Good Game

Good Game is a program by gamers for gamers. Each week it will be jam-packed with the latest gaming news and events, top gaming tips, reviews and interviews with game developers and the people behind the scenes. Hosted by Bajo and Hex, Good Game is filmed in the Den of Gaming; a gamers’ paradise fitted out with just about every gaming device ever invented and complemented by a huge plasma screen. Bajo and Hex are supported each week by Rei.

Genre: Talk-Show, News

Release Date: September 19, 2006 (US)

Status: Running

Network: ABC Comedy (IMDb, Official Website)


Most recent episode: Good Game Season 12 Episode 43 - Episode 43 - Christmas Special ( 12/6/2016 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1243Episode 43 - Christmas SpecialDec-06-2016012 months
42Episode 42Nov-29-2016012 months
41Episode 41Nov-22-2016012 months
40Episode 40Nov-15-2016012 months
39Episode 39Nov-08-2016012 months
38Episode 38Nov-01-2016012 months
37Episode 37Oct-25-2016012 months
36Episode 36Oct-18-2016012 months
35Episode 35Oct-11-2016012 months
34Episode 34Oct-04-2016012 months
33Episode 33Sep-27-2016012 months
3210th B'Day 1 Hr SpecialSep-20-2016012 months
31Episode 31Sep-13-2016012 months
30Episode 30Sep-06-2016012 months
29Episode 29Aug-30-2016012 months
28Episode 28 - Sci-Fi SpecialAug-23-2016012 months
27Episode 27Aug-16-2016012 months
26Episode 26Aug-09-2016012 months
25Episode 25Aug-02-2016012 months
24Episode 24Jul-26-2016012 months
23Episode 23Jul-19-2016012 months
22Episode 22Jul-12-2016012 months
21Episode 21Jul-05-2016012 months
20Episode 20Jun-28-2016012 months
19Episode 19Jun-21-2016012 months
18Episode 18Jun-14-2016012 months
17Episode 17Jun-07-2016012 months
16Episode 16May-31-2016012 months
15Episode 15May-24-2016012 months
14Episode 14May-17-2016012 months
13Episode 13May-10-2016012 months
12Episode 12May-03-2016012 months
11Episode 11Apr-26-2016012 months
10Episode 10 - GDC SpecialApr-19-2016012 months
9Episode 9Apr-12-2016012 months
8Episode 8Apr-05-2016012 months
7Episode 7Mar-29-2016012 months
6Episode 6Mar-22-2016012 months
5Episode 5Mar-15-2016012 months
4Episode 4Mar-08-2016012 months
3Episode 3Mar-01-2016012 months
2Episode 2Feb-23-2016012 months
1Episode 1Feb-16-2016012 months
1144Episode 44 - Christmas SpecialDec-15-2015012 months
43Episode 43 - The GG SpotDec-08-2015012 months
42Episode 42 - Star Wars SpecialDec-01-2015012 months
41Episode 41Nov-24-2015012 months
40Episode 40Nov-17-2015012 months
39Episode 39Nov-10-2015012 months
38Episode 38Nov-03-2015012 months
37Episode 37Oct-27-2015012 months
36Episode 36Oct-20-2015012 months
35Episode 35Oct-13-2015012 months
34Episode 34Oct-06-2015012 months
33Episode 33Sep-29-2015012 months
32Episode 32Sep-22-2015012 months
31Episode 31Sep-15-2015012 months
30Episode 30Sep-08-2015012 months
29Episode 29Sep-01-2015012 months
28Episode 28Aug-25-2015012 months
27Episode 27Aug-18-2015012 months
26Episode 26 - This Gaming LifeAug-11-2015012 months
25Episode 25Aug-04-2015012 months
24Episode 24Jul-28-2015012 months
23Episode 23Jul-21-2015012 months
22Episode 22Jul-14-2015012 months
21Episode 21Jul-07-2015012 months
20Episode 20 - E3 Special 2015Jun-30-2015012 months
19Episode 19Jun-23-2015012 months
