Gold Rush: Alaska

GOLD RUSH is a new documentary series for Discovery Channel about a group of unemployed men from Oregon who have set out for Alaska in search of GOLD. In a last ditch effort to provide for their families, they’ve sold everything they can and invested in a gold claim and the machinery to mine it.

Living off the grid in one of the wildest and most unforgiving wildernesses on earth, they hope to rekindle the American Dream and start a 21st Century Gold Rush. But in Alaska, everything is a struggle. Every day they have to contend with breakdowns, bug bites, extreme weather and grizzly bears. Can they tough it out long enough to find any gold? (Source: The Discovery Channel)

Genre: Reality, Adventure

Release Date: December 3, 2010 (US)

Status: Running

Network: Discovery Channel (Discovery, IMDb)


Most recent episode: Gold Rush: Alaska Season 11 Episode 21 - Endgame ( 3/19/2021 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
1121EndgameMar-19-2021422 weeks
20Attack or RetreatMar-12-2021472 weeks
19Clear Eyes, Full PansMar-05-2021472 weeks
18The $6 Million CutFeb-26-2021422 weeks
17Growing PainsFeb-19-2021442 weeks
16No Questions AskedFeb-12-2021392 weeks
15The Viking DetectiveFeb-05-2021262 weeks
14Freddy to the RescueJan-29-2021292 weeks
13Got Your SixJan-22-2021262 weeks
12Resurrecting MonstersJan-15-2021282 weeks
11FrenemiesJan-08-2021252 weeks
10Record BreakerJan-01-2021292 weeks
9Back to AlaskaDec-18-2020222 weeks
8Lost Gold of Paradise HillDec-11-2020252 weeks
7Rick's Sixth SenseDec-04-2020252 weeks
6Big Red vs. SluiciferNov-27-2020252 weeks
5It's AliveNov-20-2020272 weeks
4Breaking the Piggy BankNov-13-2020112 weeks
3The Fast and the FuriousNov-06-2020262 weeks
2Promised LandOct-30-2020212 weeks
1The Perfect StormOct-23-2020182 weeks
1023Parkers Trail Tylers TrialMar-20-202031 year
21Last GoldMar-06-202021 year
20Rally in the ValleyFeb-28-202032 weeks
19Bring in the Big GunsFeb-21-202062 weeks
18Frozen TreasureFeb-14-202042 weeks
17Rebellion at Duncan CreekFeb-07-202082 weeks
16Parker Doubles DownJan-31-202052 weeks
15And Then There Was OneJan-24-202011 year
14CorneredJan-17-202032 weeks
13Nuggets or BustJan-10-202032 weeks
12Million-Dollar Pay DayJan-03-202022 weeks
11Rise of the MachinesDec-20-201922 weeks
10When the Levee BreaksDec-13-201901 year
9No Time for RedemptionDec-06-201911 year
8Washplant WarsNov-29-201922 weeks
7Motherlode MountainNov-22-201911 year
6Monster Red LivesNov-15-201922 weeks
5We're Gonna Need a Bigger BucketNov-08-201932 weeks
4Leave No Gold BehindNov-01-201952 weeks
3The Nugget HunterOct-25-201932 weeks
1Crisis in the KlondikeOct-11-201911 year
9102A New Rush BeginsFeb-08-2019011 months
99(Special) Gold GurusFeb-08-2019011 months
23TBAMar-29-2019011 months
22Three Sides to Every StoryMar-22-201902 years
21Fire and IceMar-15-201911 year
20Brace for ImpactMar-08-201901 year
19Cold WarMar-01-201901 year
18Big Red Is DeadFeb-22-201902 years
17Make It RainFeb-15-201901 year
16Broken BonesFeb-01-201901 year
15Wedding Bells & Emergency OperationsJan-25-201901 year
14Old School HeroesJan-18-201901 year
