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Gardening Australia

Gardening Australia provides practical, realistic, and credible horticultural and gardening advice, inspiring and entertaining all Australian gardeners around the nation. Presented by Australia's leading horticultural experts, Gardening Australia is a valuable resource to all gardeners through the television program, the magazine, books, DVDs and extensive online content.

Genre: Documentary

Release Date: February 6, 2010

Status: Running

Network: ABC (Official Website)

Casts: Costa Georgiadis

Most recent episode: Gardening Australia Season 34 Episode 6 - Episode 6 ( 3/24/2023 ) Submit Link

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Season Episode Submit Episode Name Airdate Links Updated
347Episode 7Mar-31-2023038 mins
6Episode 6Mar-24-2023311 mins
5Episode 5Mar-17-2023146 days
4Episode 4Mar-10-202342 weeks
3Episode 3Mar-03-202333 weeks
2Episode 2Feb-17-202341 month
1Episode 1Feb-10-202301 month
3336Episode 36Dec-16-202201 month
35Episode 35Dec-09-202201 month
34Episode 34Dec-02-202201 month
33Episode 33Nov-25-202201 month
32Episode 32Nov-18-202201 month
31Episode 31Nov-11-202201 month
30Episode 30Nov-04-202201 month
29Episode 29Oct-28-202201 month
28Episode 28Oct-21-202201 month
27Episode 27Oct-14-202201 month
26Episode 26Oct-07-202201 month
25Episode 25Sep-30-202201 month
24Episode 24Sep-23-202201 month
23Episode 23Sep-16-202201 month
22Episode 22Sep-02-202201 month
21Episode 21Aug-26-202201 month
20Episode 20Aug-19-202201 month
19Episode 19Jun-24-202201 month
18Episode 18Jun-17-202201 month
17Episode 17Jun-10-202201 month
16Episode 16Jun-03-202201 month
15Episode 15May-27-202201 month
14Episode 14May-20-202201 month
13Episode 13May-13-202201 month
12Episode 12May-06-202201 month
11Episode 11Apr-29-202201 month
10Episode 10Apr-22-202201 month
9Episode 9Apr-15-202201 month
8Episode 8Apr-08-202201 month
7Episode 7Apr-01-202201 month
6Episode 6Mar-25-202201 month
5Episode 5Mar-18-202201 month
4Episode 4Mar-11-202201 month
3Episode 3Mar-04-202201 month
2Episode 2Feb-25-202201 month
1Episode 1Feb-18-202201 month
3239Episode 39Dec-17-202101 month
38Episode 38Dec-10-202101 month
37Episode 37Dec-03-202101 month
36Episode 36Nov-26-202101 month
35Episode 35Nov-19-202101 month
34Episode 34Nov-12-202101 month
33Episode 33Nov-05-202101 month
32Episode 32Oct-29-202101 month
31Episode 31Oct-22-202101 month
30Episode 30Oct-15-202101 month
29Episode 29Oct-08-202101 month
28Episode 28Oct-01-202101 month
27Episode 27Sep-24-202101 month
26Episode 26Sep-17-202101 month
25Episode 25Sep-10-202101 month
24Episode 24Sep-03-202101 month
23Episode 23Aug-27-202101 month
22Episode 22Aug-20-202101 month
21Episode 21Aug-13-202101 month
20Episode 20 (Fire Special)Jun-25-202101 month
19Episode 19Jun-18-202101 month
18Episode 18Jun-11-202101 month
17Episode 17 (Winter Special)Jun-04-202101 month
16Episode 16May-28-202101 month
15Episode 15May-21-202101 month
14Episode 14May-14-202101 month
13Episode 13May-07-202101 month
12Episode 12Apr-30-202101 month
11Episode 11Apr-23-202101 month
10Episode 10Apr-16-202101 month
9Episode 9Apr-09-202101 month
8Episode 8Apr-02-202101 month
7Episode 7Mar-26-202101 month
6Episode 6Mar-19-202101 month
5Episode 5Mar-12-202101 month
4Episode 4Mar-05-202101 month
3Episode 3Feb-26-202101 month
2Episode 2Feb-19-202101 month
1Episode 1Feb-12-202101 month
3140Episode 40Dec-18-202001 month
39Episode 39Dec-11-202001 month
38Episode 38Dec-04-202001 month
37Episode 37Nov-27-202001 month
36Episode 36Nov-20-202001 month
35Episode 35Nov-13-202001 month
34Episode 34Nov-06-202001 month
33Episode 33Oct-30-202001 month
32Episode 32Oct-23-202001 month
31Episode 31Oct-16-202001 month
30Episode 30Oct-09-202001 month
29Episode 29Oct-02-202001 month
28Episode 28Sep-25-202001 month
27Episode 27Sep-18-202001 month
26Episode 26Sep-11-202001 month
25Episode 25Sep-04-202001 month
24Episode 24Aug-28-202001 month
23Episode 23Aug-21-202001 month
22Episode 22Aug-14-202001 month
21Episode 21Jun-26-202001 month
20Episode 20Jun-19-202001 month