18Episode 18Jun-16-2015012 months
17Episode 17Jun-09-2015012 months
16Episode 16Jun-02-2015012 months
15Episode 15May-26-2015012 months
14Episode 14May-19-2015012 months
13Episode 13May-12-2015012 months
12Episode 12May-05-2015012 months
11Episode 11Apr-28-2015012 months
10Episode 10 - ANZAC SpecialApr-21-2015012 months
9Episode 9Apr-14-2015012 months
8Episode 8Apr-07-2015012 months
7Episode 7Mar-31-2015012 months
6Episode 6Mar-24-2015012 months
5Episode 5Mar-17-2015012 months
4Episode 4Mar-10-2015012 months
3Episode 3Mar-03-2015012 months
2Episode 2Feb-24-2015012 months
1Episode 1Feb-17-2015012 months
1045Episode 45 - Christmas SpecialDec-09-2014012 months
44Episode 44Dec-02-2014012 months
43Episode 43Nov-25-2014012 months
42Episode 42Nov-18-2014012 months
41Episode 41Nov-11-2014012 months
40Episode 40Nov-04-2014012 months
39Episode 39Oct-28-2014012 months
38Episode 38Oct-21-2014012 months
37Episode 37Oct-14-2014012 months
36Episode 36 - Mental Health SpecialOct-07-2014012 months
35Episode 35Sep-30-2014012 months
34Episode 34Sep-23-2014012 months
33Episode 33Sep-16-2014012 months
32Episode 32Sep-09-2014012 months
31Episode 31Sep-02-2014012 months
30Episode 30Aug-26-2014012 months
29Episode 29Aug-19-2014012 months
28Episode 28 - Top 100Aug-12-2014012 months
27Episode 27 - Bajo SpecialAug-05-2014012 months
26Episode 26Aug-05-2014012 months
25Episode 25 - Hex SpecialJul-29-2014012 months
24Episode 24Jul-29-2014012 months
23Episode 23Jul-22-2014012 months
22Episode 22Jul-15-2014012 months
21Episode 21Jul-08-2014012 months
20Episode 20Jul-01-2014012 months
19Episode 19 - E3 Special 2014Jun-24-2014012 months
18Episode 18Jun-17-2014012 months
17Episode 17Jun-10-2014012 months
16Episode 16Jun-03-2014012 months
15Episode 15May-27-2014012 months
14Episode 14May-20-2014012 months
13Episode 13May-13-2014012 months
12Episode 12May-06-2014012 months
11Episode 11 - The ApocalypseApr-29-2014012 months
10Episode 10Apr-22-2014012 months
9Episode 9Apr-15-2014012 months
8Episode 8Apr-08-2014012 months
7Episode 7Apr-01-2014012 months
6Episode 6Mar-25-2014012 months
5Episode 5Mar-18-2014012 months
4Episode 4Mar-11-2014012 months
3Episode 3Mar-04-2014012 months
2Episode 2Feb-25-2014012 months
1Episode 1Feb-18-2014012 months
943Christmas SpecialDec-03-2013012 months
42Episode 42Nov-26-2013012 months
41Episode 41Nov-19-2013012 months
40Episode 40Nov-12-2013012 months
39Episode 39Nov-05-2013012 months
38Episode 38Oct-29-2013012 months
37Episode 37Oct-22-2013012 months
36Episode 36Oct-15-2013012 months
35Episode 35Oct-08-2013012 months
34Episode 34Oct-01-2013012 months
33Episode 33Sep-24-2013012 months
32Episode 32Sep-17-2013012 months
31Episode 31Sep-10-2013012 months
30Episode 30Sep-03-2013012 months
29Episode 29Aug-27-2013012 months
28Episode 28Aug-20-2013012 months
27Episode 27Aug-13-2013012 months
26Episode 26Aug-06-2013012 months
25Episode 25Jul-30-2013012 months
24Episode 24Jul-23-2013012 months
23Episode 23Jul-16-2013012 months
22Episode 22Jul-09-2013012 months
21Episode 21Jul-02-2013012 months
20Episode 20 - E3 SpecialJun-25-2013012 months
19Episode 19Jun-18-2013012 months
18Episode 18Jun-11-2013012 months
17Episode 17Jun-04-2013012 months
16Episode 16May-28-2013012 months
