Great British Menu

Jennie Bond presents as 14 British chefs compete to create the perfect four-course meal. The final dishes will be served at a lunch to mark the Queen’s 80th birthday. The series returned for a second series in 2007 but with just chefs competing to cater for a banquet.

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Genre: Cooking

Release Date: April 10, 2006 (UK)

Status: Running

Network: BBC Two (UK) ()

Casts: Prue Leith, Oliver Peyton, Matthew Fort, Jennie Bond, Wendy Lloyd

Most recent episode: Great British Menu Season 15 Episode 18 - South West - Judging ( 4/24/2020 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1518South West - JudgingApr-24-202011 year
17South West - Main & DessertApr-23-202042 weeks
16South West - Starter & FishApr-22-202021 year
15North West - JudgingApr-17-202022 years
14North West - Main & Dessert CoursesApr-16-202015 months
13North West - Starter & Fish CoursesApr-15-202012 years
12Northern Ireland - JudgingApr-10-202001 year
11Northern Ireland - Main & Dessert CoursesApr-09-202001 year
10Northern Ireland - Starter & Fish CoursesApr-08-202001 year
9Scotland - JudgingApr-03-202012 years
8Scotland - Main & Dessert CoursesApr-02-202025 months
7Scotland - Starter & Fish CoursesApr-01-202022 years
6London & South East - JudgingMar-27-202022 years
5London & South East - Main & Dessert CoursesMar-26-202001 year
4London & South East - Starter & Fish CoursesMar-25-202002 years
3Central - JudgingMar-20-202001 year
2Central - Main & Dessert CoursesMar-19-202001 year
1Central – Starter & Fish CoursesMar-18-202001 year
1429The Finals: BanquetMay-17-201912 years
28The Finals: DessertMay-16-201912 years
27The Finals: Main CourseMay-15-201902 years
26The Finals: Fish CourseMay-14-201902 years
25The Finals: StarterMay-13-201912 years
24Northern Ireland JudgingMay-10-201912 years
23Northern Ireland Main & DessertMay-09-201912 years
22Northern Ireland Starter & FishMay-08-201901 year
21Wales: JudgingMay-03-201902 years
20Wales: Main & DessertMay-02-201901 year
19Wales: Starter and Fish CoursesMay-01-201902 years
18South West – JudgingApr-26-201902 years
17South West – Mains and DessertApr-25-201902 years
16South West – Starter and FishApr-24-201901 year
15Scotland: JudgingApr-19-201903 years
14Scotland: Main & DessertApr-18-201903 years
13Scotland: Starter & Fish CoursesApr-17-201903 years
12North West JudgingApr-12-201903 years
11North West Main & DessertApr-11-201903 years
10North West Starter & FishApr-10-201903 years
9Central JudgingApr-05-201903 years
8Central Main and DessertApr-04-201903 years
7Central Starter and Fish CoursesApr-03-201902 years
6North East: JudgingMar-29-201902 years
5North East: Main & DessertMar-28-201902 years
4North East: Starter & FishMar-27-201902 years
3London & South East - JudgingMar-22-201902 years
2London & South East - Main & DessertMar-21-201913 years
1London & South East - Starter & FishMar-20-201902 years
1345BanquetOct-12-201801 year
44Finals - DessertOct-11-201801 year
43Finals - MainOct-10-201801 year
42Finals - FishOct-09-201801 year
41Finals - StarterOct-08-201801 year
40Northern Ireland JudgingOct-05-201801 year
39Northern Ireland DessertOct-04-201801 year
38Northern Ireland MainOct-03-201802 years
37Northern Ireland FishOct-02-201801 year
36Northern Ireland StarterOct-01-201801 year
35North West - JudgingSep-28-201801 year
34North West - DessertSep-27-201801 year
33North West - MainSep-26-201801 year
32North West - FishSep-25-201801 year
31North West - StarterSep-24-201801 year
30South West - JudgingSep-21-201801 year
29South West - DessertSep-20-201801 year
28South West - MainSep-19-201801 year
27South West - FishSep-18-201801 year
26South West - StarterSep-17-201801 year
