Grand Designs

Series featuring the challenges faced by eight people designing and building their dream houses.

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Release Date: 2012

Status: Running

Network: ()


Most recent episode: Grand Designs Season 20 Episode 7 - Strathaven: Airfield Revisited ( 10/16/2019 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
207Strathaven: Airfield RevisitedOct-16-201921 month
6North Devon: LighthouseOct-09-201911 month
5Suffolk: Tree HouseOct-02-201941 month
4Hull: Underground Family HouseSep-25-201951 month
3Warwickshire: Wheelchair-Friendly HouseSep-18-201931 month
2Lincolnshire: Cylinder HomeSep-11-201941 month
1Galloway: Cliff-Top HouseSep-04-201931 month
197Revisited - East Devon: Cob CastleOct-31-201811 month
6East Sussex: Modern Country HouseOct-24-201813 years
5Sheffield: Twin HousesOct-17-201823 years
4Leominster: Amphitheatre FarmhouseOct-10-201811 year
3Richmond: Hypoallergenic HouseOct-03-201821 month
2Padstow, Cornwall: American Modernist HouseSep-26-201831 month
1BuckinghamshireSep-19-201841 month
189Revisited - Herefordshire: The Recycled Timber-Framed HouseNov-01-201701 year
8London: Miniscule HouseOct-25-201701 year
7Peak District: Post-Industrial HouseOct-18-201701 year
6Blackdown Hills, Devon: Snake HouseOct-11-201701 year
5South East London: Victorian Dairy HouseOct-04-201701 year
4South Hertfordshire: Roman HouseSep-27-201701 year
3County Down: Agricultural HouseSep-20-201701 year
2Harringey, London: Victorian GatehouseSep-13-201701 year
1Malvern Hill HouseSep-06-201701 year
179Revisited - Somerset: Cow ShedMay-30-201701 year
8The Wirral: Floating Timber HouseNov-17-201601 year
7Devon: Plough-Shaped HouseNov-02-201601 year
6Pembrokeshire: Low-Impact HouseOct-26-201601 year
5Bolton: Ultra-Modern HouseOct-19-201601 year
4Essex: Black HouseOct-12-201601 year
3South Cornwall: Steam Bending HouseOct-05-201601 year
2Horsham: Fun HouseSep-28-201601 year
1Dursley: Gloucestershire TreehouseSep-21-201601 year
169Revisited - Cornwall: The Cross-Laminated Timber HouseNov-13-201501 year
8Revisited - Buckinghamshire: The Floating House (Revisited from S14 Ep7)Oct-28-201501 year
7South Downs: The Rusty Metal HouseOct-21-201501 year
6Somerset: The Concrete CowshedOct-14-201501 year
5County Antrim: The Blacksmith's HouseOct-07-201501 year
4Worcestershire: The Cave HouseSep-30-201501 year
3Isle of Wight: The Seaside HouseSep-23-201501 year
2East Sussex - The Boat HouseSep-16-201501 year
1West Sussex: The Perfectionist's BungalowSep-09-201501 year
154Living in the CountryJul-30-201521 month
3Living in SuburbiaJul-23-201521 month
2Living in the WildJul-16-201511 month
1Living in the CityJul-09-201511 month
1410Revisited - Devon: The Crooked Chocolate Box CottageNov-05-201401 year
9Revisited - Monmouthshire: The Japanese HouseOct-29-201401 year
8Revisited - Creuse, France: The 19th Century Manor HouseOct-22-201401 year
7Marlow: The Floating HouseOct-15-201401 year
6Norfolk: The Periscope HouseOct-08-201401 year
5London: The Urban ShedOct-01-201401 year
4County Londonderry: The Shipping Containers HouseSep-24-201401 year
3Milton Keynes: The Round HouseSep-17-201401 year
2Cornwall: The Cross-Laminated Timber HouseSep-10-201401 year
1Gwynedd: The Clifftop HouseSep-03-201401 year
1311Revisited - Woodbridge: The Modest Home (Revisited from S10 Ep3)Nov-13-201301 year
10Revisited - Málaga, Spain: The Modernist Villa (Revisited from Grand Designs Abroad 8 September 2004)Nov-06-201301 year
9Newbury: The Christmas FarmOct-30-201301 year
8East Devon: The Cob CastleOct-23-201301 year
7Brockwell Park, South London: The Modernist MasterpieceOct-16-201301 year
6Monmouthshire: The Japanese HouseOct-09-201301 year