19Episode 19Jun-12-202001 month
18Episode 18Jun-05-202001 month
17Episode 17May-29-202001 month
16Episode 16May-22-202001 month
15Episode 15May-15-202001 month
14Episode 14May-08-202001 month
13Episode 13May-01-202001 month
12Episode 12Apr-24-202001 month
11Episode 11Apr-17-202001 month
10Episode 10Apr-10-202001 month
9Episode 9Apr-03-202001 month
8Episode 8Mar-27-202001 month
7Episode 7Mar-20-202001 month
6Episode 6Mar-13-202001 month
5Episode 5Mar-06-202001 month
4Episode 4Feb-28-202001 month
3Episode 3Feb-21-202001 month
2Episode 2Feb-14-202001 month
1Episode 1Feb-07-202001 month
3042Episode 42Nov-15-201901 month
41Episode 41Nov-08-201901 month
40Episode 40Nov-01-201901 month
39Episode 39Oct-25-201901 month
38Episode 38Oct-18-201901 month
37Episode 37Oct-11-201901 month
36Episode 36Oct-04-201901 month
35Episode 35Sep-27-201901 month
34Episode 34Sep-20-201901 month
33Episode 33Sep-13-201901 month
32Episode 32Sep-06-201901 month
31Episode 31Aug-30-201901 month
30Episode 30Aug-23-201901 month
29Episode 29Aug-16-201901 month
28Episode 28Aug-09-201901 month
27Episode 27Aug-02-201901 month
26Episode 26Jul-26-201901 month
25Episode 25Jul-19-201901 month
24Episode 24Jul-12-201901 month
23Episode 23Jul-05-201901 month
22Episode 22Jun-28-201901 month
21Episode 21Jun-21-201901 month
20Episode 20Jun-14-201901 month
19Episode 19Jun-07-201901 month
18Episode 18May-31-201901 month
17Episode 17May-24-201901 month
16Episode 16May-17-201901 month
15Episode 15May-10-201901 month
14Episode 14May-03-201901 month
13Episode 13Apr-26-201901 month
12Episode 12 - Family Easter SpecialApr-19-201901 month
11Episode 11Apr-12-201901 month
10Episode 10Apr-05-201901 month
9Episode 9Mar-29-201901 month
8Episode 8Mar-22-201901 month
7Episode 7Mar-15-201901 month
6Episode 6Mar-08-201901 month
5Episode 5Mar-01-201901 month
4Episode 4Feb-22-201901 month
3Episode 3: Gardening Australia - Still dirty at 30!Feb-15-201901 month
2Episode 2Feb-08-201901 month
1Episode 1Feb-01-201901 month
2942Episode 42Nov-09-201801 month
41Gardener Of The Year SpecialNov-02-201801 month
40Episode 40Oct-26-201801 month
39Episode 39Oct-19-201801 month
38Episode 38Oct-12-201801 month
37Episode 37Oct-05-201801 month
36Floriade SpecialSep-28-201801 month
35Episode 35Sep-21-201801 month
34Episode 34Sep-14-201801 month
33Episode 33Sep-07-201801 month
32Episode 32Aug-31-201801 month
31Episode 31Aug-24-201801 month
30Episode 30Aug-17-201801 month
29Episode 29Aug-10-201801 month
28Episode 28Aug-03-201801 month
27Kakadu SpecialJul-27-201801 month
26Episode 26Jul-20-201801 month
25Episode 25Jul-13-201801 month
24Episode 24Jul-06-201801 month
23Episode 23Jun-29-201801 month
22Episode 22Jun-22-201801 month
21Episode 21Jun-15-201801 month
20Episode 20Jun-08-201801 month
19Winter SpecialJun-01-201801 month
18Episode 18May-25-201801 month
17Stargazing SpecialMay-18-201801 month
16Episode 16May-11-201801 month
15Episode 15May-04-201801 month
14Episode 14Apr-27-201801 month
13Episode 13Apr-20-201801 month
12Episode 12Apr-13-201801 month
11Episode 11Apr-06-201801 month
10Easter SpecialMar-30-201801 month
9Episode 9Mar-23-201801 month
8Episode 8Mar-16-201801 month
7Episode 7Mar-09-201801 month
6Episode 6Mar-02-201801 month
5Episode 5Feb-23-201801 month
4A Different Approach Playing With Plants Re-potting Fruit TreesFeb-16-201801 month
3Episode 3Feb-09-201801 month
2Episode 2Feb-02-201801 month
1Episode 1Jan-26-201801 month
2836Episode 36Nov-04-201701 month
35Episode 35Oct-28-201701 month
34Episode 34Oct-21-201701 month
33Episode 33Oct-14-201701 month
32Episode 32Oct-07-201701 month
31Episode 31Sep-30-201701 month
30Episode 30Sep-23-201701 month
29Episode 29Sep-16-201701 month
28Episode 28Sep-09-201701 month
27Episode 27Sep-02-201701 month
26Episode 26Aug-26-201701 month
25Episode 25Aug-19-201701 month
24Episode 24Aug-12-201701 month
23Episode 23Aug-05-201701 month
22Episode 22Jul-29-201701 month
21Episode 21Jul-22-201701 month
20Episode 20Jul-15-201701 month
19Episode 19Jul-08-201701 month
18Episode 18Jul-01-201701 month
17Episode 17Jun-24-201701 month
16Episode 16Jun-17-201701 month