13Sucker PunchJan-11-201922 weeks
12The Devil's DeadlineJan-04-201901 year
11The ResurrectionDec-21-201801 year
10Father's DayDec-14-201802 years
9The TransformationDec-05-201822 weeks
8StormageddonNov-30-201822 weeks
7Hazard PayNov-23-201822 weeks
6Hoffman's GhostsNov-16-201822 weeks
5The Return of Freddy DodgeNov-09-201801 year
4Durt ReynoldsNov-02-201822 weeks
3Gods and MonstersOct-26-201822 weeks
2Smoked OutOct-19-201822 weeks
1Declaration of IndependenceOct-12-201822 weeks
0End of an EraOct-05-2018011 months
820The Spoils of WarMar-09-2018011 months
19Independence DayMar-02-2018011 months
18King KongFeb-23-201801 year
17Planes, Cranes, and Virgin ClaimsFeb-16-201801 year
16Of Monsters and MenFeb-02-201801 year
15BrokenJan-26-2018011 months
14The Father, the Son & the Holy RollerJan-19-2018011 months
13Lost GoldJan-12-2018011 months
12EclipsedJan-05-201822 weeks
11The Holy GrailDec-22-201701 year
10The Devil's FingerDec-15-2017011 months
9Gold Bars and Hail MarysDec-08-2017011 months
8The Mighty UppercutDec-01-2017011 months
7InfernoNov-24-2017011 months
6Colorado Strikes BackNov-17-2017011 months
5Son Dethrones FatherNov-10-201701 year
4The Curse of the Fairplay MountainsNov-03-201701 year
3The Viking vs. the MechanicOct-27-201701 year
2Blizzards and BulletsOct-20-2017011 months
1Wagers and WarsOct-13-201722 weeks
722Racing the FreezeMar-17-2017011 months
21Final FuryMar-10-2017011 months
20Viking VoyageMar-03-2017011 months
19Dredge vs. WashplantFeb-24-2017011 months
18Miners vs. BeaversFeb-17-2017011 months
17Cruelest CutFeb-10-2017011 months
16Double TroubleFeb-03-2017011 months
15Excavator DownJan-27-2017011 months
14Parker vs. RickJan-20-2017011 months
13LifelineJan-13-2017011 months
12AbandonmentJan-06-2017011 months
11Game OverDec-30-2016011 months
10Go Down FightingDec-16-2016011 months
9Record GoldDec-09-2016011 months
8Mega Barge & Kid CommandoDec-02-2016011 months
7Watery GraveNov-25-201604 years
6No Crane, No GainNov-18-201604 years
5Misery on the MountainNov-11-201622 weeks
4MutinyNov-04-201604 years
3Frankenstein MachineryOct-28-201604 years
2Eye in the SkyOct-21-201604 years
1Miracle on the MountainOct-14-201601 year
623Remembering John SchnabelApr-01-201604 years
22Episode 2205 years
21Gold Hard TruthMar-11-201602 years
20King of the KlondikeMar-04-201602 years
19Frozen PayFeb-26-201602 years
18Oregon GoldFeb-19-201602 years
17Klondike LegendFeb-12-201604 years
16Golden BombshellFeb-05-201602 years
15Dead EvenJan-29-201605 years
14Million Dollar MountainJan-22-201602 years
13Goldzilla GoldJan-15-201602 years
12Crew WarJan-08-201602 years
11Captain MonicaJan-01-201602 years
10Parker's 21stDec-18-201502 years
9Mammoth GoldDec-11-201502 years
8Mammoth ChannelDec-04-201502 years
7ElDorado DreamNov-27-201502 years
6Treasure IslandNov-20-201501 year
5Jack's Gold ShackNov-13-201505 years
4Grandpa's Golden AdviceNov-06-201502 years
3Moving the MonsterOct-30-201532 years
2Gold ShipOct-23-201505 years
1Blood, Sweat and GoldOct-16-201505 years
522The Whole TruthMar-13-2015011 months
21The Whole TruthMar-13-201502 years
