Inspired by the real story of the 1980’s female wrestling league, the series — set in Los Angeles and showcasing big hair and body slams — will be the fictionalized story of an out of work actress who finds one last attempt to live her dreams in the form of a weekly series about female wrestlers.

Genre: Comedy, Action

Release Date: June 23, 2017

Status: Running

Network: Netflix (Official Website)

Casts: Gayle Rankin, Sal Guerrero, Jackie Tohn, Kia Stevens, Sydelle Noel, Britney Young, Alison Brie, Kimmy Gatewood, Ellen Wong, Kate Nash, Chris Lowell, Britt Baron, Marc Maron, Rebekka Johnson, Laurie Francene Kinzer, Sunita Mani, Christine Elliott, Antonio D. Charity, James Bachman, Betty Gilpin, Alex Rich, Kevin Kiley Jr.

Most recent episode: G.L.O.W. Season 3 Episode 10 - A Very GLOW Christmas ( 8/9/2019 )

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Season Episode Episode Name Airdate Submit Links Updated
310A Very GLOW ChristmasAug-09-201904 months
9The LibertinesAug-09-201904 months
8Keep Ridin'Aug-09-201904 months
7Hollywood HomecomingAug-09-201904 months
6Outward BoundAug-09-201904 months
5Freaky TuesdayAug-09-201904 months
4Say YesAug-09-201904 months
3Desert PollenAug-09-201904 months
2Hot Tub ClubAug-09-201904 months
1Up, Up, UpAug-09-201902 years
210Every Potato Has a ReceiptJun-29-201802 years
9RosalieJun-29-201802 years
8The Good TwinJun-29-201802 years
7Nothing ShatteredJun-29-201802 years
6Work the LegJun-29-201802 years
5Perverts Are People, TooJun-29-201802 years
4Mother of All MatchesJun-29-201802 years
3Concerned Women of AmericaJun-29-201802 years
2Candy of the YearJun-29-201802 years
1Viking FuneralJun-29-201802 years
110Money's in the ChaseJun-23-2017011 months
9The Liberal ChokeholdJun-23-2017011 months
8Maybe It's All the DiscoJun-23-2017011 months
7Live Studio AudienceJun-23-2017011 months
6This Is One of Those MomentsJun-23-2017011 months
5Debbie Does SomethingJun-23-2017011 months
4The Dusty SpurJun-23-2017011 months
3The Wrath of KuntarJun-23-2017011 months
2Slouch. Submit.Jun-23-2017011 months
1PilotJun-23-2017011 months

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