25Wales - JudgingSep-14-201801 year
24Wales - DessertSep-13-201801 year
23Wales - MainSep-12-201801 year
22Wales - FishSep-11-201801 year
21Wales - StarterSep-10-201801 year
20Central - JudgingSep-07-201801 year
19Central - DessertSep-06-201801 year
18Central - MainSep-05-201801 year
17Central - FishSep-04-201801 year
16Central - StarterSep-03-201801 year
15Scotland - JudgingAug-30-201801 year
14Scotland - DessertAug-29-201801 year
13Scotland - MainAug-29-201801 year
12Scotland - FishAug-28-201801 year
11Scotland - StarterAug-27-201801 year
10London South East - JudgingAug-24-201801 year
9London South East - DessertAug-23-201801 year
8London South East - MainAug-22-201801 year
7London South East - FishAug-21-201801 year
6London South East - StarterAug-20-201801 year
5North East - JudgingAug-17-201801 year
4North East - DessertAug-16-201801 year
3North East - MainAug-15-201801 year
2North East - FishAug-14-201801 year
1North East - StarterAug-13-201801 year
1245BanquetJun-30-201701 year
44Finals - DessertJun-29-201701 year
43Finals - MainJun-28-201701 year
42Finals - FishJun-27-201701 year
41Finals - StarterJun-26-201701 year
40Northern Ireland - JudgingJun-23-201701 year
39Northern Ireland - DessertJun-22-201701 year
38Northern Ireland - MainJun-21-201701 year
37Northern Ireland - FishJun-20-201701 year
36Northern Ireland - StarterJun-19-201701 year
35Central - JudgingJun-16-201701 year
34Central - DessertJun-15-201701 year
33Central - MainJun-14-201701 year
32Central - FishJun-13-201701 year
31Central - StarterJun-12-201701 year
30Wales - JudgingJun-09-201701 year
29Wales - DessertJun-08-201701 year
28Wales - MainJun-07-201701 year
27Wales - FishJun-06-201701 year
26Wales - StarterJun-05-201701 year
25Scotland - JudgingJun-02-201701 year
24Scotland - DessertJun-01-201701 year
23Scotland - MainMay-31-201701 year
22Scotland - FishMay-30-201701 year
21Scotland - StarterMay-29-201701 year
20North East - JudgingMay-26-201701 year
19North East - DessertMay-25-201701 year
18North East - MainMay-24-201701 year
17North East - FishMay-23-201701 year
16North East - StarterMay-22-201701 year
15North West - JudgingMay-19-201701 year
14North West - DessertMay-18-201701 year
13North West - MainMay-17-201701 year
12North West - FishMay-16-201701 year
11North West - StarterMay-15-201701 year
10South West - JudgingMay-12-201701 year
9South West - DessertMay-11-201701 year
8South West - MainMay-10-201701 year
7South West - FishMay-09-201701 year
6South West - StarterMay-08-201701 year
5London and South East - JudgingMay-05-201701 year
4London And South East - DessertMay-04-201701 year
3London And South East - MainMay-03-201701 year
2London And South East - FishMay-02-201701 year
1London and South East - StarterMay-02-201701 year
1145BanquetOct-28-201601 year
44Finals DessertOct-27-201601 year
43Finals MainOct-26-201601 year
42Finals FishOct-25-201601 year
41Finals StarterOct-24-201601 year
40Northern Ireland - JudgingOct-21-201601 year
39Northern Ireland - DessertOct-20-201601 year
38Northern Ireland - MainOct-19-201601 year
37Northern Ireland - FishOct-18-201601 year
36Northern Ireland - StarterOct-17-201601 year
35North East - JudgingOct-14-201601 year
34North East - DessertOct-13-201601 year
33North East - MainOct-12-201601 year
32North East - FishOct-11-201601 year
31North East - StarterOct-10-201601 year
30London and the South East - JudgingOct-07-201601 year
29London and the South East - DessertOct-06-201601 year
28London and the South East - MainOct-05-201601 year
27London and the South East - FishOct-04-201601 year
26London and the South East - StarterOct-04-201601 year
25Central JudgingSep-30-201601 year
24Central - DessertSep-29-201601 year