20Millions in GoldMar-06-201506 years
19Freddy Dodge ReturnsFeb-27-201506 years
18Hundreds of OuncesFeb-27-201506 years
17Frozen GoldFeb-20-201506 years
16Rivers of GoldFeb-13-201507 years
15The Monster LivesFeb-06-201506 years
14Rogue MinerJan-30-201506 years
13Gold RoadJan-23-201506 years
12Piles of GoldJan-16-201506 years
11Ship of FoolsJan-09-201506 years
10Parker's AccidentJan-02-201506 years
9Colossal Clean UpDec-12-201406 years
8Gold BloodedDec-05-201406 years
7GoldzillaNov-28-201406 years
6Cursed CutNov-21-201406 years
5Hard BargainNov-14-201406 years
4Viking ShipNov-07-201407 years
3Golden BoyOct-31-201407 years
2From the AshesOct-24-201416 years
1New BloodOct-17-201407 years
422[no episode title yet]Aug-19-201406 years
21[no episode title yet]Aug-19-201406 years
20[no episode title yet]Mar-14-201406 years
19UnearthedMar-14-201401 year
18Grandpa's Last WishMar-07-201406 years
17Go Big or Go HomeFeb-28-201407 years
16Day of ReckoningFeb-21-201407 years
15Man on WireFeb-14-201407 years
14MedevacJan-31-201407 years
13Fantasy LandJan-24-201422 weeks
12The ResurrectionJan-20-201417 years
11Death of a DreamJan-17-201401 year
10BlowoutJan-10-201401 year
9Hope CreekJan-03-201416 years
8Jungle BoogieDec-13-201307 years
7Paid in FullDec-06-201307 years
6MutinyNov-29-201301 year
5Garnets or GoldNov-22-201308 years
4Road from HellNov-15-201322 weeks
3In Too DeepNov-08-201301 year
2Learning CurveNov-01-201301 year
1Queen of DiamondsOct-25-201308 years
319[no episode title yet]Mar-01-201306 years
18[no episode title yet]Feb-22-201306 years
17[no episode title yet]Feb-15-201308 years
16The MotherlodeFeb-08-201308 years
15Redemption RoadFeb-01-201308 years
14Bedrock BlowoutJan-25-201308 years
13The Night ShiftJan-18-201328 years
12The MergerJan-11-201338 years
11Pink SlipJan-04-201328 years
10Dozer WarsDec-28-201218 years
9Leprechaun GoldJan-04-201311 year
8Up Smith CreekDec-14-201201 year
7Road to GoldDec-07-201208 years
6Game ChangerNov-30-201208 years
5The UltimatumNov-23-201218 years
4Battle of the BridgeNov-16-201208 years
3Secret WeaponsNov-09-201211 year
2The Wrong ClaimNov-02-201222 weeks
1Million Dollar SeasonOct-26-201211 year
221[no episode title yet]Mar-23-201219 years
20[no episode title yet]Mar-09-201229 years
19[no episode title yet]Mar-02-201269 years
18[no episode title yet]Feb-24-201269 years
17[no episode title yet]Feb-17-201219 years
16Judgment DayFeb-24-201221 year
15Frozen OutFeb-17-201211 year
14In the BlackFeb-10-201222 weeks
13Man DownFeb-03-201222 weeks
12Bedrock GoldJan-27-201201 year
11Rock BottomJan-20-201201 year
10Twenty-Four SevenJan-13-201222 weeks
9Dead in the WaterJan-06-201209 years
8On the GoldDec-16-201101 year
7Gold at LastDec-09-201109 years
6LovestruckDec-02-201109 years
5Drill or DieNov-25-201109 years
4Slippery SlopeNov-18-201122 weeks
3Family FeudNov-11-201109 years
2Virgin GroundNov-04-201109 years
1[no episode title yet]Oct-28-201109 years
0[no episode title yet]Oct-28-201109 years
111Full DisclosureFeb-25-201104 years
10Never Say DieFeb-18-201122 weeks
9Bedrock or BustFeb-11-201122 weeks