15Episode 15Jun-10-201701 month
14Episode 14Jun-03-201701 month
13Episode 13May-27-201701 month
12Episode 12May-20-201701 month
11Episode 11May-13-201701 month
10Episode 10May-06-201701 month
9Episode 9Apr-29-201701 month
8Episode 8Apr-22-201701 month
7Episode 7Apr-14-201701 month
6Episode 6Apr-08-201701 month
5Episode 5Apr-01-201701 month
4Episode 4Mar-25-201701 month
3Episode 3Mar-18-201701 month
2Episode 2Mar-11-201701 month
1Episode 1Mar-04-201701 month
2736Tomato Time, Native Christmas Trees & Growing GiftsNov-12-201601 month
35The Tropical Look, Succulent Survivors & Native MintsNov-05-201601 month
34The Aztec Patch, Restoring The Balance & A Taste Of The SeasonsOct-29-201601 month
33Native Beauties, Compost Spinners & Reverting VariegationOct-22-201601 month
32Spring Greens, Working With The Conditions & Seed Raising 101Oct-15-201601 month
31Native Climbers, Taking Root & Potting UpOct-08-201601 month
30Guerrilla Gardeners, Handsome Hedges & Magical MushroomsOct-01-201601 month
29A Productive Paradise, Native Pot Gardens & A City OasisSep-24-201601 month
28Bountiful Butterflies & Small-Scale FarmingSep-17-201601 month
27Tropical Delights, Asian Greens & Elizabeth FarmSep-10-201601 month
26The Sweetest Plant, Propagating Yams & Feeding Your FoodSep-03-201601 month
25Rooftop Gardens, Caring For Indoor Plants & Grafting Fruit TreesAug-27-201601 month
24Lawn Care Tips, Pruning Camellias & Hardwood CuttingsAug-20-201601 month
23A Likin' For Lichen, Daylilies & Magic In The MangrovesAug-13-201601 month
22Pocket City Farm, Choosing Cuttings & KokedamasAug-06-201601 month
21A Lifelong Garden, Trench Composting & Selecting SeedlingsJul-30-201601 month
20Wrangling The Rain, A Collector's Garden & Native StyleJul-23-201601 month
19Native Ground Covers, Rejuvenating Potting Mix & Problem PlantsJul-16-201601 month
18The Perfect Pot, Growing Knowledge & Cuttings 101Jul-09-201601 month
17Strawberry Experiment, Free-Range Worms & Native CitrusJun-25-201601 month
16Orchids On Show, Wicking Garden Beds & Cold Climate CitrusJun-18-201601 month
15Big Compost, Relocating Roses & Native AlternativesJun-11-201601 month
14Winter Weeding & Frost ProtectionJun-04-201601 month
13Sowing Seeds & Plants For WildlifeMay-28-201601 month
12A Productive Paradise, Wildflowers At Home & Plants As WindbreaksMay-21-201601 month
11Water-Wise Perennials, Cool Season Crops & Pint-Sized GardensMay-14-201601 month
10Winter Legumes & Spring-Flowering BulbsMay-07-201601 month
9Know Your Soil & Edible PerennialsApr-30-201601 month
8Forever Figs & A Creative CourtyardApr-23-201601 month
7A Tropical Treasure, Fern Fever & Succulent SpheresApr-16-201601 month
6Get Composting, Native Tidy Up & Saving SeedApr-09-201601 month
5Fabulous Foliage, Vaucluse House & Dazzling DahliasApr-02-201601 month
4Photographing Gardens, Heat-Affected Fruit Trees & How To Identify PlantsMar-26-201601 month
3Pruning Natives, Purple Plants & Soil pHMar-19-201601 month
2Potted Citrus, Sloping Sites & D.I.Y White OilMar-12-201601 month
1Bountiful Brassicas, Attracting Insects & Clay SoilMar-05-201601 month
2636Episode 36Nov-14-201501 month
35Episode 35Nov-07-201501 month
34Episode 34Oct-31-201501 month
33Episode 33Oct-24-201501 month
32Episode 32Oct-17-201501 month
31Episode 31Oct-10-201501 month
30Episode 30Oct-03-201501 month
29Episode 29Sep-26-201501 month
28Episode 28Sep-19-201501 month
27Episode 27Sep-12-201501 month
26Episode 26Sep-05-201501 month
25Episode 25Aug-29-201501 month
24Episode 24Aug-22-201501 month
23Episode 23Aug-15-201501 month
22Episode 22Aug-08-201501 month
21Episode 21Aug-01-201501 month
20Episode 20Jul-25-201501 month
19Episode 19Jul-18-201501 month
18Episode 18Jul-11-201501 month
17Episode 17Jul-04-201501 month
16Episode 16Jun-27-201501 month
15Episode 15Jun-20-201501 month
14Episode 14Jun-13-201501 month
13Episode 13Jun-06-201501 month
12Episode 12May-30-201501 month
11Episode 11May-23-201501 month
10Episode 10May-16-201501 month
9Episode 9May-09-201501 month
8Episode 8May-02-201501 month
7Episode 7Apr-18-201501 month
6Episode 6Apr-11-201501 month