23Central - MainSep-28-201601 year
22Central - FishSep-27-201601 year
21Central - StartersSep-26-201601 year
20Wales JudgingSep-23-201601 year
19Wales - DessertSep-22-201601 year
18Wales - MainSep-21-201601 year
17Wales - FishSep-20-201601 year
16Wales - StarterSep-19-201601 year
15North West JudgingSep-16-201601 year
14North West - DessertSep-16-201601 year
13North West - MainSep-14-201601 year
12North West - FishSep-13-201601 year
11North West - StarterSep-12-201601 year
10South West - JudgesSep-09-201601 year
9South West - DessertSep-08-201601 year
8South West - MainSep-07-201601 year
7South West - FishSep-06-201601 year
6South West - StarterSep-05-201601 year
5Scotland - JudgesSep-02-201601 year
4Scotland - DessertSep-01-201601 year
3Scotland - Main CourseAug-31-201601 year
2Scotland - FishAug-30-201601 year
1Scotland - StarterAug-29-201601 year
1045Finals Week - BanquetOct-09-201501 year
44Finals Week - DessertOct-08-201501 year
43Finals Week - MainOct-07-201501 year
42Finals Week - FishOct-06-201501 year
41Finals Week - StarterOct-05-201501 year
40Central JudgingOct-02-201501 year
39Central DessertOct-01-201501 year
38Central MainSep-30-201501 year
37Central FishSep-29-201501 year
36Central StarterSep-28-201501 year
35London South East JudgingSep-25-201501 year
34London South East DessertSep-24-201501 year
33London South East MainSep-23-201501 year
32London South East FishSep-22-201501 year
31London South East StarterSep-21-201501 year
30North West JudgingSep-18-201501 year
29North West DessertSep-17-201501 year
28North West MainSep-16-201501 year
27North West FishSep-15-201501 year
26North West StarterSep-14-201501 year
25North East JudgingSep-11-201501 year
24North East DessertSep-10-201501 year
23North East MainSep-09-201501 year
22North East FishSep-08-201501 year
21North East StarterSep-07-201501 year
20Northern Ireland JudgingSep-04-201501 year
19Northern Ireland DessertSep-03-201501 year
18Northern Ireland MainSep-02-201501 year
17Northern Ireland FishSep-01-201501 year
16Northern Ireland StarterAug-31-201501 year
15Wales JudgingAug-21-201501 year
14Wales DessertAug-20-201501 year
13Wales MainAug-19-201501 year
12Wales FishAug-18-201501 year
11Wales StarterAug-17-201501 year
10South West JudgingAug-14-201501 year
9South West DessertAug-13-201501 year
8South West MainAug-12-201501 year
7South West FishAug-11-201501 year
6South West StarterAug-10-201501 year
5Scotland JudgingAug-07-201501 year
4Scotland DessertAug-06-201501 year
3Scotland MainAug-05-201501 year
2Scotland FishAug-04-201501 year
1Scotland StarterAug-03-201501 year
945BanquetJun-06-201401 year
44Finals DessertJun-05-201401 year
43Finals MainJun-04-201401 year
42Finals FishJun-03-201401 year
41Finals StarterJun-02-201401 year
40Wales JudgingMay-30-201401 year
39Wales DessertMay-29-201401 year
38Wales MainMay-28-201401 year
37Wales FishMay-27-201401 year
36Wales StarterMay-26-201401 year
35Scotland JudgingMay-23-201401 year
34Scotland DessertMay-22-201401 year
33Scotland MainMay-21-201401 year
32Scotland FishMay-20-201401 year
31Scotland StarterMay-19-201401 year
30North East JudgingMay-16-201401 year
29North East DessertMay-15-201401 year
28North East MainMay-14-201401 year
27North East FishMay-13-201401 year
26North East StarterMay-12-201401 year
25London and South East JudgingMay-09-201401 year
24London and South East DessertMay-08-201401 year
23London and South East MainMay-07-201401 year
22London and South East FishMay-06-201401 year
21London and South East StarterMay-05-201401 year
20Central JudgingMay-02-201401 year
19Central DessertMay-01-201401 year
18Central MainApr-30-201401 year
17Central FishApr-29-201401 year
16Central StarterApr-28-201401 year