8Bad BloodFeb-04-201122 weeks
7Going for BrokeJan-28-201109 years
6Gold FeverJan-21-201101 year
5The Pain BarrierJan-14-201101 year
4The Ultimate PriceJan-07-201122 weeks
3Running DirtDec-17-201009 years
2Gold, Guns, and BearsDec-10-201022 weeks
1No Guts No GloryDec-03-201022 weeks
064You Can't Stop The BeetsOct-25-2019011 months
6315 Million Dollar SeasonOct-11-2019011 months
62Chasing the GoldOct-08-2019011 months
61No Guts, No GoldOct-04-2019011 months
60Back to the FutureSep-24-2019011 months
59Three Sides to Every StoryMar-22-2019011 months
58Gold GurusFeb-08-2019011 months
57The rise of Rick NessOct-19-2018011 months
56Gold Rush: The Story So Far (Seasons 1-8)Oct-11-2018011 months
55End of an EraOct-05-2018011 months
54American DreamerMar-16-2018011 months
53Win Big or Die TryingMar-16-2018011 months
52Gold Rush: LiveFeb-17-2018011 months
51Parker v BeetsFeb-09-2018011 months
50The Dakota BoysJan-12-2018011 months
49Busted and BushfixedDec-29-2017011 months
48Shots FiredOct-31-2017011 months
47The Legend of Dozer DaveOct-20-2017011 months
46Live Kick-Off SpecialOct-13-2017011 months
45Parker's Trail: Racing the Freeze011 months
44Parker's Trail: Footsteps of Legends011 months
43Before the TrailMar-24-2017011 months
42War and PeaceMar-17-2017011 months
41NuggetsMar-11-2017011 months
40Monster MachinesJan-06-2017011 months
39Aftershow: Saving the Sinking DredgeNov-25-2016011 months
38Aftershow: Team Hoffman Quits High BarOct-28-2016011 months
37The GamblerOct-21-2016011 months
36Gold Rush LiveOct-14-2016011 months
35Aftershow: Season 7, Episode 1Oct-14-2016011 months
34Toughest Dirtiest RichestOct-14-2016011 months
33The Story So FarOct-12-2016011 months
325 Million Dollar SeasonOct-09-2015011 months
31Parker's TakeAug-19-2014011 months
30Heroes and ZerosAug-19-2014011 months
29Face OffNov-01-2013011 months
28The Jungle: The ReturnJul-26-2013011 months
27Do or DieOct-26-2012011 months
26Off-Season SpecialOct-25-2012011 months
25The Long RoadOct-19-2012011 months
24The Jungle AftershowAug-17-2012011 months
23The JungleAug-17-2012011 months
22Aftershow: The Last Word Mar-23-2012011 months
21Aftershow: Digging DeeperMar-09-2012011 months
20Aftershow: Episode 16Feb-24-2012011 months
19Aftershow: Episode 15Feb-17-2012011 months
18Aftershow: Episode 14Feb-10-2012011 months
17Aftershow: Episode 13Feb-03-2012011 months
16Aftershow: Episode 12Jan-27-2012011 months
15Aftershow: Episode 11Jan-20-2012011 months
14Aftershow: Episode 10Jan-13-2012011 months
13Aftershow: Episode 9Jan-06-2012011 months
12Aftershow: Episode 8Dec-14-2011011 months
11Aftershow: Episode 7Dec-09-2011011 months
10Aftershow: Episode 6Dec-02-2011011 months
9Aftershow: Episode 5Nov-26-2011011 months
8Aftershow: Episode 4Nov-19-2011011 months
7Aftershow: Episode 3Nov-12-2011011 months
6After the RushDec-30-2011011 months
5Aftershow: Episode 2Nov-05-2011011 months
4Aftershow: Fred SpecialNov-04-2011011 months
3Aftershow: Episode 1Oct-28-2011011 months
2The Off-SeasonOct-28-2011011 months
1Full DisclosureFeb-25-2011011 months

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