5Episode 5Apr-04-201501 month
4Episode 4Mar-28-201501 month
3Episode 3Mar-21-201501 month
2Episode 2Mar-14-201501 month
1Episode 1Mar-07-201501 month
2536SPECIAL: CLIMATE - Gardener of the Year - Banking Our Future - The Perfect Fit - A Change of SeasonsNov-22-201401 month
35SPECIAL: WATER - Coolibah Swamp - Water Plants - Blending In - Master Grafter - A Touch of GreenNov-15-201401 month
34SPECIAL: LIGHT - Playing Tricks - Give Them Shelter - Shady Plants - Look to the Leaf - Greening the Leaves - Light and Shade - Pruning for LightNov-08-201401 month
33SPECIAL: SOIL HEALTH - The Flying Doctors - Adding Calcium - Two Paths - A Grand System - Rock Minerals - Chasing OrchidsNov-01-201401 month
32Prince Alfred Park - Friends and Foes - Crazy for Tomatoes - A New Lease on Life - Gardening on the EdgeOct-25-201401 month
31Manure Matters - Taking in the View - Peas and Yams - Flowering Hedges - A Drop of the Good Stuff - A Compulsive CollectorOct-18-201401 month
30A Thriving Patch - A Solution to Stress - Birdwing Butterfly - A Spectacular Show - Josh - Building a FutureOct-11-201401 month
29Moving On - A Worker's Retreat - Dryland Vegies - Enticing the Insects - A Gold Coast AttractionOct-04-201401 month
28A Labour of Love - Peg's Passion - The Patch: Lean Times - Booderee Botanic Gardens - Trees of LifeSep-27-201401 month
27Filling the Fenceline - Tips for Trees - Spring Colour - Pruning Grevilleas - Di's GardenSep-20-201401 month
26Tool Maintenance - An Oasis in the Sky - Tom and Lorna's Garden - Spring Propagation - A Colourful TransformationSep-13-201401 month
25New Opportunities - 25 Years of Landcare - A Simple Hothouse - Perfect Plants for Pots - The Grassroots - Caterpillar Control - A Spring DelightSep-06-201401 month
24Driveway Design - James Street Reserve - Cactus Merv - Making Art - Citrus Care - The Patch - Spring VegiesAug-30-201401 month
23Late Winter Work - A Blanc Canvas - A Miniature Orchard - Heading Indoors - Think LocalAug-23-201401 month
22The Patch - Sowing Seedlings - Roll out the Barrels - Cloudehill - Divide and Multiply - Winter Colour - 'Kumbartcho'Aug-16-201401 month
21Shade Lovers - Seeds for the Future - Productive Climbers - The Good Oil - 'Anlaby'Aug-09-201401 month
20Diversity in the Desert - The Patch - Desert Culture - Feeding the Soil - Winter Climbers - Tropical DelightsAug-02-201401 month
19The Patch Overview - Planting Roses - Horticultural Legends - The Patch - Old FriendsJul-26-201401 month
18Dividing Dahlias - Calling All Gardeners - Designing with Pots - Sumptuous Strawberries - 'My Garden is Everything'Jul-19-201401 month
17The People's Park - The Patch - A Lifetime of Growing - Native Groundcovers - A Garden for PlayJul-12-201401 month
16The Family Farm - Mermaid Pool - The Old-Fashioned Way - Weaving the Garden - The Biggest RoomJul-05-201401 month
15Growing a Village - Potting Up Plants - Veteran Trees - Filling the Gaps - 'Bolobek'Jun-28-201401 month
14An Aussie Icon - A Flying Start - The Patch - A Mountain of Pleasure - From the Archives - A Master GardenerJun-21-201401 month
13Time for Change - Winter Work - An Australian Dream - True Blue - A Paradise by the SeaJun-14-201401 month
12Producing More Plants - Growing Habitat - Prune and Propagate - The Patch - A Cornucopia of ColourJun-07-201401 month
11Peng's World - The Power of Pruning - Planting Winter Vegies - The Real McCoy - Growing More than PlantsMay-31-201401 month
10New Botanic Garden - Wicking Bed - Hungry Citrus - Farming Fungi - A Succulent ObsessionMay-24-201401 month
9Making an Entrance - A Coop on the Cheap - After the Fires - Perpetual Parsley - The Patch - Revered BeautiesMay-17-201401 month
8A Reconstructed Garden - The Patch - Self-Sown Colour - Backyard Bananas - Finding the BalanceMay-10-201401 month
7Autumn Jobs - Grow Local, East Fresh - Growing Abilities - Autumn in the Subtropics - Southern ExposureMay-03-201401 month
6Every Component Counts - The Patch - Cultivating Peace - Potted Delights - Meet the FamilyApr-26-201401 month
5Little Inventions - The Bamboo Man - The Garden Tower - Aussie StunnersApr-19-201401 month