15South West JudgingApr-25-201401 year
14South West DessertApr-24-201401 year
13South West MainApr-23-201401 year
12South West FishApr-22-201401 year
11South West StarterApr-21-201401 year
10North West JudgingApr-18-201401 year
9North West DessertApr-17-201401 year
8North West MainApr-16-201401 year
7North West FishApr-15-201401 year
6North West StarterApr-14-201401 year
5Northern Ireland JudgingApr-11-201401 year
4Northern Ireland DessertApr-10-201401 year
3Northern Ireland MainApr-09-201401 year
2Northern Ireland FishApr-08-201401 year
1Northern Ireland StarterApr-07-201401 year
845The BanquetMar-29-201301 year
44Finals DessertMar-28-201301 year
43Finals MainMar-27-201301 year
42Finals FishMar-26-201301 year
41Finals StarterMar-25-201301 year
40Wales JudgingMar-22-201301 year
39Wales DessertMar-21-201301 year
38Wales MainMar-20-201301 year
37Wales FishMar-19-201301 year
36Wales StarterMar-18-201301 year
35Central JudgingMar-14-201301 year
34Central DessertMar-13-201301 year
33Central MainMar-13-201301 year
32Central FishMar-12-201301 year
31Central StarterMar-11-201301 year
30Northern Ireland JudgingMar-08-201301 year
29Northern Ireland DessertMar-07-201301 year
28Northern Ireland MainMar-06-201301 year
27Northern Ireland FishMar-05-201301 year
26Northern Ireland StarterMar-04-201301 year
25South West JudgingMar-01-201301 year
24South West DessertFeb-28-201301 year
23South West MainFeb-27-201301 year
22South West FishFeb-26-201301 year
21South West StarterFeb-25-201301 year
20North East JudgingFeb-22-201301 year
19North East DessertFeb-21-201301 year
18North East MainFeb-20-201301 year
17North East FishFeb-19-201301 year
16North East StarterFeb-18-201301 year
15North West JudgingFeb-15-201301 year
14North West DessertFeb-14-201301 year
13North West MainFeb-13-201301 year
12North West FishFeb-12-201301 year
11North West StarterFeb-11-201301 year
10Scotland JudgingFeb-08-201301 year
9Scotland DessertFeb-07-201301 year
8Scotland MainFeb-06-201301 year
7Scotland FishFeb-05-201301 year
6Scotland StarterFeb-04-201301 year
5London and South East JudgingFeb-01-201301 year
4London and South East DessertJan-31-201301 year
3London and South East MainJan-30-201301 year
2London and South East FishJan-29-201309 years
1London and South East StarterJan-28-201309 years
745Olympic BanquetJun-08-201201 year
44Finals DessertsJun-07-201201 year
43Finals MainsJun-06-201201 year
42Finals FishJun-05-201201 year
41Finals StartersJun-04-201201 year
40South West JudgingJun-01-201201 year
39South West DessertMay-31-201201 year
38South West MainMay-30-201201 year
37South West FishMay-29-201201 year
36South West StarterMay-28-201201 year
35Wales JudgingMay-25-201201 year
34Wales DessertMay-24-201201 year
33Wales MainMay-23-201201 year
32Wales FishMay-22-201201 year
31Wales StarterMay-21-201201 year
30South-East & London JudgingMay-18-201201 year
29South-East & London DessertMay-17-201201 year
28South-East & London MainMay-16-201201 year
27South-East & London FishMay-15-201201 year
26South-East & London StarterMay-14-201201 year
25North West JudgingMay-11-201201 year
24North West DessertMay-10-201201 year
23North West MainMay-09-201201 year
22North West FishMay-08-201201 year
21North West StarterMay-07-201201 year
20Northern Ireland JudgingMay-04-201201 year
19Northern Ireland DessertMay-03-201201 year
18Northern Ireland MainMay-02-201201 year
17Northern Ireland FishMay-01-201201 year
16Northern Ireland StarterApr-30-201201 year
15North East (Judging)Apr-27-201201 year
14North East DessertApr-26-201201 year
13North East MainApr-25-201201 year
12North East FishApr-24-201201 year
11North East StartersApr-23-201201 year
10Central JudgingApr-20-201201 year
9Central DessertApr-19-201201 year