5South Lanarkshire: The Metal Sculptural HomeOct-02-201301 year
4Tiverton: The Crooked Chocolate Box CottageSep-25-201301 year
3York: The Giant Farm ShedSep-18-201301 year
2North London: The Miniature Hollywood MansionSep-11-201301 year
1South Yorkshire: The 1920's CinemaSep-04-201301 year
12122nd Revisiting - Brighton: The Co-Op (Revisited from S1 Ep3 & S2 Ep13Dec-05-201211 year
11Revisited - Essex: The Large Timber-Framed Barn (Revisited from S11 Ep4)Nov-28-201201 year
10Revisited - London: The Disco Home (Revisited from S11 Ep7)Nov-21-201211 year
9Revisited - Isle of Wight: The Tree House (Revisited from S10 Ep1)Nov-14-201211 year
8London: The Joinery WorkshopNov-07-201211 year
7Isle of Skye: The Larch-Clad HouseOct-31-201201 year
6London: The Edwardian Artist's StudioOct-24-201201 year
5London: The Derelict Water TowerOct-17-201201 year
4Oxfordshire: The Thames BoathouseOct-10-201201 year
3Brixton: The Glass Cubes HouseSep-26-201201 year
2Hertfordshire: The Computer-cut HouseSep-19-201201 year
1Roscommon, Ireland: Cloontykilla CastleSep-12-201221 year
1112Revisited - Kent: The Headcorn Minimalist House (Revisited from S9 Ep7)Nov-30-201101 year
11Revisited - Cumbria: The Adaptahaus (Revisited from S10 Ep7)Nov-23-201101 year
10Revisited - Ashford, Kent: The Water Tower Conversion (Revisited from S6 Ep4)Nov-16-201101 year
9Revisited - Kent: The Eco Arch (Revisited from S9 Ep4)Nov-09-201101 year
8Revisited - Lake District: The Dome House (Revisited from S10 Ep8)Nov-02-201101 year
7London: The Disco HomeOct-26-201101 year
6Cornwall: The Dilapidated Engine HouseOct-19-201101 year
5Herefordshire: The Recycled Timber-framed HouseOct-12-201101 year
4Essex: The Large Timber-framed BarnOct-05-201101 year
3Tenby: The Lifeboat StationSep-28-201101 year
2London: The Contemporary MansionSep-21-201101 year
1Morpeth: The Derelict Mill CottageSep-14-201101 year
1014Revisited - Midlothian, Scotland: The Lime Kiln House (Revisited from S8 Ep5)Dec-15-201001 year
13Coleshill, Amersham - 2nd Revisit: The Water Tower (Revisited from S1 Ep4 and S2 Ep16)Dec-08-201001 year
12Revisited - Lot, France: House from Straw (Revisited from Grand Designs Abroad - 15 September 2004)Dec-01-201001 year
11Revisited - Belfast: A 21st Century Answer to the Roman Villa (Revisited from S5 Ep9)Nov-24-201001 year
10Revisited - Dulwich: The Glass & Timber House (Revisited from S7 Ep12)Nov-17-201001 year
9Revisited - Brittany, France: The Brittany Groundhouse (Revisited from S9 Ep5)Nov-10-201001 year
8Lake District: The Dome HouseNov-03-201001 year
7Cumbria: The AdaptahausOct-27-201001 year
6Lizard Peninsular: The Scandinavian HouseOct-20-201001 year
5Ipswich: The Radian HouseOct-13-201001 year
4Stowmarket: The Barn & GuildhallOct-06-201001 year
3Woodbridge: The Modest HomeSep-29-201001 year
2Cotswolds: The Stealth HouseSep-22-201001 year
1Isle of Wight: The Tree HouseSep-15-201001 year
9132nd Revisit - Sussex: The Woodsmans Cottage (Revisited from S3 Ep3 & S5 Ep8)Apr-29-200901 year
12Revisited - Killearn, Scotland: The Loch House (Revisited from S6 Ep1)Apr-22-200901 year
11Revisited - Hampshire: The Thatched Cottage (Revisited from S7 Ep2)Apr-15-200901 year
10Brighton: The Brighton Modern MansionApr-08-200901 year
9Revisited - Cambridgeshire: The Cambridgeshire Eco Home (Revisited from S7 Ep10)Mar-25-200901 year
8Revisited: The 14th Century Castle (Revisited from S7 Ep1)Mar-18-200901 year
7Kent: The Headcorn Minimalist HouseMar-11-200901 year
6Wiltshire: The Marlborough Farm HouseMar-04-200901 year
5Brittany: The Brittany GroundhouseFeb-25-200901 year
4Kent: The Eco ArchFeb-18-200901 year
3Newport: The Newport FollyFeb-11-200901 year
2Oxfordshire: The Chilterns Water MillFeb-04-200901 year
1Somerset: The Apprentice StoreJan-28-200901 year