4Food for the Soil - Transplanting Tips - A Meadow in the City - Autumn Jobs - 'A Mongrel Garden'Apr-12-201401 month
3Picking Tough Plants - Fruit of his Labour - On the Move - Coming Up Roses - The PatchApr-05-201401 month
2Sydney Tomato Festival - After the Heat - The Patch - Growing Natives in Pots - Battling BattensMar-29-201401 month
1SPECIAL: CELEBRATING 25 YEARS - Organics - Beautiful Gardens - Peter Cundall - Philosophy - Practicality - Autumn JobsMar-22-201401 month
2436Two Years On - An Australian Celebration - Time to Relax - Using Climbers - And the Winner Is...Nov-23-201301 month
35SPECIAL - Reading the Signs - Turning the Tide - Repairing the Land - Linking the Landscape - The Bottom LineNov-16-201301 month
34Starting Small - A Practical Approach - Using Drip Irrigation - A Suburban Oasis - Self-watering Pots - An Orchid EnthusiastNov-09-201301 month
33Talking Trees - Zucchini and Onions - Keeping Active - At War with Weeds - Maintaining Raspberries - East Meets WestNov-02-201301 month
32Plant Protection - Propagating King Fern - Lady of the Camellias - So Don't Panic - Small MiraclesOct-26-201301 month
31Creating Connection - A Small Kingdom - Look to the Locals - Summer Colour - 'Summerhome'Oct-19-201301 month
30Creating a Windbreak - Planting Companions - Mulching - Growing Together - Restoring BishopscourtOct-12-201301 month
29Bang for Your Buck - Balancing Nitrogen - A Room With a View - Growing Rhododendrons - A Wealth of Resources - A Tropical ParadiseOct-05-201301 month
28Productive Planting - A Living Litmus - Nuts about Natives - Tons of Tomatoes - Cutting Costs - Produce to PreservesSep-28-201301 month
27Spring Planting - Better Late Than Never! - A Citrus Primer - Subtropical Success - A Succulent GardenSep-21-201301 month
26Closing the Loop - Primed for Life - The Way of the Future - Life Lessons - Our Changing WorldSep-14-201301 month
25Novel Nutrition - A Variety of Vegies - Tricky Spot Solutions - A Horticultural Revival - Jose's DreamAug-31-201301 month
24A Growing Career - Child's Play - A Living History - Cooking-up Compost - Snakes and LaddersAug-24-201301 month
23How to Prune Roses - Building a Worm Farm - A Harvest and a Hangi - A Catchment Solution - Colour, Colour and ColourAug-17-201301 month
22In Living Colour - Planting for Privacy - Voula's Garden - Irrigation Made Easy - Home at LastAug-10-201301 month
21An Edible Oasis - The Beauty of Begonias - What's in a Name? - Go Forth and Multiply - A Picture PostcardAug-03-201301 month
20On the Move - Laying Down the Lawn - A One-Woman Show - Making an Entrance - On the DunesJul-27-201301 month
19A Good Foundation - Little Helpers - A Wild Garden - Hop Into It! - Gardening for ButterfliesJul-20-201301 month
18A Practical Edge - Josh's Dream - The Best Start - The New Beginning - A Pathway for the FutureJul-14-201301 month
17SPECIAL - ISLANDS - Tiwi College - Cultural Connection - Plants of the Sea - Farming for the Islands - The Next GenerationJul-06-201301 month
16Growing Blueberries - Native Fruit - An Edible Jungle - A Formative Prune - Flying GardenersJun-29-201301 month
15Tried and True - Good Garden Design - Keep up the Colour - Plant Nutrition - A Shady ParadiseJun-22-201301 month
14Josh's Place - Kid-Proof Plants - Planting for Play - A Family AffairJun-15-201301 month
13All in the Family - Seeing the Signs - Produce to the People - Man on a Mission - Growing OpportunityJun-08-201301 month
12Feeding the Firemen - Pushing the Boundaries - Josh's Country - A Rivulet Runs Through It - Echoes of the PastJun-01-201301 month
11A Fresh Start - Working Worms - A Bit at a Time - A Living Legend - Using Pyrethrum - Small is BeautifulMay-25-201301 month
10SPECIAL - CANBERRA CENTENARY - Representing Australia - 100 Forests - Living the Land - A Centenary Bell - The Next FrontierMay-18-201301 month
9Growing Resilience - Ten Years On... - A Lifeline - The French Connection - Fighting for SurvivalMay-11-201301 month
8It Comes Down to Love - Savouring Seed - The Art of Preservation - More Than Food - A Passion for ProduceMay-04-201301 month