8Central MainApr-18-201201 year
7Central FishApr-17-201201 year
6Central StarterApr-16-201201 year
5Scotland JudgingApr-13-201201 year
4Scotland DessertApr-12-201201 year
3Scotland MainApr-11-201201 year
2Scotland FishApr-10-201201 year
1Scotland StarterApr-09-201201 year
645BanquetJun-03-201101 year
44Finals DessertsJun-02-201101 year
43Finals MainsJun-01-201101 year
42Finals FishMay-31-201101 year
41Finals StartersMay-30-201101 year
40South-East JudgingMay-27-201101 year
39South-East DessertsMay-26-201101 year
38South-East MainsMay-25-201101 year
37South-East FishMay-24-201101 year
36South-East StartersMay-23-201101 year
35Wales JudgingMay-20-201101 year
34Wales DessertMay-19-201101 year
33Wales MainMay-18-201101 year
32Wales FishMay-17-201101 year
31Wales StarterMay-16-201101 year
30Scotland JudgingMay-13-201101 year
29Scotland DessertsMay-12-201101 year
28Scotland MainsMay-11-201101 year
27Scotland FishMay-10-201101 year
26Scotland StartersMay-09-201101 year
25South-West JudgingMay-06-201101 year
24South-West DessertsMay-05-201101 year
23South-West MainsMay-04-201101 year
22South-West FishMay-03-201103 years
21South-West StartersMay-02-201103 years
20Central JudgingApr-29-201103 years
19Central DessertsApr-28-201103 years
18Central MainsApr-27-201103 years
17Central FishApr-26-201103 years
16Central StartersApr-25-201103 years
15North-West JudgingApr-22-201103 years
14North-West DessertsApr-21-201103 years
13North-West MainsApr-20-201103 years
12North-West FishApr-19-201103 years
11North-West StartersApr-18-201103 years
10Northern Ireland JudgingApr-15-201103 years
9Northern Ireland DessertsApr-14-201103 years
8Northern Ireland MainsApr-13-201103 years
7Northern Ireland FishApr-12-201103 years
6Northern Ireland StartersApr-11-201103 years
5North-East JudgingApr-08-201103 years
4North-East DessertsApr-07-201103 years
3North-East MainsApr-06-201103 years
2North-East FishApr-05-201103 years
1North-East StartersApr-04-201103 years
545BanquetJun-05-201003 years
44Final DessertJun-04-201003 years
43Final MainJun-03-201003 years
42Final FishJun-02-201003 years
41Final StarterJun-01-201003 years
40London and South East JudgingMay-28-201003 years
39London and South East DessertMay-27-201003 years
38London and South East MainMay-26-201003 years
37London and South East FishMay-25-201003 years
36London and South East StarterMay-24-201003 years
35Northern Ireland JudgingMay-21-201003 years
34Northern Ireland DessertMay-20-201003 years
33Northern Ireland MainMay-19-201003 years
32Northern Ireland FishMay-18-201003 years
31Northern Ireland StarterMay-17-201003 years
30North East JudgingMay-14-201003 years
29North East DessertMay-13-201003 years
28North East MainMay-12-201003 years
27North East FishMay-11-201003 years
26North East StarterMay-10-201003 years
25Wales JudgingMay-07-201003 years
24Wales DessertMay-06-201003 years
23Wales MainMay-05-201003 years
22Wales FishMay-04-201003 years
21Wales StarterMay-03-201003 years
20South West JudgingApr-30-201003 years
19South West DessertApr-29-201003 years
18South West MainApr-28-201003 years
17South West FishApr-27-201003 years
16South West StarterApr-26-201003 years
15Central JudgingApr-23-201003 years
14Central DessertApr-22-201003 years
13Central MainApr-21-201003 years
12Central FishApr-20-201003 years
11Central StarterApr-19-201003 years
10North West JudgingApr-16-201003 years
9North West DessertApr-15-201003 years
8North West MainApr-14-201003 years
7North West FishApr-13-201003 years
6North West StarterApr-12-201003 years
5Scotland JudgingApr-09-201003 years
4Scotland DessertApr-08-201003 years
3Scotland MainApr-07-201003 years
2Scotland FishApr-06-201003 years
1Scotland StarterApr-05-201003 years