15Episode 15May-21-2013012 months
14Episode 14May-14-2013012 months
13Episode 13May-07-2013012 months
12Episode 12Apr-30-2013012 months
11Episode 11Apr-23-2013012 months
10Episode 10Apr-16-2013012 months
9Episode 09Apr-09-2013012 months
8Episode 08Apr-02-2013012 months
7Episode 07Mar-26-2013012 months
6Episode 06Mar-19-2013012 months
5Episode 05Mar-12-2013012 months
4Episode 04Mar-05-2013012 months
3Episode 03Feb-26-2013012 months
2Episode 02Feb-19-2013012 months
1Episode 01Feb-12-2013012 months
843Episode 43Dec-04-2012012 months
42Episode 42Nov-27-2012012 months
41Episode 41Nov-20-2012012 months
40Episode 40Nov-13-2012012 months
39Episode 39Nov-06-2012012 months
38Episode 38Oct-30-2012012 months
37Episode 37Oct-23-2012012 months
36Episode 36Oct-16-2012012 months
35Episode 35Oct-09-2012012 months
34Episode 34Oct-02-2012012 months
33Episode 33Sep-25-2012012 months
32Episode 32Sep-18-2012012 months
31Episode 31Sep-11-2012012 months
30Episode 30Sep-04-2012012 months
29Episode 29Aug-28-2012012 months
28Episode 28Aug-21-2012012 months
27Episode 27Aug-14-2012012 months
26Episode 26Aug-07-2012012 months
25Episode 25Jul-31-2012012 months
24Episode 24Jul-24-2012012 months
23Episode 23Jul-17-2012012 months
22Episode 22Jul-10-2012012 months
21Episode 21Jul-03-2012012 months
20Episode 20Jun-26-2012012 months
19Episode 19 - E3 Special 2012Jun-19-2012012 months
18Episode 18Jun-12-2012012 months
17Episode 17Jun-05-2012012 months
16Episode 16May-29-2012012 months
15Episode 15May-22-2012012 months
14Episode 14May-15-2012012 months
13Episode 13May-08-2012012 months
12Episode 12May-01-2012012 months
11Episode 11Apr-24-2012012 months
10Episode 10 - Arcade SpecialApr-17-2012012 months
9Episode 09Apr-10-2012012 months
8Episode 08Apr-03-2012012 months
7Episode 07Mar-27-2012012 months
6Episode 06Mar-20-2012012 months
5Episode 05Mar-13-2012012 months
4Episode 04Mar-06-2012012 months
3Episode 03Feb-28-2012012 months
2Episode 02Feb-21-2012012 months
1[no episode title yet]Feb-14-201209 years
743Episode 43 - 29/11/2011 - Christmas SpecialNov-29-2011012 months
42Episode 42 - 22/11/2011Nov-22-2011012 months
41Episode 41 - 15/11/2011Nov-15-2011012 months
40Episode 40 - 08/11/2011Nov-08-2011012 months
39Episode 39 - 01/11/2011Nov-01-2011012 months
38Episode 38 - 25/10/2011Oct-25-2011012 months
37Episode 37 - 18/10/2011Oct-18-2011012 months
36Episode 36 - 11/10/2011Oct-11-2011012 months
35Episode 35 - 04/10/2011Oct-04-2011012 months
34Episode 34 - 27/09/2011Sep-27-2011012 months
33Episode 33 - 20/09/2011Sep-20-2011012 months
32Episode 32 - 13/09/2011Sep-13-2011012 months
31Episode 31 - 06/09/2011Sep-06-2011012 months
30Episode 30 - 30/08/2011Aug-30-2011012 months
29Episode 29 - 23/08/2011Aug-23-2011012 months
28Episode 28 - 16/08/2011Aug-16-2011012 months
27Episode 27 - 09/08/2011Aug-09-2011012 months
26Episode 26 - 02/08/2011Aug-02-2011012 months
25Episode 25 - 26/07/2011Jul-26-2011012 months
24Episode 24 - 19/07/2011Jul-19-2011012 months
23Episode 23 - 12/07/2011Jul-12-2011012 months
22Episode 22 - 05/07/2011Jul-05-201105 years
21Episode 21 - 28/06/2011Jun-28-201105 years
20Episode 20 - 21/06/2011 - E3 SpecialJun-21-201105 years
19Episode 19 - 14/06/2011Jun-14-201105 years