812Maidstone: The Hi Tech BungalowApr-02-200801 year
11Revisited - Cumbria: The Underground House (Revisited from S3 Ep7)Mar-26-200801 year
10Revisited - Surrey: The Victorian Threshing Barn (Revisited from S3 Ep4)Mar-19-200801 year
9Revisited - Surrey: Customised German Kit House (Revisited from S4 Ep2)Mar-12-200801 year
8Revisited - Peterborough: The Wooden Box (Revisited from S3 Ep1)Mar-05-200801 year
7Revisited - Puglia: An Artists' Retreat (Revisited from Grand Designs Abroad - 22 September 2004)Feb-27-200831 month
6Bath: The Bath Kit HouseFeb-20-200821 month
5Midlothian: The Lime Kiln HouseFeb-13-200831 month
4Herefordshire: The Gothic HouseFeb-06-200831 month
3Bristol: The Modernist Sugar CubeJan-30-200826 months
2Oxford: The Decagon HouseJan-23-200831 month
1Cheltenham: The Underground HouseJan-16-200826 months
712Dulwich: The Glass & Timber HouseMay-16-200701 year
11Revisited - Tuscany: The Tuscan Castle (Revisited from Grand Designs Abroad - 13 October 2004)May-09-200701 year
10Cambridgeshire: The Cambridgeshire Eco HomeMay-02-200701 year
9Revisited - Argyll: The Oak-Framed House (Revisited from S4 Ep7)Apr-25-200701 year
8Revisited - Peckham: The Sliding Glass Roof House (Revisited from S5 Ep2)Apr-18-200731 month
7Guildford: The Art Deco HouseApr-11-200726 months
6Tipton: The Birmingham ChurchApr-04-200726 months
5Revisited - Carmarthen: The Eco-House (Revisited from S5 Ep11)Mar-28-200741 month
4Bournemouth: The Bournemouth PenthouseMar-21-200726 months
3Medway: The Eco-BargeMar-14-200726 months
2Hampshire: The Thatched CottageMar-07-200731 month
1Skipton: The 14th Century Castle (90 minutes)Feb-28-200726 months
68Revisited - Clapham: The Curved House (Revisited from S4 Ep5)May-23-200601 year
7Exeter: Garden House aka "Mies van der Rohe Inspired HouseMay-17-200601 year
6Revisited - Les Gets, France: 300 Year Old Chalet (Revisited from Grand Designs Abroad - 20 October 2004)May-10-200601 year
5Revisited - Creuse, France: 19th Century Manor House (Revisited from Grand Designs Abroad - 29 September 2004)May-03-200601 year
4Ashford: Water Tower ConversionApr-26-200601 year
3Stirling: The Contemporary Cedar Clad HomeApr-19-200601 year
2Ross-on-Wye: The Contemporary Barn ConversionApr-12-200601 year
1Killearn: The Loch HouseApr-05-200601 year
511Carmarthen: The Eco-HouseNov-16-200501 year
10Devon: The Miami-Style Beach HouseNov-09-200521 month
9Belfast: A 21st Century Answer to the Roman VillaNov-02-200501 year
8Revisited - Sussex: The Woodsmans Cottage (Revisited from S3 Ep3)Oct-26-200501 year
7Shaldon: Shaped Like a Curvy SeashellOct-19-200501 year
6Revisited - Lambeth: The Violin Factory (Revisited from S4 Ep1)Oct-13-200501 year
5Revisited - Hackney: The Terrace Conversion (Revisited from S3 Ep6)May-04-200501 year
4Kent: Finnish Log CabinApr-27-200501 year
3Gloucester: The 16th Century FarmhouseApr-20-200501 year
2Peckham: The sliding glass roof houseApr-13-200511 month
1Revisited - Edinburgh:19th Century Sandstone House (Revisited from S4 Ep4)Apr-06-200501 year
412Revisited - Argyll: The Oak-Framed HouseApr-25-200701 year
11Revisited - Walton: The German Huf HausMar-12-200801 year
10Revisited - Clapham: The Curved HouseNov-23-200501 year
9Revisited - Waterloo: The Violin FactoryOct-13-200501 year
8Dorset: An Idiosyncratic HomeMar-10-200401 year
7Argyll: The Oak-Framed HouseMar-03-200401 year
6Sussex: The Modernist Sugar CubeFeb-25-200401 year
5Clapham: The Curved HouseFeb-18-200401 year
4Leith: 19th Century Sandstone HouseFeb-11-200401 year
3Revisited - Buckinghamshire: The Inverted-Roof House (Revisited from S3 Ep5)Feb-04-200401 year
2Walton on Thames: Customised German Kit HouseJan-28-200401 year
1Lambeth: The Violin FactoryJan-21-200401 year