446BanquetJun-16-200903 years
45Finals ResultsMay-29-200903 years
44Finals DessertMay-28-200903 years
43Finals MainMay-27-200903 years
42Finals FishMay-26-200903 years
41Finals StarterMay-25-200903 years
40London and South East JudgingMay-22-200903 years
39London and South East DessertMay-21-200903 years
38London and South East MainMay-20-200903 years
37London and South East FishMay-19-200903 years
36London and South East StarterMay-18-200903 years
35North West JudgingMay-15-200903 years
34North West DessertMay-14-200903 years
33North West MainMay-13-200903 years
32North West FishMay-12-200903 years
31North West StarterMay-11-200903 years
30Wales JudgingMay-08-200903 years
29Wales DessertMay-07-200903 years
28Wales MainMay-06-200903 years
27Wales FishMay-05-200903 years
26Wales StarterMay-04-200903 years
25South West JudgingMay-01-200903 years
24South West DessertApr-30-200903 years
23South West MainApr-29-200903 years
22South West FishApr-28-200903 years
21South West StarterApr-27-200903 years
20Northern Ireland JudgingApr-24-200903 years
19Northern Ireland DessertApr-23-200903 years
18Northern Ireland MainApr-22-200903 years
17Northern Ireland FishApr-21-200903 years
16Northern Ireland StarterApr-20-200903 years
15North East JudgingApr-17-200903 years
14North East DessertApr-16-200903 years
13North East MainApr-15-200903 years
12North East FishApr-14-200903 years
11North East StarterApr-13-200903 years
10Scotland JudgingApr-10-200903 years
9Scotland DessertApr-09-200903 years
8Scotland MainApr-08-200903 years
7Scotland FishApr-07-200903 years
6Scotland StarterApr-06-200903 years
5Central JudgingApr-03-200903 years
4Central DessertApr-02-200903 years
3Central MainApr-01-200903 years
2Central FishMar-31-200903 years
1Central StarterMar-30-200903 years
349Gherkin BanquetJun-13-200805 years
48Final ResultsMay-23-200805 years
47Final: DessertsMay-22-200805 years
46Final: MainsMay-21-200805 years
45Final: FishMay-20-200805 years
44Final: StartersMay-19-200805 years
43London & South East: JudgingMay-16-200805 years
42London & South East: DessertMay-15-200805 years
41London & South East: MainMay-14-200805 years
40London & South East: FishMay-13-200805 years
39London & South East: StarterMay-12-200805 years
38South West: JudgingMay-09-200805 years
37South West: DessertMay-08-200805 years
36South West: MainMay-07-200805 years
35South West: FishMay-06-200805 years
34South West: StarterMay-05-200805 years
33Northern Ireland: JudgingMay-02-200805 years
32Northern Ireland: DessertMay-01-200805 years
31Northern Ireland: MainApr-30-200805 years
30Northern Ireland: FishApr-29-200805 years
29Northern Ireland: StarterApr-28-200805 years
28Scotland: JudgingApr-25-200805 years
27Scotland: DessertApr-24-200805 years
26Scotland: MainApr-23-200805 years
25Scotland: FishApr-22-200805 years
24Scotland: StarterApr-21-200805 years
23North: JudgingApr-18-200805 years
22North: DessertApr-17-200805 years
21North: MainApr-16-200805 years
20North: FishApr-15-200805 years
19North: StarterApr-14-200805 years
18Wales: JudgingApr-11-200805 years
17Wales: DessertApr-10-200805 years
16Wales: MainApr-09-200805 years
15Wales: FishApr-08-200805 years
14Wales: StarterApr-07-200805 years
13Central: JudgingApr-04-200805 years
12Central: DessertApr-03-200805 years
11Central: MainApr-02-200805 years
10Central: FishApr-01-200805 years
9Central: StarterMar-31-200805 years
8Regional Selection: South WestMar-26-200805 years
7Regional Selection: Northern IrelandMar-25-200805 years
6Regional Selection: London & South EastMar-24-200805 years
5Regional Selection: WalesMar-21-200805 years
4Regional Selection: The NorthMar-20-200805 years
3Regional Selection: ScotlandMar-19-200805 years