18Episode 18 - 07/06/2011Jun-07-201105 years
17Episode 17 - 31/05/2011May-31-201105 years
16Episode 16 - 24/05/2011May-24-201105 years
15Episode 15 - 17/05/2011May-17-201105 years
14Episode 14 - 10/05/2011May-10-201105 years
13Episode 13 - 03/05/2011 - Superhero SpecialMay-03-201105 years
12Episode 12 - 26/04/2011Apr-26-201105 years
11Episode 11 - 19/04/2011Apr-19-201105 years
10Episode 10 - 12/04/2011Apr-12-201105 years
9Episode 09 - 05/04/2011Apr-05-201105 years
8Episode 08 - 29/03/2011Mar-29-201105 years
7Episode 07 - 22/03/2011Mar-22-201105 years
6Episode 06 - 15/03/2011Mar-15-201105 years
5Episode 05 - 08/03/2011Mar-08-201105 years
4Episode 04 - 01/03/2011Mar-01-201105 years
3Episode 03 - 22/02/2011Feb-22-201105 years
2Episode 02 - 15/02/2011Feb-15-201105 years
1Episode 01 - 08/02/2011Feb-08-201105 years
643Episode 43 - 06/12/2010 - Good Game of the Year EditionDec-06-201005 years
42Episode 42 - 29/11/2010 - Christmas SpecialNov-29-201005 years
41Episode 41 - 22/11/2010Nov-22-201005 years
40Episode 40 - 15/11/2010Nov-15-201005 years
39Episode 39 - 08/11/2010Nov-08-201005 years
38Episode 38 - 01/11/2010Nov-01-201005 years
37Episode 37 - 25/10/2010Oct-25-201005 years
36Episode 36 - 18/10/2010Oct-18-201005 years
35Episode 35 - 11/10/2010Oct-11-201005 years
34Episode 34 - 04/10/2010Oct-04-201005 years
33Episode 33 - 27/09/2010Sep-27-201005 years
32Episode 32 - 20/09/2010Sep-20-201005 years
31Episode 31 - 13/09/2010Sep-13-201005 years
30Episode 30 - 06/09/2010Sep-06-201005 years
29Episode 29 - 30/08/2010Aug-30-201005 years
28Episode 28 - 23/08/2010 - Space SpecialAug-23-201005 years
27Episode 27 - 16/08/2010Aug-16-201005 years
26Episode 26 - 09/08/2010Aug-09-201005 years
25Episode 25 - 02/08/2010Aug-02-201005 years
24Episode 24 - 26/07/2010Jul-26-201005 years
23Episode 23 - 19/07/2010Jul-19-201005 years
22Episode 22 - 12/07/2010Jul-12-201005 years
21Episode 21 - 05/07/2010Jul-05-201005 years
20Episode 20 - 28/06/2010 - E3 2010 SpecialJun-28-201005 years
19Episode 19 - 21/06/2010Jun-21-201005 years
18Episode 18 - 14/06/2010Jun-14-201005 years
17Episode 17 - 07/06/2010Jun-07-201005 years
16Episode 16 - 31/05/2010May-31-201005 years
15Episode 15 - 24/05/2010May-24-201005 years
14Episode 14 - 17/05/2010May-17-201005 years
13Episode 13 - 10/05/2010May-10-201005 years
12Episode 12 - 03/05/2010May-03-201005 years
11Episode 11 - 26/04/2010Apr-26-201005 years
10Episode 10 - 19/04/2010Apr-19-201005 years
9Episode 09 - 12/04/2010Apr-12-201005 years
8Episode 08 - 05/04/2010Apr-05-201005 years
7Episode 07 - 29/03/2010Mar-29-201005 years
6Episode 06 - 22/03/2010Mar-15-201005 years
5Episode 05 - 15/03/2010Mar-15-201005 years
4Episode 04 - 08/03/2010Mar-08-201005 years
3Episode 03 - 01/03/2010Mar-01-201005 years
2Episode 02 - 22/02/2010Feb-22-201005 years
1Episode 01 - 15/01/2010Jan-15-201005 years
543Episode 43Dec-14-200905 years
42Episode 42Nov-23-200905 years
41Episode 41Nov-16-200905 years
40Episode 40Nov-09-200905 years
39Episode 39Nov-02-200905 years
38Episode 38Oct-26-200905 years
37Episode 37Oct-19-200905 years
36Episode 36Oct-12-200905 years
35Episode 35Oct-05-200905 years
34Episode 34Sep-28-200905 years
33Episode 33Sep-21-200905 years
32Episode 32Sep-14-200905 years
