007011 months
2Series 6: Episode 2Jan-27-2007011 months
1Series 6: Episode 1Jan-20-2007011 months
510Series 5: Episode 10Mar-25-2006011 months
9Series 5: Episode 9Mar-18-2006011 months
8Series 5: Episode 8Mar-11-2006011 months
7Series 5: Episode 7Mar-04-2006011 months
6Series 5: Episode 6Feb-25-2006011 months
5Series 5: Episode 5Feb-18-2006011 months
4Series 5: Episode 4Feb-11-2006011 months
3Series 5: Episode 3Feb-04-2006011 months
2Series 5: Episode 2Jan-28-2006011 months
1Series 5: Episode 1Jan-21-2006011 months
46Series 4: Episode 6Nov-27-2004011 months
5Series 4: Episode 5Nov-20-2004011 months
4Series 4: Episode 4Nov-13-2004011 months
3Series 4: Episode 3Nov-06-2004011 months
2Series 4: Episode 2Oct-30-2004011 months
1Series 4: Episode 1Oct-23-2004011 months
37Series 3: Episode 7Apr-02-2004011 months
6Series 3: Episode 6Mar-26-2004011 months
5Series 3: Episode 5Mar-19-2004011 months
4Series 3: Episode 4Mar-12-2004011 months
3Series 3: Episode 3Mar-05-2004011 months
2Series 3: Episode 2Feb-27-2004011 months
1Series 3: Episode 1Feb-20-2004011 months
28Series 2: Episode 8Dec-18-2003011 months
7Series 2: Episode 7Dec-11-2003011 months
6Series 2: Episode 6Dec-04-2003011 months
5Series 2: Episode 5Nov-27-2003011 months
4Series 2: Episode 4Nov-20-2003011 months
3Series 2: Episode 3Nov-13-2003011 months
2Series 2: Episode 2Nov-06-2003011 months
1Series 2: Episode 1Oct-30-2003011 months
16Series 1: Episode 6Dec-19-2002011 months
5Series 1: Episode 5Dec-12-2002011 months
4Series 1: Episode 4Dec-05-2002011 months
3Series 1: Episode 3Nov-28-2002011 months
2Series 1: Episode 2Nov-21-2002011 months
1Series 1: Episode 1Nov-14-2002011 months

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