2Regional Selection: CentralMar-18-200805 years
1Banquet RecapMar-17-200805 years
241Ambassador's BanquetJun-08-200705 years
40Finals: ResultsMay-25-200705 years
39Finals: DessertMay-24-200705 years
38Finals: Main CourseMay-23-200705 years
37Finals: FishMay-22-200705 years
36Finals: StarterMay-21-200705 years
35North: JudgingMay-18-200705 years
34North: DessertMay-17-200705 years
33North: Main CourseMay-16-200705 years
32North: FishMay-15-200705 years
31North: StarterMay-14-200705 years
30South West: JudgingMay-11-200705 years
29South West: DessertMay-10-200705 years
28South West: Main CourseMay-09-200705 years
27South West: FishMay-08-200705 years
26South West: StarterMay-07-200705 years
25South East: JudgingMay-04-200705 years
24South East: DessertMay-03-200705 years
23South East: Main CourseMay-02-200705 years
22South East: FishMay-01-200705 years
21South East: StarterApr-30-200705 years
20Northern Ireland: JudgingApr-27-200705 years
19Northern Ireland: DessertApr-26-200705 years
18Northern Ireland: Main CourseApr-25-200705 years
17Northern Ireland: FishApr-24-200705 years
16Northern Ireland: StarterApr-23-200705 years
15Scotland: JudgingApr-20-200705 years
14Scotland: DessertApr-19-200705 years
13Scotland: Main CourseApr-18-200705 years
12Scotland: FishApr-17-200705 years
11Scotland: StarterApr-16-200705 years
10Wales: JudgingApr-13-200705 years
9Wales: DessertApr-12-200705 years
8Wales: Main CourseApr-11-200705 years
7Wales: FishApr-10-200705 years
6Wales: StarterApr-09-200705 years
5Central: JudgingApr-06-200705 years
4Central: DessertApr-05-200705 years
3Central: Main CourseApr-04-200705 years
2Central: FIshApr-03-200705 years
1Central: StarterApr-02-200705 years
141The Queen's BanquetJun-16-200604 years
40Great British Menu Royal BanquetJun-02-200604 years
39National Final DessertJun-01-200604 years
38National Final Meat CourseMay-31-200604 years
37National Final Fish CourseMay-30-200604 years
36National Final StarterMay-29-200604 years
35South East ResultsMay-26-200604 years
34South East DessertMay-25-200604 years
33South East Meat CourseMay-24-200604 years
32South East Fish CourseMay-23-200604 years
31South East StarterMay-22-200604 years
30Scotland ResultsMay-19-200604 years
29Scotland DessertMay-18-200604 years
28Scotland Meat CourseMay-17-200604 years
27Scotland Fish CourseMay-16-200604 years
26Scotland StarterMay-15-200604 years
25Wales ResultsMay-12-200604 years
24Wales DessertMay-11-200604 years
23Wales Meat CourseMay-10-200604 years
22Wales Fish CourseMay-09-200604 years
21Wales StarterMay-08-200604 years
20North ResultsMay-05-200604 years
19North DessertMay-04-200604 years
18North Meat CourseMay-03-200604 years
17North Fish CourseMay-02-200604 years
16North StarterMay-01-200604 years
15Midlands and the East ResultsApr-28-200604 years
14Midlands and the East DessertApr-27-200604 years
13Midlands and the East Meat CourseApr-26-200604 years
12Midlands and the East Fish CourseApr-25-200604 years
11Midlands and the East StarterApr-24-200604 years
10Northern Ireland ResultsApr-21-200604 years
9Northern Ireland DessertApr-20-200604 years
8Northern Ireland Meat CourseApr-19-200604 years
7Northern Ireland Fish CourseApr-18-200604 years
6Northern Ireland StarterApr-17-200604 years
5South West ResultsApr-14-200604 years
4South West DessertApr-13-200604 years
3South West Meat CourseApr-12-200604 years
2South West Fish CourseApr-11-200604 years
1South West StarterApr-10-200604 years
06Budget MenuJul-11-201301 year
5Christmas Judgement DayDec-15-200601 year
4Christmas DessertsDec-14-200601 year
3Christmas Main CourseDec-13-200601 year
2Christmas StarterDec-12-200601 year
1Christmas CanapesDec-11-200601 year

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