31Episode 31Sep-07-200905 years
30Episode 30Aug-31-200905 years
29Episode 29Aug-24-200905 years
28Episode 28Aug-17-200905 years
27Episode 27Aug-10-200905 years
26Episode 26Aug-03-200905 years
25Episode 25Jul-27-200905 years
24Episode 24Jul-20-200905 years
23Episode 23Jul-13-200905 years
22Episode 22Jul-06-200905 years
21Episode 21Jun-29-200905 years
20Episode 20Jun-22-200905 years
19Episode 19Jun-15-200905 years
18Episode 18Jun-08-200905 years
17Episode 17Jun-01-200905 years
16Episode 16May-25-200905 years
15Episode 15May-18-200905 years
14Episode 14May-11-200905 years
13Episode 13May-04-200905 years
12Episode 12Apr-27-200905 years
11Episode 11Apr-20-200905 years
10Episode 10Apr-13-200905 years
9Episode 9Apr-06-200905 years
8Episode 8Mar-30-200905 years
7Episode 7Mar-23-200905 years
6Episode 6Mar-16-200905 years
5Episode 5Mar-09-200905 years
4Episode 4Mar-02-200905 years
3Episode 3Feb-23-200905 years
2Episode 2Feb-16-200905 years
1Episode 1Feb-09-200905 years
432Episode 32Nov-24-200805 years
31Episode 31Nov-17-200805 years
30Episode 30Nov-10-200805 years
29Episode 29Nov-03-200805 years
28Episode 28Oct-27-200805 years
27Episode 27Oct-20-200805 years
26Episode 26Oct-13-200805 years
25Episode 25Oct-06-200805 years
24Episode 24Sep-29-200805 years
23Episode 23Sep-22-200805 years
22Episode 22Sep-15-200805 years
21Episode 21Sep-08-200805 years
20Episode 20Sep-01-200805 years
19Episode 19Aug-25-200805 years
18Episode 18Aug-18-200805 years
17Episode 17Aug-11-200805 years
16Episode 16May-26-200805 years
15Episode 15May-19-200805 years
14Episode 14May-12-200805 years
13Episode 13May-05-200805 years
12Episode 12Apr-28-200805 years
11Episode 11Apr-21-200805 years
10Episode 10Apr-14-200805 years
9Episode 9Apr-07-200805 years
8Episode 8Mar-31-200805 years
7Episode 7Mar-24-200805 years
6Episode 6Mar-17-200805 years
5Episode 5Mar-10-200805 years
4Episode 4Mar-03-200805 years
3Episode 3Feb-25-200805 years
2Episode 2Feb-18-200805 years
1Episode 1Feb-11-200805 years
311Episode 11Dec-12-200705 years
10Episode 10Nov-27-200705 years
9Episode 9Nov-20-200705 years
8Episode 8Nov-13-200705 years
7Episode 7Nov-06-200705 years
6Episode 6Oct-30-200705 years
5Episode 5Oct-23-200705 years
4Episode 4Oct-16-200705 years
3Episode 3Oct-09-200705 years
2Episode 2Oct-02-200705 years
1Episode 1Sep-25-200705 years
214Episode 14Jun-19-200705 years
13Episode 13Jun-12-200705 years
12Episode 12Jun-05-200705 years
11Episode 11May-29-200705 years
10Episode 10May-22-200705 years
9Episode 9May-15-200705 years
8Episode 8May-08-200705 years
7Episode 7May-01-200705 years
6Episode 6Apr-24-200705 years
5Episode 5Apr-17-200705 years
4Episode 4Apr-10-200705 years
3Episode 3Apr-03-200705 years
2Episode 2Mar-27-200705 years
1Episode 1Mar-20-200705 years
113Episode 13Dec-12-200605 years
12Episode 12Dec-05-200605 years
11Episode 11Nov-28-200605 years
10Episode 10Nov-21-200605 years
9Episode 9Nov-14-200605 years
8Episode 8Nov-07-200605 years
7Episode 7Oct-31-200605 years
6Episode 6Oct-24-200605 years
5Episode 5Oct-17-200605 years
4Episode 4Oct-10-200605 years
3Episode 3Oct-03-200605 years
2Episode 2Sep-26-200605 years
1Episode 1Sep-19-200622 months

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