7Pots of Produce - Feathering the Nest - A Garden in the Sky - Potted Success - Small Spaces, Big IdeasApr-27-201301 month
6Commemorating Community - Postcode 2141 - Out with the Old... - Sowin' and Growin' - Avenues of HonourApr-20-201301 month
5Weighing Up Waste - Way To Go - Resource Recovery - Future Proofing - Compost Revolution - Working WormsApr-13-201301 month
4Growing Everywhere - Top Tip - Little Lawnmowers - Designed for Pleasure - Fragrant Delights - A Late BloomerApr-06-201301 month
3Fruitful Beginnings - Werribee Park - The Grand Plan - Getting a Head Start - New BeginningsMar-30-201301 month
2A Measured Approach - Succulent Success - Aunty Fran - Angus's Block - A Magnus OpusMar-23-201301 month
1City Excess - Sowing the Seeds - Putting Waste to Work - The Value of Volunteers - Musk FarmMar-16-201301 month
2335How We Have Grown - A Rare Community - Gardener of the Year - Summer at Home - A Tribute to Colin CampbellDec-08-201201 month
34Creating a Buzz - Life on the Farm - Bless the Mess - A Fertile Experiment - A Grassland HavenDec-01-201201 month
33Toughing It Out - Beating the Heat - Cooling Our Streets - Tips for Summer - Against the OddsNov-24-201201 month
32High on a Hill - A Mini Citrus Grove - Landscapes in Miniature - A Taste of the Andes - Tackling TerrainNov-17-201201 month
31SPECIAL - Gardening Australia's Gardener of the Year finalists - A Mediterranean Gardener - A Dryland Gardener - A Coastal Gardener - A City Gardener - A Tropical GardenerNov-10-201201 month
30Marion's Sanctum - Growing Up - A Suburban Retreat - A Room of One's Own - Memory LaneNov-03-201201 month
29Springing to Life - Nurturing the Landscape - Regenerating Connection - Spring Cleaning - Flooded with HelpOct-27-201201 month
28A Positive Path - A Plant Revival - The Secret Garden - Core Gardening - A Garden for LifeOct-20-201201 month
27Jumping the Fence - Wild Food - A Looming Threat - Growing Health - A Simple SolutionOct-13-201201 month
26In Love With Plants - Spring Into It - Dropping in on a Friend - A Nip and a Tuck - Beyond the Black StumpOct-06-201201 month
25SPECIAL - CONNECTION TO COUNTRY - The Totem Garden - Farmed by Community - Growing Health - Learning the LandSep-29-201201 month
24The Barefoot Farmer - Starting from Scratch - Life on the Street - Planting a Community - The Vegie Guide - The ClubSep-22-201201 month
23Thinking Local - An Aussie Verge - The Vegie Patch (Bush Foods) - Proudly Australian - A Distant AffairSep-15-201201 month
22A Patato Famine - Taking Control - Pretty as a Picture - Growing Your Own - An Enjoyable NightmareAug-25-201201 month
21Taking a Tour - Streetsmarts - A Soothing Garden - The Hunter Gather - The Good LifeAug-18-201201 month
20The Italian Influence - The Language of Gardening - A Remarkable Journey- Farming a FutureAug-11-201201 month
19Growing Connections - A Secret Garden - Room to Grow - Going Up! - A Working GardenAug-04-201201 month
18Made in China - An Insatiable Appetite - The Beauty of Begonias - The Vegie Guide - An Unusual CropJul-28-201201 month
17Helping Hands - Bomb-Proof Beauties - The Next Generation - Growing a Gardener - Educating AngusJul-21-201201 month
16School's In! - Picking a Winner - From Small Beginnings - Starting a Verge - Sitting Pretty - A Sucker for SalviasJul-14-201201 month
15Let There be Light - Back from the Brink - Gimme Shelter - A Rainforest Retreat - Beside the SeasideJul-07-201201 month
14Growing Health - Warding off the Cold - Bringing Back the Bush - The Vegie Guide - Amanda's GardenJun-30-201201 month
13On the Verge - Building for Bugs - Bespoke Vegies - Zoo with a View - A Horticultural WonderlandJun-23-201201 month
12A Bountiful Balcony - Home Among the Gum Trees - Prepping for Winter - An Ancient Landscape - A Home SupermarketJun-16-201201 month
11The Colour of Autumn - Court in the Shade - A Shady Patch - A Potty Affair - The Hills Are AliveJun-09-201201 month
10SPECIAL - FARMING - Ron's Place - Food, Glorious Food - Healing the Land - The Road Less TravelledJun-02-201201 month