315Revisited (2) - Sussex: The Woodsmans CottageApr-29-200901 year
14Revisited - Cumbria: The Underground HouseMar-26-200801 year
13Revisited - Surrey: The Victorian Threshing BarnMar-19-200801 year
12Revisited - Berkshire: The English Barn (Revisited from S1 Ep2)Oct-29-200301 year
11Revisited - Sunderland: The Former Electricity Sub-Station (Revisited from Grand Designs Indoors - 1 March 2001)Oct-22-200301 year
102nd Revisit - Islington: The House of Straw (Revisited from S1 Ep7 & S2 Ep11)Oct-15-200301 year
9Revisited - Lambourn Valley: The Cruciform House (Revisited from S2 Ep5)Oct-08-200301 year
8Herefordshire: The Traditional CottageOct-01-200301 year
7Cumbria: The Underground HouseSep-24-200301 year
6Hackney: The Terrace ConversionSep-17-200301 year
5Buckinghamshire: The Inverted-Roof HouseMar-12-200326 months
4Surrey: The Victorian Threshing BarnMar-05-200301 year
3Sussex: The Woodsmans CottageFeb-26-200301 year
2Chesterfield: The Water-WorksFeb-19-200301 year
1Peterborough: The Wooden BoxFeb-12-200301 year
217Revisited - Devon: The Derelict Barns (Revisited from S2 Ep8)Oct-01-200201 year
16Revisited - Coleshill, Amersham: The Water Tower (Revisited from S1 Ep4)Sep-24-200201 year
15Revisited - London: The Dilapidated Georgian House (Revisited from Grand Designs Indoors - 15 March 2001)Sep-17-200201 year
14Revisited - Brecon Beacons, Wales: The Isolated Cottage (Revisited from S2 Ep4)Sep-10-200201 year
13Revisited - Brighton: The Co-Op (Revisited from S1 Ep3)Dec-06-200101 year
12Revisited - Birmingham: The Self-Build (Revisited from S2 Ep6)Nov-29-200101 year
11Revisited - Islington: The House of Straw (Revisited from S1 Ep7)Nov-22-200101 year
10Revisited - Suffolk: The Eco-House (Revisited from S1 Ep5)Nov-15-200101 year
9Revisited - Doncaster: The Glass-House (Revisited from S1 Ep8)Nov-08-200101 year
8Devon: The Derelict BarnsSep-04-200111 month
7London: The Jewel BoxAug-28-200111 month
6Birmingham: The Self-BuildAug-21-200111 month
5Lambourn Valley: The Cruciform HouseAug-14-200111 month
4Brecon Beacons: The Isolated CottageAug-07-200121 month
3Netherton: The Wool MillJul-31-200121 month
2Sussex: The New England Gable HouseJul-24-200111 month
1Farnham: The Regency VillaJul-17-200111 month
117Revisited (2) - Brighton: The Co-Operative BuildDec-05-201201 year
16Revisited (2) - Amersham: The Water TowerDec-08-201001 year
15Revisited - Berkshire: English BarnOct-29-200301 year
14Revisited (2) - Islington: The House of StrawOct-15-200301 year
13Revisited - Amersham: The Water TowerSep-24-200201 year
12Revisited - Brighton: The Co-Operative BuildDec-06-200101 year
11Revisited - Islington: The House of StrawNov-22-200101 year
10Revisited - Suffolk: The Eco-HouseNov-15-200101 year
9Revisited - Doncaster: The Glass HouseNov-08-200101 year
8Doncaster: The Glass HouseJun-24-199901 year
7Islington: The House of StrawJun-17-199901 year
6Cornwall: The ChapelJun-10-199901 year
5Suffolk: The Eco-HouseJun-03-199901 year
4Amersham: The Water TowerMay-20-199901 year
3Brighton: The Co-Operative BuildMay-13-199901 year
2Berkshire: English BarnMay-06-199901 year
1Newhaven: The Timber Frame Kit HouseApr-29-199901 year
08TBAAug-28-201901 year
7Revisited: Malaga, Spain: Modernist VillaNov-06-201301 year
6The Great British Property Scandal Special: Kevin's Grand Design Part 2Dec-15-201101 year
5The Great British Property Scandal Special: Kevin's Grand Design Part 1Dec-07-201101 year
4Revisited - Lot: House From StrawDec-01-201001 year
3Revisited - Puglia: Masseria Impisi, An Artists RetreatFeb-27-200801 year
2Revisited - Tuscany: The Tuscan CastleOct-13-200401 year
1Revisited - Sunderland: The Former Electricity Sub-StationMar-22-200301 year

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