9On the Verge - First Harvest - A Helping Hand - Good Companions - Growing Community - Sharing the Load - Frank and FredMay-26-201201 month
8On the Verge - Traffic - The Palm Lady - Potted Fruit - A Cool House - Grand DesignsMay-19-201201 month
7A New Verge - Autumn Work - The Vegie Guide - A Promise to Mum - Sophie's Tribe - Planting for WinterMay-12-201201 month
6Predators Wanted - Farming Worms - Baskets of Colour - Animal Attraction - Olives and Naked LadiesMay-05-201201 month
5On the Verge - Compost - Magical Mushrooms - Home at Last - A World Inside a World - A Day At The ZooApr-28-201201 month
4On the Verge - Going Green - Get the Tropical Look - Banksias in Bloom - A Difficult Block - The Vegie PatchApr-21-201201 month
3Building Community - On the Verge - Water - Gardening for Life - Picking Local Plants - Plants and PondsApr-14-201201 month
2On the Verge - Ned's Grand Plan - Autumn Jobs - A Garden for PlayApr-07-201201 month
1On the Verge - A Triumph Over Sand - The Vegie Patch - The Italian FeastMar-31-201201 month
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39Irrigation Maintenance Tips - Lyn and Bill's Garden - The Vegie Patch - Crop Protection - Bringing the Outside Inside - Planting for Summer - TulipsNov-05-201101 month
38On the Verge - The Towra Team - A Native Garden Showcase - Growing Succulents - A Spiritual GardenOct-29-201101 month
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36Plants for Picking - Filled with Foliage - The Vegie Patch - The Vegie Guide - For the Love of Clivias - WA WildflowersOct-15-201101 month
35Gardening for Community - Subtropical Spring Vegies - A Garden to Remember - Propagating Cuttings - Rhododendrons in BloomOct-08-201101 month
34A Garden for the Future - Pest Control - The Vegie Guide - Potted Plant Care - Spring Pruning - A Native Cottage GardenOct-01-201101 month
33A School Vegie Garden - Propagating Herbs - A Tale of Two Gardens - A Family Backyard, Part 4 - An Oasis in the DesertSep-24-201101 month
32Conserving Rare Trees - The Vegie Patch - Potatoes / Seed vs Seedlings - Rusty's Garden - Caring for Succulents - Old-Fashioned RosesSep-17-201101 month
31Spring Vegie Jobs - The Vegie Guide - The Weird and Wonderful - Checking In With Dave - Pruning Banksias - 'Runnymede'Sep-10-201101 month
30Esther's Garden - A Garden in Alice - Making a Hot Box - Weed Control - Early Spring Vegies - Guilfoyle's VolcanoSep-03-201101 month
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28Getting Started - Choosing a Feature Tree - A Love of Bonsai - The Vegie Patch - Inspired by VietnamAug-20-201101 month
27Mara's Garden - The Australian Garden - Wild Greens - A Family Backyard, Part 3 - Top 5 Winter NativesAug-13-201101 month
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23A Groundbreaking Garden - Planting Around Pools - Making Mini Gardens - A Vegie Garden Check-Up - An Inner City Bush HavenJul-16-201101 month
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20A Family Backyard, Part 2 - Giant Lilies - Waldo the Bush Poet - Peas, Beans and Leafy Greens - A Garden for SongJun-25-201101 month
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17Front Garden Progress - Kate and Mo's Garden - Dry Season Vegies - Vegie Guide - Rose Hedge Planting - The Tree KeepersJun-04-201101 month
16Garage Mahal - Subtropical Onions - Planting Under Trees - Planting Under Trees - Growing Kangkong - A Family Garden, Part 1May-28-201101 month
15Autumn Colour - Pruning Wisteria - 2010 Gardener of the Year - Perennial Vegies - The Vegie Guide - Planting for PollinatorsMay-21-201101 month
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12A Prize Pumpkin? - Tips for Using Foliage - Chasing the Sun - Growing Strawberries - A Garden on the RiverApr-30-201101 month
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47Old Fashioned Garden Tips - Point Preschool - Planning a Bed - Understanding the Environment - Moving the GardenJan-22-201101 month
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45Stephen's Perennial Border - Ask It/Solve It - The Vegie Patch - Understanding Plant Uses - Leonie's Pest Remedies - Habitat GardenersJan-08-201101 month
44Planning a Garden - Jerry's Neighbours - Dealing With Shade - Edible Hedges - Shirley's Native GardenJan-01-201101 month
43The Vegie Patch - Understanding Bush Foods - Coralee's Garden - Front Garden Makeover - Tom and Lorna's GardenDec-18-201001 month
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32John's Plot - Native Climbers - Perennial Border Maintenance - Seed Saving - Layering Natives - A Shared GardenOct-02-201001 month
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29Designing a Vegie Garden - Reviving Succulents - Cape Banks - Potted Flowering Bulbs - Problem Solving in the Garden - Earimil - EarimilAug-11-201001 month
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23Anthony and Claire's Garden - The Vegie Patch - Tree Staking - Gardening Under Gums - Designing a Formal Garden - Subtropical HarvestingJul-24-201001 month
22Josh's New Backyard - Sydney Sandstone Soil - The Vegie Guide - Gardening in Central Victoria - Building a No-Dig Garden - A Garden in the BushJul-17-201001 month
21Fertiliser Teas - The Vegie Patch - Cottage Garden Maintenance - Pruning Tools - Designing a Kid's GardenJul-10-201001 month
20Stephen's Pond - Lilly Pillies - Structure in the Garden - The Vegie Guide - Looking after Roses - Front Garden MakeoverJul-03-201001 month
19Annie's Garden - John's Plot - Monty Don - Succulents for the Shade - Jerry's NeighboursJun-26-201001 month
18Variegated Foliage - Starting a Rose Garden - Colour in Winter - The Vegie Patch - Pollinating Macadamia Trees - The Vegie Guide - Teresa Rocchi's GardenJun-19-201001 month
17Stephen's Perennial Border - Vegie Garden Timber - A Shade Loving Plant - National Camellia Gardens - Protecting Your Mulch - The Vegie PatchJun-12-201001 month
16Herb Garden Overhaul - Cumberland Plain Woodland - The Vegie Guide - The Meaning of Leaf - Tomatoes for the Tropics - Sprout Community GardenJun-05-201001 month
15Margie's Garden - Building a Raised Vegie Garden - Josh's New Front Garden - Propagating Cassava - Designing a Courtyard Garden - Shirley's Native GardenMay-29-201001 month
14Harvesting Pumpkins - Repairing the Lawn - Gardening in Byron Bay - Fruits of the Rainforest - Espaliering Shrubs - The Vegie GuideMay-22-201001 month
13The Vegie Patch - Moving the Garden - Paper Pots - Deciduous Plants - Spring CottageMay-15-201001 month
12Michelle's Garden - Making Potting Mixes - Common Gardening Problems - The Vegie Guide - Spinifex - The Vegie PatchMay-08-201001 month
11The Vegie Plot - Dry Climate Bulbs - Habitat Gardeners - Heirloom Vegies - A Fremantle GardenMay-01-201001 month
10Planting Bulbs - Planting Winter Vegetables - Planning a Bed - Dealing with Shade - The Vegie Guide - Gardening in Ballarat/High on a HillApr-24-201001 month
9Coralee's Garden - Fertilising Sloping Ground - The Vegie Patch - Ornamental Gingers - Building a Shadehouse - A Dog's GardenApr-17-201001 month
8A Crash Test Garden - Leonie's Pest Remedies - Dividing Globe Artichokes - Old Fashioned Garden Tips - The Vegie Guide - A Walled GardenApr-10-201001 month
7Weather Tips - The Vegie Patch - A Lawn for the Tropics - Winter Herbs - Greywater Tips - The Happy GardenerApr-03-201001 month
6Geoffrey's Garden - Autumn Maintenance - Planning a Garden - An Adaptive Gardener - The Vegie Guide - Attila the CollectorMar-27-201001 month
5Amanda's Garden - The Vegie Patch - Autumn Planting - Dead Easy Seeds - A Master GardenerMar-06-201001 month
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3The Vegie Patch - Creating a Pond - Understanding the Environment - Rose Renovation - Self-watering PotsFeb-20-201001 month
2A Townsville Garden - Citrus Maintenance - Understanding Plant Uses - Weed Alert - Curry Plant - Growing Proteas and WaratahsFeb-13-201001 month
1A Cluttered Garden - Preventing Soil Erosion - The Vegie Guide - Understanding Bush Foods - Weed Alert - Coffee - Government House, NTFeb-06-201001 month

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